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What Do Baby and Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

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what do pregnancy and baby dreams mean - blogWhat Do Baby and Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

As a dream interpretation expert and trainer, I have seen thousands of baby and pregnancy dreams. These are common for dreamers and I’d like to explain what God is saying to you through these dreams.


Baby or pregnant

Both men and women can have this type of dream. Most of the time it is not a literal dream but symbolic. It’s God talking about birthing something new into your life. It could be a new job, a gift, an anointing, ministry, creativity, or even a clever invention.


Here are a few examples of baby or pregnancy dreams:

  • There is more than one baby involved, such as twins or triplets. This indicates that the new thing coming will be of greater magnitude: double, triple or even quadruple.


  • The baby newly born is soon walking or has a full head of hair and teeth. This is showing that the new thing coming to you will mature and happen quickly.


  • The baby is not alive or needs to be resuscitated. This is showing you that there is something that God is trying to do through you but it is being stopped or needs help to get it going again.


  • Someone gives you a baby or you find one. This indicates that a gift or something new that has been neglected or let go is coming into your hands.


  • Your daughter is pregnant (she’s unmarried). The fact that she is not married yet is irrelevant. Your daughter has something new coming into her life.


God is creative and loves to do new things for His children. If you are having baby or pregnancy dreams, pay attention to the new thing in your life. God is encouraging you in it.


Happy dreaming!








Doug Addison


Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

445 thoughts on “What Do Baby and Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

  1. Nina says:

    The graphic you picked is so perfect! Thanks for the dreaming tips! This matches with your Daily Prophetic Words that the new is here! How cool is that? Great stuff Doug!

    • Jd says:

      Everytime I have dreamt of being pregnant or having a baby I have become pregnant, so for me if my dreams are significant I dream the exact series of events. so not all dreams that God gives us are symbolic, like mine, they can be literal.

  2. Laurel says:

    It seems I have dreams about babies & small children several times a week – have been for years. Appreciate the insight Doug. Have had the dreams of a baby instantly growing, feeding herself, with a head of long blonde hair – very significant to me.

      • Charlie says:

        Thank you! We come against that in Jesus’ name. God is faithful. What the enemy has meant for evil, God shall turn for good.

        • Nanika says:

          Hello im 14 year old girl and i had a dream that i was outside and suddenly i got pregnant i was pregnant for few days and i had a big belly already i never knew who it was by , but then i was ot till late night and the baby that was inside me died, everyone knew about me, but no one knew who it was from i was crying when i saw the baby can someone please tell me what it means :(?

          • Lashae says:

            I had a dream two nights the first time my cousin and I were in the labor and delivery room & she was helping me push however when we looked down the Baby was looking at us with a head full of hair the sac hadn’t even broke. So this morning this time in Still in labor but when I push down I see some dirty fluid go into this tube

          • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

            Hey Lashae! Giving birth is often symbolic to birthing something new. Doug says that if the baby a stillborn in the dream or needs resurrection , then that could be showing you that there is something that God is trying to do through you but it is being stopped or needs help to get it going again. In your case the tube, which was giving the baby life, got dirty. So it’s life-source was getting polluted. Ask God is there is something in you He is wanting to do but it is getting polluted. Bless you!

        • Aislyn says:

          I had a dream last night that I was in the bathtub and I little pink balloons started inflating and it was maybe like 20 and I popped all of them and in the last one I saw an unborn baby in it so I popped it and I payed the baby on the floor and I thought it was dead because it was unborn but suddenly it started waking up and when it woke up it was like a 1-2 year old and I was holding the baby and the baby just kept growing. I’ve been testing for a couple of weeks now to see if I’m pregnant because I’m late but they all come out negative so I don’t know what this means someone help

          • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

            Hey Aislyn! Like Doug said above, baby dreams are often symbolic of God birthing something in your life. Ask the Lord to show you what it is He wants to birth in you. God bless you!

      • Nimisha says:

        Hi Doug
        I had a dream where my 64 year old mum , gives birth to a strong healthy baby and hands the baby to me.

        This break through is for my mum right.

          • Admin Pam says:

            Patsy, if dreaming of a baby means God is birthing something new, then your dream means that God had given something new to your daughter. Spiritual gifts do not die with our physical bodies, so God is showing you that whatever He gave to your daughter is available to you if you want it. You need to pray & ask him for it.

            God’s blessing to you,
            InLight Connection

      • michelle says:

        Hello. I dreamed that I moved into a dirty apartment and I had a son who was about 3 I think in the dream and a baby girl who was a few months old. In the dream I only saw the bedroom and the kitchen. I saw my dad in the dream and another family member there. I don’t have kids in reality and I stay with my mom. What does this dream mean

        • Hi my name is natasha im 18 i had a dream just a little like your ill explain i had a dream i was in a room with my three year old son i was watching tv and he was playing with his truck someone was knocking on my house and i knew who it was it was the baby father and i said let’s go see who in the door baby i opened it and it was he father he havnt seen for three years because his dad was in trade school and my son seen his dad for the first time and the father seen his son for the first time the son was three years old in the dream and look like this dad what does all this mean because im pregnant right know and i want to know too is it really going to happened?

        • Ugyen says:

          Yesterday morning I dreamed that one Unknown girl was about to give birth but no one around her is ready to help her except me and one of my friend. What do this dream mean.

          • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

            Ugyen, baby dreams are often symbolic. As Doug says a baby is often a blessing of some form. It could be a new job, a gift, an anointing, ministry, creativity, or even a clever invention. If you were there helping someone give birth, it may be God showing you that you will be helping something get “birthed.” You can ask God if there is anything you need to do to step into this. Bless you!

    • Cole ware says:

      Hi Doug I ‘recently had a dream about me having kids in this dream I had just turned 13 and I found out this girl from my church was pregnant and she said they were my kids. What does this mean my grandfather tryed explaining it to me and he’s a pastor and I didn’t understand so I’m confused on what the dream means

    • Kristina says:

      Doug. What does it mean when I have a dream im already pregnant. I go to my closest friends house and they say I have left my newborn that they have been taking care of the last couple of days. And im like what do you mean. So I take the baby go to the hospitol and do a dna test. It comes back its my baby. They said it happens where we can.sometimes have one earlier then the next. But that they are twins. What does this mean my dream I had?

  3. Tangie Dandridge says:

    I’ve had several pregnancy dreams the first was a few years ago of me having twins they were Huge like 12 pounds at birth a boy and a girl, but the funny thing is….. The girl was actually a baby that had not yet been conceived and she’s my future husband niece who’s now almost 3years ago. Why would I dream of a baby that had not been born or conceived yet? Ok. Just recently July 1, 2014 I dreamt that i was pregnant at the dr office not very far alone they asked if I was over 7 pounds before the did the sonogram. The sonogram revealed that I was pregnant with quad-triplets (4)

    • China B says:

      Awesome. Finally, someone who does have literal dreams as I do of somewhat. For example, I had a dream I was pregnant with a boy twice in one week . I had just missed two or three days late on my period…. I have my boy now he is almost 4. We’ll just last night I had a ..nother just as vivid dream… Of twins I was told were mine, and by golly I couldn’t deny them everyone was happy I think I was in the waiting room with them looking at them waiting to leave… I have had symptoms since last month but this dream was just of yesterday

  4. Cheryl Leon says:

    I am 73 years old and dreamed I had a baby girl but couldn’t remember her name. We all had a good laugh!! Thank you for your ministry.

  5. Christi Brew says:

    Hi Doug, I am curious if you have any advice you could share on how to understand dreams that pregnant mothers dream? (Actually pregnant in the natural.) Thanks! 🙂

    • Doug Addison says:

      Dreams while you are pregnant for real are often usual and crazy due to hormones and the fact that you start dreaming your babies dreams mixed with yours. So it can be confusing.

      • leyba says:

        in my dream someone was telling me my dream about being pregnant ment i was pregnant. i know that seems strange,weve been trying to conceive any suggestions?

      • bekah says:

        Last 2 weeks ive been dreaming of having babies but last night i dreamt my baby was still in the sac i was alone n didnt knw wat to do so i waited for baby to stretch n the feet poked out to open it ?? wat does this mean

    • Zach Davis says:

      I had none of those dreams, mine was that I got a girl pregnant and was going into labor and was giving birth soon.

  6. Mindy says:

    Several years ago (March 2010), I had a dream that I had twin boys. In May of this year, a lady had me keep her twin girls and I still have them. Now what? She won’t answer my phone calls or texts.

    • Dana says:

      Call DHS Sand get custody through the foster system so that you can at minimum get insurance online them and the state will give you $$ like child support

      • Jessa says:

        I have a dream being pregnant with a baby girl 3 months old im only 11 years old but that night before the dream i repent and prayed to God and i was crying at that point i was just crying and then i fell asleep and i was raped and i became pregnant i was happy bcs i love babies i have a nephew 1 yr old but i dont know whats the meaning of this im still 11 yrs old !! I dk but that night before the dream i prayed to God while crying and i fell asleep guys pls help me idk whats the meaning of my dream i prayed pls help

        • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

          Hi Jessa! If you have a dream about having a baby, it is often symbolic for a blessing coming your way or something God wants to birth through you symbolically. If you dreamed you were raped, then that is not God’s plan for you. God loves you so much and would never want that to happen to you. Doug wrote a blog post here on nightmares that may help you, https://dougaddison.com/2015/08/what-to-do-when-you-have-a-nightmare/. Don’t worry Jessa, God loves you so much.

  7. Lisa says:

    I had a dream of an abandoned baby in the walmart lobby and i went to return her to human resources in the building via an elevator. I hit the button for the 3rd floor but the elevator shot up to the 11th floor which was the executive floor. I was annoyed because i felt like my time was being wasted and just wanted to get the baby to the third flood. Got back in the elevator, pressed the button for 3 but on the way back down, i took the time to look at the baby and her face was so full of joy and shining bright. I said, “im going to keep you and name you joy”. Interpretation: I was looking and praying for meaning in my life. i didnt feel i had a purpose. i was applying for jobs and didnt know what i even wanted if i wanted one at all. I started to think maybe my husband and i should start a family, we began trying to get pregnant in the 3rd month of last year. In the 11th month i got a job rejection straight from the executive corporate office I had applied to but then I found out 2 weeks later i was pregnant. We are giving the baby the middle name joy :). For years before this, i kept having dreams about a baby that was abandoned. I finally understood what the dreams meant. I was rejecting my purpose of being a mother. I was miserable until I realized what I was doing and i actually was going through a wilderness until i changed my mind. Right after this, i got a job basically dropped in my lap with a great company that is allowing me to work at home when the baby comes. Everything fell into place when i just fell in line with what was natural. Dreams r important. Ive always had them when i was missing the point and they were pointing me to what should have been obvious or the more joyful path in front of me. So for me..the baby was literal!

  8. Cindy says:

    I recently had a dream about having a son and my grandfather wrapped him inside his suit coat. Grandpa was a pastor who started our family in ministry. I feel this is showing me that I will give birth to something or someone that will carry his anointing. Is that right?

  9. ML McGinnis says:

    About 10 years ago I had recurring dreams of a baby that was mine but I was always forgetting to feed it or take care of it and would feel panic and remorse in the dream when I realized what was happening. Then the dreams finally stopped. I always wondered if there was some calling or ministry I was neglecting but never figured out what it was. I believe I’m very close to the Lord now, but I thought I was back then too.

  10. Pam Pettis says:

    My son had a dream he came home unexpectedly and his wife was giving birth to twin boys. The next 2 pregnancies, they had girls.

      • Tammy Dwire says:

        Hi, my name is Tammy. I had a dream other night I got pregnant an had twins they were a boy an a girl. What does that mean? Could anyone tell me. Thanks

      • Rachel says:

        I had a dream night before last that I was pregnant and then last night I dreamt I had a still born and I saw the baby I was trapped in a school I think in a snow storm with my current son and mom and after that I didn’t see the baby anymore what does that mean

        • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

          Hey Rachel! A dream about a still baby often is showing you that there is something that God is trying to do through you but it is being stopped or needs help to get it going again. School often represents learning, education, spiritual training, or if you go to school could be your life. Snow often means move with the spirit, recreation, revelation.

          Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and see what part of the symbols applies.

          Doug has quite a few resources on dream interpretation that teach you how your dreams at night can reveal your destiny, http://dougaddison.com/training/dream-interpretation/.

      • Hannah Borner says:

        Hi I am Hannah Borner and I am 9 years old. I had a dream that I was pregnant with triplets. And I woke up with a weird feeling on my private part

        • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

          Hannah thanks for sharing your dream. God is showing you that you have a calling on your life to help others (to bring birth to new things). Bless you!

  11. Christine Nelson says:

    I keep having a dream that i am pregnant and when i go to give birth i cannot see the baby it cuts off, i have had this dream twice and now the third time it was that i dreamed i was caring twins and i saw one baby in giving birth but the other i did not see.

    i know it is not physical pregnancy cause i cant have anymore kids . i have 2 girls and lost 7 children 5 miscarriages and 1 stillborn and 1 born early at 6 months and lived 2 mins. . my oldest daughter just got married in June 22, 2014 . and looks just like me !
    do u think it might be dreaming about her or me and her together ? i believe it speaks of ministry maybe birthing of a new ministry! my calling is a prophet in office in our church. do u think that God maybe bringing me into another calling in ministry?

  12. Irene Chavez says:

    i dreamed i told someone i was pregnant, but it was a lie. i just said it so she would tell me where my ex-boyfriend was. she said he and his brother left suddenly. (in the natural both he and his brother both died suddenly.) i continued to look for him. what could this mean?

  13. Karla says:

    What does it mean when you dream you are pregnant and you know you are due any day soon, yet everyone around you is giving birth except you?

  14. Tressie Ganas says:

    I have two dreams of babys. One from my daughter and one from me. My daughter who is now pregnant by only a miracle healing by God from cancer is having livid recurring nightmares of giving birth and dying during the process.Mine was a few months back of laying in bed holding holding a baby close to me while we slept.But it was in shadow form. Both so real we can feel everything as if it were happening right now.What do they mean?

  15. Jillon says:

    Hey Doug…. please help me understand specific details of a couple of my dreams (1) Im asleep on a greenish couch I wake up and this couch is outside in the open (2) Im standing outside the door to a house the door is open but I look down and notice two things: Iam bear foot and there is a bunch of broken glass all over the floor blocking my entry to the house I want to get in the house … the next thing I remember is being on my hands and knees crawling on top of the broken glass to get inside…

  16. Paivi Ahlgren says:

    I saw last spring during one night a dream. I also received audible word and written word during one night. Three different way to say that I am pregnant. End of June I saw another dream. I was going to have a walk in a mountains but in that dream I remembered that “I just gave a birth yesturday so I should go and check myself at doctor before I go hiking.” I didn`t have visible baby but I knew that I just gave a birth. It was pretty much that way.

  17. Ashley Griner says:

    I have a reoccurring dream and just had one two nights ago that I all of a sudden I remember that I had a Baby, and say to myself, “I can’t believe I forgot about my baby”! I know exactly where the baby is and when I find the baby it is always in a crib, and in good health, but either needs to have the diaper changed, or it is hungry, and no matter how long it seems that it had been forgotten, I always pick it up, and begin nursing it, and loving it. In the dream two nights ago, I did the same thing, but then had the dream again trying to figure out what happens to cause me to forget about my baby.

  18. Heidi says:

    What would it mean if you were in a hospital waiting room, you had just been induced and was waiting for the labour contractions to start – but you were adamant that the grandparents take the kids home to sleep (my real-life kids) because the baby wouldn’t be born before morning? I had this dream recently – I’m so curious because the interaction with grandparents & kids seemed very highlighted in this dream (not just the full term pregnancy and induced part).

  19. Erin says:

    Unbelievable the timing of this post! I am just learning to interpret dreams, and finished your book a few months ago. On Wednesday I had a dream about my sister in law being pregnant, but an ultrasound couldn’t find any sign of life. But we still had hope. Then she felt the baby move, and I put my hand on her stomach and could feel the head moving around. I started praying blessing over the baby. The dream was the night before we had a major prayer day with our family. I shared it with her that day, because she has more experience than I, but it wasn’t until she stumbled upon this post and I applied some of my knowledge from your book that we understood how prophetic it was about the family prayer time. Very exciting to start to understand my dreaming world!

  20. john falconer says:

    I am a man and I had a dream about 2 months ago where I was heavily pregnant. I ws wondering how I was going to deliver the baby, and was becoming increasingly worried as I am a man. Next, I had a C-section. I was to name the baby Emma. At one point, I was able to fit the baby in my right hand trouser pocket. And, I was also able to put it in a white bowl in my mother’s kitchen. The dream lasted for hours. When I awoke, I literally thought I was having a baby. Any ideas?
    Blessings from Edinburgh,

  21. Janie says:

    I had a dream my baby was born quickly, too quickly to get to the hospital. The umbilical chord was still attached and I was trying to find someone to take me to the hospital to have it cut. The baby was healthy. Interpretations?

  22. Krisanne says:

    I have never dreamt that I was pregnant or have had a baby but I often dream that I am around children or watching children play. I have had dreams where other unknown people are pregnant or giving birth or have children. I have also had a dream where I was at a baby shower. I have had two separate dreams where I was with quadruplets that belonged to other people and in one dream, I was holding one of the babies. How is this dream to be interpreted since the babies are not mine?

  23. Al says:

    What is the difference in interpretation when someone delivers the baby as opposed to giving birth to a baby? Also, what is the difference in meaning when someone gives birth to a male baby as opposed to giving birth to a female baby?

  24. Clair says:

    I have just gone through my 4th heartbreaking miscarriage in a row. My 6 year old son came into my room this morning saying he had a dream that he saw lots of eggs and the eggs were in my belly and then the eggs turned into babies and there were boys and girls. I thought it was a strange dream for a little not to tell me and am unsure what this means

  25. Esther says:

    What if I dream about carrying a mother who’s in pain and about to give birth? And the situation that time was hectic, like there’s about to start an unrest all around us?

      • Elsie says:

        Hello I am 37 weeks pregnant and last night I had a dream of a pregnant girl being thrown into water and giving birth in the water but disappeared right after me and a friend whom I do not know jumped to rescue the baby and as we waited for help I started breastfeeding her then woke up. What could this mean?

        • Admin Nikki says:

          Hey Elsie! We do not interpret dreams but we do help with understanding them. Your dream applies a little bit to what Doug states above, “Someone gives you a baby or you find one. This indicates that a gift or something new that has been neglected or let go is coming into your hands.” You and your friend found the baby and helped bring it to safety. Apply this concept to a baby symbolizing a new job, a gift, an anointing, ministry, creativity, or even a clever invention.

          If your someone who dreams a lot, consider looking into the Dream Crash Course Doug has, https://dougaddison.com/training/dream-interpretation/.

          Bless you Elsie!

          -Nikki, InLight Connection

    • sunshine says:

      Hi I dreamet I gave birth to a bby boy en d bby fel in d water bt I took it out for m I was bathing en d bby was jst healthy en I will b 36 weeks pregnant tomorrw. Tnk u .

  26. DeeDee says:

    I’ve dreamt three times in a week of giving birth to a baby girl. In the second dream, the newly born baby girl was giving birth. The third dream, the baby girl had very long hair. I’m wondering if this all means change is coming and that there is going to be something new within the change?

  27. JayDee says:

    I had a dream a few days ago that I was going some place with my boyfriend and some woman stopped me and made me go into this room because that’s where pregnant people stay. But I didn’t know I was pregnant until she told me and she said I was pregnant with twins. And then last night I had a dream that I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. What does that mean ?

  28. ana says:

    hi doug what does it mean if i dreamt of myself having tripplets i was totally unaware that i was pregnant until my first baby pushed its way out arm first straight through my abdomen and i was shocked all three come out alive im unsure of what the gender of the babies

  29. Katie says:

    I had a dream I was in a wheat field up to my knees in transitional labor. There was blood running down my legs. My xhusband was in a distance and I was yelling help me. The baby was coming. This dream was so real hard labor pains. I woke up at 4:51am. Could you please help me with the meaning of this dream.

  30. liza says:

    Hi,my son dreamed he and girl at youth slept together and she became pregnant, both are 14.it was a little girl.the girl were working a lot so he had to look after baby.what dies this mean? Thx

  31. Carter says:

    Doug, I don’t know how I missed this post my friend, but check this out. On 7-31-14 I was at a training and a pick up a Parenting Toledo article with Twin boys on the cover, dressed in green. The next day 8-1-14 God reminded me of a dream I had on 8-1-12; I had a dream my wife had twins and when the 2nd child came out he immediately released green poop. Then he started saying and singing whatever I, his father, said and song. My mother came to bring a gift for the twins and she was dressed in gold from head to toe with an outfit she made herself (my mother used to make clothes all the time, especially for herself and me). On 8.2.14 I was in Fostoria, OH and seen their July issue of Parenting Findlay and it had Twins, boy and girl, on the cover, dressed in green too! God is Awesome! Hallelujah Jesus!

  32. Tia says:

    Thanks for posting this Doug.
    I had a dream that I was pregnant and then I had a miscarriage and there was a red mark on my stomach and then later on in the dream there was a person that I don’t really know who came to me and advised me that he was going to be a dad as his partner Amy was pregnant (That last part was really random) insights/thoughts on this would be amazing. Thank you

  33. Beatriz says:

    For the last 3 weeks iv had dreams about other Weman finding out there pregnant. And in every dream there either telling me or I’m there when they find out. What does this mean?

  34. kerry says:

    Hi I experienced a dream of being pregnant to a man I barely knew. We never communicated about the child. The baby was a boy and had the thickest black hair I’ve seen. I seen his face and body and he was still in my stomach. A very thin cover of my skin round him but he wasn’t born if you understand. Can you give me an insight on this please? Many thanks x

  35. Jane says:

    I dreamt I gave birth. And a close friend came and helped me and as well carry d baby. I’m unmarried and himself as well

  36. Jazmin says:

    I had a dream that I was driving and then I got into a car accident. There was nothing I could do to prevent it. after it happened I stepped out of the car and was worried about the life of the baby. I started to scream in agony. there was also somebody else there I think it was me though. then and was afraid that the baby was dying. I was thinking to myself, “Oh my gosh, is he dead? That pain usually happens when they die. or at least its like that in the movies.” Then I could picture the baby. I don’t know what happened after that. that’s all I remember.

  37. Elisha says:

    What does it mean when you dream you find a dead baby and when I pick the baby up and cradle it in my arms it comes back to life and cries?

    • Doug Addison says:

      Hi Elisha,

      I really do wish I had time to interpret the thousands of dreams people send me. Honestly I am buried in them :O) but I did pour everything I possibly know on dreams into an online course that will help The Dream Crash Course. Take the Jump Start Course free. I also have a book Understand Your Dreams Now that may help. Go to my website http://dougaddison.com

  38. Genna says:

    Last night I had a dream of being pregnant and my boyfriend was there at first I was like okay I’m not ready I don’t want this baby but the nurse was like sorry it’s too late so as im on the table and I’m pushing it turns out I pushed out a bunch of liquid and the baby but the baby didn’t look fully grown either it looked more like 4-5 months old and so the nurse told me it was a miscarrage!!

    What make this worse is that in real life im a virgin and I’m 17 …..

  39. Susan says:

    Thanks for the tips.

    I used to have dreams (about 2008-9) all different in content, but the same theme…I have babies but they keep dying. It did not matter how much care I took of them, they would die. But never dreamt that I was pregnant. And these babies were mine, not given to me or found.

    I no longer have these dreams.

    Thank you

  40. Destiny says:

    Hi, I’m 16 and I’ve been having dreams about being pregnant every night for almost a week now, and I was wondering if this could mean something different, or what? Because I have a very strong opinion on teen pregnancy/ pregnancy before marriage. It’s kind of starting to scare me because, in the dream it’s mostly me and close family members knowing I’m pregnant and I don’t even show yet, but I have to go through telling friends I can’t do certain things with them anymore without telling them I’m pregnant. Any suggestions? Anything helps.

  41. Mimi says:

    the night before i dreamed that i was in a hot tube with both my younger sister around 16yrs and 13yrs, as we were talking i was holding my son in my arms and my 16yr old sister gave birth not being serious about the situation she was holding the baby like she didn’t care and almost drowning the baby cause she wasn’t hold the child with any care so i asked my mother to hold my son 2yr old while i held my sisters and i showed her how she should care for her baby and she didn’t care but i felt as if the child was mine or i had a connection with the baby. last night i dreamed that i went to my aunts home which i do not speak to for some family issue have occurred and need space from the drama they make, well i went to her room following my son cause he was running around and on her bed i found a baby girl who was asleep but awoke when we entered and i guessing her “father” an older man around mid 40s said his daughter had awoke and i apologized he answered no worries its time for her to be fed, he tried to hold her and she began to cry so i asked if i could help and seem to be a very gentle man and said yes of course please and when i held her she stopped crying and looked at me and laughed. I almost felt like it was meant to happen then i began carrying her around the house and caring for her. these couple of days and week I’ve been preying to the Lord to bless me with job, and understanding of my purpose and asked for some messages and or signs so i can acknowledge and comprehend what he’s tried to show me before. I dream on a daily basis but can’t or don’t know how to understand his symbols and the meanings of what i dream.

    • Mimi says:

      Do you think it means anything ? and thank you for your websites and helping others with questions and helping them understand what our dreams mean and the right interpretation. God Bless you :]

      • Doug Addison says:

        Hi Mimi,

        I really do wish I had time to interpret the thousands of dreams people send me. Honestly I am buried in them :O) but I did pour everything I possibly know on dreams into an online course that will help The Dream Crash Course. Take the Jump Start Course free. I also have a book Understand Your Dreams Now that may help. Go to my website http://dougaddison.com

      • hope says:

        My name is hope, first i hv a dream a woman gave me her baby to breast for her and i saw myself breast feeding d baby, and for a week now i keep seeing myself taking care of other peoples baby

        • Admin Pam says:

          Hi Hope, God talking about birthing something new into your life. It could be a new job, a gift, an anointing, ministry, creativity, or even a clever invention. It sounds like God is preparing you to help people future and grow their new job, ministry, thing.

          God bless you! Pam, InLight Connection

  42. saint frank says:

    Am glad to come across a very informative site that can easily and spiritually explain ones dreams, the way you did i have read so many before finally sharing mine…

    I dreamt that my girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy, and in that same dream the baby started standing and was about walking….and i did love the new born baby with all my heart i was proud and more than happy having the baby.

    saint frank

  43. josie says:

    I dreamed I had a baby die ,but I had a baby that was alive. I dreamed they did checked the died baby out and found out the baby died of natural cause. What do that mean

  44. Erika says:

    I first had a dream about my boyfriend got someone pregnant and it turned out to be true. Now I had a dream my sister was pregnant and is due next month but not by my boyfriend. What does that meab

  45. Kgomotso says:

    Hi Doug, thank you so much for the wonderful insight on our dreams, can you kindly advise what it means when I dream that my 5 year old daughter is pregnant twice and in the same dream I am drowning at the beach.

  46. Janice Campbell says:

    Mine was i delivered a baby and had to hold it in place because i wasnt expecting this until drs were getting ready to do there thing

  47. Jani says:

    Okay, so I’m in college (1st year) and I have no boyfriend but I had a dream that I was having an ultrasound and it said that I was having a girl. What does that mean?

  48. natali says:

    I had a dream that my 6 year old daughter was very pregnant and i was crying asking her who did this to her and then i asked was it your dad and she would just put her head down and cry.

  49. Jessca says:

    I had a pregnancy dream last night that I found out I was pregnant with my boyfriends child. Neither him nor I were excited or happy about it and were contemplating the options. Abortion came up but like in reality,I could never do such a thing. So we decided to keep it. In the dream we were “nesting”, trying to figure out where to put some baby things like a bouncy chair. This dream was located in the house that we’re living in now and everything was so real. He seemed absolutely miserable though. very saddened by the idea of us having a baby. I was also not happy with the idea either but was trying to make the best out of it. There was a lot of anxiety of not being ready mentally or prepared around the house.
    I can’t seem to wrap my mind on what God is trying to tell me.

  50. Asha says:

    I lost my baby a year ago. I had a dream that she told me i would have another baby soon and it would be a boy. What does this mean

  51. mae says:

    Hello I had dream I was pregnant and the baby arm came out first. . I was freaking out I saw my mom she said this is no good. Told her to get help but she never came back. I seen the baby in a fluid Sack breathing. Felt happy and relived and baby was back inside. What does this mean?

  52. Dulcey Forman says:

    I dreamed that I had lost my baby before birth (which I had lost some in early pregnancy) but in my dream I didnt want to see them, but in a moments time I wanted to see this baby girl. Had to find where the baby was buried and go through this maze and a grave yard where the bodies were not buried. Along the way I found other women that helped me find my little girl. I pull her box out and picked the child up. I dont know where I got that my child had a smaller left arm but this is how I knew the child was mine. I held her, hugged her like I had never hugged a child before. I wanted to look at her face but I dont know what was holding me back, I couldnt do it. The next thing I knew I was awake, and I had finally seen my little girl and I felt a peace about me. Please help me under stand this please?

  53. adriana says:

    I’m not pregnant, but I had a dream I gave birth to a baby I think it was a boy and had very gray and blue eyes and was looking at me… what does this mean?

  54. adriana says:

    I’m not pregnant, but I had a dream I gave birth to a baby. I was at home and started with pain and I thought it was because I wanted to go to the bathroom and when I went to the bathroom I felt like something came out so I touch and felt the baby hand, I got scare didn’t know what was going on and thought I was dreaming and just pushed the hand back in lol, then went back to the bedroom and sat in bed and minutes after started with the pain again so went back to the bathroom and this time I felt the hole hand of the baby so then what I did I pulled out the baby and was holding him in my arms (I think it was a boy) and had very gray and blue eyes and was looking at me. I screamed to my husband and he went and I told him “look we have a baby” he was in shock I was too, at that moment I was more in shocked that I didn’t think then when I came back to reality I told him that we had to take him to the hospital because I wanted to make sure everything was ok with the baby. (It looked healthy for me) got to the hospital and doctors says “congratulations you have a very healthy baby”. I was in shock, because I wasn’t taking care of myself, because I didn’t know I was pregnant, but doctor said I had a very healthy baby.

    What does this mean?

  55. Edna says:

    Hi, a relative of mine called to tell me that she had a dream that I was pregnant and my stomach was big. She kept saying how beautiful i was with this pregnacy. I am no longer having babies . What does this mean. What is this symbolic?

  56. cheves says:

    Hello, dream interpretation is new to me but it’s a great discovery. My friend had a dream in which I was 5 months pregnant, but I had no idea that I was. In the dream we were laughing and excited about the baby which was a boy. I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this? I know it’s not literal and I can see its simplicity, and 5 perhaps signifying grace. But the gender seems quite specific to something?… Is it significant it was my friend that had the dream? Thank you.

  57. honey says:

    I had a dream my daughter in which I haven’t talk to in 3 wks (unusual) she is pregnant (for real) had her baby and the baby healthy and everything but I haven’t talk to her to know if that’s true then the next day I see images of the same baby I saw in the pervious dream

  58. Galvandria Givens says:

    I recently had a boyfriend 2 months ago and I thought that I was pregnant but in October he broke up with me and I came on my period it was my regular period so I have had a dream that I was pregnant with twins now around the beginning of October me and my baby father had sex now to let you know this baby father that I am mentioning is my only baby father and we have 4 kids together so me and him are pregnant again I found out in the first beginning of November now I don’t know what to think about that dream I don’t know if that dream had to do something with my pregnancy now or idk so I need help understanding this dream.

  59. nicole says:

    Hello, and thank you for your blog. I thank you for your blogs on dreaming, hopefully you can help me. I had a daydream, in it my husband and I were in the maternity ward. He stood near while I held the baby in a blanket. We want to conceive but we haven’t yet. Is this just wishful thinking in the form of a dream!?

  60. Julie says:

    I recently had a dream about my younger sister; She has grown children (2 – boy and girl) and my sister and I are close. I dreamt that my sister was six months pregnant with a beautiful dark blue sparkly dress – she was standing on top of a bed and I was looking up at her. I am single and all I could think of is “Oh good I can finally babysit.” When I called my sister to tell her the dream she stated “No I am not pregnant” but her daughter, my neice Daniela is engaged to a boy from Ohio. I was so over joyed.

    I rarely ever dream. Shortly after my mom passed, that first weekend – long story but someone told me that they prayed to have a dream about their mom that passed and had some kind of dream. I rarely dream so I was hesitant to ask God, but then without even kneeling, I prayed and the next day was a Saturday so no dream. I said to God that he did many miracles in my life and that it was okay if I did not dream about my mom. The day she passed, that night I could not sleep at all and when I came out of my house to go set funeral arrangements, as tears started to finally flow, after long night of shock, a bird that was nesting in my porch fell to the ground and then got up and flew so high and then another bird in the next nest also flew up high in the sky. Someone told me that I would also go up to see my mom. So back to the Saturday – no dream, so I went to the LA Fitness gym and as I sat there one man asked a girl where she worked and she mentioned she worked at Hunter Industries, right where my mom Rose worked. She retired 10 years ago so the lady at the gym never knew my mom. I told the lady there and asked to see if I misheard and she said “Hunter Industries right off of San Marcos Blvd”. Exactly where my mom worked. Then when I went home – just mesmerized and could not beleive what had just happened – I called a friend to tell her and took a nap. I then had a dream that my mom was hold a boy in her hands and she was standing in her kitchen and looking up above her kitched window to heaven and said the name “Jacob.”

    I also, long ago had a dream that a little girl told me “You will have twins.” I am much older now and don’t think I ever will, but I love children imensely.


  61. nonhlanhla says:

    I am pregnant i keep on having recurring dreams sleeping with different partnes and my boyfriend also have reurring dreams dat the baby is not his child and he also dream of him marring another woman and hearing voices dat say the women is praying for him and the current one is not the womem to marry.help i need an advice

  62. nonhlanhla says:

    I am pregnant i keep on havinh recurring dream sleeping with different mans.and my boyfriend keeps on dreaming dat the baby is not his child and dreaming of him marrimg another women and voices telling him dat the women is praying for him and the current wonen is noy the one dat hr should marry.help i need am advice

  63. martha says:

    Hi doug I had a dream were I passed out n I woke up in a hospital and this nurse looks at me n says you’re baby n she hands me a baby girl I told her how was this possible if I wasn’t showing any signs of pregnancy .. she told me I had passed out due to the pain cause I was in labor .. but when I seen the baby this feeling I had was unexplainable like I knew it was my baby .. like I didn’t want to let go … but I wanna know what this dream actually means?

  64. Victoria says:

    In my dream I gave birth to a baby boy, out of the blue, and didn’t know I was pregnant, he was such an amazing baby, and my brother also had baby girl he didn’t know about, and she was to an amazing baby, so does that mean we are both about to have a breakthrough?

  65. makeetab says:

    I had a dream I went to the obgyn and the doctor told me that I was pregnant and it looked liked twins, he said that he know for sure it’s one, he said it clumped together come back in a week and he will let me know, but it looks like twins. I didn’t know how to feel in the dream. Excited or not, my husband felt a little not excited, he thought about the four children we already have. I said if God gave us this pregnancy everything is going to be okay. I did say let’s not mention it to the kids or at church, but I did say that they will know as I get fat (bigger).

  66. amber says:

    Okay idk if I’m pregnant but I went and stayed the night with my boyfriend and I had a dream we had a boy. I couldn’t see his face all I know that it was a boy and I knew what I named him what does it mean

  67. Tessa Perez says:

    i dont usually remember my dreams but my friend had a dream she was pregnant she told me but i th ink i might be the pregnant one is this a sign from God I’m so confused becuase I’m having signs and she had the dream and I told her I might be and she had the dream the night before I talked to her. She dreamt as if she were me and like me I’m not marred and she noticed things that relates to me not her at all

  68. Tessa Perez says:

    i dont usually remember my dreams but my friend had a dream she was pregnant she told me but i th ink i might be the pregnant one is this a sign from God I’m so confused becuase I’m having signs and she had the dream and I told her I might be and she had the dream the night before I talked to her. She dreamt as if she were me and like me I’m not marred and she noticed things that relates to me not her at all

  69. deepa says:


  70. Lyn says:

    My husband just passed away 9-29-14 , in his sleep ,I was filled with an awesome peace of GOD that said that he wasn’t suffering any more from the hardships of his life & that GOD would continue to be my provider , about mid October I had a dream about watching a movie about me giving birth to a son , as I watched I remembered the pain of labor & of giving birth , but it was a movie so I wasn’t feeling the pain at that time only remembering it , the nurses cleaned the baby & laid him in my left arm & I was so amazed & in love with him all I could do was look at him , I knew that the doctors where finishing the birth process , but all I wanted to do was look at my son , but all of a sudden while still holding my son I found myself standing on a dirt road where the road that I had been on was turning to the left & there was another road going off on the right side but more of a straight forward path , there were trees all along both sides of the street & down through the middle of the Y between the streets , they were all fall colored leaves & were all over the ground as well , only where the middle of the road was could you see that it was a dirt road , suddenly I sensed that JESUS was standing to my right with HIS arm around me & looking at the baby , all communication was by spirit & not talking to each other by words , HE told me that the path that I had been on was completed & now I was to walk the new path , as I looked up at the path I noticed a man standing about 10 to 20 feet away on the new road , I thought who was he & JESUS motioned for him to come over & he came & stood at my left side & JESUS’s thoughts were that his name was Matthew & he would be assisting me with my new path , all though he appeared youthful looking I knew he was close to my age (67/68) he was healthy & strong looking , I was looking at the baby when I noticed we were approaching a large house with a smaller one behind it , he told me I would be living in the bigger house & he would be living in the smaller house next to it , I realized other people were walking up to where we were standing & Matthew told me that they were our neighbors & that they all helped each other with the work of running what was like a co-op farm each doing what their talent or abilities were & that they functioned as the body of CHIRST working together making & selling things & helping the poor & supporting various ministries & that they would be moving me to live with them & I told them that I had a lot to move because I had gathered a lot of things through the years so that I could make things , it was if all of the dreams that I had been having all of my life about making things & living on a farm were about to happen , so many dreams about so many things that GOD had showed me where we would be training more & more people where they could train more people , in all areas of life & work & growing towns that functioned as the body of CHRIST .

  71. Karen Galvez says:

    I had a dream that I was pregnant expecting our first child. My husband and I were very excited and so was my mother-in-law. I gave birth to a dead baby. We were all really saddened by what had happened. I got pregnant again and I also gave birth to a dead baby. The second time people were giving me “fake compassion” but it really wasn’t a big deal to them. I was afraid that my womb was not able to carry any babies. Someone in the dream told me to go see these two guys that were doctors and they would be able to tell me if I would be able to carry a child. I went to their house and saw the two caucasian men and thats when I woke up.
    Any idea what it means?

  72. Alison says:

    I had a dream I was pregnant or thought I was. It was early days but then it was confirmed because I could feel the baby in my stomach. The head and arm

  73. Lucelva Torres says:

    Hello there so I’ve been wanting yo know, I am pregnant for the second time my first I did the wort thing a mother could do and I had an abortion, but now I am pregnant again and I keep dreaming of twin boys but I always lose one of the boys actually in my dreams I just know that one of them is a boy I have no clue if the second one is a boy or girl but I would really live to know what this could mean? Thank you

  74. Marlaysia P says:

    Hi Doug I would really like some insight on a dream that I recently had. I am NOT pregnant but In my dream I was pregnant with a baby girl and I was trying to get my bags together to go to the hospital to have her but the weird part about it she was already born!! Yes in this dream I had the baby belly and all but my baby girl was in the same house with me but I was trying to get to the hospital to have her!! Please help me understand this! Also there have been other people telling me that they have had dreams about me being pregnant!!

  75. Eva Kuhn says:

    I tend to have really strange dreams.
    Last night, I dreamt I was pregnant. But, there was an egg, and I guess the baby was in the egg..? It had to be kept in a box with bedding made of cereal and flour. Very weird. And the egg would make more eggs, and you had to collect said eggs because it helped with the babies development, I think. But at the end, I distinctly remember sitting down on the couch and feeling my stomach, thinking something like ‘two heartbeats..’ and then I woke up. Ahh, dreams are so confusing with me.

  76. Yogo says:

    I have been wanting a baby but can’t get pregnant. I had a child when I was 16 and he is grown now. I keep dreaming about giving birth to a baby and she is still alive but I can’t find her? What does this mean?

  77. Sheri says:

    I had a dream that I over heard my niece telling my mom she was sorry for letting her down but she was pregnant shes not pregnant how ever everyone is saying I’m glowing….

  78. liana Robinson says:

    I had a dream last night that someone gave me their baby girl……I dont remember how who or y but I had a babygirl!!!! In the dream tho I was driving down the roadbin a weird lookn bed of a truck and my mom was driving the babygirl was in the front seat with her….my littlest brother reached in the truck window to get her cause she was tryin to climb into the back with me….well he got her out and stood up to give her to me and she blew out of his hands onto the road and rolld a few times n then finally stoppd but wasnt moving…..a woman that was on the road with her 2 young ones I guess she was walkn caus she didnt get out of a car…..but I ran over to the babygirl and about that time the woman walkin was just picken her up I askd if she was ok and to my amazement the babygirl opened her eyes and smiled at me reached out and called me mom…..the dream then went to me bein at home and telling my parents about how I got her then it shifted to bein ina store clothes shopping for the babygirl then I woke up!!!!………I named the babygirl destiny lynn

  79. ashley says:

    i had a dream last nite my dead mother told me im having a girl baby,and im am pregnagt maybe about a few weeks tho and she asked me to name my unborn daughter after my dead uncle charlie i found this dream crazy because i told her i knew she wood of wanted me to name my child that.but the crazy part about this right before ive felt asleep i was lookin for an walk in abortion clinic to take this child outta me now im having second thoughts cuz my boyfriend is making me do this and im just sad and feel alone.

  80. Danielle says:

    I had a dream that I had a baby, and I was crying because I couldn’t remember actually having him because they had me drugged up, and I was really surprised/worried because I had only been 3 months pregnant, but somehow the baby was perfectly fine and fully formed, just a bit smaller than usual. and then I started breastfeeding him but had some problems, then someone helped me and everything was all good.

  81. stephanie says:

    I keep having dreams that my boyfriend is cheating on me & my dream Showed me a picture as well & he even missed he’s Baby’s birth to spend time with his friends & females & I am currently pregnant at first I Had a big obsession of having a baby girl & when I found out it was a boy it was a little hard to accept the fact & now every time I dream of baby’s I dream of a girl & a boy but the girl is always looks older. What does this mean ? Please help me!

  82. Amrita says:

    What does it mean if you have a dream about a child in a picture inside of your dorm room and you recently discover that there is a little ghost baby behind the child and when you uncover the story that the ghost baby has never been born as the mum had a miscarriage and the child in the picture is actually the baby and the mum died through the lady who owned the university by cutting the dead baby out of the mum and stuffing it into herself and all of a sudden I wake up from the flashback of what happened to me giving birth even though I wasn’t pregnant and the woman is doing the same by cutting into my stomach even and then I woke up x

  83. Amrita says:

    P’s The mother of the baby died in that same dorm room I was staying in but in real life I don’t even go uni and/or pregnant but I did recently apply to give some of my eggs to a eggs bank and been having some doubts xx

  84. Sym says:


    Earlier this week, I had a dream that my hubby & I had twin babies (boy/girl) who were being cared for by an acquaintance of ours, & it turned out that the babies were being molested by someone in that household. Last night, my hubby told me that he had a dream about me this week that I was pregnant. I was wondering what does this mean that he & I both had similar dreams in the same week? My hubby already has a son from his previous relationship & told me that he’s not ready for more babies, RIGHT NOW, but I’ve had baby fever throughout the almost 4yrs of our marriage. Can you please explain any of this to me? Thanks.

  85. Rodney Bryan says:

    I dreamt about having a new born baby with my ex I just broke up with. She always wanted a baby but we r to young. But now that she is gone I want a baby with her and I dream about it every night but last night was diff. I went to thee hospital to see her and this new guy was there.. Ik she is with him in real life now even tho we just broke up but what dose it mean!?

  86. sandra says:

    What does it mean when ur at the store and ur pregnant and u see ur aunt and she ask u what are u having u tell her a girl

  87. Destiny says:

    lasted night i hade a dream of me or someone in my family having a kid, an i was there an helping them alot,
    then lasted night my sister txted me an told me she might be pregnant,
    could u explain or juated tell me something,…??

  88. Jessica says:

    Hello, I had a dream my old best friend was pregnant by my ex boyfriend whom she is actually currently dating. She and her niece, who in the dream was Olivia Pope from ‘Scandal”, were wearing the same red dress. She seemed so happy. She looked maybe 4 or 5 months. She was about to tell her niece she was pregnant. She kept weighing herself on the scale, but the scale was unbalanced. She took small pieces of a brown paper bag to but under the scale to make it level. Nothing worked. She was so happy. She kept looking in the mirror. She said to her niece “Ty told me I have to make some sacrifices” Then I looked at her ring finger, and she had on her wedding rings. The ring was not his or her style and looked old fashion. It was gold. They are more white gold people. Does this dream have any meaning? I’m sure it does. I am able to interpret dreams also, this one i just can’t grip. I pray to hear from you. God bless you double!!

  89. Mariana says:

    I have had 2 baby dreams this year, the first one was at the start of the year and felt like love at first sight she had feature that look so vivid, I could understand what love felt like I could feel it, but I wasn’t with my boyfriend at that stage. My second dream was last night and I was pregnant had my boyfriend in the picture n we had a beautiful baby girl she was smiling had beautiful brown hair and we both become so close as a family & I couldn’t let go of her she was like my world.

  90. sharon says:

    Hi Doug, I dream I was pregnant my water broke. I went to the hospital they told me that the baby was dead for 2 months in my belly….in real life I am not pregnant. What does this dream mean?

  91. Alakosh says:

    i had a dream about my parents having a baby,could u tell what’s the meaning of this dream?(my mom is above 40s and dad is nearly 60)

  92. Laura Harris says:

    With the understanding that pregnancy dreams can have different meanings….. I have had several dreams about being pregnant even several where it was twins, as well as having the baby and seeing every detail about them from the complexion of their skin to the texture of their hairhair and one in particular the doctor said to me you’re pregnant and the baby traveled outside of your tubes so you will have a successful pregnancy(my tubes are tied and strangly i have been pregnant in my tubes before) but this one i went to the doctors office and the doctor was a lady(which i don’t remember seeing her but i heard her voice) and she said to me yes you are pregnant but the baby will be more visible when you come back for your next visit.

  93. Treasure says:

    I had a dream that I had a beautiful baby girl. This isn’t the first dream she has been in, I had a dream with her in it when I was with my ex-boyfriend. i was surprised and delighted to see her. She seemed to be just a few months old, which didn’t make much sense because earlier in the dream it felt like I just gave birth to her. in the second part of the dream I fed her once and in no time she was taken away from me. I woke up feeling empty inside and it lasted for most of the day including some of the evening. When the baby that has been in both dreams are the only times where I either feel warm and calm or, now, empty and sad. If you have any suggestions of what it all might mean I would be very grateful for it. Even if you don’t have any suggestions I am still very grateful.
    Thank you so much.

  94. maria says:

    My ex boyfriend and I are still seeing each other and have a thing going on right now. Last night I dreamed that I was with him and he was carrying a newborn that wasn’t ours. We were both enjoying the moment and he was really happy carrying the newborn with love as if it was his. What does this dream mean ?

  95. Summer says:

    I am cooooooonstantly dreaming of being pregnant by my ex. I also dreamed he had a baby boy with someone else. I do not want to get back with him. He is not a “happy ex”. These dreams bother me alot. I do not know if this matters but while we were together I suffered a miscarriage. I was sad at the time but I am also glad I am not tied to him for the rest of my life. Last night the dream was so vivid and I felt the baby kicking and moving like craaaazy. In my dream and real life my period was on and I was surprised at the results of a pregnancy test I took. I was in another relationship in the dream but the baby was my ex. I don’t want him nor to continue dreaming of him. What is going on?

  96. kiki says:

    Hi Doug,

    Can dreams of pregnancy of other people or breastteeding dreams ever be liitteral?? I ask this because I have been wanting to have another baby but not able to get pregnant again. Recently I dreamt a friend of mine was pregnant and I also dreamt I was breastfeeding twins.
    Backstory….about a year and a half ago I lost a baby and the night before I knew the baby was not alive(ultrasound) I dreamt I gave birth to a baby girl but could not remember anything about the birth.

  97. aqsa says:

    hey there i saw myself as a married pregnant in dream (where as i am unmarried 25 years old) and later i had a son. in my dream i was waiting for my husband to come but he did come. what would such dream mean, can anyone tell me.

  98. Yolanda says:

    It’s been two nights in a row that I’ve been dreaming with a baby boy.. the first time I dreamed I was kissing a baby I was holding while he was asleep in my arms.
    The second dream was intense, I was at the hospital not knowing what I was doing there but the nurse told me to push and so I did.. before I knew it I was in a hospital bed with my boyfriend who in the dream had a different face and our heads were in opposition directions as if we were both pushing… long story short I gave birth to a boy who was very white and seemed not to be breathing but when I saw his face he began to breathe and I held him and I was so happy and I saw his face so clearly he had a full set of wavy dark hair and hazel eye, and I remember thinking of God in my dream while I held the baby.. I don’t know exactly what it meant but I felt calm and so happy when I had that babyboy..

  99. CeeCee says:

    Hi, I never really used to remember my dreams but almost a year ago I got into a relationship and a few moths after that we’re engaged. We were have a few problems with personality clashes in our relationship recently and last night I dreamt I had 6 babies. I didnt dream actually pushing them out giving birth but I had given birth to 6 babies and the were in their baby bed side by side in pairs. I don’t remember any details of thierface or face expression and wheni asked a friend, she said it means trouble. Alot of trouble become their was 6 babies. In the dream my fiance was so happy he bought me 6 rings and one fell and the diamond fell out. Any insight?

  100. Teena says:

    I had a dream I gave birth to a water sack 2 months early as I looked closer inside there was a larger baby with 2 faces like a diformaty and a smaller one and I then realized I had miscarried twins .

  101. Teena says:

    I had a dream I gave birth to a water sack 2 months early as I looked closer inside there was a larger baby with 2 faces like a diformaty and a smaller one and I then realized I had miscarried twins . what does this mean?

  102. Kendra says:

    A week ago, my mom told me she had two dreams in a row (in two days) that my husband and I had another baby. ( we have two children right now). What do you think that could mean? (I write this being four days late. ..I’ll take test next week). Thank you!

  103. Karla says:

    for four consecutive nights i had a dream of a little girl(around the age of one) who looked just like me when i was little except she had brown hair with curls at the bottom as where i had straight black hair yet the little never belonged to me. and last night i had a dream that i was pregnant and a male voice said that he didn’t want me to have it so he was pushing down on my stomach.

  104. mona says:

    I dreamed that i have twins a boy and a girl….but i see the strollers one with pink and one with blue….what does it mean. I am in my fifties and cant have babies. I dream that i have them before my daughter hoe is expecting a girl now.

  105. Krystal says:

    I’m really divorced and haven’t has sex in several months. In my dream I saw the movement of a knot like protuberance in my upper and lower abdomen. When I and a friend saw this and I felt the movement I realized I was several months pregnant but I knew I hadn’t had sex in several months so I was somewhat confused. I wasn’t upset just more curious and I explained to my friend that some women are pregnant and don’t know it until the time of the birth.

    Please help me to understand this.

  106. sa says:

    Hi doug i had a dream just now that my four year old had been murdered a someone was tryin to kill me what does this mean

  107. Xochitl says:

    I had a dream that my mom had a baby, but the baby had my boyfriends noise and skin color. I got attached to the baby girl in my dream that when I woke up I kinda looked for her and realized it was a dream. What does that mean ? Will I be having a baby soon or my mom ?

  108. priscila sardido says:

    i keep on dreaming of many babies sometimes i saw many babies playing .. last night im dreaming of a couple who has a baby girl and they let me carry it.. the baby girl is so cute.. sometimes i dreamed that my mother caryy the baby and she gave it to me.. i keep on dreaming of babies almost every night what does it mean?

  109. karmen says:

    What dose it mean when your already pregnant and every time I have a dream the baby never apart of it like if don’t exist

  110. lizbeth says:

    Hi I am pregnant at the and I’ve had 2 dreams one was a 3d ultrasound of twins n the second was of the twins moving in my belly one was moving on my left side n the one on the right put it’s lil head true my belly n i could see facial expressions true my skin what can this mean this two dream where in diffrent days ..can u help me figure out what it can mean plzzz

  111. Paola says:

    I dreamed I was pregnant there was a gun shooting I got in a car to drive away from it but the top of my belly got cut no bleeding just but under my breast and I was able to see him in the sac and hear him and he moved a few times I went home and there was a doctor he put the epidural told me to walk around the house it was midnight I walked for 32 minutes and he still kept telling me I had to wait but I was just so worry I wanted to take him out my self since I already had a cut under my breast.

    I already am a mom that is almost 1year old.

  112. Yolanda Jasmin says:

    I dreamt that my cousin was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl but the baby died. As I went to the hospital to sympathize with my cousin, I asked her where the baby was and she pointed to the bed next to her and as I touched the baby and said hello nunu the baby opened her eyes and she was alive. As I was about to phone my cousins mum to tell her what had happened my cousin tells me no I mustn’t tell her mum she wants to surprise her with the news.

  113. Mike says:

    My name is Mike and my wife and I are separated and she told me she filed for divorce the other day. I had a dream that she was all in black and we were at her parents house and she was pregnant. In the back of my mind I was thinking if the baby was my own. I believe in God and Jesus lives in me. My wife told me she no longer believes. Can you please tell me what my dream means?
    Thank You

  114. Karishma says:

    I’m unmarried. 20yrs old. In my dream, I was married n giving birth to twins. My first child was alive but second was born dead.

  115. Betty says:

    I dreamed I had a baby boy at age 43, in the dream the baby seemed to be a few weeks old & we were surrounded by lots of people we knew. This isn’t the first time I’ve dreamed I’ve had a baby boy. What does this mean?

  116. Catherine says:

    Hi, I had a dream that I was pregnant, and the sonar shows that it is twins, but when I gave birth there was 5 babies, 3 identical girls and 2 identical boys. They also grew quickly, soon they were about 2 years old and could walk and talk almost. but they were my blessings, I can still feel the love I felt in my dream. We are at the moment struggling to get pregnant, and it is my biggest disire at this moment to have a baby, so can you please tell me what my dream meant?

  117. Samantha says:

    Hello..I just wanted to know what does my dream mean. Ok I was about 3 months when I had a dream of me at work and my sisters who I haven’t spoken to in years were there, they live in different states. Well they were at my work and asked me how my pregnancy was going when I told them I was 5 1/2 months prengant but had lost the BABYS. Ok so here is what happened in real life. I was 5 1/2 months prengant and we were waiting to ding out if we were having a boy/girl because we went two times Before and were told boy then girl. So the day was here and we went in only to find out that our baby had past away a few days before. I wanted to know why I dreamd of losing my baby boy and really did? And why were my sisters there? And why did I dream of having twins..??? Please someone help..

  118. SAMANTHA says:

    Hello..I just wanted to know what does my dream mean. Ok I was about 3 months when I had a dream of me at work and my sisters who I haven’t spoken to in years were there, they live in different states. Well they were at my work and asked me how my pregnancy was going when I told them I was 5 1/2 months prengant but had lost the BABYS. Ok so here is what happened in real life. I was 5 1/2 months prengant and we were waiting to find out if we were having a boy/girl because we went two times Before and were told boy then girl. So the day was here and we went in only to find out that our baby had past away a few days before. I wanted to know why I dreamd of losing my baby boy and really did? And why were my sisters there? And why did I dream of having twins..??? Please someone help..

  119. Carol says:

    I’ve been having these weird dreams the first one was that I had a baby boy with one of my old friends baby daddy that I’ve never met , second one was that I had the new born baby and I kinda of neglecting him cause I was working to much my job didn’t know I was even pregnant or had a baby I told no one that I had a baby the only persons who new where my mom and sister in the end of the dream I was stressing cause I was trying to do it all my self I was working to much and not feeding him as he needed I hope you can let me know what the meaning of this can be

  120. Mary Ann Wray says:

    Last night I dreamt I was pregnant with twins and I was really worried about it .. I was thinking oh my god I’m 61 years old. I’m too old to have twins much less one baby. I was sitting at my desk at work when I learned the news. When I told my supervisor in a few other of the women in my office they were really nonchalant about it like it was no big deal but it was to me. They just kept shoving work on my desk

    Blessings and peace! Mary Ann John 3:16♡

  121. Tracy says:

    I had a dream that I was touching my daughter’s belly and i saw the babies face and I pulled here shirt up and the baby was already out so I took the baby and pulled the umbilical cord and also pulled out her plasenta it was a Boy but she is going to have a girl. The baby was alive but would not cry what does this mean?

  122. Vanisha says:

    Hi, I’m 28 years old, I was born on December 8 (Immaculate conception). I am single with no kids , I used to desperate to have a baby, now that I’m single I kind of give up thinking that it would never happen. Today, I have a dreamed that I was on a bus full of people including my cousin and there was a new born baby girl sleeping on my labs. In the dream the baby is mine and my cousin said to me, now you are happy you are not only going to babysit my kid but yours too and at the same time I was picking up something on the floor, which were a lot of cards that have a figure of virgin Mary with Jesus in her hands. What does this dream mean. Thank you in advance. God Bless

  123. Brit says:

    I had a dream twice of the same baby. At first she was like 2,3 months and it was mine. Now she 4 to 5 months and my bf cousin cam up to me and asked me that’s your baby and I said yea and they were playing with her. What does this mean ?

  124. Tiffany says:

    My fiance one night had a dream that I took a pregnancy test and it was positive then a week later he had a another dream that he took a pregnancy test and it was positive too does that mean anything?

  125. Amonda says:

    I dream that my two yrs toddler was triple and then my husband ask me in the same dream if I think the baby is possess I woke up and start to pray over my baby please can you help me find the meaning of this dream

  126. Tonya says:

    What does it mean I had a dream that I had a lil baby boy with one of my ex boyfriend. The baby was 4months had a head full of hair one tooth in the front and could say mama he always cried and reached for me when other people would hold him including his daddy my ex and he would call me mama what does this dream mean?

  127. KK says:

    I have been trying for a baby since April 2014 when I got married. Still nothings happened but last night for the first time I had a dream, I had a baby girl and she answered to her name, she could crawl straight away, I didn;t know I was pregnant and the birth was so quick! I recently haven’t been happy in my job so it could be either job or baby soon? xxx

    • KK says:

      Also my mum lost twins this day 24 years ago, so have been thinking on her xxx she had her twins 12th sept 1991 and she had another set of twins 13th sept 1992 she had a miracle xxx

  128. marie says:

    I dreamt that i was pregnant and delivering very handsome baby boy and my late father was there and he was very happy. Doug, please enlighten me.

  129. Savanna says:

    I had a dream last night I went to the doctor for some kind of check up but while there the doc said let’s do a pregnancy test I told the doc I have an IUD and it isn’t possible for me to be pregnant then all the sudden I was getting an ultrasound and hearing the doc say there’s the baby. When I looked I seen the profile to a beautiful baby and I felt so happy but then I was in a panic about if the baby would be ok or if I would have a miscarriage cause I had one over a year ago. Then the baby punched me over and over so intense that my stomach was poking out every time the baby punched and although it hurt a little I was so happy about feeling and seeing that. I had my bf feel it and he to was very happy about it. I woke up and realized I had started my period! What does this dream mean?

    • Admin Pam says:

      Doug writes in the blog that dreaming of being pregnant is God talking about birthing something new into your life. It could be a new job, a gift, an anointing, ministry, creativity, or even a clever invention. It sounds like God is trying to get your attention to this new thing. Ask him what it is during your quiet time with God 🙂 Pam

  130. Michael Gene says:

    Hello Doug my name is Michael and just the other night i had a dream about a baby and it was indeed 3 involved.It felt very real and was exactly what you described in your article.I have been hoping and wishing for a certain thing to happen in my life and i just want to know is this God speaking to me and telling me it will happen? My dream described exactly the first example you mentioned about having a dream of 2 or 3 babies.Is God bringing me what i want and wished for? thank you so much!

    • Admin Pam says:

      This is what Doug said in his blog: The new thing coming will be of greater magnitude: double, triple or even quadruple. Most of the time what we want and wish for is not the same as what God is giving us. God sees our destiny and life purpose and gives us gifts to move us forward to that end result. Blessings to you 🙂 Pam

  131. valary says:

    hi Doug this is wonderful last night I had a dream I giving birth to twins the first was a girl the second one took time to come out I was crying for help I found myself in the hospital nurses was attentive to attend me everyone was telling puuuuuush I couldn’t the other said can we take you ceserian section I told them yes but she told the line too Iong keep on trying let’s go I call the name jesus help me and the baby came out without any pain the baby was a boy after that they took him they came with him when he is walking well dressed jovial boy and I told nurse thank you but he resemble his father my husband who left us two years ago. what a dream imagine I wake up today morning feeling pain in my abdoment surely what could it mean

    • Admin Pam says:

      Thanks for reading Doug’s blog and sharing the dream.

      Doug says “It’s God talking about birthing something new into your life. It could be a new job, a gift, an anointing, ministry, creativity, or even a clever invention. If there is more than one baby involved, such as twins or triplets, this indicates that the new thing coming will be of greater magnitude: double, triple or even quadruple.

      So watch for the new things God is doing in your life 🙂 Pam

  132. danielle says:

    Hi, 3 nights in a row I’ve had 3 different dreams about different things but in each dream there was a baby and I’d be holding that baby in each dream but in those 3 dreams the baby was never mine. What does this mean?

  133. Ann-Ley says:

    Last night I dreamed of having a baby boy with my ex, I didn’t see me giving birth to him but I know it was our son, we were both happy together.

  134. Mary says:

    I had a dream that I was pregnant with my ex boyfriend child. In the dream I approached him while he was in the shower and I stated “something is wrong with the baby, we need to go to the doctor”. He then said what’s wrong? Then I step into the shower with him to get some comfort as he was stepping out….then I woke up…what does this mean???

  135. Jessica says:

    Hey Doug, I stumbled across your website trying to figure out this dream I had. I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant and last night I dreamed my mother in law just had twin girls, what does this mean? My mother in law has had surgery so she can no longer have children!

  136. Nik says:

    So, this is weird. I had a dream that I delivered a baby girl, a couple months later, my younger sister found out she was 2 months pregnant. I later had a dream that she delivered a boy but she’s having a girl. Last week, my mom dreamed that I had a baby boy on a beach. What does this mean ??

  137. Ola says:

    A guy who I know saw me in his dreams “pregnant with his baby” we don’t have sexual relationship but we admire each other.
    What does that mean???
    Thank you

  138. Dorothy says:

    I had a dream where everyone in ma office is helping me do somethings because I’m pregnant in that dream. In the real life, I’m also pregnant,what could this mean?

  139. marisa says:

    I had a dream about me holding a baby of my own. She looks just like me but she looks like she was a month or 2 but she does look like she was born a 3 days or a month. And I’m guessing I had a boyfriend or ex boyfriend or someone that was the father to my baby named her Ron and I was at a restaurant with my friends and I was holding her . What does this all mean ?

  140. sunshine Nicole says:

    hello . i tried looking for an answer everywhere online but never found any . i had a dream i lied about my pregnancy to my current boyfriend . i was planning to tell him when i was 2 months but never did and it was already 3 months . what does that mean?

  141. Irma says:

    In my dream I was pregnant , but never went through labor . I woke up and the baby was laying with my husband and he told me everything was okay . I never had labor pains or anything. I also remembered that some friends that knew I was pregnant commented on me being pregnant and I told them I am not pregnant anymore the baby was born… confusing .

  142. NACOLE says:

    I had a dream that a woman was pregnant and I could see ye baby’s face though her stomach. It was a woman that my ex started seeing directly after me. However I was not upset about it. I had been pregnant with his baby at one point but mine was still born. It was over 6 years ago so now I’m totally confused.

    Recently, I had anothe similar experience with my fiance and we actually had a baby would is now 2, but again he moved on while I was pregnant. I have been in a tremendous amount of pain every since. I understand that I brought this upon myself by nit being married. I have asked for forgiveness and now just want the pain to stop.

    I have asked God to speak to me through my dream’s but this one makes no sense to me a all.

  143. miranda says:

    hi my name is miranda i dreamed that my water broke and my sister and mom was carring me then i was carring a new born baby i really wanted to know what that means

  144. Jacqueline says:

    I was just falling asleep a few nights ago and I dreamt I had a book in my hand. I opened the book and the page just said in large letters ‘pregnant’. The dream shocked me and I woke up. Since that day I’ve been having ‘symptoms’ that are making me feel maybe I am pregnant. I’m worried about taking the test as I’ve had trouble conceiving in the past. Anyone had something similar?

  145. Amanda says:

    So I had a dream that I ended up pregnant with twins and watched the whole thing, to my stomach moving hearing the heart beats, to giving birth. It was a boy and a girl and the girl was born first, then she looked a lot like my boy friend and all of a sudden had a lot of hair on her head. Was just wondering what this could mean

  146. Jenna Nixon says:

    I dreamt I was in the hospital starting to feel contractions(pain) but while still in labor I found myself holding my newborn, a boy. I saw his precious face. Kept trying to call my aunt over and over-no answer. Was alone in hospital. Then I talked to papa on the phone and uncle Joe was there. He was caring for the baby. He was kinda cold to me but there for the baby. Nana was a work. At the same time I was still in the hospital in labor with that child and pain starting to kick. in. It was like I could see my creation and see the baby was safe. But I was still pregnant and about to give birth(pain, alone in hospital and it was taking a long time waiting for full labor and time for delivery. I never went through the delivery or see the birth. Only saw and held him.. Again, there was pain but it never got severe. WHEN I WOKE UP , the dream gave me peace.

  147. Jenna Nixon says:

    Doug Addison-you are amazing in your dream interpretations. I have also had 2 other baby dreams. The meaning you gave in your answers were so insightful. They were actually 2 of the common dreams you talk about. Saving my baby’s life after falling off bed. Like I brought baby back to life. And one about me finding a baby and it was big or heavy. Don’t remember much because that was the first dream. But I keep having baby dreams. The one I posted above, I think I know what it means spiritually from how it links to a new beginning and I am ready for it but I see the baby safe but still have to go through some pain but not severe. The three 3 dreams are like chapters or connecting the dots. They seem to have an order to them like watching a movie. The dreams go in order so far.

  148. krithika says:

    Doug…i am an unmarried women but i had a dream like i have a husband,son and i am giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.can you tell me what does this symbolise?…sometimes i also have a dream of my dead gramdma giving me something..

  149. Briana says:

    Hello Doug my name is Briana and my husband Raheem told me he’s had a recurring dream and in the dream I was sitting in a chair holding a newborn baby and it was wrapped in a blanket and him and all our family were standing. He said he was so happy and excited in the dream and he knew the baby was ours but he couldn’t tell what the gender was. What do you think this could mean?

  150. Alyiah says:

    Hey Doug my name is Alyiahs and a few months ago I had a dream that my dead baby brother was alive in my dream and he was laying beside 2 newborn babies and then all of a sudden he left. what could this dream mean?

  151. Fani says:

    Ok my look as common but some what different …
    I gave birth to a twin couple(boy and girl) i gave one to a friend that dont have none as i have 2 girls in reality i asked her to pick one since i know she wanted a gilr but dispite her desire of having a girl she choosed the boy as i asked her she couldnt explain nor undertend it herself
    Then out of nothing im breastfeeding the girl and the milk is overflowing and almost choking her. I put her down and start thinking im gonna pump the milk and give some to my friend for the boy. Then i start looking for the pumping bag i new where it was but couldnt remember how to rich it
    Than i retryed to feed the girl again she denye it and i said more for the boy
    i woke up at 4 everytime i try to sleep i see the girls face with overflowing milk
    I still cant sleep if you can please give an idea of the meaning i would apreciate
    I know theres a message i just cant see it

  152. Gabrielle Kittreles says:

    Last night or this morning I had a dream that I had triplet boys 2 full of hair one with no hair, and then there was a extra baby which made it quads they didn’t have any names but I fell so in love with them, I can feel the love in the dream, I wasn’t afraid but it was all new to me and I was very excited about the adventure! They all were good babies longs as if I fed them and nurtured them and gave them love my mom was there to support me with the babies as well, my daughter was pretty much excited she’s 4 year old what could it possibly mean???

  153. Lisa says:

    I had a dream I was sitting I think Ina clinic or something and a women sitting across from me out of nowhere told me I was going to have a baby in two months. She said Two months very clear like she knew for a fact it was going to happen. I remember looking and laughing at the thought and what she had said cuase I didn’t believe it and I thought she was crazy. When I woke up I was just thinking who had told me that as if someone had literally told me in real life I was gonna have a baby in two months. It felt so real but I don’t know what it means.

  154. What does it mean if I became pragnent then the baby girl has born then I became pragnent again straightaway and I wasn’t married and my father didn’t know i was pragnent even at the second time when I I became pragnent he didn’t realized.?
    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards.

  155. Regina says:

    What does it mean when you dream that you and your boyfriend are making love and he says ..lets make a baby? Even though in reality neither one of us want anymore kids. He has kids from a previous marriage and so do I. We’ve only been seeing each other for 4 months.

  156. Alice says:

    I had a dream the other night and it was painful. In my dream I woke up, made my bed and when I was about to get dressed, I heard a faint cry so i lifted my blanket on my bed I didn’t know I was pregnant and there was a little baby girl I had just given birth to. I grabbed her, cradled her, loved her more than anything. She was my little angel, but then someone took my baby and I never saw her again in my dream. It felt so real and when I woke up I felt like I lost a part of me…. What does it mean?

  157. Joy says:

    Thank you very much for the dream interpretation post above concerning having a baby. I am Christian and for a long time I have been stagnant in my music career. In 2015 I started working on an project when someone offered me a donation to my ministry gift to do the project. We are at the final stages now, but something kept holding it. Few months ago two friends of mine and one being my prayer partner told me they dreamt of me pregnant. At that time I knew God was about to birth something new in my life, especially concerning my music career. Just this morning I drramt of me having a child although I didn’t know the child’s gender, yet it was growing very quick. When I read your post, it was impressed in my spirit that what I have been praying for the last week since I’m on 21days of fasting and prayer has been answered. I am praying seeking God to show me if He’s really called me. I have had so many dreams of the same kind where I deliver people from bondage, casting demonic powers from them and delivering them from fire. I wanted clarity because I have been going through a lot myself and it all started to seem like I am not called hence my prayer and fasting. Thank you for that interpretation. I receive it and believe God is doing something new.

  158. cyrene says:

    what does it mean when a friend of mine informs me that she had a dream of the both of us been pregnant (she is pregnant) I am not, and can’t fall pregnant cause my fiancé had cancer and with all the chemo he shoots blanks. There is nothing. My friend has also giving birth to a lovely health boy. But why such a dream and with me been pregnant?

  159. bash says:

    I dreamed of one baby boy and a baby girl ,in the dream I felt as if they were my own ,they were dirty and so I decided to take them a shower and I did so,eventually I named them and played with them,it was really weird ,I knew how to take care of them and I know what was dangerous ,I’m only 13 ,I woke up and my stomach was hurting and I stood up and the pain stopped,after while I couldn’t get the images of the babies face off my head

  160. Bash says:

    I dreamed of town..a boy and a girl ,I don’t know them I don’t remember if I gave birth to them,but I decided in the dream to shower them so I began with the baby boy while my mom showered the girl,as I began putting water on the boy he started laughing and jumping ams I though it was cute so I played with him in the water,after awhile the baby boy kept smiling at me and didn’t wanna leave my side.I named the boy and girl and they were ,no it felt as if they were mine but I didn’t know .lastley I felt in love with them and I kept them and so I woke up and when I stood up from my bed ,I had a pain but went away fast .but I can’t get the baby’s face out my head .ik its crazy because I’m only 13,what do I have to do with a dream like this ?makes no sense…

  161. Maurete Graaff says:

    I recently had a dream of actually seeing conception take place. It seems like I was in the womb myself and I heard a voice asking do you want this? And after a brief hesitation I said yes and smiled. And the egg was fertilized and in a matter of seconds there where 3 babies forming. I was overjoyed and could hardly believe it. Thing is I have never been pregnant. It is my dream to become a mother and for my husband to be a father. I have been struggling with whether or not to do the IUI or IVF treatments as somehow I want to give God more time for him do it in his time. Yet as each month passes I get more and more despondent and it’s actually gone as far that I questioned my faith. This dream is stuck in my head and I see the babies and hear the voice so clearly.. What does it mean??

  162. Crystal Claiborne says:

    I dreamed I was pregnant with 10 children 8 girls and 2 boys. Im 45 i have a 27 , 26, 25 , 24 year old already. I have 3 men and 1 beautiful daughter. This dream woke me up out of my sleep.

  163. Makeva says:

    I had a dream that I was pregnant and the baby’s foot kept pressing out of my stomach. So finally the baby was born and she kept sticking/ stretching her left foot out and I finally looked at her and she was beautiful and angelic looking. She was just sleeping and stretching and I was in awe and so in love. I woke up holding myself and just feeling full of love and enveloped in love. What does that mean?

  164. Portia mason says:

    I had a dream two month ago. That i had a baby and it was a boy last night. I had anothet dream i had a baby and it was a boy so i share it with my daughter. And she said she had the same dream what do that mesn

  165. Kristen says:

    I had a dream I was with my boyfriend and my sister at my aunts house. My sister asked me if I was pregnant and I said no I don’t think so and then instantly my stomach grew huge and got super hard like I was pregnant. We all freaked out and was like wow I guess I am pregnant , we were super excited. And then I went to look in the mirror and there was a white spot on the bottom of my stomach that looked like a pimple. I squeeze this pimple looking dot and my whole stomach squeezes out and I am no longer pregnant. What does this dream mean? We have been trying to get pregnant. So I’m not sure what this dream means.

  166. Emmy says:

    Hi I had a dreamnthat I was 5 months pregnant with a baby boy. I already have a two year old and we are struggling to have another baby. This dream made me sad but I want to know what it meant. There are so many options to chose from but I just want one that makes sense. Please help.

  167. Lyndsey says:

    HI dough what does it mean when your ex boyfriend of 5 yrs dreams of me having a baby but I couldn’t make it to the hospital so he had to deliver the baby. What could this dream possibly mean?

  168. philip says:

    hi Doug, I have had this dream on two occasions but different cenarios. Am office mate-female, was visible pregnant in the dream. She has been married for about six years now without getting pregnant. What is the meaning?

  169. rocroc says:

    what does it mean if you dream about you and your ex girlfriend & she said she was pregnant twice by some other dude

    write me back

  170. Robin says:

    I had a dream that I was at the obgyn for a check up and the nurse took me to the back to get an ultrasound. I asked her why would she do that because I’m not pregnant. She did an ultrasound and sure enough I was pregnant with septuplets (7 babies!!!!) My nerves were on edge when I woke up. I do have a set of fraternal twin boys. What does this mean?

  171. Ven says:

    Hello Dough
    Had a dream last night in which I was watching the process of child conception happening live. Millions of sports and suddenly, a supermarket fertilised the egg and the process of life began in the uterus.
    I’ve been trying to conceive for close to 3yrs. Could you please help me with an interpretation of the dream?

    Thanks and hope to read from you.

  172. Lizeth says:

    what does it mean when your mother in law dreams with twin boys and a baby girl she picks up the girl? I am currently pregnant but i am guessing the message is for her.

  173. Tsamodimo says:

    I dreamed about Giving birth to a baby boy ,naturally.the nurse was not very nice to me.
    What could it mean ?

    I am not pregnant )

  174. Angel De Lupane says:

    Hi I’m Angel (age 17) and I often have dreams where I’m pregnant with multiples and someone always wants to make me have an abortion. I wake up with my hands holding my stomach like I’m trying to protect it.

  175. ira says:

    I had a dream i give birth to triplets but before the other two baby come out the one baby girl i was breastfeed i was so Happy and i had side dream of a new relationship with man rightnow im and unhappy marriage with a unfaithful man the and a month ago i had a dream i was pregnant. Doug if please help me understand my dream

  176. Lillian says:

    Please Sir, what does it mean to often gave of carrying cute babies dressed in white. The had this morning I was climbing down a long beautiful staircase and the only person I saw there was a woman carrying a very cute, fair and hairy baby girl dressed in white. I admired ththe baby but at the last section of the staircase that led directly to the ground, the woman gave the baby to me me. Then I walked into a church congregation with the baby and a woman came out said if you want to get married touch my hand, I tried to touch hand but could not bcos it was like air in my grip but so many other ladies touched and even hugged her. Please what does this dream mean.

    • Admin Pam says:

      HI Lillian, babies can symbolize new ideas, jobs, or talents. White usually means holy. Marriage usually means promise or commitment. God is showing you that he had given you something new but the timing isn’t here yet. Tell God thank you for what he is giving you and ask him to reveal the timing for you.


  177. dreamer says:

    hi all so nice to see aim not the only person who had an baby/ pregnancy dream, but mine is a bit different.
    last night I hade an dream that me and my Boyfriend of 8 years where at one of my aunts 60 birthday party and every body approached me and congratulating me and in my dream I turned to my boyfriend and asked him why are all this people congratulating me and his response where you are pregnant in an flash I aim holding the most beautiful baby girl that looks just like me in my hands and as I was looking at her she stops breathing I then started blowing in her face (do not know why) then she was all grown like an 2 year old, my mother then asked me why I don’t let her walk I then opened the blanket to show my mother that her hands and feet are not normal it looks like roots from an tree, and just after that my alarm went off and I woke up… if any body have advise please share

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hey Dreamer, learning to interpret dreams is like learning to understand metaphors or parables. God uses a story to get his point across. Some details are just to add color and flavor to the story, like an artistic flair. So you need to look for the main focus of your dream. God is giving you a something new in your life that you will breathe life into and will grow at an accelerated pace. The tree roots just mean the new things will need to planted and nurtured so it can grow – like a tree. Don’t let the symbol of a girl with tree limbs throw you off. It isn’t literal. 🙂

  178. Candice says:

    What does it mean if I dream that my Stepmom had a baby. She was taken into a large room and the Doctor did a caesar on her. I was also in the room and could see the procedure being done on a big screen. Could you give me insight into this dream?

  179. Brandi says:

    I have had a series of dreams over the past 6 years that have commonality. The first dreams 6 yrs ago was me looking in awe at the sky and seeing 3 moons and 1 sun in the sky, then a host of dreams of a baby boy that was my son and people fawning over him. The dreams stopped for about 3yrs and then last night I dreamt that my cousin who has been deseased now for about 12yrs was alive. Part of me knew that she was not alive but in the dream my family was excited and I was sobbing and angry. Once I put my anger aside I approached her and with tears in my eye she hugged me then gasped and whispered, “You are pregnant!” She embraced me once more and said, “It’s a boy!” I then jerked from my sleep. I had a tubal ligation 11yrs ago so I should not be having any children. 3yrs ago I was told prophetically by someone I only met that once and had no prior convesation with that the boy was coming regardless. and that I had already seen it. I had only told people of the first dream so I was instantly humbled yet jolted at the same time. So this newest dream is causing me to come to you and ask if you have any insight at all as to why my cousin would bring me such news.

  180. Koushik rajak says:

    Dear doug
    Inspite of a male i dreamed last night that i am pregnant.but few days later i got to know that its not true.pls do me a favour,what does it mean?

    • Admin Pam says:

      HI Koushik,

      Having a dream about being pregnant means God is birthing something new inside of you. If you dreamed you were pregnant and then you were not, then this is an intercession dream for you to call out to God and ask him to show you what you can do to bring about the new thing he is creating in you.


  181. Letty Reynoso says:

    Dear Doug, I’m 16 and i had a stressful dream last night which is a blur but what i recall from it is where i have a little belly and i know that i’m pregnant so in the dream i was happy and next thing you know i’m about to deliver but a feeling of fear strikes me because i don’t know if it’s going to hurt or not, so everything goes black and then i wake up in a hospital bed where a nurse is whipping my forehead, then i get up wondering where’s my baby. I run to my mom who’s in the lobby and i hug her and i start to cry and she’s trying to comfort me but all i keep on saying “Mom, Mom where’s my baby, I want my baby” and she keeps on saying it’s okay and rubbing my back but i keep repeating the same word crying and felt like i was having either an anxiety/panic attack???? Please Help.

    • Admin Pam says:

      Letty, The dream is about about God birthing something new in you but you being afraid of what it will bring. Trust in God’s love for you and that he created you for a unique purpose in this life. Let God help you through your fear and then he will bring it back to you when you are ready.

  182. Zahasia says:

    I had a dream that I was pregnant with twin boys and delivered them at home, then I had took them to the hospital a day later. But I already have twins and am not pregnant can someone tell me what that dream mean ? It felt more like a future dream.

  183. on Tuesday November 1st 2016 I dream that I had a baby they were twins the first one died and the second one was a baby girl it was a large baby with large hands a fat round face and on its face it was a birthmark look like cabbage or lettuce. I know this dream have to have a spiritual meaning behind it because I cannot have children anymore I had a partial hysterectomy. in the room I had several ladies with me one face I recognize was my sister the other thing was unrecognizable. I am a Christian an elder of a church so I know it is something God is trying to tell me. what does that mean spiritually thank you

  184. Selena says:

    I am 12 weeks pregnant an I had a dream I had my baby an something was wrong with his legs an the doctors didn’t know an I took him home an he got up as a new born an started walking then he tried to kill me an its daddy ? I need help !!!!!

  185. jessica says:

    Hello doug! What does it mean when my sister in law has dreams of me being pregnant twice? Once when she was pregnant and the other after the baby was born? But i hardly ever see her? I’ve been trying to convince for two years now and nothing yet could this be a sign?

  186. lynda says:

    hi, I had a dream last night that i was pregnant with triplets, and as i was getting the sonogram done i could see that they were full of happiness and joy and they were full term babies. My body although was not showing that of a pregnant woman at all, I was my normal me, I do not know who the father is in the dream( i’m a single mother of one), but this felt so real i was shocked . what could all this mean, I’m still in awe as to what happened in my dream.

  187. Akeyah says:

    Hi im 23 years old im not pregnant or have any children…i’ve had the same dream twice of me giving birth to a baby girl. Both dreams take place in the hospital in the delivery room..the first dream was about me giving birth to her..when she came out she wasnt crying..the doctors were all calm about it and proceeded to clean her up but me and my boyfriend looked at eachother both very worried.. She then started to give a strong cry and the doctor handed her to me and i held her close…i dont remember the rest of the 1st dream..in the 2nd dream we were in the hoapital room and family members were visiting…everyone were taking turns holding her she wouldn’t open her eyes until she was close to me…she kept staring at me and her dad.it felt so real..what does this mean?

    • Admin Pam says:

      HI Akeyah,

      Dreams of babies are usually dreams of God birthing something new inside of you. You have to ask God to show you what the new thing is and then keep watching for it. It may not be what you are expecting it to look like. I hope this helps you begin to understand your dream.

      InLight Connection

  188. Nat beltran says:

    Hi I’m 17 yrs old and for the last couple of months I’ve been having dreams where I’m pregnant (9 months) and this time I gave birth to twin boys in the hospital and it was just me and my mother alone in the room right after I gave birth. I feel like it meant my mother was the only person that will care for me through anything like giving birth. Can anyone explain this?

  189. Best says:

    my mom HV a dream she is taking care of a new born baby girl that belong to me ,pls wat dos it mean?
    I also HV a dream twice of having pregnant withouts having sex

  190. Best says:

    I also HV a dream I was in a box and d driver want to use all of us in d box for ritual wen I notice everybody was sleeping as I bend down to pray immediately d driver slept off den everybody escape but instead of me to run I was busy trying to save a small boi ,and did is not the first time am holding DAT small boi in my dream

  191. Ester says:

    Hello,i dreamed that I was pregnant it skipped me giving birth but I gave him away because I had a boy so I gave him away and then not to long after the girl I gave him to go pregnant so she returned my baby what does this mean

    • Admin Pam says:

      Ester, the key to understanding your dreams is to look at them like a parable. So God gave you something new but you felt like it was too much so you wanted to give it to someone else, but God is saying it is yours. That was pretty easy, right?

      Blessing you to hear God well,
      InLight Connection

  192. Jomah Kollie says:

    In my dream my pregnant girlfriend was being delivered by me and the child was a boy. He could walk and talk immediately.
    What do this mean?

  193. Julie Hovey says:

    Hi Doug,
    A few nights ago I had a dream that I was talking with some people and then I told them I just had my third baby girl. They asked me how many children do you have? I told them I have two more girls at home. This is my third baby girl. It seems in my dream I was having these baby girls at different times and after speaking to people. I told her I have to get back home and she asked me how are you feeling. I told her I feel great. What do you think this means?

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hi Julie, If having a baby in a dream usually means something new such as a job, gifting, idea, and in your dream you are having your third “something new such as a job, gifting, idea” and you already have two more “something new such as a job, gifting, idea” at home, then what do you think God is trying to tell you? I see a pattern and a pattern means God is emphasizing a point. So why do you think God is point out that He has already giving you two new things and is giving you another? I see a pattern of your being faithful to follow God so He can trust you with new things. What else do you see? Blessing you with fresh eyes to see what God is doing in your life.

      InLight Connection

  194. Sonia says:

    somebody told me that he dreamt when i was pregnant,i started thinking about it coz i haven’t see my period, could it happen

    • Admin Pam says:

      God uses dreams to convey words or phrase which are not literal but symbolic. Visions os spiritual experiences may be literal. But 99% of the time a dream is a story that God is using to help tell you something… In this case God has given you a life purpose and a destiny that hasn’t come to life yet. Blessing your life and your ability to hear God for your life! Doug has a great free pdf e-book on How to Hear God more clearly.

      InLight Connection

  195. Kemmie says:

    Hi My inquiry is on January 15 2016 I dreamed I was told 3x that I was pregnant. In September 2016 I received an importation from a Prophet in regards too the calling on my life. Well January 15 th 2017 I dreamed I was lying on the floor in active labor having contrations. Do you have any insight on what God may be showing me?

  196. Celia Habbaz says:

    I had a dream that my friends daughter, who is 9 months pregnant in real life, gave birth in my dreams to twins a girl first then a boy. What does that mean for her (she knows btw she is having a boy) or was the dream for me?

    • Admin Pam says:

      Yes, the dream is about you. There is something about your friend’s daughter that relates to the double anointing and gifting that God is bringing to your life. Ask God if it is her name or age or where she lives or works, etc. God bless you 🙂

      InLight Connection

  197. Mandy says:

    Had dream was pregant with a baby boy and we were at my grannies looks like family gathering .i then felt labour pains but seem that the baby was not in full term so was rushed by my cousin and my mum friend in near by clinic as i was inside a car the baby was breathing heavly so much i could see my stomach moving up and down seeing his elbow and hands and his heat beat was beating.I was anxious and put my hands on my stomach praying to God to save my baby boy .i woke up while was still dreaming i was rushed to the clinic.

  198. Janae says:

    I Had A Dream My Baby Boy Had A Burn Mark On The Right Side Of His Jaw . Woke Up And Could Still Smell The Burning Smell & Realized Nothing Was Burning At All . What Does This Mean ? Is It A Warning Of Some Sort ?

    • Admin Pam says:

      a burn could be a mark or a brand of ownership. Unless there was something else to suggest otherwise, I would say that what God is birthing in you carries his mark or blessing.

      Pam, InLight Connection

  199. Alexa says:

    Hi, iam not pregnant im a nursing student. i had a dream about being pregnant but it seemed in my dream that i was not sure if i was really pregnant then suddenly i had blood on my underwear i went to the bathroom then a lot of blood came out from me then i gave birth to a baby boy myself there i rub its back then i called my family members they seemed to be happy. the baby smiled but it looked like it has grown a little and had more hair on the head then i breastfeed it what does my dream mean? thanks if u could help 🙂

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hey Alexa, so let’s do this together. If a baby means something new God is birthing in you and breastfeeding is how you nourish and grow a baby, then your dream is showing you that God has given you something new in your life that you can nourish and grow naturally by being you. It is a good dream. Ask God to show you what the new thing is.

      Pam, InLight Connection

  200. nippi says:

    Hiii…. i am 8 weeks pregnant and last night i had a dream that i delivered 2 babies among them one baby is big in size and alive whereas 2nd baby is small and has no heart beat. And i am running with both of them……

  201. Courtney says:

    So for about two months now I’ve had several dreams of these two little boys. Both are mine. One is two years older than the other. Beautiful boys. I know what they look like and I’ve had dreams of the oldest being four or five and his brother two or three and I’ve had dreams of the oldest just when he was an infant. I’ve had dreams of the oldest being two and his brother being an infant. These dreams break my heart but also make me so happy. Some people say it’s what my subconscious wants, other people say it’s because I could be pregnant. Your insight would be amazing. Thank you for your time.

  202. Lordy says:

    I am a virgin and unmarried. I dreamt today having a baby in a labour ward. It was so sudden. When it was over, the midwife called out “it’s a boy”. The other midwives were happy. I was a bit surprised but became happy when I held the baby boy. Please, what exactly does this mean?

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thanks for sharing Lordy! We do not give exact interpretations but we can help you understand some dream themes. Often times having a baby indicates something good from God coming your way, a new “birthing” of something. So your dream is very good! Look out for a new blessing/promotion/idea in your life. Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  203. Nakema moody says:

    I am not pregnant but last night I had a dream that I was at a hospital mind you that the entire time I didn’t know I was pregnant so as I am checking myself in im having major contractions/pains screaming and hollering to be seen by a doctor to check and see if I’m pregnant and then all a sudden big healthy looking baby boy fall out as if I have given birth not knowing I was pregnant

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Cool dream! Thanks for sharing! I’d keep track of that dream and see what new things come in your life. That dream may indicate a blessing is on its way.

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  204. Heidi Bryden says:

    Hello, I dreamt I went for my scan to see when my next embryo can be implanted and then the doctors came back telling me after 5 attempts, the pregnancy test came back positive and I just cried and fell to my knees and thank the Lord – what does the dream mean please

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Cool dream Hedi! Pregnancy is usually an awesome thing to dream about because God is showing you He is doing something new in your life that you are going to “birth.” Seems like there could be something you’ve been wanting for a while that God may be saying the time is here. Ask God and He will show you <3

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  205. Brittany Jones says:

    Hi There,
    I had a dream last night that I birthed a baby girl while using the bathroom. I dreamed of a gushing water and then a plop where my daughter was in the toilet. The birth was painless nor did I know I was pregnant. My daughter was small but there was no need for NICU or anything, in fact when I went to the doctor, my doctor hurried me away as she was about to go on vacation. The baby was not named although I thought of Daisy Mae (my husband’s late grandmother’s name) as the baby was a “woody daisy” and my mother was also trying to have me name her Dominion. She remained un-named as I naturally spend lots of time naming my children in reality and was told that I’d have 13 days to name her. I should also add that my husband and I had intercourse prior to my daughter’s toilet birth. Can anyone provide insight on this dream? Thanks in advance!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thanks for posting your dream Brittany! We do not do dream interpretation over the internet, we only provide resources for people to grow in interpretation.

      The insight I can provide is that you may be getting ready for something new God is giving you. This could be a job, ministry, etc. Stay in a place of thanksgiving and worship and see what God does. Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  206. bev says:

    I had this dream my daughter had twins a boy and girl she kept it a secret at first till I saw her feeding and sleeping with the twins then she was happy I knew I was so proud of my grand babies they where identical and very beautiful with black silky hair.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Very cool dream Bev! Be on the look out for a blessing coming to your daughter.

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  207. Varsha says:

    Hi, doug! I had a dream about pregnancy too. I told my family and friends that i was pregnant but it was a lie. Everyone were happy for me and my husband(whose face i couldnt see) was touching my belly and all. In reality im not married or have a boyfriend. Then in my dream, i was thinking of ‘falling into a accident’ around 2-3months so that i can tell others than my baby died. What does this mean??

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hi Varsha, being pregnant means God is birthing something new inside of you. God is showing you that you might be pretending to know what God is doing in your life, but really you don’t know. A good response to this dream might be to declare some bible verses over you every day and continue to ask God what your life purpose is here earth. Here are some verses to start with (Use the word “I” or your name in them while declaring them out loud):
      Ps 20:7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.
      Ps25:2 In you I trust, O my God. Do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me.
      Ps 56:4 In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?
      Ps 52:8 But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust I God’s unfailing love for ever and ever.
      Ps 118:8 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.
      Prov 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
      Ps 52:8 But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust I God’s unfailing love for ever and ever.
      Ps 56:3 When I am afraid, I will trust in You.
      Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

      Blessing you! Pam, InLight Connection

  208. Arielle Wright says:

    2x this week I’ve had a dream about someone being pregnant & they end up either having the baby early & it dies or they have the baby & it dies what does this mean ???

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      We do not do interpretations of dreams, but you can apply the symbol of a baby being a blessing to this. It seems your dreaming of people not accepting their blessing/ the enemy stealing it or not letting it fully mature. Ask God why you are dreaming this and see what he says. To learn more about dream interpretation, check out Doug’s Dream Crash Course, http://dougaddison.com/dream-crash-course/.

      Bless you!

  209. Montekia says:

    My dream was a bit different. My ex had another woman pregnant with a baby boy. She was having a 24 day prebaby celebration, which so happened to take place at my grandma’s house. The babymom hated my guts so I wasn’t allowed to come and was put on trespassing. I snuck there anyway. When I got there my mom, grandma, and I were the only people there. Looked down and I was pregnant (by the ex). Somehow there was a newborn babygirl that had my exact features, but I didn’t actually give birth (it was like a preview of the baby). My mom bathed her, wrapped her in a towel, and brought her to me. I was excited, turned my head away, & told her no I don’t want to see her until I actually give birth. I ended up taking my baby , embracing her, and just couldn’t take my eyes off her….. In my conscious life while my ex and I were still together we were trying to get pregnant, but never succeeded. He ended up cheating and got another female pregnant, which they now have a 5 month old baby boy. I started seeing a gynecologist only to find out I have PCOS. I honestly am starting to lose all hope. What exactly does this dream mean for me?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      Thank you for sharing your dream Montekia. We do not interpret dreams, we help people understand symbols so that they can interpret them on their own. Doug has a free e-book on night dreams, as well as an awesome course that goes into detail on understanding dreams, http://dougaddison.com/training/dream-interpretation/.

      What I can tell you is this dream is beautiful with how you ended the dream holding the baby and embracing her. If a baby is a blessing of some sort, apply that symbol. Though you had a bad ending to your relationship with your ex, God could still want to bless you with something in this new season. In your moments of feeling hopeless, hold on to the fact that God is a God of hope! He is always doing something for our good when we trust Him.

      Doug’s latest podcast may give you a boost of encouragement, http://dougaddison.com/2017/06/hope-for-unfulfilled-dreams-gina-la-morte-podcast/.

      Bless you!!

  210. Raquel Muus says:

    I have 1 week dreaming that im in labor in the hospital and. Few days ago my daughter told me she might be pregnet I havent takeing her to the doctors yest does my dream say she is pregnet im woundering ?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      When we dream about being pregnant it often does not mean we are literally pregnant, but that a blessing is coming. Often it could be a new job, a new blessing or a new opportunity. I cannot say the dream is a yes or a no to her being pregnant, but you will find out soon! Bless you and your daughter.

  211. nikiep says:

    I actually dreamt last night that I was delivered of a very hairy baby girl through C.S who started walking within a twinkle of an eye and had four front tooth.

    I awoke scared and started rebuking and cursing every strange things in my life.

    may God have mercy on me.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      Usually to dream of having a mature baby like that is a good thing and God is showing that the new thing coming to you will mature and happen quickly. I do not think you need to be afraid. You are a loved daughter of God!

  212. Sapagova says:

    I had a dream that i was pregnant but there was more than one baby inside me moving i was able to see their feet and they were brown but my ex was in my dream saying they were his ???he was almost as if he were attacking me. Any ways me and my ex had a baby a year and a half ago and me and my current relationsship have no communication. What could this mean

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      If a baby often means a blessing, it may indicate that God is going to give you a new blessing or opportunity. If it was more than one baby, it may be a bigger blessing. Your ex may want to take credit for it, though it does not belong to him. Bless you Sapagova. God see’s you and your current situation and He is making a way, He loves you so much.

  213. Natasha says:

    I had a dream that I was in our new apartment and I’m on birth control but in my dream my mom was there and she told me I needed to go to hospital because I felt movement and I felt the babies foot and went to hospital to find out I have twins in my womb boy and girl I told my family my fiance and they were excited but we were dealing with cps bc we are based on lies tho and I told my family that everything will be okay well get through this with God and they agreed I was three months can you help me understand that it felt do real and it was beautiful

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      When you dream of having a baby it often means a blessing, rather than an actual baby. You’re right, it is beautiful because it seems like God wants to give you a blessing. As Doug says, it could be a new job, relationship, ministry, etc. God will show you as you seek him. Bless you!

  214. Meg says:

    I had a dream last night of two of my friends being pregnant and giving birth to babies. One through c-section because he was a larger baby. This particular friend was not in a relationship but pregnant from a one night stand sort of thing. The other friend had been with her husband for 3 years. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. I remember feeling kind of left behind because I have wanted to be pregnant for a long time but unfortunately the time hasn’t been right. It made me feel really upset, depressed and jealous knowing that they haven’t had long term relationships and still have had children before me. (Neither one actually has children) What does this mean?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      Hey Meg! Baby dreams usually are not literal, they often mean a blessing of some sort. It seems like God wants you to position yourself to receive a gift from Him and look to Him for blessing, that way you will see there is enough to go around for all. He is such a good gift giver! Bless you.

  215. Latoya says:

    Hi my name is Latoya I’m 18 years old and I had a dream that I was giving birth and to a baby. I felt every inch of pain. I find out it’s a girl and I already know what I’m going to name her. I see her face a quick second and then it goes blurry. I even have dreams about a guy who I cant see. But I can feel him. What does it mean

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Latoya! Often birthing dreams are symbolic to birthing something in life, such as an idea, a ministry, a new season. The fact that it was painful might show this new blessing in your life might come first with some pain but will be worth it. The guy in your dream could be a few things. Pay attention to how you feel in your dream around him, if positive it could be an angel.

  216. Heather says:

    I have a friend that is 6 months pregnant and has recently dreamed of her baby being still born… Then opens her eyes up to a dark figure of something over her.. Her husband and lil girl have seen the man in their home.. He throws washing powder down on the floor and also throw bags off the table.. And he stands in front of each the bedroom doors at night… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I am actually very experienced in the paranormal world, but there are some things that just leave me blank at times.. I’m actually going to visit the home today, idk what i will be walking into…. Any answers or suggestions? Thanks

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey, Heather. I suggest anointing the house and the mom with oil, having worship music on in the house, and finding a healing/deliverance ministry to come and pray with the family. If it’s a demon you must know that God is so much more powerful so do not be afraid. A Christian ministry that walks in the supernatural should be able to help you. Let me know if you have any further questions. Praying now for protection and freedom over your friend.

  217. Heather says:


  218. Casey Peckenpaugh says:

    Hello, I am Casey. I had a dream last night I do not understand completely. My friend from 4th 5th grade, whom I have not seen in years was going in to labor. I walked in this door to find her and a few others not sure who they are, and shes laying down getting ready to have the baby. Kind of startled me because we keep up on social network, she certainly is not pregnant. Anyways a cat I seen prior to walking in came in after a few squeezes of my hand and interrupts, jumps on her i grab the cat and take her outside worrying about sanitary situations. Well then we end up in a building I believe to be a nursing home and we are walking well Alondra (the friend) slips and falls and the fall knocks her out. I begin to worry about her miscarrying the baby but the baby turned out to be fine. If its not a problem could you help me out? From your interpretations, im assuming theres a change of some sort but with her not having the baby that change has been put on hold or something of that sense. I would appreciate any help ive been going through a tough battle although I know God is with me sometimes it seems to hard. So maybe he is telling me to remain patient and humble. After all the promises of god are realized through patience.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Thanks for sharing, Casey. We do not interpret dreams but we do help provide some symbols for you to learn to interpret on your own. Cats can mean a few things, such as independence, strong-willed, sly, creative. A black cat could symbolize an occult spirit, it all depends on the context. I see in this dream it shows your caring heart for your friends, as well as discernment, as you cared about the cleanliness of the hospital. It also shows you are concerned about other people birthing their babies (dreams, blessings, ideas.) Be encouraged that this dream could be showing you that you are doing a great job in life, as you are loving people and doing life with them. Focus on loving people as God loves you, things may fall more into place. <3 You're awesome.

  219. Audranae Rodriguez says:

    I had a dream that my sister was a mother to very young, almost newborn twins, and at the same time was pregnant with another set of twins. What could this mean?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Babies often mean blessings of some sort. The dream could be showing you blessings are coming to your sister.

  220. Sara says:

    2 night in a row my partner had a dream that we had a baby. 2 days later I found out that I’m pregnant ?
    Was this a sign ?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Congratulations Sara! Often baby dreams do not mean you will have a baby, but your partner’s dream clearly was literal. Bless you both on this new journey together.

  221. Jerry says:

    I dreamed of having a new wife and quadruplet baby but I’m still young though, I’m 15 years old boy. What is that mean? Thank you

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Very cool dream, Jerry. Babies are often symbolic in a dream for a blessing, promotion, etc. The number 4 often represents creativity and worldwide impact. God could be showing you that He wants to bless you in such a big way. Ask God and keep track of what you feel He is speaking to you. And by the way, that is so awesome you are 15 years old and are searching for answers. Keep up your curiosity and wonder! Bless you, Jerry! <3

  222. Blanca Alvarez says:


    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Dreaming about having a baby is often symbolic to birthing or receiving something. This could be getting a new job/promotion, growing in ministry, having a new blessing of any sort come into your life. When you have these dreams it’s cool to track the next few months or even weeks to see if anything new has come into your life. It may depend on the context for when the blessing will come.

  223. Martie says:

    I had a dream- me and my husband were sitting in the bath together and next minute I started bleeding and I pulled the things and I pulled the small baby out and we looked at each other that I just had a miscarriage.

    What does it mean as I’m so confused and I’m not pregnant we are trying for a baby

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Dreaming of a baby usually represents God is birthing something new in you such as a job, gifting, idea. So if you dream of having a dead baby, then God is showing you that the timing for the job, gifting, idea has ended. Ask God to show you the new thing He wants to do in your life. <3

  224. vanna says:

    hi good day
    what about i dream i was pregnant and my husband and i was happy and later down in the dream,i found out that my husband has a other person in his life and started crying, i was really hurt and asked god to take back the baby that is growing in me
    can you give me a explanation to this dream
    im confused 🙁

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hi Vanna. Usually babies are symbolic, as well as affairs. A baby is often symbolic for a new thing in your life, and an affair can mean you feel your husband is spending more time and energy with something else. Both are usually not literal for the most part. God wants to give you a blessing, so you may want to just receive what He has for you. He loves you so much. Bless you!

  225. TJH says:

    I had a dream that I was about to give birth to a baby. However, the baby was trying to be born with his elbow sticking out first. In my dream, I remember trying to push the baby’s elbow back in and wait for the baby to be positioned head first before giving birth. The baby was not born in the dream.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      If babies are symbolic for a blessing or a gift then apply it with the circumstance in the dream. The gift came out in a way that seemed strange, and you stopped it and didn’t end of having the gift. Ask yourself what could God be saying here?

  226. Patience says:

    yes I know a baby shows something new to come and in the dream I breast fed my baby happily but why was everyone saying my baby resembled my ex?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      If a blessing resembles your ex, then God could be showing you this new blessing could come out of your relationship, either from the breakup or where the relationship took you. Ask God for more of a in depth interpretation and see what you feel He is saying.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Often a baby means something new is coming. So God may be showing you there is a new blessing coming to your girlfriend.

  227. Stacie says:

    I had a dream last night that I was holding a large egg, I put it down and it started to hatch. Inside was a baby boy, wearing a blue sweater, and I wrapped him in a white blanket. What does this mean?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Babies often mean a blessing or something new is coming in your life. Keep an eye out for something new to come your way.

  228. Jan says:

    Doug please help me understand. I dreamed I was out in my backyard getting some fresh air. Then my neighbor came out on his deck and handed me a baby boy. The baby was about 2-3 months old. I stood there just holding the baby. I felt happiness. What does that mean?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Jan. Doug states in this blog post that when someone gives you a baby or you find one that this indicates that a gift or something new that has been neglected or let go is coming into your hands.

      In Doug’s post about dreaming about a house (https://dougaddison.com/2015/01/free-dream-symbols-house/), he states that the back yard can represent the past or play time, depending on the context.

      Bless you!

  229. Rachel says:

    Um 8 months pregnant and had a dream that I gave birth to a baby with full set of teeth and that if the baby bites others in family they die, what does it mean?

  230. Hayley says:

    Hi there, so 2 weeks ago my mother passed away, I had a sleep thru the day today in my dream I dreamt that I was pregnant then suddenly at the hospital, whilst at the hospital I seen the baby moving down my belly and said it is coming now, then I gave birth to not one but two babies, perfectly healthy, I said is one a boy and as told I had twin girls, they were beautiful and I had this feeling of really knowing they were mine, the one on the left looked just like my 3nd born daughter and the one on the right looked very similar, my question is what does all this mean?

    • Hayley says:

      Also I forgot to mention my partner the father of all my kids was there as was my biological mother but not my other mother who raised me, which I felt like I’d accepted her passing as she’d been there when my other children births but I accepted her passing with this birth aswell as being happy to have twins

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      I am so sorry about your loss Hayley. Losing a loved one is always very difficult. Praying now you are filled with comfort and peace. Babies dreams are often symbolic for getting a blessings in your life. The timing of the dream is wonderful, as God is encouraging you that new things are coming!

  231. Nam says:

    When i woke up.in my dream i was pregnant..
    …i could actually see the baby with beautiful blue eyes with so wonderfull eye lashes..blinking at me.in my womb..
    We were jus feeling the
    Bf was there too
    But mom dad were also there..they were telling signs when its time to deliver…
    ..i got a bit afraid.then had to go washroom..
    I was afraid ..what if it comes out now.
    ……i slept then..
    next day
    I went outside.. then i went into a house of a man..and i told him i need something..so can u please move out of the room..i emptied the room..
    ..i wanted privacy for something
    And a bad vulgar boy kept peeping in how much i shouted.and had a vurble fight..after in my rescue a lady came..
    I was moving somewhere with family
    Then suddenly we were in an open plave many others were there too
    I was sleeping with my mom and sis…suddenly firing started .from above and i creeped under the bed..
    It was …so ..terryfying…everybody died.
    Blood was everywhere..but fortunately ..i still had the baby safe…but..what to do next..there was nothing..
    And then i woke..up..

  232. Fran B says:

    I dreamed my decease maternal grandmother was holding my baby girl in front facing Snugli backpack. I turned around and started to play with the baby and she was laughing and jumping, so happy! I’m divorce, I have 2 pre-teens and my tubes or tied. I always wanted a third child, but I put my husband first at the time and always regretted tying my tubes. I’m seeing someone from my past and wondering what my dream means…

  233. Sandra Willis says:

    I had a dream that I have birth to a white baby, I’m African American and so is my man. It felt so real and I want in labor long before I picked my child or of me by myself without the assistance of doctor’s or nurses. But as soon as I woke I had a discharge and later that day started my cycle. What does this mean?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Sandra, babies are symbolic of new life. They are usually not literal, but instead symbolic of something new coming. A new job, ministry, gift, idea or something creative is coming to you. Bless you!

  234. christina wilson says:

    i had a dream i was pregnant about 20 weeks along well i was showing big time but anyway i had a miscarriage back in 2014 and ever since i decided to start trying for a child i have been dreaming of being pregnant every night and it would end all the time me deliviering a healthy baby girl so i am stumped what does this mean is it god talking to me that i will have a girl in my near future or maybe that was what my babies gender was before i lost the baby im so confused will someone help me please

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      We offer a great dream interpretation training that you can take right now, https://dougaddison.store/product/dream-crash-course/. Unfortunately, we presently do not have the staff in place to interpret dreams sent in to us.

      Babies can often be symbolic for a blessing coming. They can also mean a literal baby, it depends on the context. Either way God is wanting to bless you with something good :).

      Bless you!

  235. Mimi says:

    I’ve been having dreams of a lil girl I even knew her name, well this morning I had a dream that I was pregnant and it felt so real, but I know I cant have kids due to I had a tubal Ligation, can this be a sign that I may can get pregnant, I’ve seen ppl get pregnant with the same procedure I had done, what does this all mean, plz. help.

    PS and yes we both want a baby.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hi Mimi! First off, all things are possible with God! So even someone who doctors say can not get pregnant, God can still intervene and changed that. Secondly, pregnancy dreams are often symbolic of birthing something new in your life. I would go to God and ask Him what the dream meant. God loves you so much and knows the desires of your heart.

  236. sarah says:

    I dreamed that i am pregnant. in my dream, i was so tired and so happy that this thing happened to me. My womb is getting bigger maybe 4month. Actually, it was not only one baby. It was twin.especially triplet. so beautiful. there is no father at all for this children. I was concerned and worried about father and feel afraid of how tell about this to my family. How they react if i am pregnant without man. (Actually there is no man in my life. neither boyfriend nor husband. even i have crush) what this means to me? help

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Having a baby or being pregnant in a dream is often God talking about birthing something new into your life. It could be a new job, a gift, an anointing, ministry, creativity, or even a clever invention.

      Having triplets indicates that the new thing coming for you will be of greater magnitude.

      Bless you Sarah!

  237. Justine says:

    My name is justine and i had the first three examples its was kinda my house and the hospital where i gave birth but i found out i was pregnant with quadruplets all girls but three of them died 1 lived and she had a head full of hair im confused really
    Please reply

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Justine! As Doug says in the article, babies and pregnancy often are symbolic for a blessing or something new you are going to birth. If the baby newly born has a full head of hair this could showing that the new thing coming to you will mature or happen quickly. If that baby was the one that died this could be showing you that there is something that God is trying to do through you that he wants to mature and happen quickly, but it is being stopped or needs help to get it going again.

  238. Mary says:

    Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant and I thought it was my boyfriends baby. But when the baby was born I realized it was not my boyfriend’s child, it was an old friend I do not often see. What does this mean? I felt guilty in my dream too.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Mary! We do not have the team to interpret dreams at the moment. We do offer resources Doug has created that help you grow in dream interpretation. You can find out more about those here. As Doug said above, having a dream about being pregnant is often symbolic for birthing something new in your life. Bless you!

  239. Selena says:

    I am thirteen I keep having dreams in which I have kids the most recent one was about someone chasing me and my child and I had to protect my child what does this mean

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Having a baby is often symbolic for God talking about birthing something new into your life. Running or being chased dreams. Negative and fearful things are never God’s will for your life. Because these types of dreams show Satan’s plans and not God’s will, you need to flip them around and begin to pray for the opposite to happen. Pray for God’s will and for the dreams God has given to come to pass. Bless you! And that is amazing you are paying attention to your dreams at the age of 13. Keep it up, God will continue to guide you and speak to you this way and it will help you greatly throughout your life as you stay close to God. God loves you so much Selena!

  240. Jazz says:

    Hello i recently had a dream i was at a baby shower. My boyfriend and I were sitting in different chairs but kind of slanted so we were facing each other but I had his daughter in my lap and we were looking at her admiring her …..

  241. Sophie says:

    I had a dream of giving birth to twins one white baby girl and one black baby boy. The boy had a full head of hair but no teeth. I was breast feeding him. I would appreciate your insight blessings,


    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Sophie! InLight Connection does not have the team to interpret dreams right now. As Doug says in the blog, birthing a baby is often symbolic of God talking about birthing something new into your life. You can learn more about understanding dreams through Doug’s resources here.

  242. Jane says:

    So I just had a dream that I gave birth to twins that died right after, at my parents’ house. I somehow willed myself to be pregnant again and birth them again in the seconds after the first ster had died. One was big and one was small. And it was on my birthday/Thanksgiving. While getting things ready for the Holiday, I frantically realized that I had lost track of the twins. Found them dead by smothering in my parents ‘ bedroom under a lot of clutter. What does this dream mean?!

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Jane, as Doug says in his blog when you dream your baby dies this is showing you that there is something that God is trying to do through you but it is being stopped or needs help to get it going again. You will want to ask God to help show you what is stopping this new thing being birthed. God loves you so much and wants you to know He has great plans for your life.

  243. Rachel Allen says:

    I had a dream that I could see my stomach moving with a baby inside BUT I doubted pregnancy due to my tubes being tied. ANY help with this? -side note my husband and I have thought of having more but the conversation hasn’t been lately.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      As Doug says, babies are often symbolic for a blessing. If you are thinking about having a literal baby, it could also be literal then. The only way to know is to pray and ask God to show you. Bless you Rachel!

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Jessica, Doug talks about chasing dreams quite often. He wrote about it in a blog here. Doug also has some great resources on dream interpretation that will help you and your daughter grow in dream interpretation. You can see those listed here. Bless you!

  244. Thalia says:

    Hello doug. I was wondering if you cpuld telle what my dream means. A few nights ago i dreamt of being pregnant i was with my best friend and she was walking with me. I did t know i was pregnant until i was in my car and sitting in it looming at my stonach it was small and round and then my dad came around and was talking to me asking me if i knew what the baby was and i told him yes its a boy and then the baby started moving, he then told me it doesnt even look like you are pregnant look at him move. Next thing i know i am back to walking around the block with my friend and then i tell her its time and we head over to the hospital so i can give birth i had family waitong for me and my husband.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Thalia! That is a very cool dream. As Doug states above, pregnancy dreams are often symbolic. They often God talking about birthing something new into your life. It could be a new job, a gift, an anointing, ministry, creativity, or even a clever invention. When you have a pregnancy dream like the one you had, be on the lookout for change in your life coming.

      Doug has a course called Dream Crash Course that goes into detail how to interpret dreams in four simple steps.

      Bless you!

  245. Lesley Cartwright says:

    My eldest daughter has dreamt twice now that I have twins.. she doesn’t see the actual pregnancy. She dreams in the first dream that she comes on a specific date after school and that my husband and I present twin girls to the family. In the second dream, she and her siblings are about with my mother who then she says to them, let’s go home, we have a surprise for you and when they get home. We are holding the twin girls. My youngest daughter also dreamt about twin girls but in her dream, they are now 7 years old and they have treasure chests full of gems at the bottom of their beds. both daughters are adamant that these are real children.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Wow! What beautiful dreams Lesley. Mostly baby dreams are symbolic, but there are times they can be literal, especially if that is the desire of a woman’s heart and she is trying for a baby.

  246. Paige says:

    I had dream that I was in someone home she obviously my friend I couldn’t really see her face but she was pregnant with twins her belly was see through and can see the baby pushed against her belly I can see the twins through her belly…but I knew she was about o give birth so I told her to sit down and it was so easy for her to push this baby out no screaming no pain for her I was freaking happy seeing this baby come out I grabbed a towel got the baby and handed her to dad and mom got up walked around and we were waiting for her to have the second twin we were all so excited especially me (I’ve never experienced in my wake life and I’m my dream of someone having a baby ) but this baby grew so fast she was already sitting up smiling ifelt so happy in this dream but the second Baby never came out and I woke up .

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Paige, baby dreams are often symbolic. Doug says the following in the blog post above:

      There is more than one baby involved, such as twins or triplets. This indicates that the new thing coming will be of greater magnitude: double, triple or even quadruple.

      The baby newly born is soon walking or has a full head of hair and teeth. This is showing that the new thing coming to you will mature and happen quickly.

      If you were helping your friend birth one of the babies then there might be something in your friends life you will assist with to bring it forth.

      Ask the Holy Spirit if there is anything He wants you to do during this time.

      You can learn more about how to interpret dreams through Doug’s dream resources. One of my favorites is the Dream Crash Course. God bless you Paige!

  247. Sasha Carly says:

    Dreamt this morning that I’m 5 months old pregnant ,im 20 yrs old and i dont expect a kid anytime soon,the pregnacy was carring u never knew who the dad was and each time I get back to sleep I dream the same dream though wasn’t happy abt the dream when I woke up n I felt scared,I saw my mum in the dream n someone else I don’t remember bt non of them was answering my questions……..I need your help please

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hi Sasha! As Doug says in the blog post, baby dreams are often symbolic that God wants to do something new in your life. This could be a new job, idea, gift, etc. Doug has wonderful dream interpretation trainings that will help you grow in dream interpretation. You can look into those here. God bless you!

  248. Kim says:

    Hi I just had a dream that my baby daddy was pregnant with a girl and I was fighting with him telling him that I was gonna put up a fight and that there’s no where he can go and can’t hide from me. What do you think this dream means. We are getting ready to enter into court for our daughter.

  249. Charlene says:

    Hi I had a dream that I was terribly obese and I went to the bathroom and gave birth to a baby that I didn’t realise I had in my womb, my husband and 15 year old step daughter were laughing and saying “well fatty you didn’t know you had a baby inside you”. I have had over 20 miscarriages in 6 years, no biological children of my own and I’m overweight but not obese

  250. Terri says:

    I had a dream I never knew I was pregnant (I stated this many times in the dream) in the dream prior to the even I didn’t look pregnant. All of a sudden I am in the hospital I have had a baby girl named her Joyce ( first thought when I opened my eyes was rejoice) my mother who passed 2 years ago came to the hospital with pick balloons she looked gorgeous and was smiling at me

  251. Kelley says:

    I’m 13 years old (about to be 14) and I had a dream that I was pregnant and no one thought it was really a big deal. Then I was just standing in my kitchen and I knew the baby was coming and still no one cared and I basically threw up the baby. Like it came out of my mouth and then I realized that I was a teen mom I guess. My baby could crawl and would keep crawling away from me and I would cry to my mom about how my baby doesn’t love me and then randomly at the end of my dream we went to Panda Express (a Chinese food place) and I got the orange chicken and rice but I’m allergic to their rice so they took it back and that’s when I woke up. I’m really confused about this and I just want to understand why I threw up my baby.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Tebogo! Babies are often symbolic for something new God wants to birth through you. God bless you!

  252. Nichole says:

    Hi! I am 28 years old. Not pregnant or even trying to become pregnant. Last week I had a dream that I was pregnant with triplets but it ended up being 6 babies that I had given birth to. They weren’t crying but were just wrapped in clothes and sleeping peacefully. My family was calm, I was calm, and I was just breastfeeding stress feee.
    This week I had a dream that I had given birth to two twin girls in a car right outside of the hospital. I am not sure what all of this means.

    Thanks for your insight .

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Nichole. Doug talks about birthing babies in his blog post above. He says, babies are often symbolic for God wanting to birth something through you. He also says that if there is more than one baby involved, such as twins or triplets this indicates that the new thing coming will be of greater magnitude. You can learn more about dreams through Doug’s dream resources you can look into here, https://dougaddison.com/training/dream-interpretation/.

  253. Desteny says:

    Hello there. I have a question. What if in the beginning of the dream, there are kidnappings and the child has something to do with kidnappings and she is kept anyways? Is there a reason why in every dream I have about a child, she has blonde hair and blue eyes? Its just really confusing to me. This is the 3rd dreams ive had with a little girl who has blonde hair and icy blue eyes. And in this one I just had, (I just woke up from this dream), she was less than a year old in some of it and in other parts, she was around 4 or 5. I asled her if she liked my eyes and she said they were a very pretty green and I have brown eyes in real life.

    Does it mean anything that my dream was in 1st person perspective?

  254. Jennie from Brisbane Australia says:

    Hi I had a dream that my enemy how I truly hate because of the way she treats my children, announced she was pregnant with twins at a family gathering. This dream made me so violently ill I actually woke up and vomited. Please what does this mean? (She’s dating my brother in law).
    Kind regards

  255. Sarah yescas says:

    Doug, LOVED YOUR ARTICLE, last night I dreamt that I was pregnant. in my dream my husband had just gotten home form work and he is looking at me straight in my eyes and I let him know I’m pregnant and his eyes start to glow and he tears up of excitement. That’s all I remember. A lot of people have told me that when you dream you are pregnant you’re not going to get pregnant. My husband and I have been trying for almost 2 years now. We are going through hard times now and are in the process of moving in with my mother to help her. I’m so stressed about how I’m going to arrange my room. So its most likely because of all this. However this is the first time in the 2 years that I dream anything pregnancy related.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Great dream Sarah! Either way this is a great dream for you to have. I am praying for you and your husband now to have a beautiful, healthy baby! And for your transition with your mom to be filled with joy and peace.

  256. Thembalethu Nzama says:

    My mother dreamnt of me giving birth to twins one wad dark and the other was white but i didn’t like the white one i loved the dark one what does it mean? Because i dont have a baby could i be pregnant??

  257. Andria says:

    My dream is pregnant almost at full term baby is breach . I am laid sideways in a bath can feel the baby inside but also see the baby walk up my stomach still attached with the cord – what does this mean

  258. rebecca says:

    im a 14-year-old girl and I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and it was but I a guy that didn’t like and I never thought of him as my baby daddy but in my dream I got pregnant and I never gave birth but it felt like I was in horrible pain. then I wake up and I thought I was still pregnant. I wanted to cry why did this happen to me?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Rebecca. Having a dream that you are pregnant is usually symbolic of God wanting to birth something new in your life. You can ask God to show you what it is and if there is something you are to do to partner with Him. Here is Doug’s free ebook on understanding dreams that would be great for you to read, https://dougaddison.com/free-ebook/. God bless you!

  259. Dunya_ says:

    I had a dream that I was pregnant and I’m still 16 years old in that dream I knew who was the father and he was there while I was giving birth with his friends and my family but we aren’t married but we both have real feelings for each other in real life but everything is been really hard for us and so yea back to the dream, I gave birth to triplets(girls) but 1 died and I never knew that they were 3 and thought that It was just twins and 1 died, cause at the middle of giving birth I fainted and so I woke up and just saw the 1 and my elder sister was convincing me to give her the baby but I didn’t agree after how many days I saw the other baby and knew that I had really gave birth to triplets 1 died the other baby is with my sister and the 1 is with me I woke up crying thinking that how could my elder sister take my other baby away without even making me know that it was triplets and not just twins. *and realized that it was just a dream but while tryna remember the father’s face is blurry and not sure anymore if that guy was the 1 that I had real feelings for * Please I need to know what does this dream really means…

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Dunya! In Dou’g blog post above he wrote about how baby dreams are often symbolic. If you dream that the baby is not alive or needs to be resuscitated then this is showing you that there is something that God is trying to do through you but it is being stopped or needs help to get it going again. Pray and ask God to show you what you need to know or if you need to do anything. God bless you!

  260. Jennifer says:

    I had a dream that I went to the hospital, pregnant and having contractions. I was in pain and my Dr said it was time to schedule my surgery but that he would give me medication to help the pain. But I didn’t want to wait, he was taking too long, so I went to find someone who would help me. I found a nurse and she completely ignored me. So I found an ultrasound tech and I told him the Dr said it was time for me to have my baby. And he said, I misunderstood the Dr, that if I want my baby to healthy and perfect, I have to wait. But not much longer–just a few more weeks, that’s all. I remember seeing the ultrasound but it wasn’t a baby. I remember seeing the number 36, as in 36 weeks. Then I woke up. In real life, I am standing for my marriage and praying for my husband to return to the Lord and to return home. I also had a dream that I was getting my Christmas tree out from last year that I had bought, a little 6.5 foot tree. As I was putting it together, a larger Christmas tree appeared and it was fuller, and had more lights. And my husband was standing beside me, holding my hand, as I was putting this bigger and better tree together. This is the 3rd dream I have had about him being home for Christmas.

  261. Debra says:

    Hi I have dreamt twice in the past 2 weeks of giving birth, the first time I gave birth to a baby girl she was so tiny like a premature baby but she was very healthy. Someone was there to assist me give birth at home but I couldn’t see the face.

    Secondly I was with my husband even though I couldn’t see his face but I felt it was him, I gave birth so effortlessly and was holding my baby.

    I read the interpretation about birth dreams but not anything on premature baby

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Debra, so the baby appeared to be small but was still very strong and healthy. If a baby can represent something new God is doing, how would that then apply? The new thing appeared to be small but had no complications.

      We do have quite a few resources on dreams that you can look into here, https://dougaddison.com/training/dream-interpretation/. One is a free ebook that is a great introduction to dream interpretation.

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