Breaking the Fear of Being Deceived [Episode 234]

We have been in a season of hearing God—from Passover to Pentecost—and we are rolling quickly into a new season coming up in June because of Pentecost.

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I help you break through barriers that may try and stop you from hearing the voice of God. People are often afraid of being deceived when it comes to hearing the Lord, but I have some help for you today!


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Find Out

  • The difference between prophecy as a function and the title of prophet
  • How to break the fear of being wrong or disappointing God
  • Why you might not feel like you’re hearing or seeing correctly
  • Why it’s okay to practice hearing God … and safe ways to do it

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Mastery Course—Understanding the Courts of Heaven Mastery Course

Online Workshop—Growing in Prophetic Wisdom, Discernment & Understanding

Book by Doug—Hearing God Every Day


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    • Leonie Barnes
    • May 27, 2022

    thank you Sir for this word.

      • Brandy
      • June 6, 2022

      Thanks for reading, Leonie! Blessings!

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