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Adding It Up—What Do Numbers Mean In Dreams?

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Bunch of wooden numbers number one on top.

I have done thorough studies of dreams, visions and the symbolism found in the Bible. Once we understand God’s hidden symbolic language, an entirely new world opens up for us. We will not only see messages in the dreams that we have at night, we will also be able to hear God speaking to us in an unlimited number of ways—through television, in the movies, street signs, names and even numbers.

The key to understanding dreams is using a combination of symbolic understanding and the ability to hear God’s voice.


When interpreting dreams, I put less emphasis on the meaning of numbers than I used to do when I first started out. One of the reasons for this is that there are so many conflicting dream symbol meanings for numbers. I believe that God gives us revelation into the meaning of symbols, but we have to be careful that we are not applying them globally to every single dream we have.

Repeating Numbers

My wife and I pay attention to repeating numbers all the time. Eleven can represent transition and when we see it, we know that we are about to transition into an entirely new season of our lives. Maybe you see numbers line up on the clock like 2:22, 3:33, etc. It could be the meaning of the actual number or symbolic that things are about to line up for you. The only way to know for sure is to record it, watch for it and ask God for confirmation.

Although numbers in dreams are important, they are more useful in the application than the interpretation. If you can take out any symbol of the dream and the dream does not change, then it is best not to focus on it.

I have listed some very basic meanings of numbers as a starting point.


  • 1—single
  • 2—double
  • 3—trinity, God
  • 4—creativity, worldwide impact
  • 5—grace
  • 6—man’s efforts
  • 7—completion, perfection
  • 8—new beginnings
  • 9—fruit of the spirit and gifts, judgment
  • 10—rules, law
  • 11—transition
  • 12—leadership, government
  • 13—rebellion
  • 14—establishment
  • 16—high level of grace
  • 18—provision, judgment
  • 21—jackpot
  • 24—leadership, government
  • 50—jubilee, reconciliation, freedom

Take a look at any corresponding Bible verses for numbers you have in your dreams. For example, if you see the number 24 you might want to take a look at several chapter 24’s in the Bible. I recommend doing an Internet search as well. Also, you can find out more about dream interpretation training and books by CLICKING HERE.

Happy dreaming!



Doug Addison

P.S. Do you ever wake up in the morning with the thought of a dream you had just had? Was it something confusing? Perhaps it was something weird. It very well could have been a message from God—and I would like to help you understand what God is telling you through your dreams. I created an in-depth but simple online dream interpretation course. Enroll in the Dream Crash Course today to gain understanding about your dreams!

Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author, life coach and stand-up comedian. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His unique style of teaching and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

107 thoughts on “Adding It Up—What Do Numbers Mean In Dreams?

  1. Tim Haas says:

    I have had a dream of the number 888 and the number 23 the next day there was a word that was “profetic filtering” I have no idea what they mean but I know it has to be
    A message or something. Coyld you tell me what you think?

    • Kelli Ann says:

      Tim, although I’m not Doug (just did a google search for his name and number 22 for my own question to him) but when I read your post, the first thing that popped in my mind was “the death of something” (23 – Psalm) is going to bring you into a new beginning (8) in that same area…the fact the 8 was tripled tells me that God (Father, Son, Spirit) is definitely behind it….

      I get prophetic stuff (usually on an international scale — check out “Kelli Ann Davis 1 Corinthians 14:8” on FB if you want) but Doug has always been one of my favorite “plugged in” leaders in terms of the prophetic….he has been spot on some many times…it’s uncanny! (That’s why I googled him)

  2. Charlotte Spencer says:

    Do you ever interpret dreams for us? I had one that puzzles me. I usually understand them, but not this one. thanks, charlotte spencer

  3. Christy says:

    What do you do when a certain number like 22 has had almost like a bad luck attached to it for instance my dad died on a 22 day
    I was norm on the 22 other big things have taken place on the 22 what do I do with this or how can I look at this the right way for instance I’m scared to fly on the 22

      • toni says:

        I’ve been going through some very trying times for about the last 7 years. Loss of a marriage, custody battle, loss of a job, great financial struggles, depression and withdrawal, sickness in my family, family totally falling apart. For the last 4 or 5 years I’ve been seeing the number 29. I see it everywhere all the time. On clocks, on tv, on license plates. No matter when i look at the clock, it always seems to be the 29th minute of the hour or seconds away from it. What does this number mean? Please help

  4. Michele says:

    I have been receiving your blog posts for approximately a month now. I am you minister directly to where I am at that time. I haven’t had any dreams with numbers but, I did ask God a question regarding the prophetic and He answered it in numbers.

  5. Anne Petroff says:

    My husband, who is not a believer yet, dreamed he had hair on his back. (He doesn’t)
    Any idea what this could mean? Thank you so much.

  6. Shari says:

    when my sister and I started dreaming, the Lord told us to use strong’s concordance, Greek as this is new testament. We start at number 20 and above. We use the numbers you have for numbers up to 20. This has made a difference in our dreams.
    Strong’s Concordance has a number for every word in the Bible.

    • Doug Addison says:

      That will work on some dreams but not all. God “speaks one way or another…” job 33:14 – even Jesus used different meanings for things in parables. God’s personal dream language for each of us will be different. Sounds like this is one He uses for you. Be careful to not assume it is the same all the time

  7. Brittany says:

    I had a dream recently. A bunch of friends and I were meeting at a house and in the dream we were all drunk. We don’t drink. I asked God why we he had us this way and he didn’t want us to be in control. Then in the dream we started praying and casting out demons. I went to punch the demon and I fell. I looked up as I was on the floor in the dream and the clock said 3:55. I then waited until daylight and some friends tried driving me home. We decided to avoid the highway cause we didn’t want to get pulled over. We took a back road and because the driver was still drunk we went over a ledge. Any idea what it means. Sorry for the long comment. God bless you.

  8. Cathy says:

    Doug, what does it mean when you have a dream within a dream? Your dreaming that you are having a dream . Any help would be appreciated. I do not find that in the materials that I got from you or any other materials. Thank you for your help. Hugs Cathy

  9. Robin says:

    Don’t know if you will see this or not. However I watch your video today off of facebook. Then I found your blog. I had a dream where I was in a building and was going to help the kids pick up the toys. Never saw the children or people, just knew they were there. I picked up 3 masks. One green, one yellow and cannot remember the other color. When I was walking to the “toy box” one of the masks (green one) jumped out of my hands. I put the other masks in the toy box and went back and picked up the green mask. I changed colors to red and grew a very pointed nose and showed me it little tine teeth. Was trying to bite me…it was very very angry. It did not succeed in biting me…I think I must had awakened after that.

  10. Linda Arrington says:

    Plx tell me what this means. I dreamed several yrs ago. I was i a nice estalushment. A man met me. Directed me to follow
    As we walked another ma
    bed me from behind n restrained me. The 1st guy said we have u now. Then i jerked away n kicked them. They fell apart. I woke up n ask God to deal with them . I declare i heard .. your a captain im the army. U deal with them.

  11. Gina Wolf says:

    I have to get this book and learn more about interpreting dreams! I had one last night that I KNOW was God trying to tell me something. I woke up feeling it was hugely important, but can hardly remember anything. I just remember that God was going to be showing me something totally new and creative (I think it was a new way to heal people or reach people), and it involved colors. Then I woke up knowing that I would use all of the colors, but that blue was the most important. I know that blue is the Holy Spirit, so I’m confused about the rest now!

  12. Doreen Walker says:

    I had a dream August 25th (my daughter’s 42nd birthday). In my dream I saw a large white billboard and on it was written in large bold black letters “Please tribe before March 10th”

  13. precious says:

    I had a dream today and in my dream, i was pregnant with a child, so i decided to Abort the child but i was not able to , at the same time i already had a child i was feeding in the dream and i decided to let someone adopt the children, both the unborn child and the Born one,.i would like to know what it means

  14. Ashley S. says:

    Suddenly, for weeks now everyday multiple times a days, the numbers 1111, 111, 333, and a few 444’s and 555’s have suddenly started standing out to me. Mostly the numbers 1111 & 111. but i’m not really sure what it all means but I know its God. I seek God concerning this, but don’t feel like I have an answer yet. What do you think God is trying to say to me? Thank you in advance!

    • Dee says:

      I have the same experience. I know that 1111 has come often when there was a transition coming. A lot of times it comes before a family member dies or a really big change. I am seeing it constantly right now and 111. I see 11:55 a lot. I also see the 333 and 444 but mostly 555. Is there any insight on this? Thank you so much.

      • Dee says:

        I don’t want to voice fears but I do have one concern and it really is a fear and don’t want to miss something important that God may be trying to warn me or tell us. My husband’s birthday is 5-5 and next year he turns 55. I am constantly waking at 555 almost every morning I see this as well as afternoon. Could this have something to do with something that is coming?Thank you.

          • Jennifer says:

            I have be researching the prophetic meaning of like 4 numbers in a row, I wouldn’t hear or see the number like I sometimes do in visions in dream. it will drop in my spirit when I’m waking up.
            example 3453 or 0554.
            What does that mean?
            I really want God to show me through the Holy Spirit how to prophetically interpret number

          • Admin Pam says:

            Jennifer, we are so glad that you are asking God to show you what he is trying to say to you through numbers! Doug recommends taking a look at any corresponding Bible verses for numbers you have in your dreams. For example, if you see the number 24 you might want to take a look at several chapter 24’s in the Bible. I recommend doing an Internet search as well. Doug also has an online activation ministry school that will train you on how to hear God clearly in new ways.

            Blessing you! Pam
            InLight Connection Staff

      • Hey ,I dont know much about this but ,I know I think It was last week I saw a clock and random numbers on it .It seemed like ones and zeros.Ive been seeing pocket watches ,I hear someones voice saying something about running out of time.I dont know what this means or anything but all the signs that Im seeing I think were at the end times to be honest.Everyone’s been saying that for awhile ,but I think its true.(In honor of Jesus name)-Samantha Wilson.

  15. Shanae says:

    I have been seeing the number 29 everywhere for the last two years. On license plates, signs , tv…. Whenever I look at the clock, it’s always 29 minutes past the hour. I have been going through a very dark time for over three years . Loss of my marriage , custody battle, loss of my job, my mother being diagnosed with cancer. I feel this number means something significant . As well as the very vivid dreams I have. It was prophesied to me that I myself would be moving in the prophetic .

  16. kerry archibeque says:

    Hi Doug, thank you for confirming SO MUCH. I do have alot dreams lately though I’ve been seeing #s like 111, 222, 333, 555. I do have alot going on in my life. Can you help?

  17. Grace says:

    Hi Doug, what about a dream that clearly mentions the number 666 and connection to Anti-Christ what would be the implication in the world today.

    I would be interested to know your view. THANKS

    • Doug Addison says:

      Grace, I really do wish I had time to interpret the thousands of dreams people send me. Honestly I am buried in them :O) but I did pour everything I possibly know on dreams into an online course that will help The Dream Crash Course. Take the Jump Start Course free. I also have a book Understand Your Dreams Now that may help. Go to my website

      • Dee says:

        They took down my comments but I did not know why, I only wrote about something I had been seeing and did not mean to be offensive in any way and would be so sorry if it was.

        • Dee says:

          The thing I wrote was what I see a lot and it sometimes has me really uneasy about the future. I do not want to be in fear or miss a warning so we could change the outcome if God was trying to tell us something important. I was looking for help.

  18. Kelli Ann says:

    Hey Doug,

    Isn’t number “11” = revelation? And if so, could “22” be attributed to “revelation” being assured? (Thinking of the scripture that when something is repeated it’s sure to transpire)….

    And, what about number 9? If it was linked to the “22” what would your general analysis be??


  19. Cathy says:

    Doug I had a dream 2 nights ago. There was a man holding up 22 blocks. This man was so beautiful I never thought I would forget his face, yet I can’t describe it now. It is erased from my mind now. The blocks were childrens blocks or small blocks that looked similar to small childrens blocks. The next thing this man picked up had the number 48 on it. This looked like square blocks also, but it looked like a spinning calendar that were similar block sizes. Can you tell me what this dream means? Thank you Doug. Blessings!

  20. Veronica says:

    Doug what does it mean when you dream about a specific date and time for example my dream says August 24, 2002 10:22 a.m. I am so confused!! Thanks Doug !!

  21. David says:

    I’m done with porn/lust, after the two dreams I had last night. The first one lasted 3 hours and I was attacked by something I couldn’t see. It was choking and hitting me as I called out for Jesus. I prayed to him in the dream asking for help and it just seemed to anger the demon. I woke up sweating. I went back to bed, and had a dream, I was on a bus and just sitting there, Idk why but I was praying and my finger moved uncontrollably 10 times. Idk why I counted I just did. I asked if someone on the bus knew what 10 meant, and they pointed to seat 10 there was a paper of some sort there and i was drawn to the numbers 33 on it. 3 different spots it’s like someone pointed it out to me. I just was drawn to it. It was also 10:33 in my dream. I prayed to the Lord and praised him for miracles and asked what should I do testify, and chills ran down my body. You may not believe it, but he was giving me a message.

  22. Laverne says:

    Hi Doug, I dreamed about the number 7 and next to it was the book, Deutoronium.
    example: (7 Deutoronium……………). it was written in a book. it look like it could have been the bible. I wanted to highlight the text when one of my sisters ask me what I am trying to do. I explained it to her.

  23. Nicole says:


  24. N says:

    I had a dream that it was new years Eve and I was very drunk, I look at a digital clock that was near me and it said 11:56 and then went to 11:57. What does this mean?????? I dont understand

  25. Victoria says:

    Last night I had a dream and I was crying and scared because I was moving out to a room that had the number 1001 on it!:/. So I saw that number every time I went to the building and when I went inside. What does that mean???? I know have to be careful but what will happen to me????

  26. Esther says:

    Hey Doug,
    Many times for the past weeks when I check my phone for time , I find its 00:00 or I see any number but with a 0 or 00 in it. What’s its meaning?

  27. precious says:

    I had a dream dream that my boyfriend exchanged phone numbers with two ladies in my presence, please wat does it mean thanks

  28. precious says:

    I had a dream that my boyfriend exchange phone number with two different ladies please what does it mean thank you

  29. Zukiswa says:

    I dream that I was being arrested on Thursday the 2 July and again on 3rd July…felt so real. This morning woke up with a voice that said fast for 11 days, Daniel fast.

  30. Liza says:

    Hello,can you please help me…i always like to analise my dreams and well i had a weird dream and these combination of numbers popped in my head…148 and 59.. that was one combination i cant remember more but i have some very strange feeling of those numbers,like its important to me. can you please tell me what it can mean? thank u for helpng.

  31. Jonny says:

    Hi Doug,

    I dreamt about the numbers 1,7,14 and 21 a few weeks ago when I started a 40 days fasting. What does these numbers mean. I did not know these were prophetic numbers until I watched a video.


  32. Femi says:

    I had a dream of some numbers, 74;71,52 last week, in my dream and approached a friend who said the numbers are for my winning a lottery.Lo and behold,I followed him to a lotto stand,and staked a simple amount because I didnt believe in it and didnt wanna risk my money.To my greatest amazement,when my friend called me and I went to see him,the number fetched me multiplied by 100 of the amount I stakes down.I’m still wondering God and his work…!

  33. Kyle says:

    I had a dream it was wierd for a while. Then i found a book i picked it up and looked through it it was a picture book of a man playing hocky the man apeard. And said hi he shook my hand then said do you know who i am. I replied no he said look closer at my i did the number 42 showd up on his fourhead and i said sorry no. He replied im one of the horsemen pestalence and went to shake my hand again i grabed my sleeve then shook his hand again then he transformd with black wings and long arms and said nice meeting you and he flew off. Then i woke up.

  34. Ulla says:

    Hi Doug, I’ve had a dream in which various symbols/ elements of the dream are duplicated/ in pairs. What does this mean. I know the dream itself is important–i’ve had it repeated thrice already. Thanks.

  35. Cassie says:

    I had a dream where i saw the number 666. There were numbers between the 666 but i dont remember what numbers. And i was in a haunted house in my drem. When i saw those numbers , i told my friend in the dream: look! Its 666! and she just ignored me. And for the past month i keep seeing 13:13, 11:11 or just 111 and numbers like that and its kind of creeping me out. My friend tells me that its a coincidence but i dont think so. I see them 5-10 times a day. Please help me! I want to know what it means!

    • Admin Pam says:

      Well, I guess knowing the creator of the universe wants to speak to you and is teasing you with numbers could creep you out 🙂 He got your interest though right? So now your response is to figure out what he is trying to get you to look at 🙂 Doug says “The key to understanding dreams is using a combination of symbolic understanding and the ability to hear God’s voice.” Start by looking up bible verses in the bible (example John 1:11, John 11:1, etc) and read the chapter and see if your spirit responds to any of them. Pray and ask God to help you find the verses he wants you to look at. Happy treasure hunting! Pam

  36. sierra says:

    Thank the Lord for this material. he Heavenly Father is still helping me to cultivate this Gift of the dreams and vision. Last night I had a dream of the number 13:80 just like that on top of a window that slides up like in a house that’s under construction because the window had fresh saw wood around it and those numbers were curved out in wood on top the window and this light was shining in through the window? I remember being confused cause those numbers I knew were not from a clock? Please help all I know is 13 is rebellion.- Thank You.

  37. melody hobbs says:

    I had a dream that i saw a red christmas ball ornament with the number 7 on it. a white one with the number 2, and a third one with the number 7. like maybe 727. I was very happy.

  38. Ebeh paul says:

    Master pls my dream is this,last night i dream where i was at school and we are closen from school but i didn’t go to that day so i was pass by behind my school so i hear when our teacher was telling my school met to take my result card to at i quckly ran there and pick it and open was position number 7 i got i was so glad but some of my class met where jaelous my position number 7 .pls master what does that dream means?

  39. Mary says:

    Recently I’ve begun to have very different dreams. Sometimes right before I awake up I see (sometimes hear it being spoken as well) a number, phrase or picture. This just started happening to me about April of 2015. Has anyone ever experienced this or know of this type of dream? The first time it happened I heard a number of days and then another number. I counted the days and exactly the number of days I received a text from my boss saying I would not get my next paycheck because they ran out of money. Then unintentionally I quit the job on the second number of days and didn’t realize it until later. Everything turned out fine and I ended up getting all owed to me about 6 weeks later. During that time I also saw a dear with antler’s grazing in the forest right before I woke up. I would love to understand why I continue to get these types of dreams if anyone has any insight.

  40. Grace says:

    I have been seeing the number 10:17 everywhere for about 9 months now, and the date of my birthday happens to be 10/17. I have begun seeing 11’s in succession as well. I have my inclinations about what the Lord is saying, but was wondering if you have any insights as to what this could mean as well?

  41. End Master says:

    i had a dream with the number 197. it was straight out mentioned to me with no details whatsoever. i didnt even ask a question to get the number.
    anyone knows what it means?

  42. Veronicca says:

    I asked this a year ago and still haven’t got a reply, but i was wondering what does it mean?
    “Doug what does it mean when you dream about a specific date and time for example my dream says August 24, 2002 10:22 a.m. I am so confused!! Thanks Doug !!”

  43. Betty Hill says:

    Hi My name is Betty and I just had a dream on Monday 9.05.2016 and in my dream was miss a tyres on my car and know I have been waking up at 2 pm every time this week I do not know yea But I am asking God to happy me out and I look on here and it say 2 double. still waiting on God yet.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I have had a dream of the numbers 1 710740 in that order what does it mean? Am I going crazy, every time I blink I wake up to these numbers

  45. Bre Davis says:

    I have started seeing the numbers 3:33 &11:11 on my clock many times for the past 4 weeks. I’m use to prophetic dreams and open visions but this is new to me but I know it’s Papa God showing me. I do wanna know what He is saying to me personally. Anything you can say to help me I would appreciate it

    • Josh says:

      11:11 from what I’ve heard means that God is “transitioning” you, like a new season, wave, movement. From glory to glory. Be excited and expectant to know the Lord in deeper intimacy than ever before.

  46. Bre Davis says:

    Josh, thank you for those encouraging words about 11:11. I also read that 11 is chaos and confusion and judgement??? Do you happen to know what 3:33 might mean? I’ve seen it for a month now

  47. Julia says:

    In my dream I saw the number 2. I was going to get a tattoo of the number 2 and it was going to be places on my chest on the left side where my heart is. Never went through with it because it took me a while to pick the right font and size of the number 2.

    • Admin Pam says:

      HI Linda,

      Something like that you would need to do some research and see what God is saying to you. You will also need to look at the context of the numbers in your dream. Was it money, or an address of a home, or the number of a plane? Knowing the context of the numbers will help you apply the meaning.


  48. Nicole says:

    i have been having dreams and plain day visions of the numbers 4,11,14 in that exact sequence
    do you think it could tell me what it means

    • Admin Pam says:

      Nicole, The one thing I have learned is that God wants to speak to each of us and that is what he gives us dreams and visions. Doug gives you a basic list of common meanings of numbers so you can try to see what God is saying to you. It could be bible verses or it could be other things. But you need to spend a few moments in God’s presence to share with him what you think and then listen to what he says to your spirit.

      Doug has a great free ebook on how to hear God more clearly if this would help you 🙂


  49. Maggs says:

    good day

    i dreamed that the pastor was teaching and he gave an illustration from the book of Jude saying something about chapter 8 or 9 being missing. then i saw the numbers 8120. i am wondering what this could mean

  50. L says:

    Dough I dreamt of Begin given cheese the price on it was R10:15. I googled searched cheese in a dream and it’s telling me about marriage proposal in the dream I kept on hearing someone’s name.

  51. Person says:

    Last night I had a dream with the numbers 666 and 888 and I’m really freaked out cause I know 666 is the number of the beast and 888 is something about angles, I’m confused why I saw them. If u have any answers that would be great.

  52. elizabeth says:

    hi.i usually play lottery powerball from time to time and i ve b praying so hard to God to show me the winnin numbers for sometime now.last night i dreamed that someone i dont know was calling me on my cell and which i clearly saw this phone number which i dont even recognise 0977 219626.and it was the man on the other line and was telling me to go and join him though i clearly heard him saying he lives in another country far from me.please tell me what this dream God trying to tell me something?

  53. Henry Jackson says:

    I’m a Prophet, not ordain by my church but choosen by God.

    Last night in a dream I was looking at the numbers “8/19/23” (including the slantes) in all in lime green. It was printed on a white piece of paper. I just wanted to know what does mean prophetically?

    • Admin Pam says:

      Henry, being a prophet means that you can hear God for yourself and for others. God is giving you this dream to help train you how to hear God when he speaks to you. You can start by looking up what happened in the world on that date and then doing a bible search of the numbers and verses.

      Doug has a great free e-book on How to Hear God more clearly if you want more practical steps on hearing God for your life.

      God bless you,
      InLight Connection Staff

  54. Nikki Hyatt says:

    Hi Doug!

    Thank you for all you do and your willingness to hear from God and share so much of yourself (and Him) with us and teach us! I keep seeing repetitive numbers, such as 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 5:55, 11:11, and 12:12 – and I have been seeing them for almost 4 or 5 months now. About 6 months ago, I saw 3 separate shooting stars dissolve right in front of me on 3 separate instances while I was driving. I know that something is changing, that something’s coming, but am not certain of what. Do you have any insight? I’ve looked for your blogs about numbers but only find ones on dreams (like this one).

    thank you!

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hi Nikki,
      This is what Doug’s blog says about repeating numbers “Maybe you see numbers line up on the clock like 2:22, 3:33, etc. It could be the meaning of the actual number or symbolic that things are about to line up for you. The only way to know for sure is to record it, watch for it and ask God for confirmation.”

      God is trying to get your attention and speak to you. Have you downloaded Doug’s free pdf ebook on How to Hear God more Clearly? It is a great book.

      God bless you!
      InLight Connection Staff

  55. Allie Sauer says:

    I’m so thankful for resources such as this, thank you Doug and team!
    I’ve been getting 9:11 nearly daily for several weeks. I feel like it’s a transition to a higher level in spiritual gifts & fruit but the significance of the date (and emergency call number) makes me wonder, if I’m just being hopeful. Certainly God could use other numbers to represent a spiritual transition in my life which causes me to wonder if 911 could be a call to pray for our nation or something closer to home or my house. I am not sure what the Lord is saying to me regarding this so I’m curious what the general meaning typically is in regard to people seeing this number repeatedly.

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hey Allie, asking you to pray or intercede is definitely a request from the Holy Spirit. it all depends on your sphere of authority, where you live and how the Holy Spirit has used you to intercede in the past. During your daily prayer time I would ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers in response to what he has been showing you. If you keep a prayer journal, then you can look back and see how God used your prayers 🙂

      Blessing you! Pam
      InLight Connection Staff

  56. Brenda says:

    I had this dream in October 2015 and I know it’s important, I just can’t figure it out. I really need some direction.

    In the dream this woman was talking to me, we were at a small gathering of some kind. I don’t remember exactly what was being said between us and then she suddenly said, to me, in front of the other people, that I was going to die in 96 hours. I said 96 hours? I suddenly wondered how many days that was that I had left. I said I don’t want to die, but if it’s the Lord’s will then I will . Then i repeated I really didn’t want to die in 96 hrs. Some of the people around me were incredulous and said, “she’s going to die in 96 hours?!” seemingly concerned – Suddenly it was important to me how I was going to die, I asked her a bit fearfully, will it hurt? She looked very seriously at me and nodded her head yes. I said, “I’m going to be killed aren’t I” – she nodded yes.

    When I woke up the first thing I did was to see how many days 96 hrs would be. 4 days

    • Admin Pam says:

      HI Brenda, God is telling you that he is answering you prayers for change in your life. You won’t know what time frame 96 means until you see the results of your prayers happen. The question to ask yourself is what have you been asking God to change and then ask God to for the grace to change without fear 🙂

      God bless you, Pam, InLight Connection Staff

  57. Brenda says:

    I’ve also been seeing 8:11 constantly on the clock, daily, sometimes twice daily. Along with several, 111, 222, 333, 444 and 888. Any direction is so appreciated.

    • Beverley Williamson says:

      Hi Doug and team
      I was googling info on the no.2 in dreams and came across your page. I dreamed i owned 2 Tiffany lamps. They were old and worn. I noted paint peeling on the base and that they had different lamp shades. I also was aware they were antiques and very valuable. I googled meaning of the name Tiffany and it means God made manifest. The lamp i understood means the Word of God. Just have sense theres something im missing in my understanding of this dream. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tks

      • Hi Doug and team.
        I dreamed i owned 2 rather old Antique Tiffany lamps. I noticed paint on pedastal was peeling it was a baby blue colour and lamp shades were different. I also knew they were extremely valuable. The nme Tiffany means God in the flesh or manifest. Thanks in advance for any insight.

  58. Debora Saucier says:

    In my dream- someone handed me a baby that was extremely over weight, bald and naked. I asked someone to bring me some clothes. I dressed the baby and lifted it up in the air with both of my arms, and the baby’s body shrunk to normal size and grew a full head of hair before my eyes. Can someone tell me what this might mean?

  59. Tara says:

    I had a nightmare last night and I hardly ever have them.
    In it there was a creepy man in the room which isn’t that unusual of a nightmare, if I have nightmares that’s the kind of thing I’d dream,
    but the number 49 flashed up before me (U know how dreams can be like looking at a movie?) I thought 49?
    and it flashed up again, just to be sure 49
    I wonder what’s the relevance of that. unusual to dream of numbers.
    Any insight appreciated thanks.

  60. Daphne says:

    I had a dream I had got this job n base cleaning 3 people was something they had they played on but it was logged in under there passcode. one let me try on there computer than it was like in money form but alot a numbers start jumping up I had won.the main numbers were 2 a1 and a7. I told them I won something but I couldn’t get it cause it was under someone else passcode they didn’t mind giving it to me but. Woke up before it happen

  61. motlatsi says:

    I had a dream a man talking on the cellphone asked to give his day of birth and he said 02/03/1966 and his cell number 071 and the number was not finished.He came to me running then pass me.As I was trying to stop him,i saw 3 men on my leftside and 3 men on my rightside.sitting doing nothing.i was afraid of the but they didn’t do anything to me.only 1came to me and smile.

  62. Stephany Fischl says:

    I had a dream last night/early morning. I don’t remember the dream however I do remember seeing these numbers “4:29” expressed in this way. I have never dreamed about a number(s) before but this really made an impact on me. So much so that I remember the numbers but not the dream. I do remember that these numbers were on the side of a briefcase/suitcase being held by an unknown person. I remember waking up momentarily and returning back to sleep only to see this same “vision” again. Do you have any idea of interpretation?

    • Admin Nikki says:

      When I see numbers like that without knowing what they mean, I often google the numbers while typing in “Bible verse”. So try googling, “4:29 Bible verse” and see what comes up. Then ask the Holy Spirit if that is what He is saying.

      Suitcases often mean travel or change, so see how that symbol would correlate with the Bible verse the numbers are. Could be applying the verse to your life will bring about good change and forward movement with your walk with God.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Staff Connection

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