Books of Life Are Opening | Spirit Connection Webcast: January 2019 | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Books of Life Are Opening | Spirit Connection Webcast: January 2019

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The new year is here, and this is the year of the Lord’s favor for you! In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares what God has revealed about your Book of Life and provides key things you can do in order to prepare for what God is releasing! Get ready because your Book of Life is opening in Heaven this year, and you are going to receive new power from the Holy Spirit! Just like God revealed Jesus’ life calling in Luke 3–4, He is going to reveal yours to you!

Find out:

  • What happens when God opens your personal Book of Life and how to respond.
  • Who the Lord especially has His eyes on for awakening beginning in 2019!
  • How wilderness times prepare you for greater intimacy and new authority.
  • The importance of the “watch of the Lord” and the “timing of Issachar” spiritual gifts.
  • What’s happening on our behalf—right now—in the Daniel 7 “Ancient of Days” court.

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14 thoughts on “Books of Life Are Opening | Spirit Connection Webcast: January 2019

  1. Renu says:

    Dear brother pls pray for me..i have been struggling terribly under severe attack since Feb 2018..
    Pls do u have a word for me ?
    God bless u

  2. JACQUI says:

    I just finished listening to this podcast and subsequently registered for the upcoming “Opening Your Book of Life” workshop scheduled for Jan 19th. Wow! Amazing!
    I’d like to share a dream i had 10-12-18. I didn’t really understand until after hearing Doug’s podcast. The dream seems to correlate with what Doug said in the podcast.
    I dreamt that i was interviewing to be a law clerk with Sandra day O’Connor and i was with a large group of people all interviewing, about 20 people or so, and we were all in this office like setting with a lobby area. It was small and intimate and there was a counter with staff people behind it and each of us had a resume file already with them and i went to the counter and asked the staff if i could see my folder because i wanted to review what O’Connor would be looking at. We were all sitting waiting to be called back. She had gathered us all together in the lobby like room and told us she would be taking us back in groups of 8 to talk to us and then would be narrowing it down from there. So while i was waiting to be called back i wanted to review my folder. When i went to the counter to ask for my folder, there were several people working the counter, seemed like at least 4 people, and the one girl handed me a pile of shirts instead of my folder and i was going through the shirts but the labels attached to the shirts had other peoples names on them so i told them excuse me but I’ve been given other peoples shirts, these aren’t mine. They don’t have my name on them. They were grey, several grey shirts, and they were all neatly folded in square shapes like you see in department stores with the front side and neckline on top. All of them looked the same except for the one at the bottom of the stack. It was a fancier sweatshirt style grey with the logo of the place on it. The logo was amethyst. I did have papers in the stack of shirts but none of them were my resume. And the lady at first had handed me a duplicate receipt for a charge and then apologized and said sorry she didn’t know why she gave me it. While i was standing there waiting, “Sandra” came out but she didn’t look like her at all. She had bright reddish copperish colored hair and she was wearing a green suit, both the top jacket like style with long sleeves and the skirt, were an olive green sage color, and she wore high hilled shoes and she had large bluish green eyes and a strong look of no nonsense authority about her. She glanced at me as she was calling people and her eyes looked intently towards me and i knew she knew that i had worked for her sister, and i had the distinct impression that she knew that i had been loyal and faithful to her sister. In the dream its as if i could sense her thoughts. Her red hair and outfit really stood out, and her large eyes. This woman was Sandra in the dream but she looked NOTHING like the real Sandra. This woman was probably 30 yrs old. I woke up before i got called back to interview.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Thanks for sharing your dream Sandra! I love when we have a dream and then get confirmation on it’s meaning. God bless you!

  3. Gavin says:

    Doug, this is such a good message. This was my prayer of thanks to the Lord on the 1st of Jan, “Thank You that I survived 2018 and made it to 2019”. Its been a brutal year, but we are entering the most exciting time to be alive as a believer. Thanks for all your encouragement.

  4. catherine says:

    If you found your name in Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) genealogy maybe you do have Jewish roots :)) and that’s why G d has given you understanding of the Jewish feasts and their relevance.

  5. Irina says:

    I hear a lot the Lord calling to intimacy right now, and lay everything down. But I also hear a lot of prophetic words about dreaming big and moving with God. Which is it? I feel a bit conflicted. Do I wait on Him, or do I move and do something, or both?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Irina! Intimacy with the Lord does not mean you have to lay everything down and stay in a place of prayer. It is a position of love and relationship that allows you to do things you are hearing from the Lord. Once you develop this intimacy then you know the plans of the Lord and you know His heart and you enter into greater authority in all you do. Hope that helps!

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