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Did you know you can help change people’s lives today?

#GivingTuesday, which started with a simple idea in 2012 as a way for people to “give back”, in contrast to the holiday shopping focus of Black Friday.

When you donate today to Doug Addison’s ministry, InLight Connection, you become part of our mission to reach people with the love of Jesus and help them hear God, encounter the supernatural and discover their destinies through Doug Addison's free Daily Prophetic Word, Spirit Connection Webcast and weekly podcast episodes and blogs.

"Thank you for sharing your God-inspired life-coach teaching!"

- Teresa

InLight Connection By the Numbers:

  • We currently reach people online in more than 220 countries—and growing!
  • 1.5+ million visitors to our website.
  • 277,000+ combined social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Hundreds of testimonies a year of people just like you receiving breakthrough, being healed, set free and blessed through InLight Connection, the ministry of Doug Addison.

We’re living in exciting times and we invite you to be a part of what God is doing. Together, we can unite and make a difference to impact the world!

If you’re with us on this mission, let us know today by making a gift of any amount.
Whether you give $5, $50 or $500, your donation lets us know we’re in this together!

Today is the day to give in any way you can and your gift can help us expand our ability to reach more people and bring the message of love, hope and revival to the WORLD!

From Linda on the Refresh webinar

"First of all I really want to thank Doug Addison for releasing this video to us for free. It has really inspired me through these times of staying at home. When I was listening to Doug in this webinar, God really touched me and every time Doug would begin to pray or decree, Holy Spirit would touch me ... When we were praying and walking through the five steps of healing, God released me, healed me emotionally, and gave me such a new, exuberant "joy unspeakable & full of glory" and a "peace that passes all understanding." I am now walking in newness and hope and love. Since God healed me I am reaching out to my neighbors and friends and others and sharing my testimony of God’s love, faithfulness, strength, protection, provision, and healing! Hallelujah!"

"I totally love to hear, and support, Doug and keep up with this ministry! I found Doug's ministry in 2015, during a time when I felt completely destitute and as if God was far away. I was going through a divorce after 36 years of being in an emotionally abusive marriage. Doug's message of love and non-judgmental ways captured my attention and I have been here as a partner ever since. His Daily Prophetic Words sent to my email address , along with his frequent workshop teachings and monthly webinars seems to always speak to my heart, as if God, Himself, is speaking just to me!"

From Stephanie, Partner
"I have been nudged towards the prophetic and other "signs, miracles and wonders" gifts. I do not have access to these resources in my area. About 4 years ago I came across Doug Addison’s prophetic W.O.D. It spoke so loud to me, I looked into this ministry further, partnered with them and have been activated in more ways than I can share ... I am learning and growing in the Lord and my purpose, calling and gifting are unveiling in every season. Most importantly, I know my Father better. Doug, Linda and the team...I love you all!"

From Scott:
“I listened to Doug's prophetic word last night on FaceBook. Later that night, the Holy Spirit fell on me so strong that I fell to the ground in my bedroom. I saw two angels standing in my room. One had a key and one was holding a stack of papers—“contracts”. The angel with the key began to unlock large chains that were on my back and pull them off. I could feel the weight leaving my body.”

From Deborah:
“Hi Doug, I just wanted to let you know that the prophetic forecast messages this past year (and especially in the last couple of months) have really encouraged me. Thank you for being a voice that is restoring hope to so many of us that knew deep inside that God still had more for us to do in His Kingdom."

Kimberly, from Hearing God 365
"HG365 has changed my life. I now hear God through songs, dreams, even numbers.... I can also discern when a change or shift is coming! I have learned to say only what I hear my Father say and do only what he says to do...."

Thank you for everything you give today on #GivingTuesday!


The InLight Connection Team
P.S. Remember – your donations to InLight Connection are tax-deductible!

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