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Doug Addison

Christmas Prophetic Word for You: “I am positioning you…”

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God spoke to me that this is going to be a significant Christmas season! I had a vision from the Lord on Christmas morning last year that changed the course of my life. God told me that this is going to happen to people everywhere this year as well.

Get ready for God to speak to you during this Christmas season. You can expect prophetic dreams and supernatural encounters to be on the increase this month! I seriously feel like a kid waiting for Christmas looking forward to the good things that are going to come!

God is releasing new spiritual gifts this year during and after the holiday season. This is to get us ready for what is coming in 2017.

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy.” 1 Corinthians 14:1 NIV

Prophetic word for you

I hear the Lord saying to you: “It is going to be a special Christmas this year for you. I am repaying you for the years of loss, tears and pain. The desires of your heart will unfold in 2017. I am positioning you to help bring understanding to this season so you can see how your losses and setbacks on Earth are your gain in Heaven.

My love for you has been great. I have captured your tears and your cries have not gone unnoticed. You are about to be freed up to serve Me. A new season is coming of health, along with an increased healing anointing. You will receive financial blessings and your crossing over to this new season will happen fast. I am with you, so do not give up.”

How to respond

Do what you need to do to not give up in tough times. Pray and remind God of the promises you have over your life. Do practical things that bring you closer to God, such as praying, worshiping, taking communion, reading the Bible or simply walking and connecting with God.

Positioning yourself involves getting deeper healing, growing in intimacy, learning to love and coming into agreement with God’s will and ways for your life.

It may also mean you will change the people you are hanging around. It is time to move upward, so find people who are on the same path and who bring encouragement to you.

Get ready to do what it takes to align yourself to receive in this new season. If necessary, and when God confirms these things, then expect to see changes in your living situation, job changes, church affiliations, business partnerships or whatever God shows you for 2017.

Watch for the spiritual atmosphere to open over you and for your ability to hear the Lord start to increase starting this week.

Merry Christmas!


Doug Addison

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Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerful, positively funny teaching style and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.


116 thoughts on “Christmas Prophetic Word for You: “I am positioning you…”

  1. Michael Grotkiewicz says:

    Thanks doug for all that you do to bless the body of Christ. I really needed this word I didn’t think I was going to make it to the end of the year. I need the health and financial blessing in my family so bad I can taste it. Thanks for sharing this word doug for it’s giving me hope.

  2. Sue Berry says:

    Thank for your words of encouragement. I have a broken upper arm. Healing sounds a very good word to me. Been praying Psalm 91.

    • J says:

      I release HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE to you, Deana! Seven of them… the perfect number! The God of all Hope is with you and He will never leave you!!! Merry Christmas!!!

      • Deana Wood (aka Myrna Dean) says:

        Dear J, thank you so much for “hope x seven.”
        It is so special that you would do that!!!!!!! I have followed Doug on Twitter for nearly three years and it is amazing how often his tweet for the day matches where I am spiritually! I am so glad he does that!

  3. Myrna Dean Wood says:

    Thank you, Doug! I receive it! I so needed to hear
    this message as I was on the verge of giving up.
    I am a 79 years old woman who has been carrying
    a promise from the Lord for 39 and one half years.
    I have been in reasonably good health for my age
    until this past summer when my primary care
    physician discovered I have A-fib. I cried all day yesterday, because of discouragement. This word
    from God has come in a most welcome time. I
    receive it and I thank you. My heart thanks you!
    God bless you, Doug! (Everyone calls me

  4. Carolina says:

    Beautiful word
    I love the part
    Learning to Love.
    I just post this on my FB wall
    Amazing how is all of us but ONLY ONE SPIRIT..
    Thanks Doug! Your Prophetic word always Right On!!

    Love… your ultimate weapon

    When it was time to war
    I loved
    When I was time to forgive
    I loved
    When it was time to judge
    I loved
    When it was time to be loved
    I surrender and ..
    I loved
    When it was time to cry
    I repent I forgive and ..
    I loved


  5. Julie A Mitchell says:

    May God richly reward you for your tenacity and perseverance in the faith. Thank you for your love of truth and kindness to those that cannot give back to you. As you have so generously given to the poor, finances, hope, relevance in their lives, God himself will repay you. I agree with you for complete and total restoration in your physical body and Linda’s sleep to be sweet and uninterupted. Shalom 🌴

  6. Jeanette Reddy says:

    I love your words. They have kept me…encourages me through the years! I still have and look back through one of your first books about dreams and visions. Have felt dry and isolated this past year but recently been having a few more dreams. Even woke up one night hearing Paul Wilbur singing his songs..’ These are the days of Elijah’ and ‘ Blow a trumpet in Zion’ !

  7. Rebecca Reif says:

    Need breakthrough in our relationship
    With our adult daughter, who is living w. A needy
    Guy, who is offended with me. So now don’t see her,

  8. Terri says:

    I desire a breakthrouh for healing in my deaf ears and better speech and deep deep faith and
    Restoration in all my relationships and especially with my Father God … my boyfriend. My family and neighbors. Just need to FEEL LOVED AND BE A LOVINGG SPIRIT …

  9. Suzie Snelgrove says:

    I needed to hear these words I am believing for miracles in my finances my health and my family. I am waiting with an expectant heart for His to reveal these things to me. May God continue to bless you

  10. Suzanne says:

    Please pray for our financial breakthrough and that God reveals where he wants us to live. I would like to order, a bundle, but, am not able to at this time.

  11. Roberta Griffith says:

    Do you release personal words! I’m 77 and alone!
    I took care of my Mama and Daddy and Never
    Married! I need direction from my Daddy!
    A breakthrough in health and finances!
    More important, a breakthrough spiritually!
    Thank you for reading this!

  12. Cindy Preston says:

    My job is ending next Friday Pray i can get another one asap at least making what I am now or more. My husband is on disability he isnt any help that isnt enough to pay all my bills. I know I pay my tithes but I am so afraid right now and i know this is a sin plus I am in my late fithies and lot people wont hire u. I have to be able to do the job.

  13. Patty says:

    Amen.I’m ready for 2017.Happy New Year to all.God Bless expect miracles. Look up to the Heavens.Glory to God in the Highest.

  14. Sharon Elaine says:

    I’m so inspired by what I just read about how the lord gave you the vision. My heart’s desire is that my five year old granddaughter can go to the same school Azhar 6 year old brother and her three-year-old sister. Because his school didn’t have an opening for her age my daughter takes her to another town. And when she can’t get her she asks me every Thursday I pick her up she stays with us because my daughter cannot handle her five-year-old daughter and she spends the night and then I take her Friday evening home. I would love for my five year old granddaughter to ride the bus with her three-year-old sister. That I may be free to do what God has for me for his will for his glory for his righteousness. And definitely a financial blessing is needed. Thank you Lord for releasing this vision. And thank you Howard that your servant released to those of us who receive and believe. You are all things. In Jesus name Lord I ask. Amen. Thank you, Sharon

  15. Martha Stufflebeam says:

    YOUR Words Are Inspiration To Me Daily. I look for them Every morning. Many Blessings.
    God works with me in the Desires of the Father…Posting on FB… Thank you Again for Your Obedience.

  16. Aremanda says:

    Wow! I am expecting for sure, this is a confirming prophetic Word and I do believe it and receive it and know that God has prepared a way for me to take, and it is GOOD!

  17. Peggy Walle says:

    Doug, this Word is the Very Word we have needed! We “receive” it! We have received many confirming Words from the Lord through many ministries, and from what we have received personally from the Lord, and from your many Words that you have spoken to us directly! You are an awesome “Ambassador” of the Lord, and we are excited for what the Lord is doing in our lives! Thankyou for your obedience in sharing with us your Daily Words and blogs!

    Merry Christmas Doug! and to your family and team

  18. carlos ramirez says:

    Thanks Doug this word came to my life as a lifesaver. I have spent hard difficult times but I know that God works through them in me to fulfill his will, I ask for your prayers for my life, a hug and I am open to listen and see what will happen this Christmas. God keep blessing you, Doug.

    • Admin Pam says:

      We bless you to hear God clearly for your life and to feel God’s hugs and love for you where you are at right now. We agree for God to open the path for your destiny and that you will see it and be able to step on the path.

      Blessing you,
      InLight Connection

  19. Vickie Hieb says:

    Just wanted to say thank you, not only for the article, but for the ‘how to respond’ portion. Almost passed this article up, glad I didn’t!

    • Admin Pam says:

      Yes! Doug is the best for giving practical steps on how to move into God’s timing. I would recommend reading a few of his other blogs and watching/ listening to his archived Spirit Connection webcasts. They are free and always have good prayers of impartation, activations and practical things you can do now.

      Blessing you,
      InLight Connection

  20. Tracy says:

    God bless.😇 you Doug.
    We as a family ate going through so much financial pain. We just need a divine intervention by God its been years. I feel sorry for my children gor what they’d been through. We pray every day for a miracle yo get our company off and running.
    I believe the portsls of heaven are open for 7 days over xmas period so it will be interesting if we see something happen for us its always someone elses getting the glory. Thanks for uour inspiration and devotion to God Doug 😊
    Many blessings from Australia Tracy

  21. Sierra Noyd says:

    Hi Doug,

    GREAT word. So much is unknown for me right now. I need housing and provision and direction as I’ve just moved to Bethel and I know the Lord is weaving together prophecies, divine connections, etc to bring in a ton of fast progress. I don’t know what to do or where I’ll be at Christmas & New Years but I know God will not let me down!

  22. Thomasene Marsh says:

    Wow! Thank you Doug, I am so excited about what God is doing! Like a kid waiting to see all my presents on Christmas morning! May the Lord continue to bless you,and your family,and Good bless the Church!

  23. Joanne Reid says:

    Wow so needed ‘this word as I have been doing it really tough and in desperate need of restoration! A veircle and a home ! Thank you so much for you and all that you do God bless you and your family and all our precious brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ Amen!

  24. Anne Thompson says:

    Doug, we just signed up last night. The Lord had led me to a Elijahluat, told me to read all the December posts, but yesterday morning He specifically told me to go back and read yours again. I followed some links and signed up, and now we are here reading this! Your Word directly lines up with what the Lord has shown my husband for our Ministry. We are still small, and we’re to step out into traveling ministry. It started, in October, but then fizzled, or seemed to. Yet in this season we have been provided for in a whole new way. We have been struggling so badly financially, that when the Lord told us to close the drop in centre, we didn’t have much choice. He has said so many things that would be hard for the natural mind to believe, and the enemy had his season of interfewith the Blessings. However, He was telling us that was done, and that our breakthrough would come this year still. Hard to hold onto, yet, with His help we have. So, so awesome hearing this confirmation.

  25. Linda Vitali says:

    Hi Doug,
    Very thankful to God for your daily prophetic word. I receive and agree with prophetic Christmas Word. I need breakthrough in my marriage, restoration of broken family relationships, waiting on the Lord for prophetic words from 2005. Asking God to destroy daily mental and verbal abuse from my husband. God Bless your health and ministry.
    thank you

  26. MAry Pearsall says:

    To God Be the Glory! Thank you Doug, for lettig the Lord used you to start the day!!! You have been an insperation to help me see the greater in me that God has for me. To God be the Glory! I pray and hope that God will see you upon on high, for His people. Have a blessed day!

  27. CJ says:

    Dearest Doug,
    My birthday is 12-22-16…didn’t know you released this word until I saw the email reminder just now. I read (and am receiveing it!) as another gift from Jesus–this is an extremely personal word for me as I turn 38 years “new”. I’m crying joyful tears of praise to heavenly papa! Thank you for your faithfulness to God and heart for the beautiful treasures found in broken vessels. My family is grateful for the consistent accuracy with which you prophecy/exhort and have been incredibly blessed by your ministry for 6 years now. I have a similar testimony to yours with autoimmune disease and multiple chemical sensitivity–joining my faith in agreement with yours, for continued wellness and strength for both of us to run our races worthy of the call, fearless and free, as we take great joy in serving our Jesus! Amen & amen.

    Much love to you and Linda! To the KING, the Kingdom and this Kingdom age.
    Isaiah 40:3-5 & Revelation 11:15-17

  28. Sherry Morrison says:

    My daughter & another’s boyfriend & I have had some scary-strange dreams/nightmares lately & we ask the blood of Jesus to COVER & NOT allow them!! The Lord has spoke to us thru dreams b4 & it’s been good! Plz pray for us & ours’ dreams/Jesus’-profound-DEEP-restorative-sleep & not make a nervous wreck, but get gr8-PEACE!! Thx & God dearly BLESS & I’m praying about buying ur materials on “DREAMS,” but need CD/DVD players fixed, WiFi-modem installed & cable-Internet-service upgraded w/old & have had 42+yrs.!!!

  29. Annie says:

    Thank you Doug for all the timely word I receive each evening. You are always right on.
    Through your encouragement I have been lifted from the pit of depression that I suffered from my previous job. You have guided me and brought comfort hope and inspiration through daily prophecies. I am very grateful to Elijah List where I first find your article and then subscribed to your daily prophecy.
    What I need now is healing and a house of my own. Tired of renting.
    merry Christmas to all in Light ministry team.

  30. A.K. THOMAS says:

    Iam not confirmed of an CHRISTMAS celebration on December 25, every year. No, The Lord DIDN’T told me to do this, nor the Holy Spirit of God. But iam very much happy to take the NAME of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ all the days of my life here in this earth. I have no problem if anybody celebrates a day above other days . It is very much GOOD to remember the yester years ( 2000 yrs ) as a FRESH TODAY.
    For the Lord taught me to say this prayer ” Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. SUFFICIENT UNTO THE DAY IS THE EVIL THEREOF” ( Mathew 6: 31-34 ). Thanks Doug.
    thank you very much for the prophetic.

    thomasak Bhopal India

  31. Annie says:

    Thank you very much, you have helped me to take the right path through daily prophecy so that I can move in the perfect will of God and not to live in fear of the past experience.
    God bless you all.

  32. Martha Jackson says:

    Dear Brother Doug,
    I have waited a very long time for God to speak to me. I need a complete healing and financial make over. It sure would make a great Christmas gift. I am a widow and don’t have much to give but I believe it is a heart thing that God is searching for! I love and appreciate every word of encouragement. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love , Martha

  33. Lois Rush says:

    Thank you for this prophetic word!! I am waiting with anticipation for the gifts from God!! I’ve been waiting for many years for a promise to be fulfilled and I’m hearing Him say it’s already here, it’s in the walking out.

    Merry Christmas to you, Linda and all of the team at Inlight Connection!!!

  34. Pastor Reggie O'Neill says:

    Hi I desperately needed this word for every area of my life and my sons life, we’ve been in an excruciatingly hard painful place for almost 20yrs, so far having not seen any light at the end of the tunnel, and so far no way out yet. unfortunately don’t have email address, only got my cell which does not have email app. running yet. Let Gods Word be done unto as spoken by His called Prophet in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

    • Admin Pam says:

      It has been a long difficult road for many people, including Doug. The only truth I can tell you is that your intimacy with Jesus is the most important part of your journey. King David suffered for so long. We forget until we read his Psalms and they become our heart cry too.

      Here is another one of Doug’s free blogs that may help:

      We speak strength, greater connection with Jesus, and a breakthrough of favor and open doors over you and your son.
      InLight Connection

  35. Jalarth Anyanwu says:


  36. Ruthie McGee says:

    Please forgive me fo the doubt that I initially expressed yesterday. Not a specific msg. 4U, I was at the peak of some recently accumulated bitterness that revesled even more underlying hurt, anger. Free now, bc of prayer, fasting intercession. God used this venue, among others, to bring it up and out. TY. Back to you, I would love to learn deeper truth w U or some1.My browser is outdated. Phone connection would be better 4 me. Also, reluctant to commit w $ if not able to continue. Thanks 4 offer. Maybe later. Do u offer any free material or 1-time phone-in sessions? TY.

    • Admin Pam says:

      Sending blessings to you 🙂

      Doug has 2 free e-books, along with his daily prophetic words, weekly blogs and monthly Spirit Connection webcasts. You can certainly change your life if you begin to spend some time reading, listening & watching all of his free resources. You can start at his website and then check out the webcast, blog or store area for the different free items.

      God bless you,
      InLight Connection

  37. thobeka mzenene says:

    Thank you for the word..I always look forward to reading and listen to you Doug… I believe and receive the word upon my life n family. And all areas of my life…you have thought me to love n forgive …others..who hurt me n my family..also to focus on the postive… Doug you made it so easy for us to understand Gods ways…you are a true blessing in ourlives..cant wait to hear the Lord speak…looking forward to every promise of God. To all his children… He is a faithful God… Amen

  38. Marjorie Bello says:

    Thank you Doug for the prophetic word. I received it and claiming all of them in Jesus mighty name! Iwas touched when God said “My love for you has been great. I was captured your tears and cries.” I felt the love of God and I was crying because of this. I am suffering financial turmoil for over the past years and I have been failed in my NCLEX exam twice. So I thought God forgot me and His promises because everything was not in the right way. But I know God had a plan. My setback is a set up from God. Hallellujah!!! Thank you Jesus for your promises that not one of them failed! I am claiming victory in every areas of ky life. In Jesus mighty name!

    • Agape Cheryl Moultry says:

      Thank you for that word it was already confirmed in my spirit. All that you say is a confirmation to me. Yes, I have been asking for more prophet wisdom to be downloaded into me this new 2017 year. Thank you Prophet Doug and God bless you for this word. Agape

  39. Arletta says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and team. Thank you very much for what you do. It means a lot. I have been following Kim Clement for years however, just about a year ago I saw you on Joan Hunter and have been following you as well. Thank God for you! I pray healing for you and many blessings, protection and favor over you! No more bad only good for Doug Addison!

    • Admin Pam says:

      Thank you. We loved Kim also and are grieving over all of God’s people who went home too early this year.

      Blessing your heart with comfort and peace this season.
      InLight Connection

  40. Debbie Becker says:

    Doug, thank you so much for your faithfulness to bless God’s people! You are such a blessing to the body of Christ. I so look forward to reading your prophetic word every morning. For the last (at least 2 months) every word you spoke, you were talking directly to my heart!! I’m 64 yrs. old and NEED to find a place to live. I’m on disability and by myself, so I can go about anywhere. In the word you gave today, you said I should expect to see changes in my living situation and church affiliations . This is exactly what I NEED to hear the will of Daddy on!! Also the healing of my body and to minister to Gods people in healing. This is something I heard Daddy tell me a long time ago!! Thank you again for being obedient to speak the word of the Lord to us, and for being such a blessing by sharing it with the body of Christ! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!! (ALSO TO ALL WHO HELP YOU PRINT THIS!!) ALSO A VERY VERY BLESSED AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!! I ALSO PRAY GOD WILL CONTINUE TO USE YOU FOR HIS GLORY, AND GRANT YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART! BLESSINGS, Debbie

  41. Debi Rightmire says:

    Thank You Doug For The Word You Gave Me, It Brought Tears To My Eyes And Hope And Faith For Tomorrow, Your Words From The Lord Were So Perfect. Thank You For Taking The Time To Bless Us All With A Personal Word From The Lord. God Bless You

  42. Mrs. M. says:

    Thank you Doug, I’m not one for looking for alot of material blessings, but I am one that desires daily that I may grow closer and deeper in my listening, watching and waiting for God to speak as He orders my step in His Word as I walk by faith. Your practical prophesy is a blessing for me as God speaks through you for my Better in Him this coming year to be a blessing to people who are stilling looking for something and not understanding that their something was Born over 2000 years ago. I thank God for my preparing to speak life into someone else’s life this coming 2017 year. To God be the Glory for what He has done in and throught everyone who calls Him their Redeemer. I will be praying 1 Corinthians 14:1 over my life. Thank you so much for your ear to hear. Have a bless and holy Christmas with your family during this season.

  43. Jay Abuton says:

    December 18, I dreamed about God the Father showing up to me in a form of a huge picture in front of me as he entered my mind in a flash to intervene someone persuaded by the Devil to persuade me to “tell a wrong/lie/ bend the truth or create a fabricated story about a situation/issue/topic” and God the Father who appeared with long white beard, old man in King’s clothing crown and all uttered a powerful firm one-liner sentence and as He was saying that the trumpet-looking tool/weapon that was aimed against me by the person (without me knowing as I was closing my eyes when God suddenly entered my mind in that vision) exploded. The person was shocked “You made it explode? How did you do that?” And I looked to my right, and as I stepped towards it I heard the Angels choir!!! They were singing and it was so beautiful I couldn’t help it I raised my hand and worship along with an Alleluiah.
    And then suddenly I woke up from that dream (second degree dreaming?) and when I woke up to the original dream people in town heard I made something exploded and they were happy and rejoicing said no one has done it before, some celebrated like there was some kind of celebration or a parade or something in the city town proper and some lives have been blessed since then, some people got jobs, or some form of blessings, some that I know of, others I don’t know, some in my family, and me, I got a job.
    Later that day, that night, I was literally mocked upon, literally picked up on by someone for being in a different religion (Born Again Christian denomination) (other than Catholic) while quietly eating dinner (No I didn’t mention anything about it or tried to impose my faith to them hardly enough, there were occasions in the past that I did explained when I was asked, but not that day or the other day to them to have cause his uprising towards me or my faith, for being a non-Catholic for that matter.)

  44. Jay Abuton says:

    And Oh, While Angels were singing worshiping, I saw chat room and comments streaming down below, people’s lives, I also saw relatives and their family in their happy photos.

  45. Stacey says:

    Such blessing to read hour post Doug. Am expecting great things this coming year and even before the year ends. Glory to the most high God. Thank you Lord for how you are using Doug, bless him and his family abundantly in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  46. Helen says:

    Doug, thank you so much for yet another encouraging word! You are such a huge blessing to the Body of Christ and we love, appreciate and esteem you highly in the Lord. Take fresh courage, my friend, and know that your labor is not in vain. I know the Lord is smiling upon you with great compassion. May all that you have given out to others come back to you, good measure, pressed down and running over. With much love in Christ and Merry Christmas to you and your family and team.

  47. Jackie M Woody says:

    thank you Doug, I receive this word and GOD’S promises to me. it is so needed right now, I won’t give up but discouragement was setting in on me heavy. this has lifted me up as I am at work reading this and crying and thanking and believing GOD for everything.

  48. Alex Brooks says:

    Praying for miracle…..My marriage of 29 years was ended by divorce that was final November I. I pray for resurrection of marriage.

  49. Donna Fox says:

    Thanks Doug ……I receive this Word with all my heart……I have been standing for healing of cancer for several years…..I am up for a bone marrow transplant early 2017 and this word is very reassuring to me….

  50. Annetta says:

    Once again this is a timely and encouraging word. I ask God for Grace to submit to his plan and rest in the future. I AM EXPECTING

  51. Debbie says:

    Breakthrough desire of being closer to God. Hear His voice. I spend a lot of time by myself except work hours. Breakthough of my children seeing His light in me and desiring Him not the world. To be bold – strong – secure. A prayer warrior – lead others to Jesus.

  52. C. Danchak says:

    Thank you Doug. After an awful attack physically yesterday to my left shoulder and arm that mimicked a heart attack by what was discerned by someone praying as a religious spirit, I am re reading this word and very much thanking you. Was really struggling to stand in faith and authority today. Just have felt like such a yo yo for so long. Feel His presence rising and sight clearing. Merry Christmas to you and your family and team.

  53. Clarence Pinto says:

    Thank you servant and messenger of God , brother Doug you word for Christmas has just begun to unfold in my life. I had been having a heaviness cause I wanted to hear more from God and as your word came , my intimacy level with God has gone into a another level, truly 2017 has greatness prepared I receive your word Amen.
    Merry Christmas and may God truly bless you .

  54. Francisca says:

    This message of hope is so inspiring streghtening. I am truly blessed. I am spured to seek His face, to get more intimate with God and to fall deeply in love with Him. I am focusing on His face, His love, constantly. I’ve released all crutches of dependence and reliance on the world and it’s systems and I’ve put all my trust, dependence and reliance on God alone.

  55. tracy oakes says:

    Thank you for your encouragement through this word need this right now.blessings and abundance to you and your family for Christmas and the coming New Year. Tracy

  56. hazel says:

    I receive this word with expectation excitement and gladness. This is exactly what I have been feeling and waiting for in my spirit. God has already started speaking to me clearly and directing me. He has been showing me things in the nature and given awake visions allowing me to feel and see into the spirit realm I have suffered and lost and endured a lot but i know it’s nothing compared to the BLESSINGS, GLORY OF GOD COMING. I have bee declaring and decree and praying and waiting and watching. Thank you God all of that is over. I feel breaking of day coming.

  57. Irene says:

    Thank you God for Doug.I receive and believe this word it is right on time.It is 2:37pm where I live earlier this am I had to Pray because thing’s felt really tough,but I feel better now,God is good and I thank him for you,Please Pray with me re:Finances, Health, and family.God Bless you your ministry and family.

  58. Dr. Lesa says:

    Thank you Man of God for these words of encouragement! It is much needed in this hour. I shall not give up or give in! I am seeking the Face of God THE MORE!!! I Need MORE of You, Oh God…God Bless You, Your Ministry and Your Entire Family!

    • Nesi Lawson says:

      Thank you SO much! We love you, Doug…& ask that God give back to you 1000 return the Word He just spoke through you. BIig Blessings sent to you & your wife and family members! Merry, Merry Christmas 2016 & Happy Happy New Year 2017!

  59. Angela Fredenburg says:

    I receive this word!! Thankyou father for divine health and increased healing anointing! Thankyou for your goodness Lord toward us your children!! Thankyou Doug for your obedience and love for the Lord. Your a great blessing to the body of Christ. Love and blessings! Angela

  60. Brenda Payton says:

    Thank you so very much for this encouraging word. I truly needed it now.
    Merry Christmas to you & your family! I pray health & prosperity for you & your wonderful ministry. It is such a blessing

  61. Esther says:

    I spent Christmas night this year in the ER because of gastritis and low blood pressure attack. Thankyou for this, it brings me hope for a better season ahead!

  62. Susanne says:

    My mom went home to be with Jesus on November 25th so this Christmas was quite different for my family. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Doug. I am looking forward to what God is going to do in 2017. Have a very blessed and prosperous new year!

    • Admin Pam says:

      We are so sorry for your loss, Susanne. It takes time for our hearts to process grief. Blessing you with a safe place to grieve and remember the good times with your mom.

      God bless you,
      InLight Connection

  63. Todd Chambers says:

    Hey Doug….

    Just saw this posted on Elijah list and got your Tweet with the post….

    Man, today there is a really powerful exploration and explosion going on….

    Words of knowledge that I have never had at a governmental level….now as you know many of us have been wounded….

    Jesus was wounded for our transgressions! ☺

    Was pondering Is 53 last night in a really intense way and this February is 7 yrs from a major point….

    You have talked about get so much downloads you can’t keep up with it all!!!!! ☺
    The anointing is so strong that it’s happening right now….

    I’m not going to write more now…but thanks so much for sharing everything that God has been doing over the last year with you…heaven feels like it’s open right ip….

  64. Tim Hall says:

    Hi Doug, I just wanted to say, oh my, talk about an encouraging & spot-on Word! It described my experiences & attacks against my person & my ministry for the past several years. I didn’t check my emails over Christmas at all until today, but I had an experience earlier today that is a total confirmation for me. I thought I was just daydreaming, but in afterthought & asking the Lord for confirmation, I have to say that it was actually a very detailed vision. I’ve been a worship leader for a smaller mission church in Reno NV, who can’t afford to pay me. I’ve been living on retirement funds for the past almost 3 years after losing a job where they let the entire department I worked in go. I heard the Lord tell me not to go back into the secular workforce but pursue going back into full-time ministry. I’ve been volunteering at all sorts of ministries since then, mostly for the poor& homeless, & was invited to join the local Spirit-Filled pastor’s network about 2 years ago, but still no paying opportunities ever arose. Nearing the end of my finances shortly in January, 2017, I had a rollover accident on Dec 5th, only way to minister at the local gospel mission, of all things. The Lord protected me from major injury, but I began having chronic pain & discomfort the 3rd day after the accident under my ribs, & my car (which I had just switched to liability only coverage) was totaled. So I’ve been without a car since then, relying on the kindness of a few friends to help get me to & from church & to get groceries. I’ve been trusting the Lord as best as I can, realizing it was an attack & maybe I had inadvertently opened a door for the enemy. So today, my vision was of me leading worship at the church I attended when I first moved here almost 6 years ago, & actually leading the “evangelical” congregation in a short healing “experiment” so to speak. To make a long story short, I received a revelation from the Lord on a specific scripture verse when Jesus spoke about having faith as a mustard seed, & everyone in the congregation who was sick, lame, or injured in any way ended up getting healed! I thought it was just too outrageous to be from God, but I asked for a specific confirmation, then decided to leave it there & go back to reading a book about the LA Dream Center. But I suddenly felt impressed that if it was from God, then I could apply that revelation to my own body. So,while sitting with a heating pad on my chest, I did just that, & was instantly healed of all pain. I got up & waved my arms around & all the motions that had even a few minutes before caused pain or discomfort, & even did some pushups, totally pain free. I started praising & thanking God & then realized that a few other conditions I had, including a chronic & supposedly incurable disease I’ve had since 2001, all instantly resolved & disappeared from my body right before my eyes! God is so, so good! And now I know that the rest of the blessing is truly coming – a car & a ministry opportunity/opening – & I can believe Him for it! It’s so in line with your prophetic Word, & I just wanted to share it with you & your readers to encourage them & say to just believe & to not give up. The revelation was that, in being given “a measure of faith” all of us already have more than a mustard seed worth of faith! Otherwise why would Jesus tell us that we “would” do even greater works than He? He granted healing to everyone who came to him, but with just the few mentioned that their healing was granted “according to” their faith, those people didn’t even yet have salvation or the Holy Spirit yet, prior to His death. He showed me a vision of Himself actually rolling His eyes semi-humorously when He used a mustard seed as His metaphor, as in actually saying “Really? Why couldn’t WE cast this out? Why couldn’t WE heal this one? You only need just the absolute LEAST amount of faith, not some ridiculously huge & unattainable amount! And you’ve already got all that you need! Even more than enough! Just believe! Here, I’ll show you again how easy it is!”
    So I took that “heavy revy” revelation & ran with it & BAM!!! Jesus meets Emeril! The healing was done! Just like that… So, God bless, Doug,& I pray this Word goes out & is received by the masses & the Bride in total.

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