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Are You Dreaming More Lately? This is Why.

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In the prophetic word I released on my blog on February 7, 2017: “Radical Adjustments & Reassignments Coming,” God showed me that we were entering a strategic season of dreams. This is happening right now to me and to many people reporting in on social media. February will mark the release of strategic dreams from   …Read Full Post

How to Actually Change Your Financial Future—Starting Today [Podcast]

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Freedom comes in many forms—one being financial stability. Maybe you have heard me say this and you can quote me on it: “Prosperity is having the money, resources, time and freedom to do what God calls you to do, when He calls you to do it.” Maybe you want to pay off some bills. Maybe   …Read Full Post

One Thing You Need to Be Effective in Your Divine Assignment

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Years after my first angelic visitation in 1991 (which was shocking to me at the time), I received the following revelation about developing a positive Kingdom mindset—because it has everything to do with discovering and walking in our destiny. And it radically changed my own life too. I released my Prophetic Word for February: Radical   …Read Full Post

How to Recognize God’s Will & Timing for Your Life [Podcast]

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Do you ever feel frustrated that you aren’t hearing God as easily or as clearly as you would like to? Well I’ve got good news … God is speaking all the time; there is no shortage of revelation from God. We all want to hear God’s voice to navigate our lives. Maybe you do hear   …Read Full Post

Spirit Connection Webcast – January 2017

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Prophetic word for 2017! Psalm 117 is the verse 2017! January–March 2017 is a strategic season where you will see a backlog of blessings and unanswered prayers come to you. We are in DUE SEASON time. A heavenly gate is being opened over the San Francisco Bay Area that will open up the coming revival.   …Read Full Post