God is Speeding Things Up for Us | Spirit Connection Webcast: February 2019 | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

God is Speeding Things Up for Us | Spirit Connection Webcast: February 2019

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“God is Calming the Storms of Delay ”

Doug has an important update on his Yom Kippur 2018 prophetic word to help you get ready for the new places the Lord is preparing for you. These new ways to pray and interact with the spiritual realm will bring you into deeper intimacy with God and open you to greater freedom and peace in every area of your life!

Find out:
  • How to have accelerated birthing for your prophetic words
  • The new prayer strategies being revealed right now
  • The elaborate web of attacks the enemy doesn’t want you to see
  • How to identify and break 3-cord attacks over your life and in the world
  • A new—and much more effective—perspective on spiritual warfare
Free Resources:
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  2. FREE webinar: How to Know for Sure … Is It Me or God?
  3. Yom Kippur prophetic word: Ancient Paths and Times of Transition

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18 thoughts on “God is Speeding Things Up for Us | Spirit Connection Webcast: February 2019

  1. Angela Husheer says:

    Wow i had a dream that i was diving into an Olympic pool and beautiful scenery in the sky. Now i am moving cant take anything with me. So your word is spot on.

  2. Traci Kerr says:

    Please pray for breakthrough for me … I need a job so badly … I am trying to remain faithful and trust in Father God… I KNOW he has me … but when? Please pray for breakthrough

  3. Viv R Harvey says:

    I have a question about a spirit of rivalry between me and my twin sister; I could never “measure up” to her where our folks were concerned.
    This has plagued me and her most of our lives;

    I am afraid it is part of the 3 strands…that I am facing still…. this is frightening.. how deep it goes..

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Viv! I am sorry you went through that. A huge part of what Doug is talking about is not having fear. He talks about breaking the spirit of fear around the 35 minute mark. You may want to re-listen and see if there are helpful tips in there for you.

      Praying for you now.

  4. Natalie Furlong says:

    I had a dream about a week and a half ago of driving in an RV looking for a campsite- and I knew I was in California (I’m in Michigan) and I had to go down a hill to find it- just like Doug just said. Jesus, You’re up
    To good things 😍

  5. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for this word, Doug!
    These Q & A’s are wonderful, such wisdom, excellent advice, I needed all of this today, Thank You!! God bless you brother!!

  6. Dana Hawkins says:

    Thank you so much for this teaching. Could please come into agreement with my Brother and me, as we break these 3-cord attacks and generational curses? There are more than one:
    1. Steal, kill and destroy- John 10:10
    2. Jealous, covet and hate- James 4:2 AMPC
    3.Wrong purposes, evil and selfish motives- James 4:3 AMPC
    I also pray for the healing of soul wounds caused by these attacks through the Blood of Jesus and His Dumanis power. Thank you!

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