Honoring Bob Jones

Bob JonesHonoring Bob Jones

Doug Addison

February 14, 2014


An amazing man of God and prophet went to Heaven on 2/14/14. Bob Jones was known for his humility, love and powerful prophetic words from his heavenly visitations and encounters. Bob’s life as a seer and messenger from God was one that few people understood. Bob spoke about deep spiritual things in simplistic parables but most people miss it. I learned so much about my own seer gift from Bob Jones. Most people are not aware that we started our ministry to help fulfill the major prophecies of Bob Jones.

In 2000 I had to leave ministry because I was sick with Huntington’s disease. One year later I was healed of Huntington’s at a Todd Bentley conference. Being out of a job as a pastor, I was feeling quite lonely and that God had forgotten about me until I went to a conference in Kelowna, BC. I did not have much money and was staying at a boarding house. I helped the owner fix his telephone and in turn he gave me a videotape of Bob Jones speaking at a conference that would change my life forever. God was speaking to me that I was going to help people fix their “callings” and that Bob Jones was involved.

When I got back home to California, my wife Linda and I watched the video and the power of God came into the room so strong we nearly fell over. Bob Jones was talking about his testimony of how he died in 1975 and went to Heaven but Jesus sent him back to Earth with a message and a mandate. Jesus told Bob, “When the population of the Earth reaches 6 billion, He would begin a movement that will bring 1 billion people into the Kingdom. And that these people would be born after abortion was legalized in 1973.”

Linda and I went to people’s homes around the San Francisco Bay Area and played the Bob Jones video. Every time, the power of God would hit so strong people would fall on the floor. God spoke to me that we would be part of fulfilling Bob Jones’ lifelong prophetic words. Bob had a visitation with Jesus in Redding, California on February 28, 2001, the day of the Seattle earthquake. Jesus told Bob to prophesy the meaning of the movie The Postman from 1997. At the time all this was happening, God was calling me to launch a ministry. The shaking and awakening had begun.

I had this big prophetic word, being part of fulfilling Bob Jones’s prophesies, yet I did not know him nor had I even met him. We went on to start InLight Connection in 2001 with the sole purpose of fulfilling this huge prophetic word. Through a series of supernatural circumstances, a few years later we ended up in Bob Jones’ living room as he gave us several powerful prophetic words.

We ended up moving to Moravian Falls, North Carolina where I had the opportunity to travel with and be mentored by Bob, becoming good friends with he and Bonnie. I wish I had recordings of the phone calls, private conversations and amazing supernatural things that happened when I was around Bob. He truly opened my eyes as a seer. The one thing he did more than anything else is demonstrate to me humility and the meaning of true love. I have never met a person so humble and yet so powerfully used by God. You could not get around Bob without feeling the love and acceptance of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

So here we are in 2014 and Bob Jones has now gone to the Lord on Valentine’s Day. Yes, God’s gift of love returned to Heaven on the day for lovers. Bob always said that when he dies his mantle would return to Africa but his prophetic words are available to anyone who is willing to step up and say yes. We said yes a number of years ago and here we are, on the verge of something great. This is not for just us personally but everyone can get in on what’s about to happen. The key is that you must have eyes to see and be willing to embrace the spiritual outcasts like Bob was able to.

For years Bob Jones has been bringing this same message that we will see a revival in the youth. The Earth’s population reached 6 billion in 1999 and in the year 2000 God began to do something new. Bob passed away fourteen years after the Earth reached 6 billion people on 2/14. And the number 14 is prophetic for the establishment of something new. I believe we are going to see something dramatic happen after this. Bob always said that once he goes back to Heaven it will be a sign of the new revival with the youth. That’s why I am focusing on, interpreting dreams and tattoos and embracing the spiritual outcasts. This is the year of God’s favor.

Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson have both told me that I would play a key role in fulfilling Bob’s Postman prophesies and be part of dramatically impacting the Kingdom through training people in the prophetic. I believe that God is positioning us for amazing times ahead!

I wish I could tell all the supernatural stories and heavenly encounters that I experienced just being around Bob Jones but that would take volumes. This is a day of releasing God’s love in a new way. Step out and let God show you how to love by touching someone in need. This is an exciting day on earth for they are rejoicing in Heaven as they welcome home a beloved, humble servant, Bob Jones.


Doug Addison








    • Nick
    • April 4, 2020

    Does anyone know what year Bob Jones was born? Apparently, he passes in 2014. Could you please send me a link to any article or details online that stipulate his birth and death dates?
    – Nick Buzz

    • Annessa Mosier
    • August 5, 2017

    My name is Annessa and 5 months ago I was tested for Huntington’s disease and miracloulsy and beautifully I do not have the disease. (My testimony and the entire testing process is such a humbling and beautiful story of God’s faithfulness!) The test results came back and my numbers showed no sign of the disease but I have a brother and sister who both have the disease. They’ve both been on my heart so much and I’ve been asking the Lord for the faith to believe that they can be healed. I watched my mom suffer and eventually die as a result of the disease and while I do believe God has the power to heal every disease it’s been so difficult to stand in faith while watching them suffer. I was asking God for encouragement when a friend sent me this article. I’d love to hear more of your story. I’ve never heard of anyone being healed of this disease! It’s so encouraging and I would love to hear all the details! I’d also love to know if you yourself pray for people who have the disease. Thank you for taking the time to read my response. I know this article is several years old but I had to comment.

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • August 9, 2017

      Hey! I believe I emailed you back about this. Please let me know if you need any further information. Bless you!

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    Interesting to note Bob wanted his mantle resting in Africa. I guess in my experience as an African in Nairobi Kenya – God has induced birth pangs of a move of the Spirit to Awaken Africa through Teaching and Worship cemented by Apostles and Prophets as creative initiators of Christ centered Foundations. I am glad I am living in this day. Thanks Doug for your personal ‘eulogy’ of Bob.

    • sandra molck
    • March 23, 2014

    I didn’t get the honor to meet, Bob Jones, but heard so much about him through Bill French Advocate Ministries in Irondale,AL.

    • saraya kentataya
    • March 21, 2014

    Paul Crouch graduated 11-3-2013 @79 yrs. (40 yr. Ministry) Great Man of God
    Bob Jones graduated 2-14-2014 @80 yrs. (40 yr. Ministry ) I believe at least
    Charles Capps graduated 2-23-2014 (40 yr. ministry ) I believe at least He wrote many
    books. 1st mini book was God’s Creative Power on the power of the words we speak good or bad, and how they create our future. Also the End Time Event, and the 6000 yr. lease God gave Adam theory. Kenneth E. Hagin referred to it in one of his camp meetings recorded in YouTube. Charles Capps has teachings on it & they are in YouTube.
    3 – Great men of God leaving in 3 months of each other, each having 40 yr. ministries. In the End Time Event 3 x 40 = 120 is very significant in the Prophetic Profile all thru
    the Bible. I believe all this indicates the 6000 yr. lease is up., and these 3 men graduating at this time is a sign that indicates it. Charles Capps taught that when that happens God will do things we have never seen, and move in mighty ways like never before. He as I do, believe in the Pre-Rapture because the Word of God says we are not subject unto the Wrath of God……….Just thought you might want to do a little research on this. Praise God this is a big sign that we are very close to the time we leave. AMEN & AMEN LOVE YA AND GOD BLESS YOU. PRAISE GOD FOR YOUR HEALING I AM HAPPY FOR YOU. I JUST RECEIVED MY HEALING IN MY LOW BACK TODAY WHILE I WAS ON YOUR WEBSITE AND Fathers Heart Ministries & sharing the Word of God on healing by the Stripes of Jesus in fact on the phone with a long time friend……………………….Praise God Thank you Jesus………………

    • Estelle
    • March 5, 2014

    Doug, I watched the memorial service twice, though not the live part; maybe they edited it, as I didn’t see your contribution or Mike Bickle’s that somebody mentioned was in it too. I did hear Don Potter doing the worship though. Other than buying a whole dvd of it, is there a source online that we can see it.. I saw about 90 minutes on a youtube version that same day..
    Also, in mid Nov. 2013 I had a dream about friends and I coming from a Christian gathering and going somewhere that I was told when getting out of the car by a man who was involved with the place, that it was a Post Office. He led us through it and said two of my friends worked in the annex of it, that he would show us where, let us talk. I don’t remember the inside of the “post office” but do remember seeing my 1 friend, a very prophetic woman of GOD, who mentioned she was now going to a different church called “the River”, who was pastored by xxxx (still pastoring in Atlanta though his reputation has been questioned on several occasions with different types of behavior that were not godly, and soiled the position of authority over a megachurch, mis-represented GOD badly. So, the Postman word may be relevant to the interpretation of my dream, which I have asked several prophetic people experienced in dream work to help me with, as I feel it is for the general body of Christ, not just the metropolitan area I live in..

    I watch you every month, took JPJ’s classes when he still taught them, heard Bob in person numerous times, and agree, he will be missed; I was saddened by his death. Friends in Seattle were to have Bob and Bonnie speak through SKYPE to them, along with Bobby Connor this month. I am elated that you were healed.. I’ve seen 4 personal friends healed in meetings with Dutch Sheets and Randy Clark in past week and know the manifestation of my healing is imminent. Praise our GOD for his mighty works!

    When you know a link for the Postman word from BOB, and the link for the complete memorial service, if you could share that with me, I would appreciate it.

    Also, I tried several times to update your data base for me but it has still been sending my emails to the yahoo account.. could that be updated to the gmail I gave, please?

    Thank you. May God’s blessings overtake you with his GRACE – HIS fullness!

    • Ruth Holzer
    • February 19, 2014

    I just wanted to thank you for the word about the surprise. I was so happy when my husband came in and said I have a surprise for you , and he handed me a bag with my favorite fish sandwich in it. This is not like him to bring surprises.

    • Racheal
    • February 19, 2014

    Thank you for sharing this! I only first heard of you less than a year ago and so look forward to hearing the things that you see and hear God doing. I did not know that you had/were healed of Huntington’s. My husband’s family has lost several people, and currently has a cousin that is in a special home because it has progressed so far. It’s sad and I would love to see God turn it all around.

    Also, I was in the Seattle earthquake of 2001, but did not know at that time that such things carried spiritual significance. Since that time though God has moved me away from Seattle and my little family has given up a lot to follow God’s leading. The various words that you have shared have been an encouragement to me through this time as we wait on the Lord.

    Blessings to you!

    • Canaan
    • February 19, 2014

    Bob Jones was one of my mother’s spiritual father and was my honorary God father. I loved him more than anybody can ever imagine and was sad when he left KC. He always showed me love even when surrounded by large groups of people wanting to speak to him. I am grateful to the Almighty for giving my family such a wonderful and powerful speaker of God to be a part of our personal life.

    • Denise Corcoran
    • February 18, 2014

    Thanks for honoring Bob Jones. I see exciting times ahead! Thanks also for being so real. You bless me.

    • Samuel Burns
    • February 18, 2014

    Honor…and RECEIVE! Even greater measure headed your way! The man is still impacting lives everywhere. Since breaking on through to the other side, many people’s spirits are being stirred by a rich deposit he left. Thanks for sharing this Doug. Do you have any idea where his prophecy on the meaning of “The Postman” can be found? I checked the archives of his website, but could not find them.

    • Reply

      I’ll check around. He talked about it all the time and it is on video

    • Pamela Kuhn
    • February 18, 2014

    Doug, this is a beautiful tribute!! Your love for the forgotten & outcasts in the world resonates with what I believe Jesus did on earth. I am honored to be connected to your ministry and so looking forward to seeing the words of the Lord fulfilled through you & all of us you are training. MARANATHA!!

    • Mando
    • February 18, 2014

    Doug, wow. Your posting really stirred me up. I had always hoped to meet Bob someday but that never happened. What is the name of that video? I wonder if its available i would love to see it. Im so hungry for precise direction!

    • Thomas Schwabe
    • February 18, 2014

    Thanks for sharing Doug, very encouraging and honoring message regarding Bob and really fanning the fires of communicating the heart of God again in the streets. You’re in my prayers bro. Love you!

    • L Nicholson
    • February 18, 2014

    My husband and I drove to Moses Lake, Wa in 2011 to hear Bob. What I like is how quickly and naturally his interpretations flowed to people, and his funny laugh.

    • Betsy Willis
    • February 18, 2014

    I’ll miss him

    • Lisa-Anne Wooldridge
    • February 18, 2014

    Well, this helps explain a dream I had about you and Bob and “Bob Jone’s Sunset” a couple of years ago. Makes total sense now. 🙂

    • R. Carfizzi
    • February 18, 2014

    Thank you for sharing that. He was important in so many lives. I am so grateful I found the elijah list because through them I found wonderful people like Bob Jones, yourself, Kim Clement, Patricia King, Chuck Pierce and so many others. You all have been pivotal in my life, especially you and Kim. I feel like what I got from so many of you had a little Bob Jones in it because he touched so many. I enjoyed reading this and hearing about how Bob was important to your life and ministry.

    • CW
    • February 18, 2014

    Yes, Thank you Doug for the excellent words.I couldn’t agree more with you when you the spiritual Ora that Bob carried with him.I was personally touched by the way he referred to God as Papa.Just that little reference was enough to really expand my outlook towards this life here on earth.His being taken was a bit surprising I must say but,you know,I felt a large sense of relief when I read the news.Relief to know that Bob’s words weren’t in vane,I know that Papa is still watching out for those of us that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    Thank you so much for open this forum as well. Your brother in Christ our savior,CW

    • Valerie
    • February 18, 2014

    Thank you for sharing this rich history Doug. You have honored this great man of God and spiritual father in a very beautiful way. I’m believing that God will make a way for you regarding your need for physical healing…..praying

    • Kim McDaniel
    • February 18, 2014

    Thank you so much for this beautiful word. I started reading the Elijah list back in 2010, and I have enjoyed Bob’s words. I know Heaven is rejoicing!! I also started coming across your word several years ago, and they have changed my life. I look soo forward to waking up everyday to read my Bible and find your word for the day!! It’s super encouraging. You are a beautiful man of God, and I am soo excited to be alive right now. God has given me several words and promises for my own life and I’m just starting to see them take shape. Thank you for all you do Doug, and may God bless your ministry with carrying on Bob’s prophecy. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day:)

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    Doug, I have had dreams recently of You and Bob Jones separately (before Bob’s passing), and last year had visions of You and Bob together talking about the New Sound of Heaven. Also, Bob prophesied to me personally about the New Sound when I lived in Nashville in 2007. It is all journaled and I feel an intense desire to share and discuss these with you. Is this possible? I am not sure how else to connect with you other than this post…

    Blessings, and I am praying for you!

    • Tina
    • February 18, 2014

    So beautiful, Doug. Thank you so much for clarifying and putting things into perspective. “I can see clearly, now.” Yep, I’m starting to see things more clearly!

    Here at our house in South Carolina, we are digging out from under huge debris left from the fall of a 50-foot tree with many trunks, the base being 8 feet, and a huge pecan tree limb. We got lots done with my 73-yr.-old dad (we live with him and my mom) running a backhoe over the weekend, and things are starting to “clear.”

    Your Feb. word is truly on point!

    I wish I could have met Bob in person. His Godly southern heart was truly a blessing and will continue to bless us.

    Thanks, Doug!

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