Experience the Fire of Revival for Yourself!

NOT your average kind of fast!

It is now California’s time for revival and renewal. As California goes, so goes the nation—and the nations.

Lou Engle, Doug Addison and Keith Ferrante came together in unity—representing Southern, Central and Northern California—to call a 40-day fast to open the heavens for revival over California and the world!

Watch this webinar to hear Doug, Lou and Keith share the revelation and a DREAM that brought them together that started this all—and how YOU can be a part of it!!

In the webinar, Lou, Keith, and Doug pray to release prophetic words and blessing over California, including the breaker anointing to break off addictions, negativity, and division/separation, and to shift the spiritual atmosphere over California.

They also released the mantle of joy, praise, and daily celebration and the new mantle of evangelism on this generation, which is significant right now with the recent passing of evangelist Billy Graham.

Why a 40-Day Fast and Why Now?

  • God has used California to spark many revivals that go around the world.
  • Many prophets are now hearing God that this is going to happen again.
  • We have been praying for the new Jesus People revival.
  • Fasting & prayer has preceded every major revival all over the world.

Beginning March 1 and ending April 9 APRIL 18 (EXTENDED). This is a different kind of fast!

Interestingly, this fast starts on the Jewish festival of Purim, a celebration of the freedom that came during the time of Esther (Esther 9:22) when their sorrow was turned into joy.

The Lord spoke to Doug that this year with the month of March starting with Purim, it is going to be a time of our mourning to turn to joy.

This is why we need to have a “joyous fast,” not a somber one.

Wherever you live, you are invited to be a part of this!

This Fast has 3 parts:

1) A Fast to Joy: Celebrate, radically praise, and feast with great joy for the coming revival!

2) A Fast of Negativity: Fasting from negative thoughts, words and media, and repentance for judgements and negativity against other people, groups and churches.

3) A Fast of Food (optional): For those who feel led by the Lord. This can be a fast of whatever Holy Spirit leads you to do.

Below, we are releasing the three prophetic calls from Keith Ferrante, Doug Addison and Lou Engle. Let your heart align with all that resounds inside of you and turn it to action over these 40 days.


Call to a 40-Day Fast to Open the Heavens over California (Above)

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A Jesus Fast for a Jesus Movement by Lou Engle

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Celebratory Fast by Keith Ferrante 

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