Prophetically Interpreting Body Art

Interpreting body art prophetically Doug Addison July 10, 2012   Nearly ten years ago I was one of the forerunners for Prophetic Evangelism. I went all around the world training people to use dream interpretation and prophecy as a means of sharing God’s love. This style has now caught on…
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Jacob’s Ladder and Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Ladder and Jacob’s Well Doug Addison I have always been fascinated with how Jesus interacted with people that were not religious. Interestingly, he seemed to only get upset with people who claimed to be religious but did not love and care for people as God desires. Two particular encounters…
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The Internet: The Next Generation’s Revival

The Internet: The Next Generation’s Revival Doug Addison In 1992 I was at a conference in which the presence of God came and the speaker, John Paul Jackson, instructed us to write down three visions we were about to have. He told us that these visions will surely come to…
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