Healing for Wounded Hearts and Receiving the Father’s Blessing [Episode 245]

Feeling discouraged? I have a prophetic word of encouragement and practical instruction on how to prepare for your visitation of the Lord.

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I give you a crash course in getting healed and hearing the Lord that can set you up for your healing and release of financial blessings. Don’t miss the Father’s Blessing I pray over you!

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  • This is time of promotion in both the spiritual and natural realms
  • More about Father God’s great love and tender affection for you
  • How this fatherless generation can cause an “orphan spirit”
  • Steps you can take right now to partner with God to heal your heart

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    • Elaine Osmond
    • December 21, 2022

    I saved a particular podcast of yours about a father’s blessing and for some reason it will not allow me to listen to it again. The screen goes blank and instead of showing the length of time in minutes, it shows 00. Was this deleted?

      • Brandy, InLight Connection Team
      • December 26, 2022

      Hi, Elaine! Thanks for letting us know. Would you please email help@dougaddison.com and explain which podcast this is. We’d love to be able to fix it if it’s a technical issue. Blessings!

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