Show that you love me Lord and buy the next round

I used to go out and party a lot in my younger years. Although I no longer indulge in it, I am not opposed to people drinking as long as?it?is in moderation. I was an alcoholic beginning at age 14. If there was a quota for the amount of alcohol you can consume in your life then I probably maxed out by age 30. Because I became accustom to feeling hung over, it actually prepared me for what I do now. I train groups of people to interpret dreams, hear God and find new ways to share God?s love. On an average weekend I speak non-stop for 25-30 hours and interact and pour myself out to people and I normally don?t get a break. Not to mention the long flight home and another 2 hour drive. By the time I get home I feel pretty lousy. This morning I had my blanket over me sitting on the couch drooling on my cup of tea. It brought back memories of the days I used to wake up feeling hung over. Now instead of feeling bad from alcohol, I feel hung over from helping people. ?As terrible as I feel afterwards, I can?t help feeling that it is a privilege and I love what I do.?Well, I have to get up now and go to the refrigerator. Hey, the next round is on God!

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