Feeling Stuck? Restore Your Hope for the Future | Doug Addison with Dr. Sandra Weppler [Episode 86]

Do you want to find your destiny, but feel stuck, depressed or lost?

No matter where you are, there is a way to move forward.

Both my guest and I lived through a season of feeling depressed, suicidal and hopeless.

But God has a good plan for everyone’s life—including yours—and is faithful to move Heaven and Earth to see you free and walking in your calling.

God is also moving in the internet and media right now. There’s a lot of negativity on social media and the internet, but God is releasing strategies from Heaven to clean up the airwaves in preparation for the next revival that I’m convinced will happen partly on the internet.

In this Spirit Connection episode, my special guest is my Dr. Sandra Weppler. She’s an international speaker, the founder and host of a Christian social media broadcasting television show, The Voice of Truth Prophetic TV. Sandra is also a Christian psychotherapist, ordained minister, author and CEO. She and her husband Dwayne reside in Ontario, Canada, and her passion is for everyone to know the Father’s love and discover their life purpose.

The Lord told me to have her on the podcast to release a prophetic word that contains heavenly strategies for His people to take territory in the area of media.

She shares a dream the Lord gave her about the year 2020, and I share one of my heavenly encounters that is coincidentally similar to her dream!

Don’t miss the end—it’s a powerful time of spontaneous prayer, decrees, seeing visions and receiving revelation about what God wants to do in your life right now to break off depression, hopelessness and suicide … and guide you to your path of destiny and birthright!

Visit Sandra’s website: sandraweppler.com

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    • D Johnson
    • April 12, 2019

    I really needed to hear this. Thank you

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • April 15, 2019

      Awesome! I am so glad you were encouraged. God bless you!

    • Charlotte Smalley
    • April 11, 2019

    I want to hear God More clearly, ang get free from medications plus expand my healing business and coaching women to Rule and reign in Christ to manifest Gods Kingdom.

    • Viv R Harvey
    • April 10, 2019

    Encouraging and strengthening… 3 strand cords must be separated
    My ears must open to hear clearly; they used to be open. I need them open now..my prayer; and for God words from Holy Spirit…… pour out of my mouth as needed
    please GOD.

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • April 11, 2019

      God bless you Viv!

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