Prophetic Word: Ancient Paths and Time of Transition | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Prophetic Word: Ancient Paths and Time of Transition

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You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11 NIV

The Lord is opening the path of life to you and bringing a long-awaited release of supernatural joy. Even though things may appear difficult on the outside, God is working behind the scenes and creating a path for you. Watch for pathways of life and joy to open in the midst of struggles and trials. Don’t look at the surface, as God is working beneath it all to bring you into a new season.

Encounter on Yom Kippur

On the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (September 19, 2018), I was awakened with a prophetic dream and I had an encounter with the Lord about the coming year.

Dream of the narrow door

In my dream, I was standing in front of a huge sliding glass door that led to a place where I knew God wanted us to go this year. There was a beautiful pool of water and trees outside the door. The problem was it only opened enough for a person to squeeze through. I knew we were supposed to be moving our stuff through this door, but it was not going to fit.

As I woke up, I heard the Lord say, “This is the doorway to the new year you are entering into. You will not be able to take things from the past into this new season. It is going to be a narrow time of transition, but it is going to be worth it all.”

The ancient path and narrow door

When I got up that morning, I had an encounter with God. When this happens, my Bible opens to strategic places and I begin to see and experience visions that are quite detailed and I have to use dictation software on my computer to capture them. My Bible opened to:

This is what the Lord says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’ Jeremiah 6:16 NIV

As I entered into the spirit with this encounter, I was standing with the Lord at a crossroads. There were several different directions and roads we could take. The Lord said, “These are the choices and paths that are available to my people for this year.” He asked me to choose my pathway of life.

As I looked, many of the pathways and roads were well-traveled and looked familiar. But I saw one that led up a mountain and there was a sign that was almost hidden that read, “ancient path.” It was very narrow and did not look easy. The Lord saw that I was drawn to the ancient path and He nodded in agreement.

Then He said, “I have offered the ancient path to many people, but they have said, “No, we will not walk in it. It’s too uncomfortable and looks narrow and difficult.”

We started on the journey up the mountain along the ancient path. I was surprised how easy it was once we started. I felt light and had no difficulty at all, but we had to walk single file because the path was very narrow. When we got to the top, there was a narrow gate.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13–14 NIV

The Lord said, “This year, I am opening up the ancient paths that will lead to this narrow gate. This gate and narrow road will lead you to new life, but only a few find it.” I looked around and there was hardly anyone choosing this path. I wondered why, because it was full of new life and I could think, see and hear clearly.

Key to the Way of Holiness

This encounter continued the next morning, on September 20. I had already chosen the ancient path and passed through the narrow gate. Now the Lord was waiting for me. My Bible opened to:

And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness; it will be for those who walk on that Way. The unclean will not journey on it; wicked fools will not go about on it. Isaiah 35:8 NIV

I was standing next to the Lord and He handed me a key and said, “This is a key to the gate that leads to the Way of Holiness.” I looked and in front of me was a golden gate that led to what looked like a highway in Heaven. This was a heavenly encounter, so it seemed to be partially on Earth and partially in Heaven.

The Lord said, “I am calling many of my people to walk on the highway of holiness. But they must first choose the ancient path, go through the narrow gate and then discover the Way of Holiness. These are the ones who have laid down their lives and died to their own desires. These are the ones who have suffered but are now going to step into new life.”

I was shocked that there were very few people on the Way of Holiness. I knew many people had talked about holiness, but few had obtained it because it was not through works or doing the right things. It was about learning to love others over themselves.

Watch for God to open ancient paths for you. This year, be willing to take the narrow path over the wide one. Get ready to cross into a time of new revelation and restoration.


Doug Addison

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Doug Addison is the founder and president of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.

70 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: Ancient Paths and Time of Transition

    • Gwen Weedon says:

      I’ve seen this too. I stepped up and squeezed through a window, then I saw a spiral stairway, went up it. Then I saw a long hallway. It was the heavenly realm! There where doors on each side. One door opened. I saw the river of life. At the end of the light up hallway was the last door. I walked in. I saw windows on each side. Looking forward I saw the thrown. It was too bright to look at! I believe I walked into the thrown room of King Jesus. It all started 8-18-18. God Perseus me! I obeyed. My life has completely changed! All new Glory!! Very few I know have seen this too.

  1. Dolly Hearns says:

    Thanks I am now half way with Holy Spirit -40 days praying + beliving God will move in every area of my life thank U, you have been great blessing to me.Little while back I saw U standing on tall mountain smiling looking around+ everything around was green trees

  2. Vicki McNamara says:

    Oh my gosh, the ancient path is intriguing and exciting. Please stand in agreement with me that I will be able to see my own ancient path.
    This is so good!

  3. Theresa McMillan says:

    I would love to take your on line course, but my work schedule will not allow it. The only thing that I can see is it is not the right time for this. I am praying to God to open my schedule to be able to do this or wait for a different way to take this class. Thank you Doug for all that you do for the Lord. Bless you Theresa McMillan.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Theresa! All of Doug’s workshops are recorded so if you ever cannot make it to the live event, thats perfectly fine because you will receive the replay the following Monday. If you have any questions feel free to email God bless you!

  4. Pamela Bashore says:

    Thank you, Doug! Your Prophetic words and word speak volumes to me! I so want to be on that Ancient path of holiness with the great Ancient of Days. I’m not sure whether the narrow doorway is reachable but look forward each day with YHVH.

  5. This is an incredible Word. A few weeks ago I had an encounter with the Lord. I don’t know if I can call it a vision or what but God often gives me info in my mind’s eye that I know are from Him. I also saw a crossroad but the signs for both I didn’t see any Words on them. The Lord was standing at one and directing me that way. I went and also saw a mountain. It was extremely easy to climb just like you said, and I got to the top quickly. It was a wide open plain at the top and I began to walk forward across it. That was it! Wow! Your details give me such encouragement and I know God is doing a new thing. Amen! I am excited for God’s Church!

      • Nahia Haddad says:

        janet says:
        October 5, 2018 at 8:48 AM
        Such an important revelation about the “Ancient Path” word. So needed as a point of direction and an opportunity for people to make a decision.
        Thanks, Doug

        This spoke to me because I’m trying to make a decision right now about my future career in ministry and I’m at a crossroad. Please pray for me for direction.

        • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

          Praying for you now Nahia to have clarity and wisdom from the Lord about which way to go. God bless you!

  6. janet says:

    Such an important revelation about the “Ancient Path” word. So needed as a point of direction and an opportunity for people to make a decision.
    Thanks, Doug

  7. Em says:

    Deep…so deep
    “I knew many people had talked about holiness, but few had obtained it because it was not through works or doing the right things. It was about learning to love others over themselves.”
    I pray that we are able to hold on to this and remember when we are wronged, frustrated and hurt because this is the key.

  8. Kristi Van Voorst says:

    Interesting…as I awoke this morning I felt in my spirit a new season…i felt somehow older, not old, but like I had reached a place of change where the desire to live God more and to draw more Into him and his way rather than all the noise and caos that is currently the news. I am happy to rest in him and look for the narrow gate.
    Thanks for this confirmation.

  9. Renee Heilmann says:

    Thank u Doug 4 explaining the prophetic art work on the walls of my house. I have keys drawn on a window before the hallway with drawings & ” Isaiah 35″ written on wall. Kris Valloton explained my Ezekiel 47 wall couple weeks ago at Jesus Culture Sacramento. Kelly Marie explained the camels r coming & Isaiah 60 wall. Yes, we r tge body of Christ with our individual gifts.

  10. Bishop CJ Effort says:

    You are so on it Prophet!!! The ancient path is the true way of holiness which modern day Christians may not consider when it it brought to them. I pray that that minds and hearts of God people become selfless and priceless. Not possessive over God’s will and to walk by faith and not by sight. This is the word that God gave me. I thank you prophet for being obedient to the voice of God. May everyone who reads this prophecy be blessed and take the narrow path which leads to eternity!!!

  11. Sarah says:

    Wow I had a dream very similar to this on Sept. 27th. I dreamed I was going through a door that lots of people were coming through so I was waiting and found another door to go through that had very few people. Someone had showed me that door. This door was on the left

  12. Robertson Abraham says:

    How do you know you are on this ancient path? What does the narrow path look like in life? Based on my experience, I feel I’ve been on a very narrow path for a few years. But just because I feel like I have been on it, does it mean I am on the ancient path?

  13. Lisa says:

    Wow! This is going to be awesome to out of the other side after lovingly and obediently following the gentle leading of Abba. Holiness will cost us but it will be worth it. A lot of people, family and friends will not want to go on this road and that’s ok. I get that this is for a remnant of people. Wow, I’ll go! Lord, I’ll go

  14. Sonia Mcdougal says:

    Oh, The Lord show me a vision couple of times, I haven’t been what it looks like heaven, and I was standing besides of this big tall man, seating in a Throne. I ask who is he, and hear a voice saying The Ancient of the Days. Then yesterday in my devotional prayer interceding time, I was reminding by The Holy Spirit,vthat we should be looking up to him as The Ancient of the Days. There is beautiful mistety, wonderful miracles of Love, yes a narrow path. Thanks for sharing. It is wonderful what God is doing with his Bride. Exciting journey, look up with expectation. Decide to go . Call upon The Ancient of the day. Thank you Abba!!!

  15. Sarah says:

    Wow! I once had a dream where I say Jesus pulling a stubborn donkey up a winding trail. I knew the donkey represented me. : ) This reminded me of that dream. Maybe this time I can choose wisely and won’t have to be drug like a stubborn mule!

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hahaha, thanks for sharing your dream with us Sarah. Agreeing with you for God’s grace to empower you to walk the way the Lord has for you. Blessings!

  16. david gorsuch says:

    I want the ancient path (narrow) that leads to the small (narrow) gate, which then leads to the highway of Holiness!!

  17. Dawn Muller says:

    This word is in due season for me. Its exactly where I’m at with the Lord, alot of uncertainties, but I know God has a plan for this life He has given me. This is truly Holy Spirit inspired, and I receive it as confirmation to what God has been speaking to my heart. God Bless you, Sir.

  18. Daryl Snyder says:

    Wow! My wife and I live in Albania. We were just talking (2 minutes before she opened this post) about restoring ancient wells and rebuilding ruins in Albania. The first churches were established before 50 AD, by 500 AD there were thousands of churches here. Today a small percentage of the population claim to believe. We have been praying for God to restore ancient paths, walls and wells.
    We believe God is on the move here!

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Wow! That is so cool Daryl! What an incredible journey you and your wife are on. I am agreeing with you for the nation of Albania to know Jesus. God bless you!

  19. Shirley Rappach-Criteser says:

    Thank you Doug for sharing. Some friends and I were praying and were taken up to heaven, in a vison. We went up a narrow path that was on a mountain also. We didn’t have shoes on and the sand was soft on the path. It was so beautiful and easy, as you said. We were very joyful as we ascended. Beautiful confirmation!

  20. Tim says:

    Wow! I had a vision almost exactly like that with the crossroads over 8 years ago. I didn’t even know about that scripture at the time. I was standing at a crossroad and I was extremely stressed because I didn’t know which way to go. I heard a voice say, “Jeremiah 6:16.” It seems at the moment based on the last 8 years of difficulty that I must have missed the correct road.

  21. Sibongile says:

    This prophetic word has blessed me so much,I’m now looking forward to the ancient path. I’m so excited for this new beginning. Praise the Lord…


  22. Jerry says:

    Dear Doug and family,
    I was delighted to hear your October 2018 Prophetic word on the Ancient Paths. The Lord has been teaching me about ancient paths for about 30 years. It is a most wonderful, glorious, awe-striking, fearful [His fear] place to live, with off the chart joy and tears.
    When I first discovered those paths, I abused the gift given to me. I was severely and wonderfully dealt with by the Lord and the experience became richer. I am a scribe and that seems to enhance the experience. The ancient paths have multiple dimensions, but they all speak and point to one thing, God’s glory, heart, & His sacrificed Son.
    Again,, your prophetic word was a major blessing confirming His word to us. My wife was also blessed by it when you mentioned the straight and narrow path, and the narrow gate which she has been pressing for years.
    Thank you for your courage, God bless your ministry and your home. Jerry

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Jerry! Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad that Doug’s word brought you and your wife confirmation for what the Lord has been speaking to you. God bless you both!

  23. This prophetic word is so timely. I have to say that Saturday evening (Oct. 6th) I had a dream and in it, I saw a path leading from heaven to the earth and it was for me to walk on. The following Sunday, I was leading corporate prayer before service. I began to pray this out over the church, over the church family and some other things in conjunction with walking the path God sets before us. Our pastor then, for the first time, shared some of your prophetic utterances with us that were amazing. I wanted to know more about you so I come to your website this evening. The first prophetic utterance I read is about the path (Way) of Holiness. The confirmation of the Holy Spirit never ceases to amaze me. I thank God for his faithfulness and the unity to be had by the Spirit with God’s family worldwide.


    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      That is so awesome Janice! I’m glad you were able to come to Doug’s site and read his prophetic word. God bless you!

  24. Ayomide Adewunmi says:

    Reading this confirms what I read somewhere else about a vision the Lord gave to someone about baggage and luggage on a train ride to destiny. How some people will not get on the train to destiny this year because they carried baggages that were not allowed on the train.

    It becomes a grave source of concern to one to search out what it is that one needs to dump and to take so as not to get left behind.

    You have provided enlightenment to a great extent in that regard.

    God bless you.

  25. Rachael says:

    Confirmation to my very weary self… I was driving in my town recently and saw a sign that said “Ancient of Days.” And then this word came out. I am choosing the narrow path, because I want God’s rest more than anything else in my life.

  26. Megan says:

    Thank you Doug.. I had a dream where I managed to squeeze through this very narrow place it was like I morphed through I’m guessing supernaturally.. There were mattresses and boards up against a wall with the teensiest slither of space and I handed over the top a baby that looked the size of a 4 year old to my daughter.

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