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Live on the first Wednesday of each month

- 6PM Pacific Time / 9PM Eastern Time
Doug will do prophetic teaching and Q&A through the live chat, the first Wednesday of each month at 6PM Pacific Time. In the Spirit Connection Webcast Doug Addison shares timely prophetic words and does prophetic teaching. He also does live chat Q&A about the supernatural. (Archive videos below)
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Spirit Connection Webcast - December 2018

“God is Turning Calamity to Prosperity”

“It’s time to believe and not doubt!” In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug offers reasons to get your hopes up and shares strategic wisdom you can apply directly to your life in preparation for the coming New Year. There are practical, real-life things we can all do in our own lives to make a major difference in the world around us!

Find out:
  • How God’s prosperity is released in response to the calamities we see all around us.
  • How to prepare and position yourself to participate in what God is doing in the Earth today.
  • What to do—and not do—when God gives you a spiritual “silver hammer.”
  • Three things the enemy is doing all over the Earth and how you can stop and remove them from your own life.

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Spirit Connection Webcast - November 2018

“God is Calming the Storms of Delay ”

Prepare to be stretched, as God is about to calm the storms in your life and dry up the attacks of the enemy to bring about a radical change on the Earth.

In this video Doug talks about:

  • How things in your life will shift and change with no more delay
  • How God is preparing and strengthening you for things to happen suddenly
  • Doug’s recent visions and what they mean for us in this season
  • Why God is moving and rearranging people, businesses and ministries for strategic pairing
  • A new understanding of submission and why God is promoting women
  • How there can be restoration after divorce

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  1. FREE webinar: How to Know for Sure ... Is It Me or God?
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Spirit Connection Webcast - October 2018

Ancient Paths, a New Way of Life and the California Book of Revival

A new year has begun in the spiritual realm! The Lord has given us clues in the Bible to help us get aligned with what He has planned—but we must ask questions, pay attention and listen closely.

In this Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares some clues he discovered during his recent heavenly encounters. Watch for the Lord to open ancient paths for you. Find out how to choose the right path and unlock the gate that opens to a new, higher way of life and brings rest for your soul. It’s available to many … will you choose it? Be willing this year to take the narrow path over the wide one and get ready to cross into a time of new revelation and restoration.

Doug also brings fresh understanding about many types of books in Heaven, including our own personal book of life. When we are called to do something new or inherit our generational calling, seals of judgment or generational curses may need to be removed before the book will open to us, similar to the Lamb’s book of life in Revelation 5–6. Doug teaches us how to identify the supernatural keys we need and how to use them through prayer.

This is a time to pray for revival to come in your own life and take your place to help bring revival around the world.

Bible verses in this episode:

NIV, unless otherwise noted. Psalm 16:11; Daniel 2:22; Jeremiah 6:16; Isaiah 35:8; Matthew 7:1; Matthew 7:7; Matthew 7:10; Matthew 7:12; Matthew 7:13–14; Matthew 7:15; Psalm 139:16; Hebrews 10:7; Ezekiel 3:1–3; Revelation 3:20; Revelation 21; Revelation 10:1–4, Revelation 4–6; Ezekiel 34

Links in this episode:

    1. Angels & Demons: Releasing Blessings & Breaking Curses online workshop
    2. Doug’s podcast with Mando Matthews Is Something Overdue? Prepare for Your “Suddenly” Doug Addison with Mando Matthews [Episode 54]
    3. Doug’s FREE ebook, 4 Powerful Keys That Change Your Life
    4. Hearing the Voice of God 365 online prophetic activation school

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