Free Dream Symbols: Water, Rivers, Oceans and Ice | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Free Dream Symbols: Water, Rivers, Oceans and More

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Dream Word Written On Beach Sand - Positive Thinking ConceptFree Dream Symbols: Water, Rivers, Oceans and Ice

Doug Addison

Hey Dreamers! People seem to love my blogs on dreams. So, here are some of my favorite water symbols to help you interpret dreams. If you are remembering your dreams, you are on the right track. The next step is to write them down and figure out what God is saying through them.

Symbols do change from dream to dream, and from dreamer to dreamer. But there are common themes that you can apply to your dreams about water. Here is what I have found:

Water, oceans, beaches, rivers, ice
Water can represent aspects of spiritual life, while oceans often represent humanity. Beaches can symbolize people, because multitudes are compared to the grains of sand on a beach (see for example Genesis 22:17). But the beach can also represent a time of recreation, especially if you live near it.

Rivers can point to moves of God and it is important to recognize the context of the water. Is it moving fast or is it barely moving, almost still?

Ice and snow can represent things of the Spirit that are being saved for later.

Swimming in water can represent the spiritual aspect of life. Although swimming can be good, notice the context of the water: is it clear or dirty, fast flowing or stagnant, or shallow or deep?

Context is key
The context of how you are swimming in water will help you understand more about what is happening with your spiritual life. Let’s look at context using swimming as our example.

If you are swimming in clear water, it means that your spiritual life is refreshing and life-producing. Swimming in dirty water indicates that some issues might need to be addressed or healed. If you are swimming in fast-flowing water, get ready for things to accelerate and get really exciting. Swimming in stagnant water indicates that you may be stuck and need to start moving again. If the water is shallow, this indicates that you might be too comfortable and need a challenge. Swimming in deep water shows that you are maturing spiritually and possibly taking more risks.

Of course, remember that these are generalizations.

More dream symbols
Here are some more symbols you might have encountered:

Boat:              organizations or personal job or ministry, depending on the type of boat
Bridge:           transition, season change
Dam:              things being held back, power
Fish:               sport, people, gift to help others, outreach-oriented
Floods:           major move of the Spirit, cleansing of old ways, warning of disaster
Ice:                 move of the Spirit that will come later, slippery time
Lighthouse:    spiritual guidance, keeps you from danger
Ocean, sea:    large move of the Spirit, humanity, great influence, many people
Oyster:            situation that may produce a spiritual blessing
Rain:               blessing, refreshing time in the spirit, unclear time, move of God
Swimming:     move in the spirit, recreation, spiritual life
Water:             the spirit, spiritual life, Holy Spirit, the spiritual realm, refreshment

Next steps
I would challenge you to keep a dream journal or a pad of paper next to your bed to write down your dreams right away. When you encounter a dream with some aspect of water, ask God to help you with the interpretation and use these key symbols just to start. You can find out more about dreams in my book Understand Your Dreams Now: Spiritual Dream Interpretation.

Keep dreaming!







Doug Addison

Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

159 thoughts on “Free Dream Symbols: Water, Rivers, Oceans and More

  1. Valerie Bagarozza says:

    Twice this year had dream of swimming in pools water was clear ,blue and clean. Large pools also deep. One was a friends pool one was mine. After reading your say on waters. I feel God is moving in his Spirit in me largely. Do you agree?

    • Jill says:

      I deam of large swimming pools, like olympic size swimming pools that are clear, blue and clean there is no movement. Do you think this means the same as the above gentelmans dream?

      • Daisy says:

        I just had the exact same dream last night.

        Olympic sized pool, clear, still waters and I was splashing my foot in it while a friend had her own pool next to me that was a lot smaller in size.

        I looked up at the sun as it was radiating so much that I was squinting as I was looking at all the light and I instinctly knew the Son wanted me to go swimming; to refresh myself but it seemed I was afraid to since I was only putting my feet in at this time and started splashing; almost practicing to swim.

        • Firebelle says:

          Hi Daisy,
          Very profound dream I must say. Maybe God is ready to move In Your life mightily through His Spirit if only you can trust Him and heed to His prompting you to allow yourself be led by the Spirit, as opposed to where you are now. You might need to pray and take a close look at your spiritual life.

  2. Christy says:

    Just to encourage you Doug
    I use your Understanding Your Dreams Now as a manual for all of my dreams after purchasing that book it opened up more wisdom and quick understanding of what God was wanting to make me understand there is a definite anointing on this BOOK!!!!!
    Thank you again and again!!

  3. Ami says:

    I keep dreaming I’m riding a bike with a basket all over, towns, trails, I come upon obstacles, and then I can somehow change them in my dream and I’m able to pass them. Its been recurring for the past couple months ???

  4. Rose says:

    Thank you for this post. I’ve seen floods. The one thing that I’ve never understood was the snow and ice in my dreams. Doug, your revelation and help mean so much and make such a difference. I enjoy sending your posts to others who receive them with great joy.

  5. Tim says:

    I had a dream that I was with a group of guys (felt like the deciples), it was more like present day times. Jesus was arrested and Soldiers or Big intimidating guys were surrounding Him. He was leaning on a car and was thirsty. At a distance I watched and felt nervous, then I got a feeling of Power to intimidate the soldiers.. So I brought Jesus a cup of water to drink, and He drank it fast then gave me it back, (cup).
    This dream has been on my mind for weeks, I want to know what He is showing me.

  6. Esther says:

    What if I dreamed of tsunami? I saw children on a festival tried to hold on to one pole to stay alive from tsunami but they got overcome by floods. Then I was at home, the tsunami came, I got sprinkled but not overcame by it because of the walls. And I saw underwear scattered around. That’s really weird dream.

  7. Mary says:

    Last water dream I had, I was taken by surprise when I fell into a pool of water I didn’t know was there as I crossed a room. Soaked, I stepped out and began to wring the water out of my dress The main thing I reflect on is that I didn’t notice the pool of water, didn’t know it was there in my path.

  8. Darlene says:

    What does a water fall mean…….I had a dream walking through a place that had bamboo trees and the sun was shine bright through the trees as I was walking I came up on a beautiful water fall and a big tall gray rock and as I came around the corner it was a beautiful place to sit but I saw a black leopard or cougar sitting there watching her two club in the water playing and I stop back up against the huge rock and said to myself how can I get a blanket or quilt to throw over the leopard or cougar so I could run the clubs were black until the sun light hit them then it was a silver black then I woke up.

  9. Deborah says:

    I had a dream I was standing in the ocean, and there was a beautiful rock formation coming up out of the water in the shape of a arch and every time the waves came and hit the reef beautiful precious stones would spray up on it and coat the archway. I dove into the water to see where it was coming from and all of these beautiful amethyst and aquamarines were in the water. It was a awesome dream!

  10. JM says:

    I just dreamed last night I had to walk through a thick green swamp and an attractive man was helping me walk through it, taking my hand. Some parts were deep, the swamp flowed through streets and there was houses along the sides of the swamp. I’m thinking it could have been from a flood. I was uncertain whether I would step on a loose spot and sink. I also felt guilty to have been helped by this man because I was married 🙁

  11. mark says:

    Been having dreams of flooding, the water was clear and not moving. And I could see the road underwater going across to the other side. Any message in that?

  12. Robin Hundley says:

    I recently had a dream befor te new year :

    I dreamed I was on a beach and finding clams . Some of the these clams I dug out of the sand. I open these clams and would take out the pearls. I found all sizes and different color pearls . I hand a large quantity of pearls.

    After I open the clams for the pearls I release these clams back in the water. Some dug themselves back in the sand and some swam out to sea when the ocean tides rolled in

  13. Billie says:

    The last dream I had I was at the beach. I was walking toward my husband who was at the top of the stairs to get to our room because I was going to shower and get cleaned up. At the last minute I decided to go into the water. Two people I didn’t know spoke to me about something on me (a string of sorts) I looked but grabbed it and proceeded to the ocean. When I got about waist deep I saw a waterspout/funnel. It was still bright outside, not stormy but the waterspout was horizontal not verticle. It was similar to being inside a wave that surfers experience only this one had no opening. I just keep thinking, it’s got to end sometime and “spit” me out somewhere. I was not afraid in the dream. I have been having many dreams in the last six months.

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  15. Jen says:

    A few months ago my kids father had left me for someone else, he also left his kids as well and just cut us out of his life for a woman who is nothing like his expectations in a woman.My mum and i have had dreams where his begging her to please make me see that his really sorry for what he done and insists that we are still his family.I dreamt of someone whom i know who lives close to him telling me “apparently his says his sorry for what he did to you” and next thing in the dream was him telling his new girlfriend that it isn’t working between them,i saw her walk away crying and he drove off into a dark road…What does this all mean???I fear that there’s trouble

  16. Jen says:

    So sorry,it has nothing to do with water etc but I’ve tried looking for answers but no one seems to know or understand…Please can anyone help me???

  17. Jamie says:

    Had a weird dream where every scenario was like I was standing in a shallow puddle of water (1/8-1/4 inch deep) that followed me. the weirdest part was the water was flowing. It came out of nowhere, flowed under my feet the disappeared. flow was from my left to my right.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Dreamed about taking people to the end of the river in a white boat water was crystal clear the river was in the middle of beautiful houses and thick green plush grass , trees and beautiful flowers. I wanted to stay but I had to go back to get others . Next the dreamed the lake open up and i was taking people through on dry bricks did not stay on the other side had to go back and get other people again.

  19. Ross says:

    I have dream of a strange child looking at me while she walks peacefully in a very clear calm river without her feet getting wet . I also see a nun who stop and look at me as she was trying to say something to me. What does this dream means to me.

  20. christie says:

    I have been married for 3yrs and have always had eyes for my husband only. I recently started a new job and am attracted to my co-worker, infact we may be in love with each other. I love my husband dearly and would never cheat on him but at times my feelings for this new guy makes me feel like that’s exactly what am doing.

    I dreamt recently that my coworker and I were at the beach, he was in the water swimming and wanted me to jump in, I’m not a good swimming so I told him no I’m scared. He insisted and told me he would catch me so I jumped, he caught me and we swam together. What does this dream mean?

  21. Derey Cate Cabalbal says:

    Many times i dream about water. Me and my family got swim there. Sometimes i dream in the water i swim and theres a snake and got to bite me but i fight. Whats the meaning of that.

  22. anjily says:

    I had a dream that I enter a round pool full of sand but as I walk through them , they change to very clear water and than I start swimming even though I do not know how to swim , and suddenly I became scared of drawing and I left the pool and it turn to sand again .

  23. colleen says:

    Hi Doug,

    I had a dream of 2 crystal clear wells filled to the brim with spring water in my back yard. The wells were coming out of the ground and were up to my waist in height. I As I was standing looking at the wells my ex mother in law appeared and started helping herself to my possessions which were piled and stacked like a wall behind the wells. She often came to my home and took whatever she wanted when I was married to her son. Before I dreamt this dream I was praying and asked God To help me start a business supplying water as our country is in serious drought. Can you help me interpret this dream?

  24. Anita says:

    Hi I had a dream that i was standing next to a big river. It was two rivers becoming one. The water was flowing very strong but steady. Not with noise or anything. I was amazed that the river was flowing. I told other people who were standing there that i cannot believe that the river was flowing since i was walking there the other day and the river had no water. It was dry. There was only sand. There river was very deep. If i was standing on the dry sand i could not reach the top with my hand. But now it was in full flow and i was just so amazed and excited. Hope you can help me understand it.

  25. Julie says:

    I had two dreams which are reoccurring. I find myself in an airport. Im standing outside in a long line that isn’t moving and im concerned about being too late to check in and make my flight. Or most recently, I found myself in a room at the AP with lots of people I don’t know, somehow I missed check in, I realized I have to go back to check in, I was concerned about being late.2nd, I didn’t realize this was a dream until the other night, when I woke up, turned the light on and saw by blankets undisturbed. This nightmare is so very real and in this experience Im terrified! I am sleeping in my bed, I feel my covers are being slid off me.

  26. Marites Abadiano says:

    I dreamed that our backyard turned into a sea with large blocks of ice floating like icebergs, the color of the water is light brown. There was a man with me but i cant remember who and i was so afraid because i dont know how to swim so i used the ice to float. And after how hours of floating,the ice are gone and i tried to stand up and realized that the water is just over my knees. What’s the meaning of my dream?

  27. Okechukwu says:

    I had a dream where I am on top of ocean looking for whom to show me how to swim, and I saw many of them ready to taught me.

  28. bernice page says:

    I had 2 flood dreams in one week. One was at a home i grew up in as a child. Im 48 the other dream was my job hallway .each dream i was trying to avoid the waters

    • Admin Pam says:


      Water usually represents the Holy Spirit or spiritual life… It sounds like God is rushing into your bloodline to bring Godly transition into your workplace. Pam

  29. Robyn says:

    Huge amount of water rushing against and over the back of my house. Removed shingles damaged ceiling, pushed in part of sliding glass door but I pushed it back, took cats. Husband hardly noticed the chaos from his recliner. Merchant in the back yard after flood quickly subsided and husband made a purchase on the sabbath. Please pray for me.

  30. April says:

    Idreamed my husband and I were swimming in a swimming pool with clear water.
    Then we had to walk along the edge of the water that stood completely still but we had to walk past another family very carefully to cross it. What does that mean?

  31. magni says:

    Recently i had dreamed that my front right teeth has enlarging slowly & slowly and within a span of time it takes its initial position, n whatever things I’ve touched in my dream were broken down suddenly, as i was thinking of that in my dream that why this happens to me n put my hands in a bowl of water i saw orange-red sun in it n whenever someone near to me it goes disappear so i request them all to leave me alone for a while after that when the sun again appears i asked why all this happens to me he replied “i’ve done something wrong”, as i was thinking on that sun lost into me n i woke up..what does it mean Pam?

  32. Justice says:

    This week I had a dream it was the third part in a series of the same dream, in 2005 I dreamed of a killer whale in a bathtub he barely fit, I knew it was content only because it had no other choice and I said it can’t grow in there it has to be in the ocean to grow… a few weeks later I dreamed I was kissing that same whale right on the face with adoration. this last week (november 2016) I had a repeat of the whale dream and I saw sea creatures lined up in two groups some were whales but they formed 2 lines and they were waiting on something. I appeared in another place around the area, (the back I think) except there was a sea next to me and this killer whale swam out from where it was being kept it was huge, shiny and beautiful, the water deep dark blue. I ran inside and told a woman a whale is loose in the water and she said “He probably let him loose” speaking about the main boss. I then ran back to the whale I knew it was about to head into the ocean because it was free and I knew it was going quickly because it was free and had been through trauma while inside that place (it was something like a sea world). it looked in my eyes with a connection and like it was saying thank you. (dream over) when I first had this dream a month or two later I had brought in one of my sons friends who became part of our family, I never knew if this dream had something to do with him, or with me? can anyone help me with this 3 part dream?

  33. Gonolo says:

    I dreamed I was entering the bathroom, and on the other side it was a swimming pool.
    The water was flowing gently and the swimming pool was full of water.

  34. Judy says:

    I dreamed That I walked in the office where I work and clear water was falling from the ceiling around my boss . What does that mean ?

  35. Basheba bakari says:

    Please help out, i had a dream last night swimming in an unending river along with a friend, i kept moving but the river has no end. Thank you

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hi Barbara, you can understand your dream! If swimming means your spiritual life and a river means a move of God, then God is showing you that God is using what you are doing for his kingdom.

      God bless you,
      InLight Connection

  36. Paningayak says:

    I dreamt I was in a boat full of non believers. I’m part of non believers. and It’s true; All of us were surrounded by water. Waves started to arrive and there were no land. I saw a light so bright and where I was, was no light. There was a man standing on water, you can’t even see his face but I knew it was Jesus. So I jumped off the boat and swam to it and asked him. “Can you help me believe in you?” He never spoke, just took me by the shoulders so I close my eyes and he brought me under water and was very deep. I opened my eyes, I was in a place I’ve never been to; saw a book and it asked. “First, do you believe in me?” And I said “yes” and when I turned the page; A little boy arrived and asked me who I would like to pray for. I’ve said my mom. And it spoke a language no one even spoke. And I asked for another prayer. It accepted it and he spoke to god about my prayer and i still never understood what he said.

  37. Ann says:

    I was dreaming about water oceans rivers rain or heavy rain pools suimming and going under water and under the water it was a light color greenish look and I will feel a peace under the water I seen myself standing on top of ice but it was in a pool whither then snow I walked to one corner of the pool the water was so clear I could see the bottom and I walk to the other corner the same there were children’s around the pool and also there was huge white tanks it was for to clean the pool but on top of this ice there were trash so I told the kids to get back so I can clean the pool so I reached out to grab the broom and before I can grab the broom I woke up went back to sleep I was standing in my living room I told my son to open the door when he open the door it was heavy heavy rain so I told him to close the door it’s not time yet can you help me and tell me what this mean

  38. Rose ann says:

    Ive dream a pool full of water buy the color is green. I tried to avoid because i was walking in the side of the gater. I was wondering what is the meaning of it

  39. wilma says:

    I dreamed that I was getting married with my fiance, after marriage the pastor told us to wash our face and hands us with the holy water in a bucket placed before us on the altar. When I came to my turn I was given an extra bucket to pour all over my body, and the pastor told me to listen carefully spiritual and tell them what God said. I listened carefully but I didn’t hear anything. My dream ended there.

  40. kganetso says:

    I had a dream about flying above big rivers but they were dry, other people where just walking i was the only one flying. what could it mean?

    • Admin Pam says:

      Let’s break it down… Water can represent aspects of spiritual life. Rivers can point to moves of God. The river was dry so the move of God did not happen at that place. Flying in a dream indicates you have a high degree of creativity, you have the ability to rise above circumstances, and you are possibly maturing spiritually. (Read blog

      If we put it all together in a context and read it like a story then God is showing you that there is a region or place where the spiritual life is dry and the move of God is absent. It sounds like God is asking to pray for this place. It doesn’t matter if you know where it is or not. God knows.

      God bless you, Pam
      InLight Connection

  41. Rachel says:

    Last night I dreamed I was in the ocean with many others. The waves kept coming and it was scarey. I couldn’t make it to the shore. The water was grey.

  42. Sabra says:

    Please interpret for me i dreamt of spring of water coming out from my bedroom and in the dream i ask my husband how long are we going to live with a spring in the room i dont remember whether he responded or not

  43. Godfrey says:

    Hi I dreamed walking with my wife near the river wich is full off dirty water so then she fell in to that river what does that mean

    • Admin Pam says:

      HI Godfrey,

      Remember that dreams are like parables or metaphors. In the blog, Doug said Rivers can point to moves of God and dirty water indicates that some issues might need to be addressed or healed. So let’s recap your dreams substituting the words above:

      I dreamed I was walking with my wife near a move of God that has some issues that need to be addressed or healed, then my wife fell into that move of God.

      Blessing you to press into God for more understanding.
      Pam, InLight Connection

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Often it means a fun time. It depends on the context of the vision/dream.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  44. dolores garcia says:

    I had dream i was walking on still ocean water and my bf was right in front of me . As i am approaching him the water starts flowing with great intense pushing me into a water fall. i kept still and held on to a palm tree. many people started falling into waterfall. but never made it to bottom because there was a protection barrier that kept them from falling. what can this dream mean.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Cool dream Dolores. We do not interpret dreams but we help by providing symbols and helping you interpret it yourself. Seems like a big move of the Holy Spirit (the water.) You held onto a tree (a leader.) And there was protection to keep people from falling, so God was protecting everyone.

      The dream crash course is super awesome in helping you apply symbols to easily interpret a dream.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

      • Reds says:

        i dreamed i was in jamaica , and I found myself in the ocean , I think i began swimming and did not realize that i swam so far out that when i looked around , was out in the middle fo the ocean by myself , Looked and could see the people on the shore but again i was alone out there , i swam low but remembered that I was not good at diving so i came back up , looked to the shore where everyone was and made up my mind to find my way back , but to started off slow so i would not get tired .

  45. Tanty says:

    I dreamed twice that I was near an ocean that was very calm and the water low. But as was looking at the water I thought this water is low but it will soon roar and destroy. So I must warn people to leave. Before I start warming people the water went very high like hundreds of feet. We had to run without turning back.
    I was safe. I couldn’t remember what happened to others.
    Can you please explain this dream.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thanks for sharing Tanty. Doug’s dream crash course talks about how ocean may mean a big movement or humanity. This dream may show that you are seeing something others don’t see. God could be showing you that you can press in and pray for a situation or group pf people to be safe. I’d ask God what he is referring to and see if there is something on your heart to pray about.

      Here is the link to the course that will help you grow in understanding dreams,

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  46. Sharon smith says:

    I had ad dream seeing 3 statues floating down the river standing up. First round an flat next a man with no clothes then another flat they had no color. What doe it mean?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      We do not do dream interpretation but I can help you with some symbols. If a statue is built for a memory or memorial and it was going down the water first standing tall, then knocked down, it may be God is showing you He is washing away some past memories you may have held onto. Bless you!

  47. Bindu Augustin says:

    My name is bindu and the dream interpretation i liked.Today early morning I had a dream that I was walking along with a person (who it is not clear) and reached a big bridge across the sea but half way walk the bridge seem to be broken but can see the bridge and the gap .the color of the sea water was light green and next to the broken bridge there was another bridge that was not broken and we were getting ready to walk on that. mean while I woke up from the sleep. what does it mean? will you help

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      Bridges often mean transition, season change. God always wants to direct us to go the right way that leads to life. He wants you to go the right way and seems to be showing you. Continue to ask Him and thank Him for guiding you. It makes God so happy when we include Him in our choices and transitions.

  48. Roz says:

    I dreamed that I was standing in my apartment near the kitchen area facing my patio door, which has a long window, from top to bottom and the door next to it as well. The blinds were opened on both of them so that I can see outside. I saw that it was dark and raining, but yet there was a large ray of sun shining bright to the left of the window. The ray of sun shinned on the ground. The feeling I had in the dream was that I knew that I had a meaning, but I couldn’t understand what it meant or symbolize.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      Beautiful dream Roz. Seems symbolic for God shining through a dark time your going through. Bless you!

  49. marcie says:

    can you help pls.
    for the first time today, I dreamt flying towards a forest with very tall trees. the forest was covered with greyish mist like a fog but you could see through the forest.

    from the opposite direction underneath me (am still flapping my hands), a beautiful unicorn galloped towards me and I looked up to me and smiled. it was the most beautiful unicorn(it hard a protruding horn I have ever seen.
    then I work up.

    many Christian preachers associate flying with witchcraft/the demonic attacks.

    Having read Dougs interpretation, it makes sensefor I have always been attracted to anything prophetic, revelation knowledge gifted people.

    I he also been praying and fasting for the same.

    Please help me understand this fully in particular what does a unicorn represent and where is it in scripture?

    thank you.

  50. Lesego says:

    Hello please help, I am a youth leader at church, i had a dream I was with the other sisters from church and we were in a dam fishing and someone said there is a big snake staying in this dam but we were not paying attention to the conversation and there was no fear of the snake. I end up with another sister and there was a guy in the water and he is not born again i end up having sex with him in the presence of this sister and around the dam the grass was so green and the trees.
    Please help im really confused

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Lesego. Snakes often mean lies and deception. Fishing in this context would be the gift to help others or outreach oriented. You had intimacy with someone not saved, showing intimacy with the world rather than God. This could be the enemies plan, rather than reality. Pray and ask God to show you. <3

  51. GrayT says:

    I dreamed I was standing in an open space, like a meadow or field looking at or working on something. I was looking down at whatever I was working on. There was a “body” of water inside concrete walls ahead of me. The water was grey and looked “mushy” and rolled as if boiling, but it was not hot. The level of the water was at a safe level below the top of the walls. I could see a man in the far distance near the concrete walled water. Suddenly I felt as if I was about to be enclosed or wrapped by something big. I looked up and saw the concrete enclosed water had moved very close to me and the water was surrounding me. I looked at the man I had seen in the distance and waved for him to move away from the concrete wall. I cannot swim. I looked behind me and saw that I was standing on a hill or incline and the water was just beginning to rise up the incline. It was not very deep yet so I turned and walked down the incline and through the water and away. I did not feel wet. I only felt slightly threatened. Then I awoke. ????

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Doug says in this post, dirty water indicates that some issues might need to be addressed or healed. Sounds like the water in your dream was dirty.The man could either be good or bad, depends. I would ask God what in your spiritual life may need be addressed or healed? Spend some time with Him and see what comes up. Either way, be encouraged because God loves when we want to grow!

  52. Jo says:

    I was driving my car and suddenly my car drove into a flooded area very fast, I couldn’t see anything other than water everywhere . I felt a little threatened as I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out. There were so much water the colour was a little murky. The car then turned itself around and drove me quickly away and out of the water. I didn’t get wet at all.

  53. KELLI JONES says:

    I have gone through a terrible break up in these past few months so i still been hurting.
    i had a dream that i was holding a baby boy trying to teach him how to open his eyes under the water. Trying to teach him how to do a dead man float, it wasn’t dirty water but i was in a swimming people with other people i never seen. I don’t know if God is showing me something or not.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Cool dream Kelli. First, I’m sorry your breakup was terrible. Praying now that you heart is healed fast and you are able to move on. Second, babies often represent a new blessing in your life. Water can represent the spirit, spiritual life, Holy Spirit, the spiritual realm, or refreshment. Having a dream with those two combo’s is awesome. Keep track of the other dreams you have and see what blessing from God comes your way :).

  54. Ruth says:

    Last night my daughter was very ill and the same night I had a dream that she fell into three different public swimming pools and on all occasions I jumped in to save her but she didn’t seem scared or drowning, everytime she seemed to either swim/float on her own or being taken out by other people who were also swimming in the pools alive and well. I woke up feeling puzzled by this dream, what does it mean?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      If water can represent spiritual life then it could show your daughter growing spiritually and others coming along side her helping her.

  55. Zamiwe says:

    Last night I dreamt that we lined up to jump into deep waters of the the river that was running fast. I was the first on the line. I was instructed to get hold of piece of a long garment which took me deep into the water. First I wondered if I would survive staying in deep waters, then I just decided to jump in holding on to the garmet. I found myself and other people deep down in the water where I was able to breath and talk without water getting into my mouth. It was an excting atmosphere and I had my fon and i began to take photos. Then my colleague took my fon to help me take photos too. Then woke up. Am desperate to know the interpretation am about to do something .

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      If water often represents the Spirit or spiritual life, and you are going deep into it, then apply what that would mean. In your dream, as you went deeper, it was fun and exciting and others were with you. Be encouraged that as you go deeper with God, it will be exciting and fun! Doug has a whole training course and books on how to interpret dreams. You can learn more about them here,

  56. Divya says:

    2days ago, I had a dream of going in a tour through oceans to explore. I had seen 3-4 types of ocean in a single dream. I convinced my family with so much struggle to let me go out there with friends, packed many food in zip lock bags. Suddenly I saw myself with 7-8 other people in a cruise which only had an open area like a wooden sheet with all closed edges except one small portion. At beginning there were some small but fast waves coming to us as someone had thrown water on us. We were having food time to time. We reached a country where kids were dancing in fear. Others were not interested to go, so me & one of my friend went their, we were dancing & trying their steps.suddenly some angry weird people came there. We decided to go back for safety. I saw my cousin brother ,tried to talk but he denied to recognise & went. Now we were again in our cruise. Although it had closed edges, I was standing in the only open area & fell in the ocean,my friend saved me .Other friends & people had no reaction when I fell ,they were just sitting & watching. We sat different edge & others in different,there was a pole in cruise. Suddenly ocean changed,weather changed. It was all cold,but we were not feeling it. Stormy waves of ice, perfectly cut in thin square shapes came fastly & covered us half . We covered ourselves with sweaters, didn’t get hurt. We ran towards our friend to check,but they were enjoying blue sky sunny weather. But as we reached their part of cruise , a very cold ice water storm, fast very fastly came to all of us,we all just ran to other side or else we would die from cold. Other side was now normal. Now we reached different country & again only me & my friend explored. Others wanted to go back home. As we returned on ocean, we saw, half of the edges were destroyed by storm and a very big ,high & dark wave was coming towards our cruise. It was raining. Suddenly we all reached to other country. It was now not dark. It was just sunny. Sunlight all around . They had 2 day trip. But we had only half day to explore. I woke up hearing it’s time to go back, because I didn’t wanted to go back.
    I usually don’t remember dreams. But this one I remember each & almost every second of my dream. Its long I know, but Can u please help me with this?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hello Divya. Thanks for sharing your dream with us! That sounds like an awesome dream to have. We do not interpret dreams here at InLight Connection, but we do provide resources that help you learn how to interpret them for yourself. You can find out more about them here, The most popular is Doug’s Dream Crash Course, which will teach you the meaning of dreams as well as how to interpret them.

      I can tell you, as the blog states, that water is often symbolic for spiritual life. The ocean can mean large move of the Spirit, humanity, or great influence.

      Bless you!

      • Divya says:

        Seriously , You replied on the same day. This much prompt reply I didn’t expect at all, quite impressive .
        & Thank you 😊.
        I somehow connected this whole story with my life but don’t know it’s the only meaning of this dream.
        I’m gonna visit your site 😉.

  57. realyn g casinillo says:

    i had a dream yesterday its a nice beach clear the water and blue very nice beach then i saw some people , and the water become ice.whats that mean.

  58. Ify says:

    I dreamt of a man comming through ma back while am with my girl friend going home so i saw a big water where they throw dirty so the comming through my back jumped inside it he sinked and come up again he stated jumping up and down inside the river and i was like Jesus what is wrong with this man so people passing by where like telling me to start going where am going that the man is abnormal sometimes he will get his self so am afraid that the river will swallow h before i wake up so dear please am afraid since need some advice thanks and God bless

  59. ojasweeta says:

    i had a dream this evening around 4:30 p.m.i saw i was walking with my friend on bridge or mountain like something.suddenly i saw an ocean between heavy rocks and i scared to see the ocean and hold my friend’s hand and starting running.i ran untill i reach my home.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Thanks for sharing your dream. As Doug says, water often represents the spirit, spiritual life, Holy Spirit, the spiritual realm, refreshment. If the water is dirty, then ask God how you can pray for your husband. Dreams like this though might seem bad, are good because they can show us how to pray for those we love.

  60. Steve Winkler says:

    The Lord gives me prophetic dreams frequently. I had one the other night that I wanted to share because I’m not sure what the interpretation is. I was in the passenger seat of an SUV driving down the road with a person who was a co-worker. It wasn’t anyone I currently work with or know – it’s just how it was in the dream and we were driving somewhere for work even though I work in an office all day and never drive anywhere during work hours. Although I live on the East coast, we were driving on the West coast near the shore when suddenly out of nowhere we saw a massive tidal wave coming into shore. Although we couldn’t actually see the shore from where we were driving, we were close – to within about a 1/2 mile and the tsunami was absolutely stunning in how massive it was. We both looked at each other startled and I said “brace yourself, here it comes”. In the dream I was ready for the power of that massive wave to annihilate us but I had hope that we would survive it. Suddenly the water came in and hit us from the side but instead of overwhelming or crushing us, it lifted the SUV we were in and moved us sideways a bit and much to our surprise we ended up back on the road driving through about a foot or two of water. As the dream ended I was struck by the hope I had before the wave hit. It was a real hope and not a false expectation even though it looked like there was no way we would survive it.

  61. Alizz says:

    I was dreaming earlier that i was about to swim or i was swimming (i can’t remember if i had swum or was about to swim) in a clear deep blue water (i don’t know if that was a pool or sea). All i can remember is that i had a goggles with me but I didn’t wear it but was about to wear. What was that mean.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Alizz! Swimming in water can represent the spiritual aspect of life. Although swimming can be good, notice the context of the water: is it clear or dirty, fast flowing or stagnant, or shallow or deep? From there, you can gain better understanding of what the dream means. Bless you!

  62. Sonam says:

    I dreamt of me running through a mushy road . It was kinda dark. I don’t know why but someone was running after me saying, “I knew it”, as if she was going to tell me something but I was pretending that I did not see or hear her. I was calling my mother so badly that when she replied she sounded so near but she was far.

  63. Joseph says:

    I have dreams about my ex girlfriend and she is there but can’t see her phisicaly. Last night we were in the building and I went to get my car in the parking lot but couldn’t find it. I was so stressed out and sweaty when I woke up. Meaning?

  64. christina says:

    ive been having dreams of being washed away in the ocean, i keep holding on to the shore but the oceans current keeps pulling me back. what can this mean?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Christina. It depends on the context in the dream. What emotions were there, what colors? We do not have the team to interpret dreams but as Doug stated above, water can mean the Spirit of God. It may be God showing you He wants you all in :). Bless you!

  65. Nicola Williams says:

    I dreamt I was swimming in the sea. It was almost as if it was day break. The skies above was pinkish purple and the Lord said , “You are reaching the shore now”

  66. Lavender says:

    I dreamt jumping into a ocean and walking through deeper position inside water. I came out of water and found myself in a green field. And the field was wet with rain. what can this mean

  67. Cherylee Bowne says:

    I’m at this place I’ve never been. With nice people I’ve never met. It’s night time and this place is made of big stones. I’m outside and my 2 younger children are with me. There is this big, I mean long deep body of water. It’s night so obviously the water is dark. But we get in to swim, and the water feels like velvet. So comfortable! I can swim really fast through the water, and I feel a fish touch my leg, and I get excited that in this water are fish. Outside this pool which by the way has no end or I can’t see the other side, there is a man smiling. He is tan with nice teeth, and curly hair a little past his ears. I was awakened by someone knocking g at my door. I feel like this dream has definitely something to do with Spirituality because my younger kids were the ones with me and as of right now, they are my only children who have received the Holy Spirit and have a conscious thirst of the knowledge of Christ. My older children aren’t willing yet…

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Thanks for sharing your dream Cherylee! Doug has some great resources on interpreting dreams you can find out about here. One of Doug’s most popular teachings is the Dream Crash Course. Bless you! And bless your older children, may they come to know the goodness and the love of God!

  68. rebecca weber says:

    It’s good to find a site that interprets dreams from a Christian perspective. Thank you. In my dream I found myself and my 2 youngest children going very quickly down a water slide. But it was saltwater. I wasn’t really scared but I didn’t really like it either. At the end my feet were burning from the salt and I was happy for it to be over. Salt and saltwater I usually see as very comforting and healing. But I’m not a fan of water slides. In the research I’ve done, I have found both positive and negative interpretations. Any ideas?

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Rebecca! We do not offer dream interpretation over the blog but Doug has great resources that will help you grow in dream interpretation. One of Doug’s most popular course is the Dream Crash Course. This will help you understand dreams and how to interpret yours and others. Bless you!

  69. Camille Nuello says:

    Hi.. I dreamed of swimming under the sea last night with my older sister. We are walking under the sea and it’s so clear thet we clearly see all the living things under. Colorful fishes, colorful reefs like neon colors.

  70. naresh dwivedi says:

    I dreamt that an elephant is stuck in mid way to cross muddy river but I crossed that river by walking and reached safe up place and I am feeling very energetic mmeanwhile another elephant is moving towards river

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Natasha, we do not interpret dreams on our blog. Doug’s Dream Crash Course teaches you how to interpret dreams and comes with a dream dictionary. Oysters can mean a spiritual blessing. It all depends on the context though :). God bless you!

  71. Tammy Eskew says:

    I have written a book, which I have in manuscript form. I dreamed several times last night that I was submerging it in a pan of clear water. Interestingly enough, the pages were not damaged and the ink was not smeared. I pulled it out and it was completely clean and dry. I feel strongly that the water has a spiritual or prophetic meaning. Can you help me by interpreting my dream?
    (This story has not been published.)

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Tammy! Very cool dream! I think you are on the right track with your dream interpretation. Doug has wonderful dream interpretation resources you can look at here. God bless you and I pray you book is a blessing to you and to all who read it!

  72. Melize says:

    This year things went downhill for me, and the past few month I wonder about God. Once a teacher spoke to God in tongue and she saw a vision of me inside a shark trying to get out but don’t know how . Then months past by, and she told me that when she looks at me, she sees the deep ocean. I have art as a subject in school and every term we get a new theme to work with . The moment I heard that our theme is to dream, I emediatly had this vision in my head of a deep ocean with a cage underneath and a bird flying above the water. Somehow all of this is connected, but I don’t completly understand what God is trying to show me.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Water often symbolizes the spirit or spiritual life. Ask God to show you what you need to see in this time in your life and He will show you! God bless you!

  73. martha malepe says:

    hi last night i dreamt i was home,and there was funeral not sure who’s funeral was it,in the dream the house looked different from our real life one but in the dream it was my home (grandma’s),the house was big like beautiful and it was bright inside the house spaceous,as everyone was preparing to go to grave yard maybe, i saw myself wanting to have a bath so that i could also go,the bath was white in a rectangular shape,as i wanted to switch on the water tap i realised that there was a girl or baby sleeping in what suppose to be a bathroom and baby was covered with a blanket/checked blanket not sure of the color,so i couldnt run water into the bath because someone i know my cousin’s wife(Cathrine) moved the bath from where the tap is,reason was for the baby to sleep without disturbance,i was wondering what kind of bath was that because normaly the bath is undetachable but that one was movable i found myself trying to push the bath close to the water tap at the same time trying not to wake the child up,and not sure but the child seemed like it was my child(Keagile her name,meaning i have build)and in real life my daughter passed on 11 years ago when she was 19 and she was disabled,actually before trying to have bath,i saw my aunt (Magdeline her name)with another woman relative of us(Sellah her name)they were sitting on the floor(that’s how we mourn in our culture)in our culture when there is a funeral there’s normally lots of people going up and down,in and out the house but this one was different,it was only my aunt and this relative of ours in the house,she is actually my aunt’s cousin,so in the dream i was so happy that our house is going to be kept clean because no one was running in and out of it,my main concern in the dream was the house was spaceous and very bright inside(not that i was worried maybe happy) though i could only see 2 rooms were my aunt was(looked like passage-like place with lounge in front) and where the bathroom was,i knew in the dream that it was a biiig house but couldnt see the rest of the rooms,the dream ended up still trying ways to get water in the bath because i didnt want to disturb the sleeping child.maybe this will help, two weeks back i dreamt i was home and group of women were in front of our house/yard sitting all of them in a blue uniform,like burial society club and i saw my other aunt (phillipine) coming to join them,at the same time my cousin Sylvia,was worried going to a lady same street(secretary of the club for burial society)Sylvia was concrned wanted to know how much she owes the club, because normaly when there’s a funeral they go through the books and check who owes and how much she owes before the funeral i saw most of my family( my grandmother’s family n grand children)waking up i called my aunt Magdeline and told her about the dream and she also told me for that whole week she’s been dreaming seeing all her mother’s(my grandmother) children who died already and her mother’s family side who passed on,her last dream was she saw coffin there was funeral at home(my grand mother’s house,all this dreams when i say home this is happening at my grand mother’s house,that’s were i grew up as i dont know my mom,died when i was 3yrs,so that’s my home)to continue my aunt’s dream she said she saw coffin lot of people,my granma’s children and grandchildren and everybody was very happy that day,am sorry that this looks like a book,STAY BLESSED

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hello Martha! We do not have a team in place to interpret dream sent into us at the moment but Doug has some wonderful resources that help you grow in dream interpretation. You can look into those here.

  74. Son says:

    Last night, I was dreaming of a land walking back to our house. While I am walking, I can notice that the sky is getting a little dark and a huge body of water gradually shows in and surround me. I noticed that what I was seeing is an ocean becoming larger and wider until it hits my way making my way back disappears. I tried to swim but I can barely paddle swim and swim to the best I can until there is a man who is riding a motorcycle, I climb aboard and he took us to a bridge in a river. We bumped into the edge before the bridge and throw our selves through a net, climbed the water bridge only to find out that the bridge was submerged in the water but I can still see the bridge and was able to walk on it. I’ve got stumbled and fall of on the other side of the water which is the deepest part of the river. Then when I woke up, it was already 10:36 in the morning and I’m cold. I really need to hit the bathroom and prepare for my work. Oh gosh I will be late at work and I need to hit the road and commute. But anyway, that dream means a lot to me, it was so amazing to feel like you’ve been so overwhelmed to a large body of waters that are ragingly flowing. One thing I’ve noticed there, but I won’t tell everybody what is it, it’s something weird happened. Anyway, thanks a lot for reading this.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Son! We do not have a team in place to interpret dream sent into us at the moment but Doug has some wonderful resources that help you grow in dream interpretation. You can look into those here. Bless you!

  75. Jesper Tan says:

    Had the same dream for the past 1 week.

    Am swimming . Alone.
    Swimming calmly in a pool with beautiful clear blue water for almost the whole dream.
    Alway woke up from a sudden force of pulling.
    Back to real life, the right side of my lower body will be numb for a few minutes & the bedsheets were wet because I was perspiring during my sleep. (I slept with the aircon at 16 degree & the sheets were dry before this dream)

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Jesper! Swimming in clear water as Doug says is often symbolic and means that your spiritual life is refreshing and life-producing. You can ask God why you are feeling pulled from this and waking up feeling numb. Praying and asking God to show you will help give you answers.

      Also, Doug does have some awesome resources you can look into that help you grow in dream interpretation. Here is a list of those resources,

      God bless you!

  76. Joseph H.M says:

    Lastnight I had a dream that I was by a group of people I knew (a crew if you must), they were underestimating me in a sense. There was this large bucket or drum of water in front of all of us at this time, to prove I could do what they doubted I turned that water into ice with a single breath and had them in a state of flummox (perpetuated greatly). I was curious as to know if it had relevance at all towards me being an upcoming rapper or that secretly I have been tapping into telekenises (hydrokenesis, pyrokenesis mainly) quite strongly in the past 5-6 days aswell. If you have any way of interpreting what this may mean please let me know.
    P.s I am very connected to the spiritual realm aswell .

  77. Petro says:

    DREAM 10/08/2018..Title: This is the way to go..emotions : excited (even if still unclear).. This is a dream in one moment but is in 3 parts but somehow i feel they might be connected? Me and my Son (22 years old) is on our way to a airport where i neva been before but on this road we lost the cab..we startted walking to get on the Highway i notice it was the wrong way and turn around and walk on the other road with a sign that shows like this ( <- ) as i went up on this road i saw we are on the highway and started walking..2nd scene i'm at a petrol station but in a high building and there is a tub (almost like a bath) but with the most clear crystal beautiful soft still water(can't explain this beautiful water) i sit on the edge and my feet (naked) and legs (just under my knee) was in this clear water. then i went outside. 3rd Scene me and son is at a House outside with suitcases.. I look at a watch and saw it is 11 o clock am.. i stared to worry and looked up to heaven and ask Lord Please help me.. Then their is a Lady well dresssed in a White Pants and White Jacket (with little tiny black spots) and i saw she has car keyes in het hand and i just felt in my dream she is going to take us to the airport…ANY HELP PLEASE

  78. Cyndi says:

    River of water, dark but on top of water was floating gold rock or something like that. Daughter & I swimming then saw a large green flesh eating dinosaur 🦖??? in the water. Daughter saw it then swam the opposite direction, and so did I. Each swim stroke I made, I moved gracefully as I did I moved faster and faster, my daughter was afraid I was not.

  79. Rowena says:

    I always dream of the river that i was use to swim when i was a kid but in my dreams it is now an ocean and the water flows rapidly

  80. Matt says:

    I had a dream of a wasteland type of beach with a lot of mud and dead crabs and coral all over the ground. I had fallen into the muddy water and had to climb out up through some very unstable what seemed to be sewer pipes and finally up onto a broken billboard then climb down over a river of sharp objects of metal and freakishly steep muddy mounds that dropped off the side to the ocean all while having to step in the right spots to not hurt my feet over these dead sharp crab shells and coral being barefoot. I eventually made it out and onto more flat land but it had something oddly to do with Michael Jordan the former basketball player but for what reason I have no clue? It was so nerve racking and scary. It wasn’t in the full light of the day but during the dusk hour. Does anyone know what my dream may have meant to mean?

  81. Lorelie says:

    I had dream I’m riding a ship sailing through the ocean was so blue and there was so many people also with us inside a ship.the ship going to a place where Is my brother many kind of animals in the ocean.and there was also many people swimming in the ocean where the ship is sailing..what is your interpretation of this dream..thnkyou

  82. James McMahon says:

    I had a dream last night that I was in the ocean. A shallow part where I could reach and A HUGE wave came so I decided to hop up and ride it (in a fun way, no fear) and then all of the sudden the wave started taking me out to the very deep. It was carrying me away from land. When I realized it, I instantly got out of the wave and turn around to get to land but the water was kind of strong, not too strong, but as I turned around to see where the land was it instantly got dark. And I do mean instantly. I was out in the deep with no sense of direction and couldn’t see land anymore. There was a single bright star in the sky and I remember seeing it. I yelled out one time “HELP!” And then cried out to Jesus, and when I did I woke up. When I woke up I woke up with a big gasp for air. Even though I was not drowning in the dream. I was terrified also. It kept me awake for a long time and a couple times that I started to dose back to sleep I jolted awake from that memory. Any clue what this could mean?

  83. Saumil says:

    I saw a dream our family go for a tour and when we return my cousin has a bike and i sit on his bike but when we returning on a bridge he jump into river with me and bike with a plan but we are not suceed and lick by chance we got a bot but its not not going to end of river thats why we jump and after many try we successed to reach safe place so what is the meaning of this dream ?

  84. Triza says:

    I have dreamt several times this year about drawing. At one time, I dreamt that I was chasing some woman who wanted to hurt my family but on coming back, I found my 2 children had drowned and died in shallow water and my husband was bitterly crying. On a recent occasion, I dreamt that I was by a large river with very clean fast moving water and all of a sudden..a large group of fish was moving with the fast currently. ..I left my now 4 month baby so I could catch the fish but while I was in the process I saw my baby drowning and being carried away by the interpret this.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      As much as we love dreams we do not have a team in place to interpret dreams sent in.
      Doug has some great products on understanding dreams that will really help you grow in dream interpretation though.
      Two of my favorites are the Dream Crash Course and Doug’s book Understand Your Dreams Now.
      Both are excellent ways to start understanding dreams.

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