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What These 9 Dreams Can Reveal About Your Destiny

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What These 9 Dreams Can Reveal About Your Destiny

March 17, 2016
Doug Addison

Did you know that a great way to hear God can be through your dreams at night?

Though not all dreams are from God, once you understand how God speaks through symbolic language, then you can trust to be guided this way.

Over one-third of the Bible is made up of dreams and visions. Jesus often spoke in parables, and dreams are very similar to “night parables.”

Destiny dreams
There are several types of night dreams that actually reveal clues about your life dreams or your destiny.

After interpreting thousands of dreams for people, I began to notice a common pattern. Some dreams that people have seem to indicate that there is something more for them to fulfill in their lives.

Here are a few dreams that you can watch for and I have offered some tips on how you can respond:

1. Recurring dreams: A recurring dream can be an indicator that God wants to either do something new in your life or that He is drawing your attention to change something. Once you either establish the new behavior or take care of the issues, these recurring dreams will stop.

2. Flying without an airplane: These dreams indicate higher destinies for you to fulfill. You have creativity and the ability to rise above situations. You also have great flexibility.

3. Running or being chased: Is something evil trying to get you in your dream? It is showing you that the enemy wants to stop you from something good. The positive part of this is that you have a destiny to help people. Why else would something try to stop you? The key is to not be afraid and begin to ask God to show you what it is you are destined to do.

4. Negative dreams or nightmares: Nightmares are similar to the running or being chased dreams. Negative and fearful things are never God’s will for your life. Because these types of dreams show Satan’s plans and not God’s will, you need to flip them around and begin to pray for the opposite to happen. The only true reality for you is God’s intentions.

5. Showing up late: This dream is showing you that there is something that you are called or destined to do, but you are currently lagging in the process of accomplishing it. It is a heads-up to be more diligent in your pursuit.

6. Being naked: Dreaming of having no clothes on in public is a common dream and it is actually positive. It shows that you are open and transparent with others. This could be an indicator of the type of vocation or gifting you have. Most likely people feel safe around you and they may even talk to you about their problems, meaning you have the ability to help people through counsel or advice.

7. Being in school: These dreams indicate that you are in a time of learning new things. This is valuable time in developing yourself for your life purpose.

8. Having a baby or being pregnant: Babies are symbolic of new life. They are usually not literal, but instead symbolic of something new coming. A new job, ministry, gift, idea or something creative is coming to you.

9. Teeth coming loose or falling out: This indicates the need to get wisdom or advice about your situation.

How to respond
• First, write your dreams down and pray for the interpretation.

• Begin to notice these dreams and other patterns in your life as our destiny is often like a connect-the-dots drawing and things tend to unfold more over time.

• Hold on to your dreams and be open to them being fulfilled in ways that may surprise you.

Take the next step: Do you want to better understand what God is saying to you through your dreams? Check out my Destiny Dream Interpretation online workshop.

In this extended dream intensive online workshop, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started on becoming your own dream interpreter.



Doug Addison

Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast, and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerfully, positively funny style of teaching and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries.

27 thoughts on “What These 9 Dreams Can Reveal About Your Destiny

  1. pk franssen says:

    What about a dream that shows a table of abundant food . No matter how much You eat it never gets empty . And what about dteams in which You fly and sing . Above everyone . Or dreams in which You fly reallu fast and surpass the person flying with You ?

  2. Gail Cody says:

    I ordered your dream card set, my CC was charged but I haven’t received them as yet?? Anxiously awaiting their arrival.

  3. Moriah says:

    I dream about water a lot. Either I’m falling into it and I don’t want to, or there’s an ocean full of sharks…sometimes dolphins.

  4. Lisa says:

    I recently had a dream about alot of my teeth looseng and me spitting them out in my hands in disbelief. I have prayed for God to show me what this means, and I definitely crying out for wisdom about steps to take to get the ministry dream God gave me off the ground. I feel like a lot has happened recently that has given me release to move forward, like now is the right time, but need specific instructions about how to move forward. Thank you.

  5. I’ve had 2 dreams about babies, the first one, I was walking up stairs and just gave birth to a baby. The second dream was weird, I was in a group of people that I didn’t know, something hit me, it was an orange light. I became pregnant.
    I’ve had 3 dreams the same so they are recurring dreams. I’m on an Indian reservation , rescuing wolves and wildlife and just loving the people. It’s my dream to rescue wolves, always has been. I love Native Americans, they need to know the love of our father. I feel that I could be a good missionary to them. I just don’t know how to get started. In my dreams I was near the Rockie mountains.

  6. Nancy Clark says:

    I had a dream last night that a prominent and well-respected friend of mine spoke out. There was no vision only Audible part of a dream. This friend was a man and he said this “I gave her those.” It seemed he was being challenged by someone and he was standing up for himself. The ” I ” was emphasized. It seemed I was overhearing as opposed to being personally told this. In the dream I knew he would say that but I didn’t have any control in the situation. Don’t know if it’s ok to share short dreams. If not then no problem. 🙂

  7. Natasha says:

    Had a dream that lasted for 2 years progressing every time I had this dream. I owned a house that was 3 houses, first house on the bottom, middle house and finally third house on the top. I had to fight and clean the second home, got to the third home and there were 3 Italian men there, when they saw me I knew they were demons and they leaped at me, I had to fight all 3 of them, they chased me. These 3 houses had their own parking structure, finally I stopped running faced them and spoke with authority to be gone, leave me alone in Jesus name. I got back to the second house and I heard giggling so I went to the room and their were 2 little girls there and they instantly froze. I asked them why they were there and they pointed to the door and a older Jewish man was standing there, look like he had just finished shaving and he said “please do not kick us out’ the Lord God sent us here and said you would take care of us! I asked how long have you been here, he said we have all been here a while. Who else is here I asked, he beckoned me to look out the door, and I saw many heads from many nations peeking out their doors. I asked them to please come out, you are welcome! Everyone started cheering, so I ran up to the third house and the same happened all over. This was the short version, but this all came to me over 2 years. Thank You.

  8. Grandma Beth says:

    I keep having dreams where im out shopping or out having fun,sometimes with friends,sometimes its family.each dream i get left and they leave me.I,m born again,but i have these abandonment issues in dreams.

  9. Tina Marie Salazar says:

    I keep dreaming of the same people for the past 9 years. My former boss and a coworker, on the art/design team. (in real life, I was let go after working on the team for 9 years.) In the dream I am working again on the team, painting. Almost like I just picked up from where I left off, and they welcome me back. For 9 years i keep dreaming this, full color and even my emotions feel real.
    What does all this mean???

  10. Ash says:

    An orange snake enters through my kitchen window
    My husband grabs it ,its large but he has a firm
    Hold on it,the snake opens its mouth& it’s
    Larger than normal, he kinda folds the snakes
    Mouth then let’s it out the same window. I was
    Scared it may enter again as a closer window
    Was opened, my dream ended

  11. Kristen Ising says:

    I had a dream of giving birth, to twins (boy and girl)

    When one smells leather occasionally what does that mean?

  12. Joyness says:

    When my husband was telling me about the dream he had the other day where he was soaked in the rains and the other one where he was eating fat meat. What does that mean.

  13. Joy says:

    All dreams

    Thank you for your blog/ website I was really blesses by it.

    Please I will appreciate your kind assistance in unlocking some of these dreams to know what God is saying regarding my life.

    I had so many dreams from Novermber 2015 till date that got me pondering could it be a call from God?

    1) At the age of 30yrs, in April 2007 Easter night Jesus Christ the son of God Almighty
    Appeared to me by the road side of a market in my dream, he was on white raiment and a simple
    He said to me look up and I looked up and I saw great mansions , and he said to
    Me,he is the one who built those mansions for those people, and he said look down
    And looked down and I saw an old drum that I recognised very well, I used that drum in Our family house for my every day chores many years before I got married ,i would fetch and fill this old drum with water each day because there were no water systems around the house ,
    It was amazing I saw that same drum in front of both of us, then Jesus asked me who kept this drum here? And I said I do not know,without saying a word Jesus just touched the very old drum and the drum became a brand new DRUM in front of me.
    Then he turned around and began to walk away, I was surprised and happy for the miracle I witnessed in front of me, suddenly he disappeared .
    Whiled still in that dream I began to regret why I did not tell him to build my own mansion
    Too then I woke up. When I work up the Holy Spirit then ministered to me now kneel down and ask him
    To build your own mansion for you.
    Since after that transformation my entire life and financial situation changed.

    2) In 2015 I dreamed that My husband gave me a large dark green metal seal in my dream, The word EMERALD was engulfed beneath it, in that if I stamp on any paper the word EMERALD will appear.

    3) I dreamed that I saw a woman who was siting down with the whole of her hair coloured Gold.

    4) I that same week I dreamed again I saw a woman who was preaching to some group of people that where in a crusade ground, immediately she noticed me she walked up to me
    And began to look at me in the eye after a while her head began to transform into a gold image including
    The eye and the nose region but the mouth was still human then
    clean water started flowing from the mouth, but her body was still
    Human specifically woman body.it was really terrifying to me then I began to run.

    5) I also dreamed that I was in a desert stand in all alone where there were no trees, grasses or plants
    All that I saw was a single little growing maize beside my feet.
    Then i began to wonder why only one maize grow in such a verse land,in there words all that I saw was
    only sand and a single little growing maize in that desert.

    6) I dreamed that I was in a carpenter’s work shop but I did not participate in any craft work , I just sat and
    Watched the carpenter work.

    7) I also dreamed that there were two separate queues of white and black people in front of me,it happens that each persons had a number on their hands and that number has to tally with the number at which your going to stand .
    My number in that dream was 27,shortly my number was called and it tallied on the number 27 queue were there were only white people and the name of that queue was written in Spanish on a banner behind me,
    and so I stood right there.


    VISION OF FLYING SCROLL in a dream approximately 15 by 30 feet size ,
    I dreamed an elderly man took I and a very young girl to his clay house while we were there a lady came in and requested for something to eat and the man offered her snacks from the refrigerator, and after a while I left. I went to another house hold and I told them i was preparing to go for a sport training and a lady offered me
    a sport trouser to support my body for the training because I was wearing a short black and white drafted gown,and while in this dream I saw a Day Vision like I was in South African airport sitting down all of sudden I saw scroll on the air flying upward there where write up beside each of these numbers but
    I could not remember all the numbers but I still remember;
    127 –
    27 –
    30 –

    Immediately after this terrifying vision I began to look around for people who could help me interpret this vision for me in this dream no one could interpret this vision. While still in search of an interpreter I saw one of my church female pastor’s caressing a man but I still walked in and asked her if she could interpret my vision and she said no no no, instead she told me to look around for some one else to help me with the interpret,Then I woke up.

    All of these dreams and visions seem to happen within 6 months.

    So, I went to God in prayer and fasting for interpretation,then I dreamed were my aunt who is in Germany
    Visited me passing through my back gate, were I never expected any visitor to pass through,and then she asked me to show her in side my house, then we went in together.

    But it was so amazing to know that same house was a mansion in side,the rooms were very large and beautiful different and the out side was not as beautiful as the in side.

    Then immediately I came out of the house I entered a very long bus in front of the mansion with only white people in it and was filled up to it’s capacity.

    Thank you so much for your time and God bless you.

    • Faith says:

      Joy..you are clearly having very spiritually oriented dreams.I have them sometimes too..and feel very blessed. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. I just lost my job 2 weeks ago., no notice, nothing

    I had a dream #1
    A white polar bear was coming over the fence as if to get me, I was with others and we were running

    Had a dream of my old boss and co-workers and I did not want to be late getting to the office where they were having food. I fixed a salad, mixed, like fruit salad with greens, on the way I was trying to get across broken stairs like on the outside of a deck..I was high up so I must have already been half way or more up. Then a black snake who seemed nice came to have me step on it’s head to help me get across.
    THen there was a car that I was trying to get to that would transport me to the office. When I got there, my boss tried to put more stuff in the salad mix as she said it was not enough.?

    • Admin Pam says:

      I am sorry you lost your job.

      − Polar bear: Usually represents a demonic attack of usual strength that appears holy and righteous
      – Snake: usually represents lies and deception

      It sound like God is showing you that it was not his will for you to lose your job, which means it was unjust and you have the right to ask God to bring you justice and open the doors to a better job. Ask God to show you what lies and deceptions that you stepped on so you can repent and throw them out of your thoughts and beliefs. https://dougaddison.com/2017/01/get-your-breakthrough-today-podcast/

      Blessing you!
      InLight Connection

  15. Grace says:

    I had a dream last night which seemed so real. I was seated behind someone I dont know who said ” I will keep you in the cycle”. I sponteneously responded emphatically “No! I want the ladder” I woke up
    To me it was more than a mere dream. Pse help me interprete this dream

  16. Teresa Smith says:

    I had a dream last night. But before my dream I had woke up around 4am. I normally sleep like a log but I was up. My mind started it’s typical “wheels turning” but all of sudden I found myself praying to God which I do frequently. I’ve never read the bible nor do I have much knowledge about the details. But I know I love God and he’s in my heart. In my dream, I was standing in a screened in porch by a river and it was raining so hard it was raining sideways due to the wind. It was so real that I actually could feel the spray from the wind pushing the rain in, and against my face. As I approached the screen I realized and had a sense that everything had flooded outside but I knew it would not take me. All of sudden the scene changes and I’m now looking down at shell from the ocean and there’s dirt and something that looks like a large coin; it’s in the shell and it looks old. I look down at it and it read 1212 A.D. It then floated slowing away from me and turned so I could I see the back. On the back it looked like a scroll from long ago; like a short note. I immediately thought, is this Islamic? I have no idea or even a clue. Then again the scene changed and I was in the basement of the home with the screened in porch and I saw myself packing items. Then I woke up today. I’ve never had a dream like this nor do I normally remember my dreams. It felt like I had company with me all day and I had a major sense of love in me, and through me. I don’t understand the number nor could I obviously read the scroll embedded on the back. I’ve been reading all day looking for something.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Hey Brenda, please email customerservice@dougaddison so we can further assist you via email.


      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  17. Troy says:

    I’ve had dreams of flying with Jesus, I’ve dreamed about flying and having fun and the more I used my brain and focused I felt I’d fly better and the more I’d lose control I’d fall. Well one night I had one of many spiritual dreams but this was my all time favorite by far. I believe Jesus speaks to people in different ways well I remember a lot of dreams and I also have a big imagination with a great photographic memory. In my dream I was at a country house on a hill with a lot of land and the clouds where dark it was obvious something was wrong I felt fear was running from evil people trying to get me. The sky opened up as the clouds faded I seen a light shine and Jesus Christ himself came out of the sky and held his hand out and smiled at me. I grabbed his hand with so much joy and he took me and we flew together to another place over the earth. In another encounter similar to this one I dreamed what felt like a very long dream in a short amount of time. I seemed to all of a sudden transfer in another place which was Heaven obviously and was walking with Jesus he told me that he loved me unconditionally and had plans for me and to not live in fear of death anymore and showed me my place in heaven where time felt as if it was at a stand still. Really beautiful most joyful and amazing joy running through my mind body and soul in pure joy. I seen a hill top house Chinese style with an opened up type of dojo style house over looking amazing scenery. Beautiful hills with purple and yellow trees that where pure beauty in every way the sky’s where different but pretty. We continued to walk with me and told me no more fear your one of my strongest sons you will be here one day but I need you on earth for now your very important. After finding the lord my father passed away I felt fear of death and I was really upset and in panic thinking about dying leaving my newborn son behind went through my head a lot and this dream happened to me. The Lord our Father communicates with us all in different ways and I believe the end days are soon as the spirit in my heart tells me so. Please get rite with GOD because one day you may never have the option and what better option is their when it comes to knowing the Lord? He is the greatest and loves us all because we are all his children. Thanks for reading!!! GOD bless!!!

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