Dear Friends of Doug & Linda Addison,

As we look back at the last 22 years since the launch of Doug Addison’s ministry, InLight Connection (Sept. 21, 2001), we are in awe of what the Lord has done through Doug’s leadership. Thousands have written about how they have been encouraged and edified through this ministry. In fact, many may not know Doug has been in ministry serving on the pastoral staff at different churches since 1994 until his ministry, InLight Connection, was launched in 2001. 

Over the last 29 years of ministry, Doug has rarely taken time off to rest, refresh and rejuvenate in his relentless love to serve you and all of us, along with the body of Christ. We all know that full-time ministry is demanding, and few people recognize the spiritual, physical and emotional toll it takes on a leader, and especially one who pioneers. In this journey, Doug has bravely faced and overcome many challenges. Doug now finds himself in need of spiritual and emotional rejuvenation in this season of life. 

Therefore, we, as the Board of InLight Connection, along with its advisors and close ministry friends, write this letter to ask for your support. Doug and Linda will be taking a much needed, one-year sabbatical to heal and rest. Just as Doug has encouraged and ministered to so many of us and countless thousands around the world, he is now in need of our encouragement and committed support in this season. 

We are seeking 1000 partners to give $55.00 monthly for the next 12 months, or a one-time gift of $555.00. Any amount will be gratefully accepted! 

You may now be asking, “What will happen to InLight Connection during the sabbatical?” The good news is, with your generous monthly financial support and prayers, the InLight Connection Team will continue the ministry with monthly gatherings, prayers, etc. Also, minister-friends of Doug and Linda Addison will come alongside to speak and minister virtually at a Monthly Mentoring Session specifically for Partners of InLight Connection. As a donor to the sabbatical giving campaign, you will be invited to these monthly sessions to receive impartation, teaching and ministry from well-known ministers! This is a powerful and rare opportunity, and you will receive exclusive notice of the scheduled speakers.

We all want Doug to heal and come back even stronger so he can continue being the gift that he is to you and us … and to the larger body of Christ. If you have any comments or questions, email us at: help@dougaddison.comAgain, thank you so very much for your love and support!

Be Mentored by Powerful Leaders

During this time, many of Doug’s friends and partners in ministry have joined together to mentor all those who partner with InLight Connection during this season as a way of saying “thank you” and partnering with the Kingdom of God. Each month, we will have 1-2 guests join us in our Partner mentoring time.  

As Doug takes steps towards an extended sabbatical, we will be bringing in other trusted voices to pour into you while he is away. Our current power-packed line up, with more being added daily!

We are excited to announce that our next guest is Dan Duval, Founder of Bride Ministries International! BRIDE Ministries International is a Christian church, and family of believers, centered on the gospel of the Kingdom of God. 

We will be meeting via Zoom on Thursday, February 15th, 2024 at 10 am P.T. 

BRIDE Ministries International is a Christian church, and family of believers, centered on the gospel of the Kingdom of God. God’s kingdom is revealed when the afflicted are delivered, when the sick are healed, when miracles manifest, and when the name of Jesus Christ is exalted. We specialize in unlocking these realities in a practical way through equipping men and women with tools for advanced spiritual warfare, deliverance, inner healing, and discipleship to maturity in Christ. 

We offer the Discovering Truth with Dan Duval podcast, the BRIDE Ministries Institute, the BRIDE Ministries Church, FREE prayer resources, weekly online community groups, conferences, and other outreaches, including strategic assistance to survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and government sponsored mind control projects. Our vision is to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of sheep nations.

You can join these calls live, receive impartation, activation, and also re-listen to the recordings. There’s never been something quite like this! An entire year of mentoring from a community of powerful Kingdom leaders!

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