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Doug Addison

16 Most Popular Prophetic Blog Posts of 2016

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We are only a few weeks away from the new year so it is a good time to do a quick look back at 2016.

Many of us have faced difficulties this year, but when we rise above the storms and keep our eyes on what God is doing, we can see that there is a lot to celebrate in the spirit. 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

God has been speaking to many people about their new assignments and realignments this year to prepare us for the moves of God that have already started. Some of you will be able to do things you thought were impossible.

For instance, as someone who once used to believe he could not write, I have written a lot over the last several years. This year alone I wrote and published three new books, released over three dozen blog posts, 365 new Daily Prophetic Words and more than a dozen specific prophetic words in 2016.

I do not say this to boast, but to encourage you. If you have wanted to write a book, start a blog, or just create something new, keep pressing in and do not give up! This is a time like never before to get your message out to the world and it is not as difficult as you might think.

I just finished writing my new 2017 Prophetic Forecast book, which will be coming out soon! (You will be able to pre-order it right after Christmas.)

And now, without further delay, are my 16 most popular prophetic blog posts of 2016 that YOU, my blog readers, liked best (based on the number of page views). Starting with #16:

16. 4 Steps to Unlock Your Breakthrough

15. New Assignments & Strategies—The Time is Now! 

14. Did You See These Prophetic Signs in the Super Bowl?

13. Do You Know What’s In Your Rooms in Heaven? 

12. Breakthrough Strategies for Activating Your Prophetic Word

11. 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your 2016

10. Get Ready to Hear God—And 3 Things to Watch Out For 

9. 5 Things That Block You From Hearing God (And the Solutions)

8. 25 Easy Questions to Stop the ‘Dream Thief’ & End Procrastination

7. Be Encouraged! A New Wind of Change is Blowing

6. Watch for Things to Change as You Make This 1 Simple Shift

5. What These 9 Dreams Can Reveal About Your Destiny

4. Doors Are Opening Now! Strategy for the Next 3 Months

3. Get Ready for Alignments & Reassignments to Move Fast! 

2. Watch for This in the Midst of the Storms

And in case you missed it, the #1 blog post of 2016 …

1. 17 Prophetic Declarations to Make Right Now Before 2017

Thank you for reading and following my prophetic words and articles on my blog and thanks to many of you for helping me get the word out by sharing these posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! God wants to use us to shift the spiritual atmosphere over the Internet and social media.

I also want to thank my amazing InLight Connection team that helps me take what I am hearing from God and get it out to the world. I could not do what I do without them and I am so grateful for the ones behind the scenes.

We would love to hear your comments about one thing you are celebrating this year and what you are looking forward to in 2017!



Doug Addison

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Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerful, positively funny teaching style and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.


10 thoughts on “16 Most Popular Prophetic Blog Posts of 2016

  1. Mariet Kriek says:

    I enjoy your daily prophetic word….. Because it is spot on for me ……..almost every day
    After 36 years of a difficult relationship….. Things are shifting and sudden breakthrougs are happening fast and quickly…….!
    This is so encouraging as I have given up and excepted that it would ne er change…… Even if I ha e been faithfull thtough the years

  2. 2016 ? There was cleansing in my life because of an un forgiveness i had against somebody. Boy, did that hurt ! But what a blessing i had and what a liberation i felt after His purging and me being able to forgive after such a long time. I want to encourage you to do the same !

    2017 ? i celebrate being free from bitterness, to be sensitive to the Spirit. He has been sooo good to me. Indeed let’s celebrate; ‘ I am doing something New, don’t you see it ?’

  3. saundra says:

    Merry CHRISTmas.

    I am new to your Prophetic site. Having always been interested in this area of ministry, I find the insights you share to be very helpful. The real deal is that I can share with others who I know need to be in a place where they can grow their ministry gifts. Thank you for all that you continue to share for others. God bless.

  4. Hi Doug
    Thankyou very much.
    This year am done with my manuscript i believe God to publish my book early next year.
    Am not a writer nor an author this has suprised me too .
    I also just went live on my website .
    Please pray for me

  5. Prof. Covenant David Livingstone says:

    Man Of God I sincerely identify with you in all the Lord has been passing through you to communicate to the world. They encourage in the sense that it confirms line by line what God has been revealing to me to tell His people. The Lord prosper this for His glory in Jesus name

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