What "Season of Your Soul" Are You In? | Doug Addison with Elizabeth Enlow [Episode 39] | Doug Addison
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What “Season of Your Soul” Are You In? | Doug Addison with Elizabeth Enlow [Episode 39]

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As a ‘times and seasons’-style of prophetic coach, I get asked one question more than anything else … “How can I find God’s will and timing for my life?”

In this Spirit Connection episode, I share a crash course on discovering God’s will. Knowing the difference between your destiny and life purpose is the first step. Knowing God’s timing helps you know the season you are in right now. Then, as we become intentional about seeking our greater purpose, it’s like finding hidden treasure!

My special guest this week is a good friend of mine, Elizabeth Enlow. She has written a new, life-changing book, God in Every Season, about discovering the seasons of your life. Elizabeth is an amazing woman of God, she’s a spiritual mother to many throughout the nations and a mother of four daughters.

She and her husband Johnny Enlow work as a team to awaken, equip and mentor social reformers to display God’s love. She’s an international speaker and author. I’m so excited to share our revelations about timing and how you can get a breakthrough!

Here are some excerpts from my conversation with Elizabeth:

  • “You can heave real breakthrough where you are right now!”
  • “All pain brings with it … a gift”
  • “When you stuff and hide pain, it’s exhausting to try and protect your own heart”
  • “I knew in theory that God was good and that He loved me … but in my core, I didn’t believe that”
  • “We can experience a fruitful place in all seasons if we embrace it”
  • “If I don’t know how loved I am, how will I love others?”
  • “We can position our hearts with our mouths”

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12 thoughts on “What “Season of Your Soul” Are You In? | Doug Addison with Elizabeth Enlow [Episode 39]

  1. Vickie says:

    I really enjoyed this episode of Spirit Connection. Doug’s prophetic courses, his guests, and his daily prophetic words really minister to me. Thank you so much for your ministry.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Thanks for sharing that Vickie! We are so glad you are enjoying InLight Connection. Bless you and all God is doing in your life.

  2. Beverly says:

    Hello Doug and Elizabeth, Thank You for sharing and releasing this book and these words from the FATHER! He really is such a good, good Daddy! I could relate all the way through the entire message.
    I believe I’m in a Winter season of my life, but soon it will break out into Spring. Even today as I was going out for a walk in the cool Southern California air and the wind blowing, as I stepped off the driveway, there in the road was a beautiful red blossom❣️I picked it up & took it with on my walk as I listened to your Podcast; then brought it home, put it in water to enjoy it for the whole day as a reminder that God is speaking to me and has great destiny for my life yet to come! Blessings, Love and Hugs to you and your family 🤗

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Wonderful Beverly. I love that! God can speak to us in so many ways that may seem simple, such as through a flower. Bless you!

  3. Lorna says:

    Beautiful. My first episode and am so blessed. Thank you. I want Elizabeth’s book “God In Every Season”.

    Doug… “Even Noah had to swing the hammer”. Love it!!
    God bless you All ♥

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