Live on the first Wednesday of each month

6PM Pacific Time / 9PM Eastern Time

Doug will do prophetic teaching and Q&A through the live chat, the first Wednesday of each month at 6PM Pacific Time. In the Spirit Connection Webcast Doug Addison shares timely prophetic words and does prophetic teaching. He also does live chat Q&A about the supernatural. (Archive videos below)

“Your New Season of Authority is Here” | Spirit Connection Webcast: July 2019

A new season of opportunity is beginning! In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares an important key to open the door in Heaven that leads to spiritual promotion and new authority to help you overcome obstacles and bring change.

“The Power of Pentecost” | Spirit Connection Webcast: June 2019

This month marks a turning point in the Spirit and God is downloading power from Heaven that will help you break out of things. In this Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares what God is saying about this special season and shares strategies to help you move into a time of…

“No More Delays Starting in May!” | Spirit Connection Webcast: May 2019

During Passover the Lord told Doug, “No more delays starting in May!” Doug wants to help you recognize the new move of God that’s beginning now and encourage those who have held on through this difficult season. Your struggle and tears will not be wasted!

3 Months of Healing in These 3 Areas | Spirit Connection Webcast: April 2019

We’re entering a season when God wants to change your mind about the difficulties you’ve faced over the past 3 years. If you’ve been broken—especially in your heart, dreams and hope—Doug has a message you don’t want to miss! Find out: What happens at this time each year that can…

Global Revival Angel Released | Spirit Connection Webcast: March 2019

In this prophetic word, Doug shares about an encounter he had with an angel called “Global Revival Angel” who was once assigned to Aimee Semple McPherson. This angel has now been set free … As a confirmation, Doug received a signed certificate and diploma of graduation from her. Tune in…

God is Speeding Things Up for Us | Spirit Connection Webcast: February 2019

“God is Calming the Storms of Delay ”Doug has an important update on his Yom Kippur 2018 prophetic word to help you get ready for the new places the Lord is preparing for you. These new ways to pray and interact with the spiritual realm will bring you into deeper…

Prophetic Word for 2019: Your Book of Life is Opening

This is the year of the Lord’s favor for you. No matter when you read or listen to this message, you can receive this prophetic word from the Lord because He is outside of the confines of time and space. What is coming this year And as he was praying,…

Books of Life Are Opening | Spirit Connection Webcast: January 2019

The new year is here, and this is the year of the Lord’s favor for you! In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares what God has revealed about your Book of Life and provides key things you can do in order to prepare for what God is releasing! Get…

God is Turning Calamity to Prosperity | Spirit Connection Webcast: December 2018

“It’s time to believe and not doubt!” In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug offers reasons to get your hopes up and shares strategic wisdom you can apply directly to your life in preparation for the coming New Year. There are practical, real-life things we can all do in our…

God is Calming the Storms of Delay | Spirit Connection Webcast: November 2018

Prepare to be stretched, as God is about to calm the storms in your life and dry up the attacks of the enemy to bring about a radical change on the Earth. In this video Doug talks about: How things in your life will shift and change with no more…

Ancient Paths, a New Way of Life and the California Book of Revival | Spirit Connection Webcast: October 2018

Spirit Connection: October 3, 2018 A new year has begun in the spiritual realm! The Lord has given us clues in the Bible to help us get aligned with what He has planned—but we must ask questions, pay attention and listen closely. In this Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares some…

Special 7-year Promotion and Repayment | Spirit Connection Webcast: September 2018

We are entering into the Days of Awe! God speaks to us more clearly about the coming year and our destiny during this awesome time. Each year a 10-day heavenly window opens wider—from Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year, September 9–11, 2018) to Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement, September 18–19,…