Need a little nap

Blogs can be pretty stupid sometimes. You ever notice that most people Blog about not blogging ? why they can?t seem to keep their Blog current. Well, here goes another one. Somehow, being on the road (don?t know why they call it that because I spend more time in the sky flying to and from events than on the road ? I guess being in the sky sounds too weird) gets me pretty tired and honestly the last thing I want to do is turn on my computer and try to come up with a funny blog. I?d much rather turn on my computer and play a few matches of internet backgammon! Just got home from San Diego on the Monday morning red eye. I got in my truck just after at 6am in the airport parking garage. When do you know you need a day off? Well I woke up at 10am still in the parking garage with my truck running. Huh ? okay I am a bit tired?

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