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Doug Addison Healed of Lyme Disease

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Doug-AddisonIn case you did not know, I have been suffering for the past eight months with Lyme Disease related infections. I have not been able to work much and have had such a difficult time. Great news! I was healed of Lyme Disease last weekend while in North Carolina for Bob Jones’ memorial service! God spoke to me that I would get healed there so I was asking everyone I met to pray for me. It was at Bob’s graveside service in Moravian Falls, NC (where I was bit by the infected tick) that Bobby Connor turned and prayed for me. I saw a bright blue light between us and all my symptoms left instantly.

Bob Jones’ funeral was a very powerful time. We all shared our incredible “Bob stories” and gave thanks to God for a humble man from Arkansas who left such a lasting impression on millions of people.  For me, it was a nice prophetic family reunion as well. Bob died in 1975 and Jesus met him and asked one question only to everyone before they went into Heaven: “Did you learn to love?” Bob was sent back to Earth to prepare for a revival of 1 billion people and his simple message of love has changed the world.

I have had two very bad illnesses in my life and this being one of them. I was healed of the symptoms of Huntington’s Disease in 2001 just before I started my current ministry, InLight Connection. This has the same feel to it. God is about to do something new and exciting. It is a great time to be alive!

1 Peter 5:10 And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.








Doug Addison

55 thoughts on “Doug Addison Healed of Lyme Disease

  1. Ester Sanford says:

    Doug I am so happy for you! God is so good! Who’da thunk it! At a funeral! God has a great sense! Thank you for what you do for us.

  2. Danielle Walker says:

    Yay! Praise God! So happy you received your healing. Love how God uses the whole body of Christ to see the miraculous. Asking for the hosts of Heaven to protect you brother from any onslaughts of the enemy in Jesus name. Thinking of doing the tattoo interpretation coarse. Your an amazing teacher brother. May God bless you and your ministry. Great Exploits in The Lord to come!

  3. Rejoicing with you on your healing! To God be the glory for the incredible things He has done for you! Back in the late 90’s I only had to deal with Lyme’s Disease symptoms, medications, & limitations for about 6 months before I was healed of everything. God showed me in a vision during the most severe battle just before I got the victory, where I was bit initially, the tick bacteria alive, and then the bacteria destroyed! It gave me the grace to hold on until the end. There’s nothing too hard for the Lord! Enjoy your FREEDOM and a quantum leap into the next season of ministry! Declaring complete restoration over every area of your body that had been affected by Lyme’s! Blessings on you my Brother!!!

  4. Ringo says:

    Thanks for sharing, very encouraging; and I am so glad for you!

    I have something to share too. As I read your praise report, I spotted a prophetic pattern at the last paragraph –

    “two very bad illnesses in my life and this being one of them”
    1) “I was healed … in 2001 just before I started my current ministry, InLight Connection”
    2) You just got healed …
    – you mentioned a powerful radical positive event will take place in March 2014
    – that same timing is mentioned by Kim Clement, Bob Jones, and multiple prophetic people (and I saw that in my dream personally as well)
    – March 2014 is the Leap month (Adar II – double joy) of this Hebrew year 5774 (open door)
    – month of “Leap forward” (also Spring forward … it’s Spring, after all)

    I remember in Jan 2014, the LORD clearly spoke to me that there will be a “changing of guard” coming starting in Feb 2014 (His word was backed by 2 personal real life out-of-no-where prophetic experience in Jan 2014). The day Bob Jones passed away, it then dawned on me that God was referring to the Kingdom, and we are right at the “baton passing” moment between Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha.

    I believe the timing of your suffer and your healing has double meaning ….

    Personal :
    the magnitude of your Kingdom impact and promotion will be – as significant as you jumped from whatever before to after InLight Connection, it will be just as, if not even more, significant you jumped from now to what’s next (and I really sense that you have a pretty good idea what that crazy next thing is)

    Kingdom :
    I believe this is inline with the Kingdom time table of sons of God being revealed. It signifies the imminent release and the supernatural unheard of promotions over many Josephs who have been waited in the prisons.
    – from the time Joseph had his dream of greatness to the time he stood in the palace before Pharaoh was a little more than 13 years
    – 2001 – 2014 is 13 years

    Be blessed!

    Rise and Shine!
    Ringo <

  5. Jan says:

    That is an awesome God be all the Glory! I.have been in ministry many years but also working. I retired this year snd both my legs snd feet are like sandpaper numbness for 6 months now..when I had just been free from working after 30 years to go where God sends me…now this. Many doctors and bad experiances….trusting.God for complete manifistation in healing like you..The name of Jesud is a bigger name than a disease.

  6. Merry Hofmann says:

    Praise God for your healing Doug! Would you pray for my husband Ribert who also has Lyme’s? Your words from the Lord encourage me all the time. God bless you!

  7. Shawna Chand says:

    To God be the glory, Im so happy to hear that you have been healed. God healed me of lupus when I was a little girl. He is so faithful.

  8. Leah says:

    Doug!!!!! Sooooo happy for your healing. Yes Lord!! Was with you 12/31 and you asked us to pray. So looking forward to your ministry ahead sans illness. Much blessings to you. So excited!! Brings us hope. Love Bob too 🙂

    • Linda tilden says:

      I am so thankful you are healed. I have been suffering from a long term illness and I know I will be healed this year also. Praise God! He is giving good gifts to his children!

  9. Cindy Stapleton says:

    For some reason sleep is just not coming to me tonight so I am up late…and now I am so glad because I have just read your blog! I am thrilled to have read this!!!!
    Congratulations!!!! I am so very happy for you that this disease is gone from your body!!! Having followed your ministry for many years now this is very good news indeed! I am especially pleased that you and Linda are ministering in my home town area – I grew up in Venice beach. I very much have a heart for the people there, they are ‘my people’ so to speak. I LOVE what you are doing down at Ocean Front Park!!!

    I have a close friend who has also been very, very ill from Lyme for the past four years. She is single and unable to work to support herself now and truly desperate. Would you consider praying for her? We live in the Central Valley; she is in Oakdale and I am in Redding. If you are coming to a venue near where we live would you consider laying your hands on her and praying for healing from Lyme’s? Her name is Shelley.

    I have followed your ministry closely over the years and attended many conferences at different venues where you have prayed and spoken words over me. I have read your books and even taught Prophetic Evangelism to the people of my church. Twice I have spoken with you in person. The first time I spoke with you (outside of a ministry line) was at Moravian Falls at a small gathering called “Excellerating Your Life’s Purpose’. A couple years ago or so you were requesting that people send you photos from past events so I sent you the photos I took at that event in Moravian Falls. The second time I spoke with you was just recently at the New Years Eve Celebration at Blazing Fire where it was packed full that night! I sounded the single and double Shofars over you before you spoke. Brent Lokker is the brother of very close friends of mine; Julia and Dirk who also happen to be close friends with Shelley.

    Recently I have been telling Shelley about how you had also contracted Lymes disease, probably from your time in North Carolina. The reason I shared that with her was because it gave us hope for her situation because I knew you would be healed from this disease, it was just a matter of time. And, that whenever you would receive your healing, maybe you might have some answers or perhaps an anointing for healing from this horrible disease to pass on to others.
    That is what I am hoping for now as I’ve read just read in your blog that you have been healed!! You are healed, hooray!! And maybe Shelley will be healed now too, yes!!

    I know the Southern California area very well having lived in Venice beach as I mentioned before. In fact, my family lived in the same house where Abbot Kinney lived – the man who had the vision for Venice and built the Venice canals. That house, which is at 15 30th Avenue, is now a bed and breakfast called the Venice Beach House – a really great place to stay by the way.

    I am thinking and wondering if this idea might work for you; that I would drive Shelley down there on whatever day you would be ministering out on the Boardwalk at Ocean Front Park. We would look for you there so that you could lay hands on her and pray for her healing?

    Actually, I will drive her to wherever and whenever you would say is the most convenient place and time for you. I’m thinking that the sooner the better because she has just had a very serious relapse and is not doing very well.

    Again, I am very happy to read this news about you!! At the same time I am also very hopeful for my friend Shelley now.


  10. Lindy & Paul Gohl says:

    We are rejoicing with you in this as we have been praying ! So happy to hear the good news and that you are not suffering anymore , Thank you Jesus!

  11. Sharon Stafford says:

    I am so thankful that you were healed… But, I knew you would be that weekend!
    Prayed for you & Linda last night… I think you’ll be seeing some amazing new opportunities open up before you – that the enemy was trying so desperately to keep you from. Praise God Almighty. Very excited for you!

  12. Elaine says:

    Doug, I am so very blessed to hear this wonderful news of your healing! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! What encouragement!

    May I ask you to consider praying for those of us with Lyme issues on your next webcast? It is a serious problem here on the east coast and frequently goes undiagnosed if the rash isn’t seen. Not all docs believe it has chronic tag-a-longs.

    Thanks for considering my request.

    Praising God with you! Elaine

  13. Dee Calvert says:

    I claim your healing of Lymes Disease, for my healing, in Jesus’ name. I have had LD for years and I’m still taking medication.
    The Lord is no respecter of people, I claim and receive your healing.
    Thank You Lord!! Praise the Lord.

    • Becca says:

      Me too! Just as Dee stated, may this be the beginning of healing from Lyme disease for me and for all who are suffering and trusting in Jesus that we are healed.

  14. Jennifer Middleton says:

    I praise the Lord for your healing Doug! This will be my 21st year of living with the debilitating affects of Lyme Disease. I am so thrilled to see when others get healed and have been believing for my own healing also all these years.I believe the Lord has shown me that this is my year of jubilee times three! 21 years divided by 3 is 7! I believe the Lord will repay all the enemy has stolen from me in triplicate! The enemy continues to try to discourage me that I will ever be healed after so long. Would you all pray into this with me and help me to stand? I appreciate and covet every single one. Blessings!

  15. Diana says:

    AWESOME! Now you’re really gonna be able to swing your imaginary microphone and dance!
    Thank you Lord for delivering Doug from all pain and debilatation. Thanks Doug for powering through and never forsaking your ministry. Hope you have a skip in your step now and may all limping and residue from the disease be gone!
    Love you so much for showing us how God loves us all so much! You are a true example of God’s heart to me and my family.

  16. Terre says:

    Happy to hear the good news. I was planning to see Bob at Moravian Falls in March and sad to know i won’t be able to now. He loved Moravian Falls just like me. Bless you.

  17. Leslie Townsend says:

    I have a very dear friend that I’ve know since a baby she has been suffering from Lymes disease for about 12 years now and she is battling the worse illness right now she is not able to work nor have a normal life. I just ask that you pray for her that she gets complete healing she is a christian and believes in healing and is a fighter or she would not be here on earth right now. My family and I continue to pray for her everyday but she has been battling the worse part of if this past year. I just ask that everyone prays for her so that she can receive a complete healing for her body and restoration. Her name is Beth.

    Thank you,

  18. Valorie Thomas says:

    Doug, I was very sick with Lyme disease that the doctors wouldn’t diagnose or treat for seven years. Apostles from Deleware broke off a spirit of death on me and a tick materialized on Apostle Dale’s shoulder after he and his wife prayed for me. It was definitely an attack from the enemy. It’ been 11 years and my body is still healing.

  19. Lorraine says:

    Praising God for your healing. I am battling lyme disease. It’s been well over 20 years, maybe even since I was a little girl. I was about to graduate from Lee University with two BA’s in Bible/Missions & Fitness when the worst of it hit, never to recover.. Lyme has devastated my life, taking my beloved son from me… Much judgment and condemnation that I havn’t been healed yet. I’ve been at a homeless shelter. Family have abandoned me. My heart has stopped. Seizures that can be fatal. Tremors. Yet I stand on the word of God and refuse to die. I will LIVE and not die. I have learned much, and grown exponentially through this battle and I believe God will use it. He is the love of my life. He is my hope. He is my strength. Never give up! Doug, I would appreciate your prayers, and any prayers of the Saints. Blessings & Shalom.

    • Diana & Yvana says:

      Lorraine, we have given $20 to Doug’s ministry on your behalf in order for Lyme disease to be broken off of you once and for all. The Lord loves you and He spoke to us that you should give in order to be healed. We have sent it in proxy for you so now just praise Him for healing, blessings and new life! May He continue to bless you!

  20. Karen Harkema says:

    Good morning Doug,

    As I was listening to your February podcast this morning (3rd of March), while you were talking about your current struggle with Limes disease I saw in my spirit a war horse getting ready to move. It got right up on it’s hind legs – not in fright -but in eagerness to take off.

    I love listening to your podcasts and reading your material. And I am super excited about the strength in which God has prepared you to move in. Can’t wait to see what the physical manifestation of this strong war horse will look like!

    I will be watching you.

    Be strengthened. With love, all the way from Johannesburg (Joyburg…), South Africa. Karen Harkema

  21. Jill Rodriguez says:

    I had Lyme’s Disease for 18 years before a diagnosis was obtained, and then only because the Holy Spirit revealed to me what was inflicting my body and I requested the appropriate test. I share in your joy of being healed of this horrible disease! I have been Lyme’s free for 5 years this March, contrary to what medical science will tell you if you have Lyme’s longer than the initial few weeks. I am actually healthier at 50 than I was from 28-45! God is truly awesome and true to His promises! Living in Divine Health, Jill. (Colorado)

  22. Cathy Maxwell (Pastor) says:

    Doug please pray in agreement with me for total release and healing from Lupus.I’ve had enough thank you and God bless you

  23. Barbara Anderson says:

    To be healed from this disease is a miracle. I truly know because I am living it. I rejoice for you and ask if you could pray for the same healing for me. I am young…I have three kids knees are swollen to the point it impairs my walking…tomorrow at 11:30 folks will pray for me in person….thanks for your prayers as well. It’s nice to learn of you thru a friend…with God it’s all possible.

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