Spirit Connection Live – June 2015 | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Spirit Connection Live – June 2015

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In this podcast  Doug Addison gives a prophetic word for June 2015.  That now is the time to Breakthrough “June Gloom”. He talks about His health,  and strategies for healing.  He also answers Questions and Interprets dreams. For more information check out www.dougaddison.com


One thought on “Spirit Connection Live – June 2015

  1. Oanh says:

    God bless you for choosing to reach out to those most in need of His mercy they are not bnoyed His reach, to those willing to be Jesus with skin on, those who can see Jesus in THEM, even if in a most distressing disguise! Thank you for reminding me to keep all these folks, so loved by God, in our prayers.

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