December Prophetic Word: Your Storehouses are Opening! | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

December Prophetic Word: Your Storehouses are Opening

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In case you missed it, be sure to check out the important prophetic word I released on December 1, 2016: “The Gifts Coming to You in December.” It has some deeper insight into what to expect for this month and how to get ready.

Change of season

The Lord is closing the books on your previous season of life. Do not focus on the past or how you feel right now. Many people are feeling as though they somehow missed the Lord or messed up.

The Lord is saying, “I have chosen you and your generation for a special working of my power. Do not worry about how it looks now or the details of how it will happen. When it is time, it will happen quickly.”

Because many prophetic words have not come to pass and with the untimely passing of some major prophetic leaders, some people are being tempted to reject or despise the prophetic ministry. We still need to hear the voice of God like never before.

The word of the Lord came to me: ‘Son of man, what is this proverb you have in the land of Israel: ‘The days go by and every vision comes to nothing’? Say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am going to put an end to this proverb, and they will no longer quote it in Israel.’ Say to them, ‘The days are near when every vision will be fulfilled.’” Ezekiel 12:21–23 NIV

This is coming to pass right now. Many people have been discouraged and hopelessness has set in. But hear the words of the Lord. This is not a time to pull back but to move forward. Starting in March 2017 things are going to take a sudden turn as God is releasing His Glory and power back into the Church like never before.

God is calling new watchmen (and women)

In November I heard the Lord say that He is raising up new prophetic watchers to be on the wall.

“‘Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.’” Ezekiel 33:7 NIV

The Lord is raising up a new breed of prophetic watchmen and women that will not only hear His voice, but will know His heart. The sound of the prophetic will change and prophetic watchers and intercessors will soon be sought after to bring the words of the Lord to key world leaders.

Watch as the Lord raises up Ezekiel 33 watchmen in the United States. There is going to be a change coming to your ministry and it will not look like what you think. It does not make sense for you right now. The Lord is aware of how the enemy has overplayed the attacks against you. Watch as hidden things are going to be revealed. You have not been forgotten and you are greatly loved and honored in Heaven.

Reaping from the storehouses

I have released several prophetic words this past year about God repaying us for losses and specifically something happened last June regarding this.

This is a time that God wants to break curses over our finances and release resources into the Kingdom of God. God spoke to me that we are going to start seeing greater returns to us on our giving and answers to prayers.

“The Lord will command the blessing on you in your barns and in all that you undertake. And He will bless you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.”  Deuteronomy 28:8 ESV

I keep seeing storehouses in Heaven with our names on them. For every time that you have given, prayed or reached out to the Lord and have not seen a return or response—the answers to your requests were actually being placed into a storehouse in Heaven for you. There was never a time that God did not respond to your prayers. The fact that you did not see the answer come to Earth does not mean that He did not respond.

“The Lord will open to you His good treasure, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season, and to bless all the work of your hand. You shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow.” Deuteronomy 28:12 NKJV

Starting in December you are going to see your storehouse begin to open over you. This is going to create a new sound from the heavenly “slot machines” (for lack of a better example) hitting their payout for you.

The key to God’s storehouses

God showed me that a key to receiving all that He has for us is to let go of our offenses and judgments. These are things we have against others. It is interesting that Jesus gives us a key to bringing blessing in our lives:

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:37–38 NIV

Yes, giving will open things up to you. But if you read Luke 6:38 in context, Jesus says that we must first let go of judgments. The key to receiving a full blessing starting this month is to clear out any judgments we have had against others.

I am very excited for all the positive changes ahead for us. The year is going to go out with a celebration as God makes way for a new move coming in 2017!


“‘The days are near when every vision will be fulfilled.’” Ezekiel 12:23b NIV



Doug Addison

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Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerful, positively funny teaching style and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.


53 thoughts on “December Prophetic Word: Your Storehouses are Opening

  1. Deornafay Bellot says:

    Good morning Pastor Doug I get your daily prophecy everyday I thank God for you and continue to say what the Lord place on your heart because it’s a blessing in my life. Pastor Doug can you please pray for my daughter and I we are going through a rough patch now she was diagnosed with Lupus this year she’s 26 no kids and very rebellious she moved out but I know there’s nothing to hard for God her name is Deyontalay Bastian my name is Deornafay am her mother it hurt my heart as a mother to not be there with her as she go through the pain but, am believing God that he will send her back home. Thank you in advance for your prayers I thank God for you.

    • Valerie says:

      I have prayed for your daughter to be reconciled to you, through an encounter with the Lord. May He send His angels to expose lies she is believing and to speak to her heart to come home! Lord, let her healing begin I her spirit, soul & body, in Jesus name. And comfort this dear hurting mother with your love & peace.

  2. Pam Blunt says:

    I am hanging onto this word. I have felt that I must have missed what God has for me, and that I have messed up to cause it.
    Thank you for such real encouragement – it fits right.

  3. Emily Harris says:

    Thank you Father for your words of life. Our God is so faithful, and He is so mindful of His children. Thank you Father, for your servant, Doug Addison.

  4. Stewart McGregor says:

    Dear Doug

    With all the turmoil and uncertainty around the world today, this word that the Lord has placed on you to give to us is such a blessing, such a joy to read and really giving hope for the future (for 2017). Bless you and your family and we stand together knowing that 2017 is in God’s hand and will be a brilliant year for those believing. Amen.

  5. Lyn says:

    I will tell you that I have heard many words concerning this kind of thing coming from you, Doug, and others. My hope has dimmed as in each passing season, with each claim of a turnaround, nothing has happened for me. I’ve been stuck for 8 years and 3 years without a job and finances. It is difficult for me to believe when a prophet says changes are coming and then they pass me by with no improvement. God is silent on this for me and it is discouraging.

  6. Lynnel says:

    Good Morning may the Lord continue to speak through you I needed to hear that word it was just what I needed to hear may God bless you and keep you all the days of your life

  7. Kathy Smith says:

    Thank you Doug for your daily gifts of encouragement, so often they are just what I so long to hear. Love and Blessings, Kathy Smith (Australia)

  8. Sarah says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, the Lord has given me list things to believe Him for an I believe they going happen for me

  9. Reny says:

    This prophetic word gives me hope!! Hope is all I have at this point, just when I think it can’t get worse, it does. I know God is in control, I feel like tomorrow I will just give up then I decide to hold on just one more day to wait and see. A lot of it is emotional, maybe, but it feels real. You help me so much with your daily prophetic words. Thank you so much, Doug

  10. Enola says:

    Tears rolling I have been in a cave many would never know . Even as a Prophet Was ministering g this exact Word yet could not get it running I. And out cafe But no more hiding no more looking back I receive this word . !!ty Doug Addison for not giving up blessings .

  11. Grandma Marge says:

    You have no idea 💡 Doug how timely this is for me and my family. I will be 79 years young tomorrow and beginning a NEw Chapter of life.. God is full of surprises when I expect a miracle. Angel Blessings.

  12. Carolyn Johnson says:

    Doug Addison! …. I so love your ministry and how God has used you. There is never a time that I haven’t receive a powerful Word and or confirmation.. Thank you so much for your obedience to God and for letting the Lord use you, sir… May God continue to bless you more Abundantly!….

  13. martha vazquez says:

    Thank you Doug. Your words first thing in the morning are a blessing

    Be greatly blessed you and your house and your ministry. Keep always the humbleness of the lord. Live long !

  14. Barbara stein says:

    I felt like I heard the Lord say start the war room house of prayer here in Clayton Nc, the Holy Spirit said read the book of Ezra….
    But no one has ever ordained me to do it…I don’t even have a local church ….
    What are your thoughts…

    • Admin Pam says:


      You and the Holy Spirit make a mighty team for intercession and worship for your region. Unless the Holy Spirit says otherwise, most houses of prayer are connected to local churches for the spiritual covering and for the relationships.

      Blessing you to hear God clearly and for good connections with your local churches.
      InLight Connection

  15. VICTOR HOLMES says:

    Dear Prophet Doug

    This prophetic word is so on time for many reasons. I have been under tremendous spiritual attacks but I believe that the shield of God is protecting me. I ask you to pray for God’s instructions and directions for my entire life. I’ve been setting quite time to hear Hos voice and I’m learning how to be still. I truly believe in the prophetic and I’m asking you for your intercession on my behalf. I have reached out to countless others for their prophetic assistance but have gotten very little feed back. It’s imperative that I know what is that I’m suppose to be doing and where I’m suppose to be

    • Admin Pam says:


      Doug has poured out his passion and heart in his many training resources. One of Doug’s spiritual gifts is the ability to activate and impart through all forms of communication, including video, audio and the written word. I would suggest taking a look at Doug’s online store and see which of his trainings or products makes your spirit get excited. Everything in the store has Christmas savings attached, except Doug’s Hearing the Voice of God 365 online activation school. You can check it out for free for 14 days.

      Blessing your spiritual growth,
      InLight Connection

  16. Rachelle says:

    Thank you for the encouragement Doug. It always seems to come at the right time in your webcasts, prophetic words etc. May God bless you with more of His peace and presence this season.

  17. Thandiwe says:

    Thank you so much Doug. You’ve really been a blessing.I’m really encouraged to hear how this are going to turn out. Truly our God is faithful.

    God bless you

  18. December 4, 2016, 2:52 in the morning

    A New Heart: Wave After Wave Of My Love

    Wave after wave of My Love
    My purity and cleansing from above
    Not by your works of religion; I will give
    A new heart, so you will live

    Examine your heart; a tidal wave of joy splashing
    Come together, come to Me in true adoration
    A garden of flowers, a diversity of scent
    One common ground, one eternity to spend

    Examine your heart

  19. Carolina says:

    Beautiful!! Confirmation!!
    I can’t number here the amount of visions
    And dreams I’ve had during this first part of the month, keys , storehouses, open heavens.
    I believe God has in mind churches that contribute with missions. This churches will benefit from this Divine outpouring. Please let’s don’t forget the unity of the churches for the Revival we saw back in November. I saw it again and It is approaching very rapid with the POWER of a tsunami for our Nation!! HOLY SPIRIT IS DEFINITELY BACK ON THE PLATAFORM!! I’m excited 😊!!
    Wait wait is it 2017 yet?
    Thank you!!
    Love you love you !!

  20. Georgianna Corbin says:

    Thank you for sharing the words given to you. They are uplifting and encouraging. And an almost exact affirmation of what I have heard. Thank you again and Blessings.

  21. Laurie and mike agnes says:

    Dear Doug , do you give personal phophecies? My husband an i would like to give an pffering for this but we didnt know if you do this. I work evenings. He works days. We would love some direction.

  22. Susan says:

    Thank you for passing on this word, Doug! How encouraging and empowering! Praying for you and may the Lord continue to pour out His Word and Heart to us!

  23. Cathy Phillips says:

    You are such a gift to the Body and a true carrier of our Papa’s heart.
    Thank you for your faithfulness!
    God bless you, your family and your team!
    Merry Christmas!

  24. Kris Hawkins says:

    Thank you for this very encouraging word. We started building a home last September and were told interest rates would be 3.25%. We got a call from the loan officer today that they are now up at 4.18% . The increase is hundreds of dollars every month, and we still can’t lock in because we don’t close until March . Praying for the blessings of the Lord to overcome us and make away where there seems to be no way right now .

  25. ahgie16 says:

    Wow! These words are very blessed. It’s also quite timely for me to read this. I’ve been having some divine impression that God will rise new watchmen(woman) among the nations. I believe this is relevant due to the changes that is happening esp. in USA. I am from the Philippines btw, and I am also interceding for USA. I believe it’s time for us to stand up from truth and declare that God is the only One god of our nation.

  26. Valerie says:

    Thank you Doug for the encouraging words from
    God’s throne! I am a watcher/intercessor, so I will
    watch & pray with great expectation! Love& appreciate you and your daily words you post. God bless, strengthen & continue to expand your voice to the generations!

  27. katherine reid says:

    I want to order some book and cd’s while they are on sale. I would have to mail my order to you as I don’t do credit card with internet. I will send A check and ask if you will honor it with sale price. thank you.

  28. Francisca Darby says:

    I love this prophecy. Confirmation that God has not forgotten me and that He will restore the years the locusts have eaten. Desperately need a major breakthrough. Please pray for me. Please.

  29. Maggie says:

    Thank You Doug, for giving this word on the 13th of December which is my birthday!! I thank you and cannot wait to see The Lord open to me His good treasure, the heavens, to give the rain to my land land in its season, and to bless all the work of my hand. I shall lend to many nations, but I shall not borrow.” Deuteronomy 28:12 NKJV

  30. teresita baldia says:

    Good day pastor Doug, it is confirmed God will change season! I am also a pastor, it is so nice to know that i am hearing right, i just preached, Understanding time and season, and i touched the topic about God change season. I am so thankful that you faithfully serve the Lord, doing what he has called you to do. God bless you more.

  31. Pixie says:

    I am looking forward to this next season in my life. Last year, sad to say I was divorced after a long and complicated separation from an abusive husband. Last month my mom passed away. The good news is that she is with Jesus, hallelujah!

  32. Barbe Dingeldein says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Amen! I receive this word! It has Bernard looooooong few months….a strong marriage turned sour for a season..I got a flu that lasted 8 days … never had that ever….2 days later I had a horrible chest cold which rapidly turned to pneumonia for TWO months… still have a bit of residual after another 2 months…. end of October as I am healing from sickness I get a concussion…. 5 weeks later, Saturday after Thanksgiving, a lady rear ends me, whiplash concussion…. (2brain injuries in 5 weeks time)… now I cannot sleep, I am in constant pain..cannot work 4 weeks now…. it’s snowed and I cannot take my grand treasures sledding let alone build a snowman…..still God in His Sovereignty is faithful and Doug, your word declares it! I am jumping in and declaring it!!! In Jesus’ name

  33. Martha Flowers says:

    Thank you Doug, for your obedience and sharing these beautiful, living active words, the end that you shared is exactly what God is having me do, writing forgiveness, letters, listing out the offenses, better than just a generalization of “oh I forgive you”
    Hearing you say it, actually the third time I’ve heard this very same thing that blessings being released as I forgive and let go!!!

  34. Veronica says:

    I would like to see all of my violent kifs & grand kids healed & working, living a normal drug free life. Letting God use them the rest of they life!

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