Bait and switch

Living in a rural town in the South has its advantages. No one can hear you cry in the woods as you miss big city fine dining. I guess we could take a Cooking Road Kill class and expand our menu options. Food is a big deal for people who have lived in California. I guess I was shocked the first time I ordered the Squash and Zucchini vegetables and they came battered and deep fried. So I set out on a quest to leave no stone unturned. Hey, I’ll settle for good fried chicken. I decided this week to stop at the gas station that advertised “Chicken and Taters”.  Could this be the one stop dream? Fried Chicken, Krispy Kream donuts and Pepsi? I had hope as I walked in then I saw the signs for Discount Cigar and Cigarettes and Live Bait. Hmm.. A bait shop restaurant.  I might have to pass on this one. The search continues.

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