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Live on the first Wednesday of each month

6PM Pacific Time / 9PM Eastern Time
Doug will do prophetic teaching and Q&A through the live chat, the first Wednesday of each month at 6PM Pacific Time. In the Spirit Connection Webcast Doug Addison shares timely prophetic words and does prophetic teaching. He also does live chat Q&A about the supernatural. (Archive videos below)
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Spirit Connection Webcast - February 2019

“God is Speeding Things Up for Us”

Doug has an important update on his Yom Kippur 2018 prophetic word to help you get ready for the new places the Lord is preparing for you. These new ways to pray and interact with the spiritual realm will bring you into deeper intimacy with God and open you to greater freedom and peace in every area of your life!

Find out:
  • How to have accelerated birthing for your prophetic words
  • The new prayer strategies being revealed right now
  • The elaborate web of attacks the enemy doesn’t want you to see
  • How to identify and break 3-cord attacks over your life and in the world
  • A new—and much more effective—perspective on spiritual warfare
Free Resources:
  1. Doug Addison App: Just search “Doug Addison” in your favorite app store.
  2. FREE webinar: How to Know for Sure ... Is It Me or God?
  3. Yom Kippur prophetic word: Ancient Paths and Times of Transition

Spirit Connection Webcast - January 2019

Books of Life Are Opening

The new year is here, and this is the year of the Lord’s favor for you! In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares what God has revealed about your Book of Life and provides key things you can do in order to prepare for what God is releasing! Get ready because your Book of Life is opening in Heaven this year, and you are going to receive new power from the Holy Spirit! Just like God revealed Jesus’ life calling in Luke 3–4, He is going to reveal yours to you!

Find out:
  • What happens when God opens your personal Book of Life and how to respond.
  • Who the Lord especially has His eyes on for awakening beginning in 2019!
  • How wilderness times prepare you for greater intimacy and new authority.
  • The importance of the “watch of the Lord” and the “timing of Issachar” spiritual gifts
  • What’s happening on our behalf—right now—in the Daniel 7 “Ancient of Days” court

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Spirit Connection Webcast - December 2018

“God is Turning Calamity to Prosperity”

“It’s time to believe and not doubt!” In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug offers reasons to get your hopes up and shares strategic wisdom you can apply directly to your life in preparation for the coming New Year. There are practical, real-life things we can all do in our own lives to make a major difference in the world around us!

Find out:
  • How God’s prosperity is released in response to the calamities we see all around us.
  • How to prepare and position yourself to participate in what God is doing in the Earth today.
  • What to do—and not do—when God gives you a spiritual “silver hammer.”
  • Three things the enemy is doing all over the Earth and how you can stop and remove them from your own life.

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