Hidden Blocks to Our Healing (And How to Remove Them) [Podcast] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Hidden Blocks to Our Healing (And How to Remove Them) [Episode 09]

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Do you know people who believe in healing yet they’re not completely healed? Maybe it’s you. So many of us need healing for our bodies, yet we don’t know why we still suffer since Jesus paid for our healing on the Cross.

Many of us have heard stories of miraculous healing or maybe you’ve even seen it firsthand. But if you are still sick, you don’t have to accept it. Disease and illness are not God’s will and there are things you can do to pursue your healing.

In this week’s Spirit Connection podcast, I talk about healing and what often blocks it. Whether you need healing of your body, emotions, spiritual life, finances or relationships, I have so many encouraging things to share with you.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Different ways people were healed in the Bible
  • Spiritual root causes of sickness
  • What love has to do with our health
  • Practical steps you can take to speed up the process
  • Hidden blocks to being healed
  • Ideas to create a healing strategy
  • Reasons to be hopeful


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10 thoughts on “Hidden Blocks to Our Healing (And How to Remove Them) [Episode 09]

  1. Barbara Lachance says:

    I have been contending for 40 years but will continue. Many times I could have died and I didn’t Praise God. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Lori Crystal Schwartz says:

    To Doug,
    Thank you for your podcasts and encouragement. God is good and has brought your talks into my life in a timely manner. I am contending for my physical, and finiancial healing in Jesus Name and will keep on keep’in on. Holy Spirit & Jesus and Papa God are “Oh”, so loving & faithful. God has a reason for me to be alive and by the grace of God, I intend to walk in it with wholeness and His power! Amen

  3. Kristi says:

    Thank you. Please lift me up along with my family. I am contending for healing (edema & aches n pains). I believe I am being taught to persever and use God’s word to heal. Normally, I receive prayer & its gone. This time, many prayers, some hands on & still waiting. WE NEED BREAKTHROUGH IN ALL AREAS

  4. Amy says:

    Would Doug share his experience with using essential oils for Lyme disease ? Which oils he found helpful
    Thank you

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