It’s Time To Refire, Not Retire

InLight Connection is celebrating its 21st anniversary! The Lord has been so good to us! On behalf of myself, my loving wife Linda and the InLight Connection Team, we want to say thank you to our followers and Partners! 

Every week I release prophetic words and teachings, and we could not do it without you! Your prayers, support and taking the time to follow us on social media mean so much!  

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I want to give you a behind-the-scenes history and more about my recent 7-year assignment in Hollywood. 

When we started InLight Connection on September 21, 2001, I had just been healed of the symptoms of Huntington’s disease, an incurable genetic illness that nearly wiped out my entire family. Now I am 63 years old, still healed, and in a study at the UCLA Medical Center. This is an amazing miracle! Thank You, Lord!

In 2001, I went to a conference in Kelowna, BC, hosted by my good friends, Patricia King and Stacey Campbell. I got the opportunity to go on what was possibly one of the first prophetic evangelism outreaches in North America.  

At that conference, I received a videotape of the late prophet Bob Jones, and he shared the details of his life-calling encounter with the Lord where he died and was sent back to Earth with a mandate to raise the church up for the coming revival of all revivals.

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The Lord is going to bring about a massive revival of over a billion people. 

When my wife Linda and I watched the video, the Holy Spirit hit us, and the Lord spoke to me that I would be part of helping fulfill Bob Jones’ prophecy of the billion-soul harvest.  

We literally sold everything and within a few months (2002) the Lord moved. We went to work for John Paul Jackson and Streams Ministries. I was one of John Paul’s instructors and outreach coordinators.

Our 7-year assignment to see behind the scenes of Hollywood and the 7 Mountains (prophetic, arts, entertainment & governmental) 

In 2013, Linda and I sold our house in Santa Maria and rolled everything we had into moving back to Los Angeles. It took two more years to get positioned for the LA Project

Getting aligned with accountability and leadership

Our spiritual father and longtime friend Prophet James Goll encouraged us to join Harvest International Ministries (HIM) with Apostle Ché Ahn and Mama Sue. We were commissioned as HIM prophets in 2015, and at the same time, a house became available to rent on the West Side that was uniquely positioned—we could see the Hollywood sign in the distance! It was a prophetic intercessor’s dream! 

West LA—Santa Monica special assignment 

The rental house was small and not fancy, but it was where the Lord confirmed that we should be. A lot of you stepped up to help us financially with the LA Project. Thank you very much! 

There were some good times, but some points were extremely difficult as I went deeper into the project with the Lord. I have been a special-forces-style prophet for several years, and I have gone behind the scenes as a seer and prophetic intercessor. I have been reporting on how to pray in my Spirit Connection episodes, my online training and schools of ministry. 

Testimonies including suicide being broken

We have had a lot of great fruit! A major A-level executive producer came to the Lord, and I got to consult on two major movies as a prophetic intercessor. We have also developed an amazing online following. People are reporting healings, and powerful testimonies of people getting delivered of suicide, hopelessness and the spirit of fear. Wow. Thank you, Lord! 

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My own testimony and healings 

For part of the 7-year assignment I was anxious, sick, stressed and burnt-out from being on the road. 

The Lord gave me a strategy to do what I used to do at outreaches and live events, but to go nearly 100% online. I was one of the early forerunners with online training, webcasts, podcasts and coachings way before Zoom.

When the pandemic hit, we were already prepared because we had been training others on how to “get online and not be left behind.” 

We have been blessed financially to do what the Lord calls us to do when He calls us to do it. That is true prosperity!

  • I have maintained the healing of Huntington’s disease, and I got healed of Lyme disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, adrenal failure, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Getting off the road and going through inner healing has brought me closer to the Lord, my family and my wife. I am working on being a patient, loving, kind husband, father and spiritual leader. I’m still in process, so thanks for your grace!

A shift in my messages 

The Lord spoke to me in 2020 to make a shift in my messages. He called me to focus my prophetic words and podcasts to more encouragement and instructions on how to weather the storms.

We need all different types of prophetic people and various leaders to reach different people.

The Lord spoke to me and a few other apostolic-level leaders that what I need to do is what I do best—look in the camera and tell everyone that it is going to be okay … because it is!  

The Lord is still in control, and we are going to weather the storm! 

Signs prophets battle behind the scenes 

One of my gifts is that of a “signs prophet” like Ezekiel 24:24, “what happens to you is a sign to others.” Because of this, behind the scenes I have gone through some major storms and attacks, and I battle the forces of darkness. I then release a powerfully prophetic word to you. 

The truth is not in the storm or the attack. Jesus calmed the storm, and He walked above it, or He slept through it. In all cases, the Lord  taught us to speak to our storms to calm them and other times, to just stay calm and carry on. 

Word from Prophet Shawn Bolz

What has really gotten me through the past 7 years is when I got commissioned as an HIM prophet, at the start of this new season here in LA in 2015. 

Prophet Shawn Bolz gave me a prophetic word and the Lord and others have confirmed it’s still happening. 

Shawn said, “When you get through this season and close the landing strips, the Lord is going to give you the deliverance level of Bob Jones.” 

I traveled with the late prophet Bob Jones, and I saw his style of being a signs prophet. He is one of the people who helped train me. Bob taught me that you battle behind the scenes, then you can set people, groups, churches and cities free. 

To prepare for this, I have been training and the Lord has been sharpening my prophetic anointing. I also knew I needed to get inner healing, counseling and deliverance. I have had to take a lot of time away from my online training, which is our main source of revenue.  

It has been humbling, but if you humble yourself the Lord will lift you up.

7 years later—Word from Cindy Jacobs 

In May 2022, Linda and I were at an HIM meeting in Pasadena, and Apostle Cindy Jacobs called me out and prophesied. The Holy Spirit hit me hard and imparted a new level of anointing. 

Cindy said, “Doug you are a prophet, but the Lord has seen that you have had double trouble from the enemy. So, the Lord is going to give you a double anointing as a healing revivalist, and you are going to receive double repayment for all you have gone through.” 

The 7-year assignment in Hollywood and my preparation 

Over the years at our house in West LA, we have sown over a half a million dollars in rent. Linda just turned 64 and I am 63. 

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Most people our age are preparing for retirement, but we are getting ready for “re-firement.” 

Time to get re-fired and not retire 

I need to be honest, we are battle weary but not giving up. Linda and I and the InLight Connection Team have been battling hard, especially the past year and a half.  

Things are now going to a new level—the anointing, the power to love, the prophetic—and healing is here!  

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We have the prophetic words from the Lord and two very accurate prophets and apostles.

I am about to be released as a prophet of deliverance with the deliverance level of Bob Jones! Also, a double anointing as a healing revivalist! 

That indicates that we will be traveling and doing live meetings again, but we will also still be online. Part of the prophetic word from Cindy Jacobs is that we are also going to get double repayment! 

The plan of re-firement 

Linda and I need to take some time to rest. We have not had a vacation, and we also need to continue with the healing and preparation for the season ahead. We also need to move from our house in West LA and get repayment for all we have sown into the Kingdom of the Lord.

If our ministry has blessed you in any way, consider making a special, 21st anniversary donation, or become a monthly Partner with us.

We are not going away! I will still be releasing the Daily Prophetic Words and other words, but we need a financial boost to get us safely into the next season! 


Doug Addison

Doug Addison is the founder and president of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection podcast and blog. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.


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