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Doug Addison

Be Encouraged! A New Wind of Change Is Blowing

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Four years ago I released a prophetic word, on May 15, 2012, called The Wind Of Change Coming In May. This particular prophetic word got more feedback than any of the others at that time. It was the start of a powerful release that has been coming every year around this time.

I wanted to re-release portions of this prophetic word because they are applicable to what we are going through right now.

Prophetic dream: The wind of change is starting to blow

I had a dream this month of a strong wind of change—not winds of change—that started blowing from the ocean onto land. As it approached, it blew up debris so strongly that it was nearly blinding. I watched from a place of safety, but was concerned for people nearby. Then, a huge battleship crashed into the land, hitting buildings along the shore. Again I was concerned for the people. In the dream I knew the wind was spiritual not literal, and it was from God.

There is a massive wind of change that is finally coming. This spiritual climate shift is happening in order to blow away the things in our lives that have held us back. It will remove things we have battled with in the past. As long as we are in the place that God has called us to, we will be safe. God is blowing away debris and preparing us now for a dramatic change.

We need to embrace the changes that are coming and not be afraid. We need to fight discouragement because over the next few months there will be several waves of turnaround. It is time to be encouraged—not discouraged! This wind of change starts in mid-May.

Wounded warriors being revived
As the wind of change begins to blow, it will revive many people who have been wounded by negative Christians and church experiences. Many wounded warriors have been taken out of action in the Kingdom of God by friendly fire or attacks from other Christians. These wounded warriors will play a strong role in this next move of God.

I saw many wounded warriors lying on the Kingdom battlefield with no one to attend to their wounds, then the wind of change blew life into them. They were strengthened and began to rise up with new vision.

Ten years of blessing coming now
Last year I talked about how God is repaying us for things that have been stolen over the past nine years. Well, not only are stolen things being returned to you, but also, God is blessing people right now for all the good they have done for others.

This is a time to reap what you have sown … and not in a bad way. God is blessing people; allowing us to harvest right now, for all the good things that we have done for others over the past ten years.

This is similar to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” When you give or do something positive for someone else, it creates an equal reaction in your own life.

Watch for things like: unexpected checks in the mail, phone calls from people in your past bringing new connections, smiles on children you have touched, maybe even new clothes for the emptied space in your closet, etc.

Get ready for May 2016
This last thing was not in the original prophetic word, but I want to encourage you to take steps right now, as we are going to “pass over” into a new season just after Passover, April 22-30, 2016. Watch as the wind of change from God blows you into the new alignment needed to breakthrough.



Doug Addison

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Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast, and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerfully, positively funny style of teaching and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries.

24 thoughts on “Be Encouraged! A New Wind of Change Is Blowing

  1. Rachael Wood says:

    I am really finding your words both intriguing and quite spot on (for me). Will tell you that all this is relatively new to me, as in moving in any gifts of God. I have always been an encourager more than anything. Then beginning of last year, I felt God was drawing me to ‘sort out my life once and for all’ if that makes sense, then around Easter time last year, I just kept getting this ‘wind of change’ … now as I said I didn’t know this was an old word or spoken before, its not something I have followed before, but recently I have noticed this phrase flying around. I have moved along quite a distance and actually feels quite quickly in the last 12/18 months where God is concerned, but along with that has come what seems a lot of attack or discouragement, and from areas least expected I might add. The main thing I hold onto is that God can use anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyone for His Good and purposes, and combine that with Listening, hearing and obeying God on time…I do believe has got me thus far, by the Grace of God go I literally, I should have been dead 3 times over! So yes I agree with this word, not that you need me to!! but its amazing me that I am seeing this ‘winds of change’ when I had that last year.

  2. mary williams says:

    this morning in a vision I saw a man hammering nails into plywood on a building. As though he was covering a window with it. Preparing for a storm.

  3. J.W. says:

    Yes. We are in a new age. It’s the Kingdom age! No longer man’s time. God will do things according to his will and his way. Get ready!

  4. wendy jefferson says:

    Thank you Doug, my world is falling apart and it has been devastating but I have two wonderful young men with health conditions, one life is terminal. I am heading for liver failure but do not qualified for a liver transplant due to heart disease. Sam has been refused a liver transplant. John has anorexia and depression. We are newly divorced and we are under attack by my ex. This is a very much needed teaching for all of us and we are writing to say thank you for your ministry and care. Blessings to you all. wendy, sam and john.

  5. Theresa McMillan says:

    Got it wrote down. I am waiting to see it come to pass. Not a maybe or an if, but a will come to pass. You have been right on with what as been going on in my life. I am waiting on my letter of acceptance to become a ordained methods minister. I know it is coming and by this time next year I will be in full time ministry. In fact I will be in full time ministry by the end of this year. I also find it interesting that God has me working on a project that I feel that I need to have done here soon, so you confirm that with me. Thank you for all that you are doing for the Lord and I hope one day to meet you in person. I am not going to hope, I am going to believe for it. I hear God say to me ask and it will be given to you.

  6. Tom Teater says:

    Thank you it’s been a long hard slog. I’ve been unemployed for three plus months, the unemployment agency said I wasn’t qualified for payment. I’ve no home, living out of my car, no I insurance. You get the picture.

    The really good news is
    The Holy Spirit is taking away my old nature signs replacing it with peace. So for real thank you for words,

    • Senjy says:

      Hang in there Tom. God is right with you and is preparing something better for you. Stay in faith gratitude as best you can and we will hear good news from you soo! May God’s love surround you and blessings attend you, in Jesus’ name.

    • Kathleen Bailey says:

      This is a new season and there is a new reason – I am stepping down from an Associate Pastor position on April 24 as God is calling me outwardly. I do not know all that is ahead, but I know the harvest fields are huge and great and over my head, I recently had a vision more like being transported there. A New Season of hope and fulfillment of promises straight ahead. This truly has been a time in the past of almost drudgery and discouragement, but we must now be positioned for what lies straight ahead. Thanks for the encouragement and the word I believe and receive this new season has arrived. God bless you.

  7. Thendo says:

    I receive and believe that really the new wind of change is blowing. I am in debts,struggling financially. I can feel that this wind is bringing change in my life. I have confidence in my saviour,those who soar in tears Will reap in songs of joy.

  8. Kimberly says:

    I also had visions of the storm coming last year and like a horizontal slide show that kept rolling I saw names of States and Countries in the sky. I only heard…Steadfast…stay steadfast…steadfast…

  9. Thanks Doug, I’m always looking for a word from you, and you seem to have one every time I’m in need. Your ministry is a real blessing for me and I find it difficult to go long periods with out it. May all your needs be supplied; may your body be healed and may the “winds of change” be easy and progressive for you.

  10. Fernanda says:

    i do need a new wind blowing , even stronger,today is my birthday may GOD hear my Prayers for years and years and this time hope all my wishes come true and big Changes in my Life too.

  11. doug, this word has made me mourn, I’ve been distressed, discouraged and asking God’s help, this prophetic word is an answer because I asked God to speak because he needed their voices heard and help me. Thanks I’m motivated and I ask your prayers for my life. blessings.

  12. Christina Hallock says:

    This is spot on. I was called out to wrote a book regarding what we are in Christ Jesus not just who. I will be done by August and I already have people ready to publish it. I was one of those wounded warriors. The reason this is happening is no church, no man and no other teaching can sway a person who sees that Jesus is the ONLY pillar of the church. This is the time for recognizing that we are truly the temple, a powerhouse for this anointing with this wind. The release of this, what some have said is revival, is the Kingdom come. The one book is relating a wake up regarding the temple, how we operate in that temple, how the old covanent became the new within us making us that complete whole supernatural entity through the blood of Christ. We have forgotten what the ark of the covanent was, we need to review, to clearly see what God now sees us as, the container within us. A mercy seat resting on us, our spirit, the high priest bringing others the mercy seat by the testimony of Jesus through the blood offering. Our temples planted, moving as Gods throne does, breaking this anointing out for all to prepare. Its time christians see themselves as the building, gathering for worship in a gathering place, not a church or temple. We are the temple. Yes, gather, but see yourselves called worthy to be a actual temple of the living God who flows within through mercy and cleanliness and the anointed cannot be hindered by the lie that our bodies are simply just to remain free of the obvious carnal harmful, we are to recognise that the temple He spoke of was precious and made purposeful. We MUST apply the relative understanding how God views us not just spiritually, mental but physical so we transform all to the powerhouse God sees us as. Thank you so much for being obedient to God’s vision, it has brought peace during a huge change in my life and others! Thank you! God is changing things this next two years, brace for the good overcoming evil in this day!

  13. DeAnna says:

    PERFECT timing!!! I believe this very much… it is what the Lord has been showing me too.. but not in such detail… TODAY i received this word…and TODAY it was VERY VERY windy out….so windy it was stirring up dust from the ground LOL yea…. GODs perfect timing!!! Love you Jesus 😀

  14. Alisa Van Someren says:

    Amen! I stand in agreement with you, and we ask that this wind of change come and usher in this new season in our lives!

  15. Sallie Patterson says:

    Awake vision just tonight of multiple polished steel scrolls. One led to another as if they were multiplying as I saw them and drew them. Light glinted off the edge of one projecting a rainbow-like reflection. I have the sense that they are images of the strength and invincibility of God’s word in the midst of all that is happening in our world. I would appreciate any input of meaning you have to offer.

  16. Pamela says:

    Praying for my mom’s healing and my healing and spirt of fear to go in Jesus name so my both mom and I healings will come forth in Jesus name 1Peter2:24 And 2Timothy 1:7 . Thanking the Lord in advance for my moms healings and my healings. And forgiving everone who has hurt us and forgiving ourselfs in Jesus name amen.

  17. Amy says:

    Good word and pertinent to something God spoke to me yesterday. The winds of change are blowing still. Thank you for sharing

    • Admin Nikki says:

      I love that you are hearing from God yourself, that is so awesome! Bless you Amy!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

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