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God Speaks through Dreaming of Teeth

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Smiling Tooth MascotGod Speaks through Dreaming of Teeth

One of the most common dreams people have are about teeth, which actually are significant. God is speaking to us through these dreams.


I have interpreted thousands and thousands of dreams and one of the most common dreams people ask me about is teeth. Let me explain what this common dream means.



This type of dream reveals you are in need of direction. Teeth chew food and make it useful for the body. Symbolically, teeth chew the word or teaching of God so it can be digested and made useful through application. Chewing or thinking about something brings deeper understanding. (You are “chewing on” this revelation even as you read.) That’s why teeth coming loose or falling out means you’re in need of direction, wisdom or advice.


Here are examples of various teeth dreams.

You bite into some food and your teeth break off. This indicates that there is something that you are having difficulty understanding at the moment.


You look in the mirror and suddenly your teeth are falling out. You are lacking wisdom in the area of your self-image or who you are and what you’re called to do.


Your incisor teeth come loose or fall out. These are also known as “eye teeth” and symbolically, loose incisors can indicate that you are lacking spiritual vision.


Your wisdom teeth come loose or fall out. Obviously, you’re lacking wisdom in some area of your life.


Your front teeth come out. This could indicate that you are too busy or “biting off more than you can chew.”



Now that you can understand what dreaming of teeth can mean, the thing that really matters is how you respond. God is trying to point out how to have a positive outcome. Responding in some way will make the dream come alive. In the case of these teeth dreams, pray and ask God to show you what He wants you to understand and pray for wisdom.


If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5


Keep dreaming! It’s God speaking to you to help you on your life’s journey. Enjoy the ride!



Doug Addison






Doug Addison


Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

119 thoughts on “God Speaks through Dreaming of Teeth

  1. dolly Hearns says:

    Dear dough,thanks a million my dream is when I dream about teeth falling out ,coming loose some one is getting ready to leave us. And sometimes the lord will wake me up with the scripture that I am suppose to minister on at the funeral all relatives .

    • Marie says:

      I understand what your saying and have had dreams with my teeth falling out. In this dream it was as if I woke up because i could feel and hear me chewing on my whole teeth. I felt them and heard them like the sound of marbles i awoke because it was so loud. Please help me understand this.

    • eva says:

      I dreamed i was about 5 years old girl standing in that dress made out of flowers.. Someone pulled out those flowers one by one and i became naked. I was ashamed, Then magically i was dressed in the purple dress with golden strings on it. It was so beautiful. I was so amazed and happy. then another girl came up to me. then little prince a year or so younger came up to me.. I was speechless…. The most amazing felling of joy came over me.. i woke up… When i woke up i understood that that prince was Jesus.. July 27 2015 Eva R P.S. If God leads you to interpretation of a dream please let me know. Thank you

      • Marie says:

        This is what I get from your dream. I see the dress made of flowers as the beauty that has developed in your spiritual life as you have walked with the Lord. The flowers pulled off to the point of being naked speaks of the pruning necessary for new growth. God has pruned you and the second dress represents even greater beauty that will grow in your life . The girls in your dream could represent servants who God uses in your life to help with the pruning. Don’t be ashamed when God uncovers or exposes things in your life that need to go. He has plans to bring greater beauty in you so rejoice.

        • Ada says:

          Wow. I could not figure out in my dream it’s painful and I’m clinching my teeth and my jar is hurting my teeth breaks . Kinda scary and weird. So I get up and pray half asleep. It’s not the first time. What do you think it means?

      • Montrell says:

        I had vision an angel gave me a book from heaven so now anything people speak i say Wht i see the book in mysteries only i see it give me secret s of the heart i see bible pages word for word number by numbers the abilities of peophesies revelations word of wisdom words of knowledge whatsoever in the ❤ much i can tell u test the spirit to know he said unto me prophet many know who they are in flesh but not in Spirit the lord let me know i never been to school to speak thats education but i speak in Spirit and with power of his word in peace numbers12:6 amos 3:7 8 amos7:14 15 i pray your hearts shall rest with christ rest 2145866234 im very humble im just a messenger test the spirit to know it.i will only tell wht God speak nothing but prophecy the words of the book without it in my hands cause it in my spirit as open wide Jesus speak it the voice of one crying in the wildness jesus through the spirit of the the living water wisdom

  2. Crystal Arnold says:

    What does it mean if you pull out your eye teeth the one right under it and your front tooth then decide you try to put them bk

    • Daniel Chama says:

      Pulling thm out myb tht u are acting in a way that cozes u to lose spiritual vision, but put them back coz u realize where u’re going wrong

  3. Dee Copley says:

    Interestingly enough, the 21st letter “shin” in Paleo Hebrew is the picture of teeth and is known for exactly what you say here. Another meaning can also sometimes be “name”. (The hand sign also became known as the Vulcan greeting by Dr. Spock just in case you wanted to know.)

  4. Teri Ayala says:

    Speaking about teeth ,i had a dream,God was fixing mine..
    Since,im asking him to heal,my gums and give me fix,my teeth. .

  5. Melanie says:

    I had a dream about teeth. I was sitting beside the man I am in love with. I was trying kiss him but couldn’t; our teeth were in the way. I had to take my teeth out in order to kiss him. There was a blonde haired child, a girl of about ten to 12 years old, sitting beside us. I do not know her in real life. She had braces. I had to help her breath with a breathing machine. My mother was across the room laying down on a couch.

    What is your interpretation of this? Thanks!!

  6. Jane says:

    Doug, I had a dream about my teeth. That I lost my braces and when I did my bottom teeth went instantly right back to bring crooked but my top teeth moved into all different crooked positions. My two front teeth lifted up. (Lol) in the same place but up pointing out horizontally. I remember thinking how csn this happen?? Can teeth move this way? How can I close my mouth? How csn I eat? Lol them I woke up..

  7. Beverly Anne says:

    Thank you for this insight Doug. However, conversely, is the fact that one has never dreamed about teeth in any way mean that they are seeking and receiving God’s wisdom and are on target. No pride intended, just wondering.
    Thank you

  8. Tyler Lucas says:

    Hey Doug! Thanks for the Post. I have a teeth dream that is crazy and was definitely spiritual.

    I was chewing my teeth inside of my mouth, and they were falling out and I was chewing and gnawing them. It sounds frightening familiar to the ‘weeping and the gnashing of teeth’…. I was obviously bleeding and it was horribly disturbing. It had a texture similar to what you would expect…

    Please help.
    God Bless

  9. Dena says:

    Thanks for posting – I had a dream on June 24th involving teeth and was not sure of the meaning then…Voila! Your post! Now to respond…

  10. Sarah Lozano says:

    I have couple of those dreams specially when I was walking with people and when I face them my teeth fall out and I catched them with my right hand other times I keep it in my mouth!
    Thanks for share.

  11. G says:

    The other day I read your article about 2014.
    After 2014( I mean from 2015), the economical situation will get worsen?
    From when will the economical situation be changed?
    How did God tell you?

  12. Mander says:

    Amazing timing, Doug! I sense that your post is in response to so many more people having teeth dreams in this season – even I did last week for the first time!! It’s surely a time to seek wisdom, answers, revelation and hold onto God’s promises. The Lord has been saying to me “Think Outside The Box.” Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord and to his kingdom.

  13. Michelle Coon says:

    Thank You! I Recently dreamt OfTeeth TwoNights In A Row. IHave BeenSeekingWisdom FOr AFamily Situation. GlaD To Have My ResponseConfirmed! I WillAsk And Keep On asking

  14. Theresa Jacobs says:

    Hi Doug..pls I need help with all my dreams..God is telling me things through my dreams some of it is simple and some not..this morning all my bottom teeth fell out apart from my wisdom teeth .I was not worried about my top teeth cause that was dentures and it felt heavy in my mouth..then me and my cousin that I have not seen in over fifteen years just went to their house but we were on roller skates .Pls help..

    • Sarah Mattapersad says:

      I dreamt top teeth fell I take in hands and show my sister I count 16 teeth no blood am worried but think world is ending so I must not worry

  15. Rhonda Odom says:

    Question – my 10 year old daughter drempt she was at the dentist – then said “I was not the patient – I was the tooth – I was cracked and being repaired” – we read the Holy Bible every night – started at “In the Beginning” – also she goes to a Christian school – I never ask anyone but God about dreams – but this one is really interesting – what are your thoughts?


    • Doug Addison says:

      Hi Rhonda,

      I really do wish I had time to interpret the thousands of dreams people send me. Honestly I am buried in them :O) but I did pour everything I possibly know on dreams into an online course that will help The Dream Crash Course. Take the Jump Start Course free. I also have a book Understand Your Dreams Now that may help. Go to my website http://dougaddison.com

      • Rhonda Odom says:

        Quite honestly Sir, with all due respect – I did not want interpretation – I never ask anyone by God about dreams – this one was exceptionally odd by a 10 year old – seemed quite interesting – just asked your thoughts, not interpretation – so I do apologize for wasting anyone’s time. Thank you

        • DJ says:

          Rhonda, I want to encourage you that Doug wasn’t saying you were wasting his time, He just can’t interpert everyone’s dreams because there aren’t enough hours in the day for him. I imagine its really not what God wants for him to do anyway, I believe Papa wants him to teach others how to hear and understand for themselves.
          I encourage you to sit up in Papa God’s lap and ask Him, I bet He’s just waiting to whisper it to you. 🙂 Its a great opportunity for you to teach your daughter to do the same thing. She is a part of the promise that our sons and daughters will dream dreams! Yahoo! So exciting for the both of you!

  16. Labitta says:

    Hi I had a dream that I was sitting and this tooth of mine was loose and really bothering me so I loosened it even more and eventually it came out.This tooth didn’t look like my other teeth it was really big and sort of ugly looking as I came out of the bathroom after rinsing my mouth I saw a faris wheel of an amusement park what could this mean……

  17. Sarah says:

    I need an answer if you could please guide me?
    Mt Dream! (i have seen that i was with the guy whom i am in love with and saw all me teeth a becoming loose and starting to shake and i felt a bit of pain as well and i got terrified but later they were alright and i was still with him) please i really need your view…does it has to do with that guy?

  18. Tanya says:

    I had a dream that I was wiggling my tooth with my hand and then woke up with my hand in my mouth. What does that mean do you know?

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  20. Carter says:

    I had a dream a couple of days ago that my left, top, front tooth had an intense, painful pressure. When the pressure built up to the max, my tooth pops loudly, and cracks in half vertically. It will happen about 4 to 5 times during my dream. I hate it! It hurts so bad. What can it mean?

  21. Lizette Snyman says:

    Doug, I have a son of 16, and we have some dicipline and attitude problems with him. And I dreamed last night that we had to go to a nabouring town and a dr suggested that we repair all his teeth. I am not sure if it was pulling or fixing and repairing. But I knew that all his teeth would be fixed or replaced?
    We were camping out at this town waiting for him to come out of surgery or what ever was done to his teeth to make them new?

  22. Miriam says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve had a few dreams about my teeth falling out and was quite worried of losing my teeth! That was until I had a dream of growing a new canine tooth. This happened around a time when I had started praying and reading the word more so that got me thinking into perhaps there was a deeper meaning and this just confirmed it. Again, thanks!

  23. Robbi says:

    I had a dream that I was in a bathroom and my teeth started falling out starting with the side front teeth. I touched it and it fell out. Then the one next to it crumbled partially and I had it in my mouth. I went to my mother and she was showering and said nothing but had this smirk on her face. I got upset because she was not doing anything. I told her I would find a place (I do not live with her). I then tried to call my dentist as I wanted to save the teeth and the assistant hung up on me. I called back and it just rang. By then my mouth was full of crumbing teeth and I was trying to find a computer to research what to do and save them. I then received a call from a little girl and she mentioned my name when I was younger and said she was trying to reach me. She could not understand me with all of the teeth in my mouth. She said she contacted me through LinkedIn. I then resolved that I was going to move out of the house near a new job. I don’t recall ever being in the house i was in. I woke up and checked my teeth—-the dream was so real.

  24. Chloe Anne says:

    In my dream my teeth were already out and i was laying in bed whilst someone was holding my head and putting my teeth back in my gums, this was very painful and when they went back in my gums they were falling out. If possible could you tell me the meaning to this 🙂

  25. Edgar says:

    Thank You so much, Doug!!! God spoke to me through you. Thanks for being a true believer unlike these many websites who supposedly interpret dreams as Christians. They never mention God at all. Thank you for revealing I don’t need a dentist appointment, I need The Word Of GOD!!!

  26. hephzibah says:

    Thank you so much I just had a dream that all my teeth came out I can feel them in my mouth as I was swooshing then I spit them all out and was very concerned …. But the night of that dream I had prayer and bible study at my house and certain ppl wasn’t there who usually operate in the gift of prophecy I felt so insecure about praying for others and speaking a word of knowledge over them . (the lord does use me to give a word of knowledge at times ) but this specific time I felt afraid and was praying hard in my heart for God to move lol and he did . the whole point is I need to stand firm in my identity . please pray for me thanks ..

  27. Deana says:

    Can someone help me decifer my dream it was kind of the opposite I had my teeth fixed into a perfect smile I was so happy always wanted to have nice teeth ! And I’ve had dreams in the past where my teeth were falling out and I was embarresed but to have this dream ! Man it felt good to have my teeth fixed

  28. YoroKobi says:

    I would like to share something.

    A month ago, i had this dream that my front teeth are crooked and I panicked because in real life, i just got my braces off. In my dream, I tried to look at the mirror again and it is still getting more crooked. Is it significant?

  29. Dolly says:

    I need to know the meaning of my dream. It’s about that I was sleeping and grinded my tooth so hard that I loss my front tooth and a little bloody.

  30. Anne says:

    Good day! I had this dream of loosing my entire upper teeth and had fixed them with a dentist. The result was my teeth were so aligned both upper and lower ,however I was shocked upon knowing my bill at a high price

  31. eva says:

    I dreamed i was about 5 years old girl standing in that dress made out of flowers.. Someone pulled out those flowers one by one and i became naked. I was ashamed, Then magically i was dressed in the purple dress with golden strings on it. It was so beautiful. I was so amazed and happy. then another girl came up to me. then little prince a year or so younger came up to me.. I was speechless…. The most amazing felling of joy came over me.. i woke up… When i woke up i understood that that prince was Jesus.. July 27 2015 Eva R P.S. If God leads you to interpretation of a dream please let me know. Thank you

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  33. Dana says:

    Doug, I had a dream that my freind and I were in a store with her kids both girls one was looking for something to tighten her braces with and the other I was carrying on my back she was about 2 yrs old. I remember feeling like I had loved this child and we knew each other well. She was telling me a story about something horrible happening to her in Kentucky , I live in Utah and figure we were home. When this little girl said I don’t know why this happened she said I pray and.. . .right then in my sub consiounce or what have you I stopped and asked myself how I had come up with that I’m not a re!igious person but am struggling with it right now because of all the things going on in the U.S. anyways I guess I fell back into my dream this little girl got up off my lap and I asked her too show me her teeth she had five rows of teeth on bottom they were fairly white and in neat rows and she went down the stairs we were sitting on. What does this !mean ? Also the friend I was dreaming about had been my best friend up intell a few years ago I found out this morning my son stayed the night there last night could this have anything to do with it. What’s my message here?

  34. Dana says:

    And also when I asked my friend what she was going to do to have her daughters teeth fixed she said she’s not she can’t afford it she’s just hopping no one will notice them. I asked her how is she going to brush her teeth and that’s where it ended

  35. Giselle says:

    My dream was me rearranging my room, when I was done I laid down and was enjoying the view and all of a sudden my tooth started to hurt . It seemed like my wisdom tooth or one next to it . I walked to my mirror and seen my tooth bleeding I pulled on the tooth and it was loose . Like almost ready to fall but it needs more time . Then I woke up .

  36. Maria Rosario says:

    Had a dream that I was brushing my teeth. I saw the collor white on th etoothpaste , teeth and foam.

    What does this mean?


  37. A says:

    Hi doug! This is long but i really hope you’ll find time reading this…
    These dreams happened in one night. First, i dreamed of getting an arranged marriage with a Muslim which i didn’t like. I was looking for my deceased granfather and wondered if if he was alive or dead at that time. (So i was conscious that he already passed away in real life). in the end i was like ‘i wanted to know the man i married’ even though we dont talk.
    Second dream: i was talking with my second cousin im a gathering then suddenly my two front teeth started to fall apart into pieces. I managed to catch aome pieces because in my dreams i was still wearing my braces. (I had braces before) . The next scene was inside the cockpit of the aircraft. While then captain and i were talking i learned that we have some common friends. Next scene was in a gathering again, i was about to throw up and ran towards the sink. But it wasn’t food or anything; all my upper teeth fall down with some three from my lower set of teeth. Then when i looked in the sink mirror it was all there again, growing up in an instant. Then i throw up again and the same thing happened. I even touched my gums if it was real and it was. Then it happened again. This time, i ran to our house. While running i realized that i was dreaming (dream within a dream) i found myself infront of my friend’s house and learned that our dogs were given away. So i went yo our house. There, i found the exact scene i dreamed when all of my teeth were falling apart. My father sleeping in bed and my mother. (My father also passed away in reality) the look of the house indicates that we were having financial troubles. And i was like wait, didn’t my father passed awat already? Disregarding the thought, I told them what i dreamed about. Then, i clarified if they really gave away our dogs and my mother said yes because we were having troubles financially. Then i woke up.
    Thank you for your patience.

  38. Amita Chand says:

    Hi I had a dream this morning that one of my wisdom tooth came out. Im holding with my two fingers and saying how come its rotten but very clean no sign of rotten please explain

  39. Katherine says:

    I had a dream my front tooth was loose and there was a tooth coming in behind it. When I looked in my mouth I had a second row of teeth but in the middle was no teeth but 3 teeth were grown but scattered and when i looked at the front of my tooth again the tooth next to the loose one was also loose, then I woke up…..

  40. Shanna says:

    Hi, i would love some help interpreting my dream please….

    I had a dream about my teeth aching was in so much pain the first tooth came out from the top left side but the pain continued.shortly after a few more fell out as well I can feel that my mouth was swollen I went outside for help someone tried speaking to me but I became angree and upset and went back inside and my other tooth started coming out as well with each one falling out I felt relief of pain but it was short lived. I helped two or three of my tooth out the very last one I pulled from the top left far in the back gave me full relief from the pain I was feeling I saw my grandmother she came and comfort me and was being loving and understanding very different from what I know her to be towards me she embraced me …I took one of my tooth and showed her and there was some form of growth on it like a plant it was on the root of all of my teeth that has fallen out.nwhat does this mean ?

  41. karen says:

    I had dreamed of my top front teeth rotting and falling
    out. Then somehow had like sticky pads that had been sticking my teeth on, these disappeared. Finally in my dream a complete
    new set of baby teeth appeared. I know God is saying something to me!!! any insight would be appreciated.

  42. tasha says:

    i dreamed of a white taxi m husband is driving and we passed my dead aunts house where my dead niece were standing looking at us and i was sitting in the back row saying she can come with us on one condition that shes not going to sit next to me she must take some other seat . my niece died suddenly of cancer can you please give the meaning

  43. Kavondrea says:

    I dreamed about running while I was running I was holding my mouth shut with my hands in fear that my teeth were going to fall out. I knew the whole time that my teeth were lose all of them were lose and I remembered one or two fell out of my mouth. I became scared that people will notice me with missing teeth as I ran into a building where I worked at. Then I woke up. Please help me with this dream

  44. Carmen says:

    Hi Doug,

    I dreamed my front teeth fell out into my hands, and when I spoke my words sounded funny, so I would put my teeth back into my mouth and held them there to say what I wanted to say clearly. Then they would fall out again. I just carried them around with me so when I had something to say I would put my teeth in just to speak clearly.

  45. rashmi says:

    hi i saw a dream at 4pm that one of my teeth faal suddenly in ma cousin’s marriage… after sometime 3-4. ore teeth falls and they were in black shining color while the first one was white in color… after some time some more falls……. wat does it means?

  46. Jasmine says:

    Hello can anyone help me interpret my dream? I had a dream I was trying to run away from my husband, he was very angry in my dream. While I was running away from him in a store, I felt 2 of my molars come loose and I younger em out and held on to them. When he finally caught up to me I was so made with him, that I through my teeth at him as if I was expecting him to actually ask me if I was ok and stop being so angry. My Husband does have anger issues in real life. Please help.

    • Philomene says:

      Hi I like your site and the gifts God has bless u with. I to has a little in common and sometimes don’t know the meanings like this one. I dream I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and the tub was full of clear clean water and I was spitting spots of blood in the tub of water and I was washing of my mouth from the clean water in the tub. Please help me understand this dream. Thanks and looking faword to hearing from you again God bless.

  47. M. Serrano says:

    I had a dream that I was walking with my husband. I said to him now I know why my head hurts. He responded why? I said how is it possibly my molar shifted I have an absess and a new molar is coming in. At 40 years old and I am growing a new molar? It was so vivid.

  48. Lydia says:

    Hi Doug last night I dreamt I pulled out my tooth, it was not paining me, after I pulled it out I said thank you father
    I took a close look at the tooth there was a big hole on the side of the tooth but the decay was clean

  49. Thanuja says:

    Hi Doug, Last Night I dreamt of My spiritual guru was wearing an old robe and was climbing upstairs. No sooner I saw him I started to pray as “Oh God I’m so thankful to you for all what you have given. Not for what you have not given”. I touched my heart and was praying. Then he looked at me and smiled. It was beautiful and a loving smile but I noticed some of his teeth were missing.

  50. Phumelele says:

    These interpretations are very strong,however in my dream,three of my teeth came out at the end of some session. I then took a bus wen I arrived at my place my teeth were back in my mouth…what does it mean ??

  51. Kayleigh says:

    Hey there, can you please help me?

    I had a dream last night about me taking out my teeth which appeared in dentures form , revealing a whole new set of perfect, white teeth. But in the dream I felt as if I needed to keep them covered with the dentures. The dentures seemed to be quite sore in my mouth and I couldn’t talk sometimes. I am a teen and my dreams are a significant part of me because I feel they direct me or they are signs of how to deal with the everyday life. Thank you for your time and reply.

    Much regards

  52. Karen Bowser says:

    I had rotten/decayed teeth fall out but the significance of the dream was how my gums were fully healed right after. I thought that I would go through pain and experience other things from them falling out but, no, I didn’t and it also seemed as if the teeth that fell out didn’t belong there anyway(????)

  53. Erica says:

    I had very a very bad dream that my brother (whos only 14) had a bad tooth infection and made his lip really big and black and blue. It was dripping blood. Then i went in the bathroom and his teeth were on the counter, he pulled them out. Then he had put wooden dentures in. Please decipher this for me.. It terrifies me.

      • Admin Nikki says:

        Thanks for sharing Marcelle. I wonder if he is taking on too much in life right now, often losing front teeth could mean that.

        -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  54. gunjan says:

    i have seen my grandmother giving me her fallen teeth to keep in my mouth…..its strange but i want to know what does this mean?????please reply?

  55. YesMe says:

    Hello, I had a terrible dream.I was dreaming that one of my front tooht was moving in all directions, very close to fall from my mouth.I was trying with all my powers to keep it in steady ( with my hand ) but the tooht was moving in my mouth and there was some blood too and the tooth was in a very bad shape, I think.Even more, in this dream, I saw that some people I know were fighting, a very powerful fighting, they were on street but somehow they entered in my house.

  56. Tanisha McLeod says:

    Maybe you can help me with a dream I had this morning. I dreamed I was in the backseat of a car on the right, to my left there was a a little white boy maybe about 7 to 10 in age and there was a white older lady driving maybe middle 40’s to early 50’s. I was looking out the window in fear of where they was taking me. We ended up in a room and with me sitting and the lady standing in front of me, she opened her mouth for me to see her top teeth I reached to grab a tooth, then she pulled out one tooth an placed it in my left hand then asked for my right hand and started clipping my nails ( only one nail ). I wear fake acrylic nails..same in my dream.

  57. James LaBrecque says:

    My dream was this: I was in a basketball game and I was running, then all of a sudden all my fillings came out and I had to spit them into a towel then I noticed that all my teeth were new. All accept my crown.
    What could this mean???

  58. onias dail says:

    my dream is like this: i saw my tooth falling and i removed it and i torched the place the was anew good tooth immediately and this one was rotten and other tooth did the same, i was so amused because i know tooth don’t grow immediately and my age above 30

  59. Darlene says:

    My dream is a bit different from other posts. I was standing in line at the grocery store and I look over at my 9 month old and he suddenly has his top 4 teeth. The only teeth he actually has are his bottom front two.

    • Admin Pam says:


      Dreams are like parables or metaphors. A baby represent something new such as a job, gifting, idea. Teeth represent wisdom, understanding, strength. The number 4 usually represents creativity or worldwide impact. And most dreams are about the dreamer so the dream is about you. If we put all the symbols together to tell a story, it is God is birthing new wisdom inside of you that will bring an increase of creativity or world wide impact. How easy is that!

      Doug has very practical free and low cost training resources if you want to be able to do this for yourself and others. http://dougaddison.com/training/dream-interpretation/

      Blessing the new in you! Pam

  60. heather says:

    I had a dream my bottom tooth was loose and there was a tooth behind it, what does that mean? I woke up moving my tooth like it was really loose

    • Admin Pam says:


      Dreams are like a parable or a story with a meaning. So try to think of your dream like a story using teeth represent wisdom. So what do you think your dream means?


  61. Michelle A. says:

    My 5 year old daughter prays almost every night with me, she woke me up vomiting at 3:15am, got her cleaned up then we went back to sleep. I then had a dream that my face, eyes and teeth were all black. Even the whites of my eyes were black and my hair was really long messy and very heavy. What does this mean?

  62. Zion says:

    What does it mean when ALL your teeth fall out in your hand, but then you find they are actually still there? In fact even some of the teeth that were actually gone (a bridge over them), had also grown back. When all the teeth fell out, the bridge came out to, but revealed teeth, that didn’t used to be there, now there. In the dream I was telling someone all my teeth fell out, but they were still in my mouth. I didn’t understand how that was possible when I was holding them in my hand.

    • Admin Pam says:


      The key to interpreting a dream is to try to see the dream as a story that God is trying to tell you about your life. If teeth represent wisdom in a dream, then retell your dream substituting the word teeth for wisdom. This will help you understand what God is sayting to you.

      Do you have Doug’s free e-book on understanding dreams yet? http://dougaddison.com/free-ebook/
      Doug has other great training resources too if you want to learn how to do this for yourself and for others.

      Blessing you, Pam

  63. AVRIL says:

    I had a weird dream something or someone was banging my head over and over on the table causing my teeth to crack but not break and there was no pain but my teeth were damaged…what is my life trying to warn me.cause it didn’t feel pleasant Thank you

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hey Avril, If teeth represent wisdom, then something in your life is trying to make you doubt what you believe or know to be true. So ask the spirit of truth to shine on your life and show you what is true and what is not.

      I hope this helps, Pam

  64. Mariam says:

    Hey, i need an interpretation of my dream cause i cant find any explanation, so may God gives you wisedom for this…
    I dreamed that my pastor is praying for to have an encounter with God ,so when he began to pray all my teeth beacame loose and fall except all the incisors kept in there place and he was saying as it is a good sign and thats what God wants for me, although he said that i will not able to eat easily after that …

  65. Tamara says:

    I would like to share a dream that I need clarity on. Someone had a baby, I don’t know who, but I know that it was mentioned that the infant was two weeks old. I picked up the baby and as we stood in front of a mirror, I began to play with the infant and it smiled. What was strange about the smile was that the child already had about six or seven teeth in its mouth, and when I began to talk to the baby it tried to imitate in its baby voice the words that I was saying. I later found that every where that I went, I took the baby with me. Then I woke up out of the dream. Can someone shed some light on what this dream could have meant.

    • Admin Pam says:


      Did you see Doug’s blog on Pregnancy & babies? http://dougaddison.com/2014/07/what-do-baby-and-pregnancy-dreams-mean/

      Dreaming of a baby usually usually means God has birthed something new such as a job, gifting, idea. Mirror can mean reflection or double. Teeth usually mean wisdom. So now you look at your dream and tell the story of your dream using the meanings of the two main symbols (baby, mirror, teeth).

      God is giving you something new (job, gifting, idea, opportunity) that will fit into who you are and you will have the wisdom and ability to grow it.

      Pretty easy, huh. Do you have Doug’s free ebook on how to understand your night dreams yet? http://dougaddison.com/free-ebook/

      InLight Connection Staff

  66. Christina says:

    Thank you for the interpretation. This morning i dreamt that i was with a group of people, we were talling and then all of a suddem one of my front tooth had fallen off, but there was a baby tooth already growing behind it. I don’t understand the dream. Will you please help interpret this dream, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Admin Pam says:

      Christina, you can begin to understand your own dreams.

      Re-write your dream using the word wisdom instead of teeth and then say read it out loud to yourself. You should be able to grasp what God is saying to you.

      InLight Connection Staff

  67. Sharmila says:

    Hello Doug. I want to share a dream i had last night. I saw that my new wisdom teeth on my right right side was evolving. I saw just a small white part of it when i looked into a mirror. Should this be something positive or negative for me? Would you please helo me on this? Thank you.

  68. Trinity says:

    Dear doug perviouly this month i had a dream about my teeth falling out, but it was neither of how you described at the top. The first i had one of these dreams i was in juvenile hall i told my staff randomly. She told me that is wasnt good that someone i know is either sick or going to pass and shortly later on that month my friend ryan had pass. Then i had another and my great grandfather passed, also had a few more then my greatgrandmother passed, and at the beginning of this month i had another one and my very dear friend desiree passed December 26 i found out on the 27th.

  69. Shining Star says:

    HI Doug,

    Could you please reveal this dream to me. I was on the verge of getting a divorce. I guess my husband knew the marriage was coming to an end and he put on a surprise vow renewal. Throughout the course of the dream, I saw an infant in a white dress not soaked in blood but had blood all on it and them my husband came around us and he had blood all on his teeth when he was speaking to me. What does this mean? One of the reasons that I am considering divorce because he is verbally abusive. He is verbally harsh at times then other times he is gentle. He tries, but he does not have temperance of the tongue. I want to make sure I have a clear meaning if he will get delivered and change, dont be fooled by what he says, it could be nothing, or something. We have two kids and unfortunately the baby was suppose to be my baby but I couldnt see her face. I do not want any harm to her or anyone. Please assist me in Jesus Name

  70. jde says:

    Hello, I had a dream I had that I looked into my bathroom mirror and had two rows of bottom teeth and then I became extremely frightened.
    what do you think this dream represents?

    • Admin Pam says:

      Let’s see. if looking into a mirror represents self-image, self-esteem, vision and teeth represent wisdom, understanding, strength, then your dream is showing you that you are lacking wisdom (no top teeth) in how you see yourself and in your self-esteem. 🙂

      God bless you,
      InLight Connection Staff

  71. Gillian says:

    I have had lots of dreams about teeth but never are they falling or coming lose. Last night I dreamt I was wearing a mouth guard to keep my teeth straight and in particular for my eye tooth to stop it from moving. It was uncomfortable. I assume it has to do with where God is taking me and staying the course no matter how hard. I once had a dream a whale smiled at me and it had the most beautiful white straight teeth. I found the whale in amongst tall buildings in the city 🌃

  72. Amber says:

    Hi my dream was about my baby cutting his first tooth. Could this mean anything ? He has been teething so I do t know if it could just be from the pain he’s in and me wishing he would get his tooth or if the dream has actual meaning

  73. sharon says:

    when i looked into the mirror i saw my front tooth had fallen off already (i didn see it falling n it was already gone) but as i looked closer there was another tooth that had already grew behind it(behind the one that had fallen off already) and there were a few side by side too

  74. Nicole D. Swanagan says:

    I had a dream in which my front tooth fell out and
    Upon it falling out, it was as if it was being pushed out
    I tried to keep it in, crying and in panic and all of a
    Sudden it fell into my hand, I cried and looked in mirror to see the damage and the place where the tooth fell out another tooth replaced the tooth that fell out? Please help..I dont understand this..

  75. Nana Ama says:

    It’s been few minutes since i woke up from taking a nap. In the dream was my family and friends who were happy people. All of a sudden I felt two of my teeth in the middle of the down one coming off so I stepped out. In the dream I had gone to see a doctor to take them off and fixed new ones instantly. It felt good but I cant understand it. Please help me. Thank you so

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Wow what a cool dream. Let me show you how to understand the dream. Were going to replace the word “teeth” with what it represents which is wisdom. In your dream you were with family and and you felt wisdom leave or come off. So you went to the doctor to get it fixed and you got your wisdom fixed or restored. This is a good dream, showing you that you recognized a problem and it was resolved. This is something you can do and learn to grow in with Doug’s free e-book, http://dougaddison.com/free-ebook/.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Staff Connection

  76. Brenda says:

    I dreamed last night that my daughter had lost all her upper teeth and her lower teeth were all broken in the front and her back teeth were rotted and very black looking. And my daughter is 25 and her face looked like a baby face and she looked at me and said sorry mom. In my dream I was crying in slow motion. And I woke up in my sleep crying. I’m very puzzled about my dream. Any suggestions?
    Thank you, Brenda

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thanks for sharing Brenda. I know having dreams like that can be disturbing at first, but God always has a good plan and never one to harm! As it states in the blog, teeth often mean wisdom in a dream. In your dream her teeth were rotting and broke, this may be an indication she is in need of a wisdom because hers is lacking. I suggest to keep praying over her and asking God to grant her wisdom daily. Ask God how you can help your daughter with whatever it is she may be going through too. She may need godly counsel.

      Bless you and your daughter!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  77. Ok says:

    Please I had a dream last night in which I was pulling out the font teeth of my daughter. I am so scared i do not know what it means. Can you help please.

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