How to Change the Atmosphere of Your Community | Doug Addison with Sharon Ngai [Episode 67]


God is shifting things in the specific season we’re in … He’s shifting the spiritual atmosphere.

If you’ve been following my teachings, you know I say that you don’t have to deal with what’s dealt to you. There’s hopeyou can shift the spiritual atmosphere or condition of your life, over yourself and others.

Have you ever been around someone who is totally negative and there’s negativity flowing to them; or someone who has peace and there’s just peace around them. I started noticing people who carried a certain type of anointing or a certain type of vibe around them; and in this process, I spotted things in my own life. Then the Lord took me on a negativity fast. I tell you, if you step away from negative talk and negative thoughts, you will see a change in your life.

Listen, this is the secret—if you want to know how I can hear God accurately on a consistent basis, it’s because I learned that negativity closes the spiritual atmosphere over you. Today, I want to share with you what God has taught me about how to open the heavens over yourself and others.

We’re going to dig into this a little deeper because in this Spirit Connection episode, my special guest is Sharon Ngai. She and her husband are friends of mine. We minister in Hollywood together and I tell you, they have the spirit of “love, not judge,” it really flows from them. Sharon and her husband Jonathan are co-founders of Radiance International Hollywood House of Prayer. She’s also the founder and president of Justice Speaks, a nonprofit organization that focuses on fighting human trafficking and they reach out to over 1,000 at-risk volunteers, children and women stuck in Thailand. They love people and have encounters like Jesus did with the ‘woman at the well.’ These people are the real deal!

Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation:

  • “… being part of the army of God and intercession, shifting history, changing history, partnering with Jesus. That’s literally the greatest joy that I have discovered in my life … and it’s fun!”
  • “I feel like the atmosphere is just completely pregnant with that same expectation of God moving once again. I’ve never felt it like I did back then. I’m feeling it now. I’m feeling it today, 2018. I just feel like, wow, we’re on the verge of coming back full circle and it’s not going to be just the river but it’s going to …”
  • “The Lord … said, ‘If you want to see revival come to Los Angeles, you must pray for Hollywood,” and he said, ‘If Hollywood is revived, the state will be revived, the nation will be revived and the whole world will be touched by My Spirit.’”
  • “There’s been so many bands, it’s been known for sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll that, literally, out of this place the Lord just wanted … He’s been jealous and just waiting for the sound that would honor His name and would cry out to Him to say “Jesus, we love You. Let Your glory come!”
  • “We found out that our building was formerly an adult entertainment building … from a porn house to a prayer house!”
  • “One of the most interesting things that happened early on when we landed on the Sunset Strip is, you know, we’ve been asking God to shift the atmosphere … let the river flow in this place. And one day, it was so funny. These, literally, the pipes … they called it the 100-year-old pipe under the ground of Sunset Blvd erupted … it was flowing through the streets of Sunset and Hollywood. It was literally like a river flowing …

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