We Are Standing and How to Help Us [Episode 303]

Have you been going through a time of difficulty? I have a word of encouragement for you.

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I share what we are doing in the face of difficulty … and what Bible verses are particularly powerful in this special time.

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Find Out

  • Things you can do if you’re experiencing discouragement
  • How you can help us in this season
  • Some very powerful promises that will encourage you
  • Why not leaning to your own understanding is so important

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    • Holly
    • September 22, 2023

    Your ministry has been a rock in my walk with Christ for many years. Your encouragement and teachings have had an amazing impact in my life. My prayers go out for you and Linda in this difficult season. The trials I have walked through, especially the past 2 years, have been beyond what I thought would ever happen in my life. The rug has been pulled out from under my feet time after time after time. But I hear the winds of change coming up upon me from behind, from the sides and from in front of me. The standard of the Lord is risen! No weapon formed against me shall prosper! I hear this for you too! Your cup runneth over! The new season before you will be like none other you’ve had. The enemy thought he could conquer you; but he faces the judgement of the Lord who is your strong tower. Your spiritual feet are embedded in the foundation of the Rock of Jesus- there is NOTHING that will shake you from that foundation. This year of 5784 is opening up for real-He will move you into a new thing. He will bring it about. He said to just keep your shield up, the shield of faith, and I am fighting the battle. You and Linda to stand in victory behind your shield of faith, you are safe, you are safe.
    In Jesus name.

      • Brandy, InLight Connection Team
      • September 25, 2023

      Thank you so much for your comment, Holly. Blessings!

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