Healing Breakthrough with the Power of Agreement | Doug Addison [Episode 59] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Healing Breakthrough with the Power of Agreement | Doug Addison [Episode 59]

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Do you ever feel anxious or fearful? … even tormented?

You are not alone. I have a fresh word for you and I’m so excited to release it because this is a time that the enemy has been coming in like a flood (Isaiah 59). The Lord has a strategy to bring healing and freedom. He is lifting up a standard against the enemy, and He is preparing us right now with this timely teaching.

I just released a free ebook, 4 Powerful Keys That Change Your Life. If you have not already downloaded it, then you can download it now at my website. The 4 keys are actually quite simple. These are the things I wish someone would have shown me years ago; it would have saved me a lot of pain, time and money.

If anyone would ask me, “What is it that has changed your life the most?” By far, I would say, it is these strategies and principles. In fact, I was able to use these very things, I am going to share with you here, to get a breakthrough and receive healing and freedom from some very serious conditions. One of the keys to my healing was the power of agreement.

In this Spirit Connection podcast, I unpack some of these key principles; and at the end … I pray to bring healing to your body, finances and to open the heavens over you and your family. Get ready, because God is doing something new and He wants to include you. You’re invited to the party!

Here are a few snippets of what you’ll hear:

  • “People who operate in fear can possibly get a tormentor assigned to them. That happened to me, folks.”
  • “Even though the Lord had healed me, I was still in fear … I’m becoming very vulnerable with you to help you understand how you can get healed.”
  • “I got healed of anxiety … a huge turnaround in my life, but it wasn’t until I understood the power of agreement.”
  • “If you’re sick or you’re in debt, I want to tell you right now is a good day because you might have what the Lord calls, ‘a spiritual logjam.’”
  • “Once you get this into your spirit, everything’s going to flow. Your finances are going to flow, you’re going to see a breakthrough in all that you do.”
  • “One place that you’ll know if God has changed your heart—it’s in how you treat people when you drive your car.”
  • “… when you combine these things together, you are going to see an amazing, massive breakthrough in your life!”

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18 thoughts on “Healing Breakthrough with the Power of Agreement | Doug Addison [Episode 59]

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Susan! Glad you enjoyed it! I still have a lot to learn too (we all do) :). God bless you!

  1. Sabrina says:

    Doug thank you!I can’t hear enough of this message of love right now. As soon as you started talying about locked down hearts I knew it was me from ‘fear’ of disappointment. It takes courage to walk through vulnerability. As I’m growing in the prophetic and learning to see,iv noticed how in waiting for healing,how those areas get targeted. I will play this and pray this over and over till my soul gets it,so it will line up and prosper! What gave me hope and witnessed in my spirit,is that you too are waiting faithfully for that 3rd appointment.I stand with you in agreement,amen! We just need simple trust. It’s not us but the lord who does these miracle wonders but we do need to stand in agreement. As you spoke ,the one scripture that I felt prompted to add as it suddenly made sense&came alive in my spirit:, 2 Timothy 2:12-13. If we endure with Him,we will also reign with Him. If we disown Him he will disown us. (Like coming from out of His covering) if we are faithless,He remains faithful (as we step back into His love through repentence) for He cannot disown Himself. (1. A house divided against itself cannot stand.2. We are of Him and He cannot reject Himself) so we must not either. Amen . Bless you doug and team.

  2. Elyce Mouskondis says:

    Thank you for the revelation about the four keys of agreeing with God. I truly want to live by them and be as transparent as possible in aligning and agreeing with God’s kingdom.
    God bless you in being so faithful to Him.

  3. Jody says:

    Wow! I come into agreement with you to remove the logjam from us. Open the heavens, for the glory and honor of God. HolySpirit flow, guide, teach, impart all that God has for us. Move us into our destiny to fulfill God’s reason for creating us. In Jesus name Amen.

  4. Vivian Mafate says:

    God is so amazing! He is working in so many of His children’s lives, including mine, on this very issue of forgiveness!
    Doug, I agree with you, as I agree with our heavenly Father, on the importance of coming against the spirit of hate that is so pervasive today.
    With love and forgiveness in our hearts, we will shine so brightly as the world becomes pitch black, facilitating God’s coming revival! Glory to God for the salvation of many souls!

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