Prophetic Word: A Time for Healing Divisions and Laying Down the “Club of Love”

We have been under a time of heavy storms and warfare sent from the enemy of our souls. As I have been saying, this is to distract us from what God is preparing and bringing to the Earth right now. It is time to believe and not doubt! In the…
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Should I Ask God for a Sign?

How confident do you feel when it comes to hearing God? Do you hear from God only sometimes, much of the time, all the time … or maybe you’re not even sure if you’ve ever heard God at all? God is speaking all the time, but we often miss what…
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This is Your Time to Step Up and Not Down

God is releasing your assignment for the coming year right now. It’s common for all hell to break loose in your life during this process. Don’t be alarmed if you experience things like setbacks, debt, discouragement or broken relationships. It can feel like you’ve taken a step forward only to…
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5 Steps to Get out of Financial Prison

5 Steps to Get out of Financial Prison I had a vision of those who are called to be part of financing new moves of God and revivals on Earth. They are also known as those with the anointing of Joseph—the Joseph people. Early in Joseph’s life, he had dreams…
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How to Actually Change Your Financial Future—Starting Today [Episode 06]

Freedom comes in many forms—one being financial stability. Maybe you have heard me say this and you can quote me on it: “Prosperity is having the money, resources, time and freedom to do what God calls you to do, when He calls you to do it.” Maybe you want to…
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