Is Something Overdue? Prepare for Your "Suddenly" [Episode 54] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Is Something Overdue? Prepare for Your “Suddenly” | Doug Addison with Mando Matthews [Episode 54]

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Do you feel like some things in your life are overdue?

Have you been waiting for a very long time to see revival, or the fulfillment of God’s promises? If so, get ready because it’s coming quickly!

If you follow my messages online, you know we talk a lot about revival. Recently, a minister had a prophetically powerful dream … that Lou Engle, Keith Ferranté and I were all one man—one prophet—standing on a stage in California. We represented different areas of California: Keith was in the northern part, I was in the central area and Lou was in the southern part. In the dream, we were joined—as one—to call people together to fast and shift the spiritual atmosphere over California.

After Lou told me the dream, the three of us came together to call California to the 40-day fast, because most of the big revivals in the past have centered around California and the West Coast … and you’ll see they affected the entire world. We actually did the dream!

In this Spirit Connection podcast, my special guest is the man who had the dream—Mando Matthews. He and his wife Marsha are directors of Ekballo School of Prayer and Ministry in Pasadena, CA. He’s been a missionary, inner-city church planter, worship leader, songwriter and he has a deep, deep passion to see revival come to California again and spread to the nations. Mando has a powerful “breaker” anointing and his extraordinary story will fill you with hope and anticipation for God to release His promises over the Body of Christ.

Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation:

  • “The Lord said, ‘You need to have this man on your podcast because he is going to release an anointing that’s going to break open the water—it’s going to birth babies.’”
  • “I believe there is a great outpouring that is coming and it’s upon us, and it will lead to the great harvest that has been prophesied—the Billion Soul Harvest.”
  • “I think she starts to have the baby in the car …”
  • “The Lord said, ‘The Body of Christ has been waiting for the outpouring of the Spirit for some time and it has been overdue, but it’s coming … it’s coming suddenly. You’re not even going to be able to prepare for it.’”
  • “News alert … revival is sweeping across California.”
  • “I said these very words in a dream, ‘the big one is coming’ and I could see great waves of revival hitting the shores of California … but they would also impact the nation.”
  • “We’re about to see something take place that’s bigger than anything we could possibly dream or imagine.”

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32 thoughts on “Is Something Overdue? Prepare for Your “Suddenly” | Doug Addison with Mando Matthews [Episode 54]

  1. karen says:

    This podcast is such an encouragement to me. I had a vision of three garden gates in heaven. Each one higher than the next. I saw Jesus beckon to me to come through the first gate and all was well but the second I was being pulled from side to side by two evil black angels yet a third holy angel was on the other side of the gate tugging at my shoulders to pull me through (like a birth). I was finally pulled through successfully but very black and blue. This is the phase I am presently experiencing at this time. The encouraging part of this vision was that I went through the highest gate with no resistance. I have written an endtime book an I am presently finding a publisher.
    You all can take this vision as your own and be encouraged. Karen

  2. Joyah says:

    In 1983 the Lord woke me at 3:30 one morning. He told me He had something to show me. I found myself in the air high above California. I saw the whole United States before me. I saw small fires begin to burn here and there all across the nation. As I watched, the fires grew bigger until they touched each other. These bigger fires would grow bigger and touch each other. Each time there was a joining there was a whooshing sound. When the fires were very big, suddenly they touched and the whole US was on fire, a loud whoosh sound was heard and the fire rose quickly toward heaven. I looked at the US and it looked like a burned out campfire, ashen gray. I found myself back home.

    I believe we are seeing little fires all over America. There are small revival meetings, home meetings and some churches where the anointing is very strong; God’s people are coming awake. Thank God!

    Harvest time soon!

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Wow! What an amazing dream Joyah! God is moving mightily all over America! God bless you!

  3. Deborah Fehner says:

    Dear Pastor Doug,

    Thank you for this word for revival. I wondered if God gives people dreams and visions but you do not hear Him speaking to you as others say, why? I am very grateful for the blessings and dreams but I just hunger to hear His voice in my ear more!!
    Thank you so much and may God continue to bless your ministry!

    Your Sister Seeking,
    Deborah Fehner

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hello Deborah! Doug has many resources on growing in hearing God. Doug’s most in-depth would be his ministry school Hearing the Voice of God 365. This would be a great teaching for anyone who wants to grow more in hearing God’s voice in their life.

      Doug also has a few blog posts and podcasts on this topic. Here is one blog post on 3 simple ways you can hearing God.

      God bless you Deborah!

  4. Flo says:

    All glory to God! Yes, I accept this in the name of Jesus. There have been many wrongs against me, but through it all God has made me stronger, and my faith has grown. I have seen the hand of God on so much lately and I know that the “..birth” of my hearts desire is coming forth……I’ve had visions and dreams that all tie into each other. The Holy Spirit told me to “…hold on” it is coming forth! All glory to God. The power of God is so strong right now…

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Bless you Flo! I am so glad that your faith has not wavered through these hard time you’ve been through. You are so precious to God.

  5. Jessica Thomas says:

    I currently moved to California last year from another state. After much prayer and fasting we moved are family to the OC and then bought a house in Inland empire. Wow!! I have had many dreams that I was in labor but the baby never came . I have had dreams of my daughters holding babies and my daughter has had dreams of me having a baby that was very special. I can’t have anymore children of my own. I also had a dream that Doug was in the court room of heaven and he was sitting at a table in a room next to the court room and a group of people where to go in and he was to counsel us before going before the Lord . I just watched and asked should I be here? Then we where asked to go before the Lord and he had given each person in the line a special dress if they where female and if male a special shirt or jacket . My dress was purple and hard to discribe. I also was asking a lot of questions in line and no one answered me . They where so focused and sure of what to do but I wasn’t. The dream ended and I never talked about it only till now!!! Thank you Doug and Team for everything.
    Jessy Thomas

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Wow Jessica! What an amazing dream you had about Doug and the Courts of Heaven. Seems like God shows you a lot in your dreams and is speaking to you through them. Bless you and your family as you settle in the Inland Empire and step into everything God has for you.

  6. This is so encouraging! The Spirit brought a dream back to my memory in the last 2 years but more precisely since January. I had this dream 30 years ago when I was pregnant with my 1st baby. I was journaling about that dream and God revealed more. I started to ask him to break the water of that dream that it may pass because in my dream God break a frosen river in a park and then it started to Crack and then into a Big Wave. God revealed me that wave is the Children’s Revival!! I declare and decree no more delay!!!

  7. Deborah Curtis says:

    As I was listening to the replay podcast with Mondo this morning…. it was raining at my house Fullerton California ….. praise the Lord !

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      I am so glad you were encouraged listening to the podcast. God bless you Maureen!

  8. Yesenia says:

    After listening to this podcast, I remembered of an experience I had in April driving north on the 5 Fwy. All of a sudden I noticed within the clouds a tree and below it was an angel with its arms stretched out and head facing up. I was so impressed to photograph what I was seeing and as I was taking the photo a straight line was coming from the angel towards the heavens. Once I got home to study the photos I had taken I also noticed a face with its mouth opened blowing out within the clouds. I was absolutely certain that I had just witnessed angelic activity over California.

    When I heard Doug speak about how they had experienced a shift in the atmosphere that had occurred on April 18th it led me to look back at the photo I had taken and verify the date I had taken it. I was blown away to see it was dated April 18! Praise the Lord! Revival is coming!

  9. David Wilks says:

    I had a similar experience, but I was at home instead of heaven. The more you love and follow the Lord, the worse the attacks can be. Thank You Jesus for Your Grace.

  10. Jennifer Dalton says:

    Greetings from Duluth GA! This was refreshing…I am thankful for this ministry. What awesome testimonies. I claim the reality of this for me and my kids too. Thanks Doug and your guest for pressing in on behalf of the body of christ!!!

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hello Jennifer! Agreeing with you for mighty miracles to happen in your family. God bless you!

  11. Denise says:

    Awesome testimony!! This was really encouraging!!! I for one have been pressing in for years!! Yes Lord!!! Suddenly! Overdue is over in Jesus name!!!

  12. Yoya says:

    How funny , my only daughter Clara was born kind of like that! No pain at all during my contractions, only whe she was about to be born. – I receive that suddenly for our lives and our God promises.! Also the revival for Venezuela where I grew up and is a such turmoil and dreadful suffering! People are desperate 😔 and for England where we have lived for the past 22 years. – Give my love to Doug and hug for you Nikki! X

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      I love that Yoya! Agreeing with you for revival in Venezuela and England! God bless you!

  13. Taniela Tuinaceva says:

    Yes Lord of declare revival over the isles of Fiji in Jesus name…and your ‘suddenlies’ over my life and family in Jesus name…it’s long overdue.

  14. Esther says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this message. This is so prophetic for my family and I. Just yesterday I was led by Holy Spirit to meditate on Isaiah 66:6-11, which is in line with birthing, and I shared it with my husband. Today my husband listened to this podcast and shared it with me. The declaration Mr. Matthews did asking us to place our hands on our womb was also in line with the dream the Lord gave me today I receive this prophetic word and the declarations. This was very timely for my family. Praise God! God bless you tremendously!

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