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The Monthly Prophetic Word is released on the FIRST Wednesday of each month.

During the Spirit Connection episodes, Doug shares a variety of things, including: releasing a monthly prophetic word, doing prophetic teaching, interviewing guests, and much more. 

Spirit Connection airs on Doug's website, Facebook Live, YouTube, and the Doug Addison App every Wednesday at 6 p.m. Pacific Time / 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

The InLight Connection team will be available for live chat with the audience only on the first Wednesday of each month when Doug releases the Monthly Prophetic Word. (Archive videos are below.)

Prophetic Word: God Is Opening Your Eyes and Ears [Episode 170]

God gave Moses a plan so that a deadly plague would “pass over” the houses of the Israelites. As we enter the Passover season in March, God is releasing prophetic “pass over” strategies for you to get through your difficult season, as well.
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God Is Speaking Through Dreams [Episode 169]

We’re now in the season of Passover through Pentecost when God speaks to us more clearly. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to share with you 5 steps the Lord downloaded to me on how to understand dreams, and I pray at the end to open up the…
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How to Release Financial Blessing and Get Out of Debt [Episode 168]

The Bible is full of verses we can pray back to God and decree abundance over our finances. But we also have to take practical steps that will position us to receive God’s financial promises. Think of it of like filing a claim and moving through the process. In this…
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A Call for Financial Renewal [Episode 167]

I’m on fire for what God is calling us to in this new season! In this episode of Spirit Connection, I talk about how we can open up things in the heavens—and over you—to be able to hear the Lord and get strategies for what to do next.
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Prophetic Word: Forget What Is Behind and Press Forward [Episode 166]

The Lord is making a way in the midst of the swirl of confusion, fear and violence that’s ruling the airways and streets right now. He is saying to trust Him in the midst of it. Don’t stop. Don’t look back. Don’t freak out. Just keep moving forward in faith!
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4 Steps to Develop Your Financial Strategy [Episode 165]

I believe that God is releasing financial ideas, blessings and solutions to help a hurting world and prepare us for the coming revival. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to show you how to get aligned for this strategic season. This is a time to move forward and…
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How to Pray for What Is Happening Now [Episode 164]

I believe we’re in a time of divine change. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to bring some clarity on what’s happening right now in the world. I really believe that God is releasing a strategy to bring peace in the streets and the much-needed solutions to the…
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Release of Hope, Joy and Peace [Episode 163]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I have a prophetic word of encouragement that is going to get you through the fog and the swirl that’s happening right now. I want to help you shift your focus from how things look in the natural realm and grab a hold of…
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Prophetic Word for 2021: Restoration of Hope and Peace [Episode 162]

Have you felt like you’ve been in prison or held captive in your home? In this episode of Spirit Connection, I’ve got a prophetic word for the year ahead and some specific things that you can do right now to transition into the new season. The Lord is restoring hope…
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New Year Vision to Possess the Kingdom [Episode 161]

At this time of year, the Lord releases His prophetic plan for us. Our hearts have been tested in 2020 to see if we’re ready to handle greater authority and responsibility, especially in the area of finances, to possess the Kingdom on Earth. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I…
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God Has a Special Gift at Christmas [Episode 160]

Do you feel like you’ve been laboring? I know that I sure do! Much like giving birth, this past year has been a particularly difficult and painful time. But in this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to encourage you and help you see what God is doing through this…
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Special Prophetic Release: What Went Wrong with the Prophets?

Many prophets have been prophesying a different outcome for the 2020 election. I want to address this head-on and offer prophetic insight and understanding if you're struggling with the results of the election.  In the video message below, I answer many questions and share the heart of the Lord on…
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