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How to Be Positive in a Negative Atmosphere

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God is shifting things beneath the surface even if you can’t see it right now! The enemy may be coming in like a flood, but God has given you the power to walk on the water. There is a story in the Bible that talks about Jesus’ disciples being caught up in a storm while   …Read Full Post

Prophetic Word: 40 Weeks of Hard Labor Ends Now

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This is an exciting week that is going to be a turning point for many people! Forty (40) weeks ago God opened your Book of Life and now it is going to be birthed this week! The Jewish holiday, Hoshana Rabbah, is the time when God reveals your Book of Life for the coming year.   …Read Full Post

Prophetic Word: A Strategic Time for Breakthrough

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7-year season ending We are in a time of a 7-year season that is coming to completion. It started in 2011 and is now concluding in 2018. If you go back and look at the calendar in 2011, you will see how something started but ended abruptly, or there was a time of challenge and   …Read Full Post