How to Pray with Power [Episode 151]

We’ve been dealing with a lot in 2020. God spoke to me to put out an urgent request— a call to raise up people everywhere to pray beyond our own personal needs—to battle against the things that are coming against us all. Our goal is to shift the atmosphere from protest to praise!

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I give you a mini crash course on how to pray during October and November. You don’t have to be an intercessor or a prophet to have a positive effect through your prayers. You just need to show up and pray.

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  • Insights into your assignment to be a prayer “watchman” in this important season
  • Deeper understanding of the power of relationships and agreement in prayer
  • Tips to help you make prayer a greater priority in your daily life
  • How to pray through the Lord’s Prayer like you’ve never seen it before

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Masterclass—Spiritual Warfare Masterclass: How to Reveal & Remove Attacks

Podcast—Prophetic Word: Urgent Call to Pray in October! [Episode 149]

Daily Prophetic Word

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    • Leonie
    • October 27, 2020

    awesome Sir.

    • Claire Hendricks
    • October 22, 2020

    Thank You for sharing this message blessings

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • November 2, 2020

      Bless you Claire!

  1. Reply

    Greetings and thanks,
    I need these encouragements and teaching, and it helps me ; with the hellish fires we have endured in the coastal range of Oregon, the Evil really is obvious; the fires raged in circles and zigzags up these hills and mountain.. and yet….for many people, it is total loss; but our house and several neighbor houses were spared; even tho our property and yard around our house was burnt ,blackened, destroyed…. so close.. and it can only be Gods protection….tho the firey burning objects broke through the screened window to the basement, and the walls and ceiling are covered with smoke debris…. the fire did not travel up into the first floor, it did not catch on fire.
    We give thanks to God.

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • October 22, 2020

      I’m so glad your house was protected during the fires. Bless you Viv!

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