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5 Steps to Get out of Financial Prison

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5 Steps to Get out of Financial Prison I had a vision of those who are called to be part of financing new moves of God and revivals on Earth. They are also known as those with the anointing of Joseph—the Joseph people. Early in Joseph’s life, he had dreams from the Lord on how   …Read Full Post

6 Types of “Courts” in the Courts of Heaven

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  6 Types of “Courts” in the Courts of Heaven The Courts of Heaven operate similar to the legal system we see on Earth. Because of all the injustices happening in the world, God is releasing new revelation about gaining justice through the Courts of Heaven. The Cross of Christ is our verdict but there   …Read Full Post

Prophetic Word: God is Answering You, But It Might Look Different

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Many people who I have been meeting and interacting with are very discouraged and battle weary. When people have contacted me, asking what God is saying for them right now, I keep telling them, “Just wait until after May.” This is because the Wind of Change has been rearranging things in our lives. Because of all   …Read Full Post

Why Your Prayers on Earth Matter in Heaven

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May 4, 2017 by Doug Addison Revelation is now flowing You may have already heard me talk about this, but here is an update. God said to get ready to receive a lot of revelation! It started last month during Passover and has not stopped. The heavens are now open greater than anything we have   …Read Full Post