Should I Ask God for a Sign? | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Should I Ask God for a Sign?

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How confident do you feel when it comes to hearing God? Do you hear from God only sometimes, much of the time, all the time … or maybe you’re not even sure if you’ve ever heard God at all?

God is speaking all the time, but we often miss what He is saying, or we overcomplicate things. But the good news is hearing the voice of God does not have to be difficult—especially when we recognize the ways He can speak to us.

Do any of these common situations sound familiar to you?

  • You have to make a major decision concerning your future and need answers.
  • You need specific direction for your next step in life and are desperate for help.
  • You need to know everything is going to be okay and want assurance for the future.
  • You need to know for sure if you should make a certain choice.
  • You are looking for a sign from God that you’re on the right track.

We’ve all been there. Every single one of us has had moments of desperation where we needed to hear God and hear clearly—now.

God wants to hear from you as badly as you want to hear from Him. He loves connecting with you and encouraging you! The most effective way we can begin hearing God is by asking Him to reveal to us what He wants to say.

The sign I got

Here’s one example of how God spoke to me just the other day.

While stuck in traffic, I was praying and asking God to show me a sign. I looked up and saw a license plate: DEUT818. I already knew that verse in the Bible, and I knew exactly what the Lord was trying to say to me.

But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today. Deuteronomy 8:18 NIV

Some people may write this experience off as a major coincidence, but that’s what hearing God often feels like—a coincidence! We forget that we can find God anywhere and everywhere we look. But we must have eyes that search for God in everyday life—and know how to recognize the signs He’s giving us.

Start today with these steps

Ask yourself, right now, what you need to hear God for. Write down your request and ask God to speak to you.

Now, keep your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary or even ordinary sights, signs and sounds to become extraordinary!

When you ask God to speak to you—with the expectation that He will—you begin to hear God more clearly and effectively than ever before.

Get expectant and watch as God begins to speak to you in a new way! I’d love to hear what happens as you practice this.


Doug Addison

P.S. Need further support and coaching when it comes to hearing God for your life? You can clear the fog over hearing God by getting immediate access to my free training: How to Know for Sure … Is It Me or God?

Doug Addison is the founder and president of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.


24 thoughts on “Should I Ask God for a Sign?

  1. Tricia says:

    I don’t often pray on my knees, but two days ago I felt compelled (I was also fasting). As a mom of young adult children (17, 22 and 25) I’m daily lifting them up to prayer. This particular time I was seeking the Lord on an issue regarding my 22 year old daughter. Toward the end of thenprayer I asked God to give me some kind of affirmation that He had heard my prayer and had got this. A few minutes later as I was getting ready for the day I noticed my left knee had an imprint of the cross on it from where I was kneeling on the tile. I knew that was His sign to me. Since then I also got the confirmation to lean into Jesus. So, I’m trusting in His plan for them/her (my kids) and that He paid for eveything on the cross and loves them dearly. My job is to believe that He’s got this and continue to watch and pray for the miracles. (I tried to copy and paste a photo of my knee here, but it didn’t work)

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Wow Tricia, that is so amazing to hear. First off, that is the best thing you can do as a mother to adult children is to pray for them. I think sometimes it can seem like that isn’t doing much, but boy, praying for your children is SO POWERFUL! So I just want to encourage you even more that your prayers are such a gift to them and I am agreeing with you for the Lord to move in their lives!

      • Kathy says:

        This post was such an encourgement to me. I too have adult children who I pay for daily. I am going to be more aware of looking for signs. God’s plans and promises are big for each of them. I’m pressing in that this is the now time.

  2. irma Banuelos says:

    Blessings Shalom thank you so much for the encouraging words love to hear what everyone else is saying about your Godly post and prophecy thank you so much for being obedient to the power of the Holy Spirit I’ve been struggling to find a job to accommodate me for my disabilities that I was in a car accident 6 years ago and I have been disabled this has came in right on time thank you so much had no Direction where I was going but God will show me blessings on you and your staff

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Irma. I am agreeing with you for full healing and for the right job for you. The Lord see’s all you have been through and He loves you so much. God bless you.

  3. Judie McCullough says:

    Great word!
    Ask yourself, right now, what you need to hear God for. Write down your request and ask God to speak to you.

    Now, keep your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary or even ordinary sights, signs and sounds to become extraordinary!

    When you ask God to speak to you—with the expectation that He will—you begin to hear God more clearly and effectively than ever before.

  4. Chris Bartell says:

    I asked God for a sign tonight. What a God did I don’t have room to describe. But in short, I work in sales and have been wanting to call on a certain company. But because the company I work for is a client of theirs, I was told to back away. Unhappily I honored my leaders. Tonight I got snowed in in NYC with my train home getting canceled. I randomly decided to meet an old friend for a late dinner. He changed the location twice and I ended up arriving super early. I struck up a conversation with a random guy at the bar. And I find out he is in town for a conference in the industry I work in. I tell him what we do. He says that is exactly what his company needs. I find out he is the actual CEO of this same prospect I mentioned and now wants to meet with me! So God totally made this introduction happen but first I had to honor my executives wishes, then I got snowed in NYC, felt an urge to reach out to an old friend who changed the location twice, where I “coincidentally” stood next to a man who is the CEO of a company I have been begging to sell to. And the kicker…this is so cool, it was the same restaurant where I got hired 2 years ago! God is soo cool and soo good. I hope this encourages anyone reading this!

    Doug, I’m the same person who commented on your FB post with a similar license plate story. Keep these coming please because God is speaking to me through you!!

  5. Cecilia says:

    If there is anything I want more than anything is to hear God daily. Is to be led by him. I have clearly heard God speak twice to me. Clearly audibly. I’ve been saved 17years now. I have desired this experience so many times

  6. Donna says:

    I have every life issue to juggle all at once with little wiggle room for error at this stage of life. I need to hear clearly and concisely from the Lord for each next right step. I receive the Daily Prophetic from Doug and it tracks literally with my prayers. I receive those as signs and now ask for clear direction – unmistakable direction for my next step, home, career, everything changed this year and I’m in complete transition.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      That is awesome to hear that Doug’s Daily Prophetic Word helps lines up with your prayers! I love hearing that. God bless you during this time of transition!

  7. E Turner says:

    I have the task to get the board to put Gideon Bibles back in the rooms. The board President is an atheist and a quick deciding lawyer. We had an interaction yesterday that was scary via email. I wrote back saying U like you. You are capable and funny plus my other points. I’m on the January docket. I had a dream this am that a man opened my driver headlight and looked straight into the bright light. I had included that God is teaching out to us all the time. When we thwart him we end up angry with God blaming things on him. I spoke of pivotal times in my life such are quite simple but you know it was God. God answers in Person. The Gideon Bible is a tool that can be interacted with in private. Ok included a link about Hugh Ross on the 700 Club. I’m going for the souls of the Board so they want the Bible in the rooms. The manager is Mormon but considering atheism we are person’s of faith. You can pray. There are 2 Christians on the board.

  8. Tim Parrish says:

    Great word on how simple it is to hear from God. Just like Jesus said it in Matthew 7:7-11.
    I expect to see & hear from Him all the time.

  9. Carol says:

    Hi Doug, I just want to share something with you a about hearing from our God. I had been listening to a teaching and the person said just ask Him to show you His power. So after it was over I was thinking about that and I said, “would you really show me your power”. Right after I said that came the loudest thunder I have ever heard and my daughter said what
    was that? I told her it was God but I don’t think she
    believed me.

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