I dropped off-line for a while and people have been asking if I am still alive. Our vacation in Florida was relaxing but not long enough time for a full recovery. I came back only to catch another cold. We went down to Cape Corel and hung out at the mall and the beach. I bought a book about Starbucks and went to Starbucks and read it.  Hmm.. there must be more to life.  

I actually left my computer at home and spent the week detoxing from the internet. I think we all need a cyber-cleanse every so often. My problem is that I now do nearly everything on my computer (except for sex). I listen to music, get news, read my computer bible, journal, look at photos friends send me, and of course I correspond with people. Are we becoming e-people? I was just talking with Larry Randolph and he said that he finally got an ePod. I think it was an iPod but of course he is from Arkansas Maybe it is i before e except when? I think I need to write a book called no more computerese.

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