Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Pacific Time / 9 p.m. Eastern Time  

The Monthly Prophetic Word is released on the FIRST Wednesday of each month.

During the Spirit Connection episodes, Doug shares a variety of things, including: releasing a monthly prophetic word, doing prophetic teaching, interviewing guests, and much more. 

Spirit Connection airs on Doug's website, Facebook Live, YouTube, and the Doug Addison App every Wednesday at 6 p.m. Pacific Time / 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

The InLight Connection team will be available for live chat with the audience only on the first Wednesday of each month when Doug releases the Monthly Prophetic Word. (Archive videos are below.)

Prophetic Word for 2020: Strategies for Increase and Acceleration [Episode 109]

Welcome to 2020, a new decade and new era in your life! In this Spirit Connection episode, I’ve got a word for the new year … and where we are right now. God said He is releasing—this year—completeness over some things that have been unclear, including your life purpose. So,…
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Your Divine Assignment for the New Year [Episode 108]

This is a season when God is bringing new things, and we are in a time where God is releasing divine assignments for the new year. God announced the arrival of Jesus by angels and through dreams, and He still operates this way today. Angelic encounters open things for people and can…
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Aligning with Heaven for Your Greater Purpose [Episode 107]

We all have a calling from God. The fun part is discovering God’s plan for your life. He has a unique, divine assignment for each of us … and we want to get in divine alignment with Heaven so we can know God’s will—and position ourselves to do it. In…
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4 Strategies That Can Radically Change Your New Year [Episode 106]

God has some new things in the works for your life this year and He has given me some strategies that can help radically change your life in the new year. Sometimes things can look the opposite of where God is taking us though—but it’s during those unclear and difficult…
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It’s Time for a Backlog of Blessings to Flow [Episode 105]

Do you feel like you’ve been laboring … or suffering? I’m here to bring you some good news. I really believe this is a pivotal month. It’s been a messy time and painful year for many people, but the Lord is moving right now. The difficult season many of us…
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How to Get Breakthrough with a 3-Strand Prayer Strategy [Episode 104]

Are you frustrated because, no matter how hard or how long you pray, things just don’t seem to get better? I felt like that at times, too. For most of my life, I didn’t understand how disappointment, discouragement, chronic fear and anger were interfering with my prayers—and my life! A…
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Simple Ways to Make Your Prayers More Powerful [Episode 103]

Do you want your prayers answered faster? In this Spirit Connection episode, I share with you what God shared with me years ago about praying with power! You don’t have to press in and pray for hours and hours. God has designed us to tap into the Holy Spirit at…
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Get Your Story Out to the World | Doug Addison with Mimika Cooney [Episode 102]

Do you have a story to tell that could help others? We are stepping into a time where God is giving us messages. He’s given you a message, and we’re in a divine season to be able to get those messages out to the world! In this Spirit Connection episode,…
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3 Books in Heaven Are Opening [Episode 101]

This is the start of the Jewish New Year and the start of a new season, spiritually. This year, the Lord is releasing favor for those who have suffered. Even though it seems that things have been delayed, the Lord is going to fulfill His promises to you. I continue…
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Get a Breakthrough in the Way You Pray [Episode 100]

Do you feel like you’re stuck in your everyday prayer life? You may need a breakthrough in the way you pray! Even though we are living in trying times, God is moving in the area of prayer.  We need to press in right now as God is revealing deeper insight…
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How to Hear God Clearly to Fulfill Your Destiny | Doug Addison [Episode 53]

Do you need some fresh direction right now? Or, have you ever heard God speak to you and then you wonder, ‘was that actually God or was it just me?’ If you are not sure if you are hearing God, or you want to hear Him more, I’ve got great…
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Near Death Experience—What Happens When You Die? | Doug Addison with Steve Sjogren [Episode 99]

Welcome to another Spirit Connection podcast. We’re doing a special interview again. I’m bringing back my good friend Steve Sjogren. He and his wife Janie are forerunners of servant evangelism—Kindness Outreach. I had him on once before when we talked about outreach, but then Steve wrote a special book that’s…
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