Developing the Times and Seasons Gifting [Episode 246]

We are in a major time of shifting and things are changing for the good. No matter how it might look in the world around you, the Lord has you covered!

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I give you a crash course in understanding the times and seasons—the Issachar anointing.

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  • There is a certain timing for everything including prophetic words coming to pass
  • The real purpose of gaining wisdom and revelation
  • About the Issachar anointing and how you can grow in that gift
  • Some easy steps you can take to hear God every day

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  1. Reply

    I can send some money occasionly. i would send it via of mail.
    Could I still connect with the online church? I sure could use the encouragement from fellow beleivers.
    tks so much!

      • Brandy, InLight Connection Team
      • August 20, 2022

      Hi, Katherine! You can connect to Doug’s online ministry via, Facebook or Youtube. Blessings!

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