What is the "New Sound" Coming from Heaven? | Doug Addison with Kim Walker-Smith [Episode 44] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

What is the “New Sound” Coming from Heaven? | Doug Addison with Kim Walker-Smith [Episode 44]

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Have you been feeling discouraged? Like you’re on the backside of the wilderness … or in a dark night of the soul?

Your spirit knows there must be something more and you might know God is moving, but you’re not sure how. Or maybe the Lord has spoken things that never came about.

Get ready to break out of the season you’ve been in and into something completely new because God is releasing a new sound that is going to shift the atmosphere over you.

In this Spirit Connection podcast episode, you’ll experience how the “new sound” coming from Heaven will break off the chains that have held people back.

The Lord is gathering those who have gone through difficult times to be forerunners for the next move of God that is coming on the Earth. You don’t have to see an angel or feel anything … His presence is coming to you.

My special guest this week is Kim Walker-Smith, one of the founding members of Jesus Culture, a worship band that radically changed the sounds of worship around the world for years. She’s an anointed singer/songwriter, wife, mother, daughter of the King and a friend of the Holy Spirit. There’s something about Kim’s presence, gift and anointing that opens up the heavens like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a sneak peek of our conversation:

  • “… the new sounds aren’t limited to music.”
  • “… huge leap of faith to step out trust the Lord because I thought, ‘how is music going to pay my bills?’”
  • “It’s almost like convergence … where you are ministry and you bring the presence wherever you go.”
  • “I got postpartum depression really bad … and our lives were just kind of turned upside down.”
  • “… and we felt like God was saying, ‘I’m breathing on the movement again,’ all of a sudden it sold out again. It’s the craziest thing.”
  • “They love authenticity, they love worship that is just real and vulnerable and just like … pour your guts out to Jesus.”
  • “… every single time we come into worship, we should be encountering Him, and we should have our lives changed.”


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16 thoughts on “What is the “New Sound” Coming from Heaven? | Doug Addison with Kim Walker-Smith [Episode 44]

  1. Basie says:

    Confirmation…. pulling back like a slingshot. Heard similar word about 20 years ago…. It is time now!!! Also in 2-year “house arrest”…. Thank you Sir!

  2. Teri Casper says:

    Lord recently led us to Kim’s music, so powerful! Also much confirmation , excited to be part of God’s great plan! Thank You!

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Kim’s music is so powerful and beautiful. It is exciting times we live in as we are apart of God’s amazing plan. Bless you Teri!

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