More on What God Is Releasing in 2019 [Episode 78] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

More on What God Is Releasing in 2019 [Episode 78]

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Are you tired of the status quo and want to go deeper with God?

I’ve got fresh insight for you on how to receive all that God is releasing in 2019.

In Episode 77 I released the first part of the download God gave me for this year. In this episode, I go into more detail about how to take practical steps to gain access to the new gifts and revelation that have previously been hidden, but that God is now opening—books, doors, gates and paths.

You’ll hear about the major encounter I had with the Lord on Yom Kippur (the highest holy day on the Jewish calendar). It involves a gate that just opened and an invitation to choose from different ancient paths that God has made available to His people this year. One path leads to a narrow gate that brings new life … you’ll find out what the key is that opens that gate.

The Lord showed me different heavenly books and scrolls and how to open them. I’ll share about your book of life, the books that contain “our accounts” and several more.

It’s so much fun to learn how the books and doors of Heaven work … and I want to share it with you.

So, get ready for a fresh outpouring of the Lord’s blessings and joy!

(To bring you up to speed, you can also check out my January 2019 Spirit Connection webcast, or shorter blog version from January 4. It’s all free for you at


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12 thoughts on “More on What God Is Releasing in 2019 [Episode 78]

  1. Harriet says:

    Hello Doug, thank you for what you do and I thank God for everything hes doing in your life.

    I would like for you to.please pray for me. Im going through a very tough time in my life. After a very traumatic breakup with my childs father who I loved so much I feel numb inside, its almost like im dead inside i have no emotions. I know something is not right. And i dont know whats happening as im also trying to reach to God but theres a blockage restricting me to connecting witg God. I would like you to prophesy to me and deliver me from all this because i dont know how to move gorward. I NEED HELP! I kindly ask for your help. Thanks in advance.


    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Harriet! I am so sorry for the difficult time you are going through. I am praying for you now to be filled with great joy and expectancy that God has great things for you and loves you so much!

  2. Frances Zanotti says:

    How do you find out if there are generational curses on your life? I didn’t want to walk the narrow path to get to the narrow gate but feel as if I am blocked.

  3. Deborah Fehner says:

    Dear Doug,
    I am seeking the Lord to open a new door into me. I left my family 4 yrs ago and at the same time quit my job and at age 62 started my social security because after 32 yrs of work, I needed shoulder surgery. I was attending the VA hospital and the Lord relocated me to where I was receiving my care. I had no money and no basic supplies so I moved to a very nice homeless shelter that had just been built. I felt so blessed and the Lord told me that our ways are not His ways just trust Him, I am Spirit!
    After 4 yrs in the shelter and 3 surgeries later and God taking cancer out of my shoulder He told me it was time to move again, He provided me with a 2 bedroom 2 bath house of my own and again provided me with new furniture, leaving my old at the shelter to bless the next person. I have been seeking a church home and I am going to 2 services on Sunday, one is Spirit filled and the other I feel that God has plans for! The pastor is preaching truth at the one that is not and does great discipleship in the community. I was prophesied to that God gave me my new home to make into a House Of Prayer and many would come to Him through that door!
    I am really pressing into God to open that door and I know that I must wait Upon the Lord and His timing but is the Rev. 6 door for me too.
    I feel locked out because I have really been seeking God’s face but not hearing and stuck! Help advise me and keep me in prayer for Revelation knowledge.
    I would like to do more of your shops, and what is the coupon code because limited income.
    Doug also my birthday is March 31 and I am 66 years old! God has blessed me with visions and dreams, He is so Holy!!!
    I love your anointed teaching and I feel the Holy Spirit when I listen to you!
    May God keep blessing your ministry and please answer me at my Gmail
    I love you my brother!!
    Sister in Christ,
    Deborah Fehner

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