Spiritual Identity Theft

Spiritual Identity Theft
Doug Addison

I woke up the day after Christmas after several dreams where I saw the enemy trying to steal people’s destinies. As I prayed about it I heard the words “identity theft.” Oftentimes, things that are happening in the natural realm reflect what is happening in the spiritual realm. The rise of identity theft in the world is symbolic of what is happening spiritually to people all around the world. I saw two covert strategies that Satan is trying to use against people to keep them from seeing, finding, and fulfilling their life purpose and destiny in God.

Strategy 1: Getting us to Believe That we are our Behavior

Bad experiences or painful pasts can negatively affect our present. There are forces of darkness that want us to believe that we are the only ones who suffer with these issues and that it is unchangeable. This is simply not true. Too often our sin and emotional baggage gets linked to what we believe about ourselves. In other words, our personality and identity becomes associated with the things we struggle with. The strategy of the enemy is for us to believe that we actually “are” how we feel or behave, which is not true at all. Satan wants you to believe things like: you “are” depressed, unhappy, worthless, unable to change, stupid, a failure … the list could go on and on. It is important to realize that our feelings and behavior are situational and we can change them—the truth is feelings and behavior are not who we really are. They might be things that we struggle with, but they are not our identity, or who we are in Christ.

This includes the things that you may think about yourself at a deep level. You might not consciously believe them but you find yourself thinking them or saying them about yourself on a regular basis. Most people don’t see that there is a direct connection between the way they view themselves and their destiny.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he Proverbs 23:7 NKJV.

Strategy 2: Dying too Much to Yourself and Losing Your Passion

Satan wants to steal our identities and take away any hope for change. When he is able to get us to believe the lies about ourselves in Strategy 1, he then uses Bible verses out of context as he did with Jesus to release a second deadly attack against our destinies by getting us to over respond to our sin.

To experience a radically transformed life we must have renewed thinking. It is interesting that while writing about how to find God’s will for your life, the Apostle Paul says that we must first change our thinking by renewing our minds.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God Romans 12:1 NIV.

The process of renewing your mind involves a principle called dying to yourself. There are several verses in the Bible that talk about dying to the sinful nature or “old self” and allowing God to live through us. This is a necessary process for transforming your life. However, it is also a very misunderstood principle. Satan wants to get us to take this to the extreme and believe that we must die to all the heart desires and plans that we have. The truth is, dying to ourselves does not mean that we cannot have any desires or ideas of our own. If that were the case you would become a robot for God. God wants us to be his sons and daughters and to have authority on the earth. God created the earth and we are created in His image. Therefore, we all have the ability to be co-creators to expand His Kingdom on earth.

God wants to give us good things that we want and desire once our motives are right. It is no wonder that so many people don’t know their destiny; it may be because they have died to any desire they may have once had.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart Psalm 37:4 NIV.

Dying to yourself means that your heart has the right intentions. Not all of our desires are necessarily from God. Quite often God will give us a passion or strong desire to fulfill something in our lives. Passion is important because it brings about a divinely inspired drive to accomplish things for God.

The Remedy: God’s Good Intentions for You

A really great thing about God is that He sees us as who we are becoming through His love and power. As He looks at our lives, He knows our past, understands our present, and can see us in the future, all at the same time. His love, mercy, and grace are unfathomable. Imagine the possibilities if we could see ourselves the same way that God sees us. Much of the time we are not able to see our purpose and destiny with much clarity, so we are required to rely on faith. The principle of faith allows us to trust that there is something special and unique for us, even if our experiences have been the opposite. Sometimes there is great resistance or even setbacks before we are able to get into the fullness of God’s desires for us.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1 NIV.

We need to be certain of the fact that God has nothing but good intentions for us, even though we may not see them yet. You’ll see this in this powerful biblical principle:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV.

These are God’s intentions for us. His plans are to prosper us, to give us hope and a future. If you read on, you’ll see the benefits of grasping this.

Then [after you discover God’s plans for you] you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart Jeremiah 29:12–13 NIV.

We must see what God is doing in our lives and work with Him to bring it about. It’s time to take a stand against what Satan has in mind for us and come into line with God’s wonderful intentions for us.

If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed Proverbs 29:18 The Message.

Our Identity is in Christ
The foundation of my life is this: in Christ, I am a new creation, and all the old thoughts and behaviors no longer have power over me. I am being renewed every day with God’s love and character. I share in God’s divine nature because God’s Spirit lives in me. I am free from condemnation and have the strength to live my life free of despairing thoughts and the competing desires of my flesh. I am God’s workmanship, created to do good works, which God has prepared ahead of time for me to accomplish. I am more than a conqueror through God who loves me. I have a clear mind and can make good decisions. I am increasing daily in faith, strength, wisdom, and love. I am able to love others because God has first loved me.

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    • Shane O'Connor
    • July 30, 2015

    Wow, Doug there is so much glory on going back over what the Lord has said in the past through us. I was looking at my Facebook timeline which started in 2009. I had quoted a little snippet from this one and put the link to your page.

    It is so much, the medicine for today!

    We did ask God for floods and deluges and thunderbolts and nuclear blasts of glory.

    Then there was the corresponding outpouring of wild goodness through HIS (the spiritual) body.

    Be encouraged brother and let’s stir ourselves up again to better than ever the very things that our other experiences were pointing to. yeah I have faith.

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  2. Reply

    Just saw this about Identity theft, although it is months later..wondering..i felt some things were stolen from me hat were related to my past profession (educator/and principal)..however, God moved me into something new – a ministry..and even though i still have a desire to go back to education..my passion is really no longer there..in one way i definately feel it was stolen and there were some dream in that field that did not become fulfilled..but in anothr way…i’m now in a whole new field.just wondering about it.

    • Pat Mansfield
    • March 26, 2010

    Doug,thanks for sending this link again. I am part of a ministry to the Boulder County Jail, and this is the perfect stepping stone from last week’s lesson on identity in Christ. God bless you, and praise to Him for his incredible timing.

    • Jana Green
    • March 24, 2010

    Thank you Linda for sending me this . I so appreciate Dougs word. In light of my recent invasion of my e-mail this has great revelation.I believe I am to seek my identity as a co creator in Christ, and to allign myself with the eyes of the Creator. Ps 139:16″ Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance: And in Thy book they were all written, the days that ordained for me’When yet there was not one of them.” We all can have this perception. It is in the seeing that I can call those things that are not as if they are. Many blessings to you both. Jana Green

    • Gloria
    • March 23, 2010

    I’m glad I read this. Now I understand. Just last week I closed down my Visa Debit Bank Card. Why? I found 2 charges I did not make. I prayed and closed my card down. The following week I entered into Warfare and ended up in a 4 day sleep… literally! Took me a week to get back to my normal. I knew it was a battle.

    • Tamiko
    • January 26, 2010

    Just the other day I felt in the realm of the spirit the war going on in the heavenlies over my identity and am grateful the the Holy Spirit leading me into a warfare prayer. I’ll be glad when this war is over.

    • Will Steele
    • January 11, 2010

    Thanks for the post Doug. The new look on the blog is good.

    • Kelly B.
    • January 7, 2010

    Doug – God led me to your post to confirm a dream He gave me. I have been unemployed for over a year. God has told me that I will be realigned with my previous boss. He even promised me a job, but that was back in the summer, and it hasn’t manifested yet. I had a dream that I was having trouble at the gas station and because I was in a hurry, I shoved my money, license, and VISA card in a different compartment in my wallet. I went somewhere and realized when I came back to my car I had left my purse in it. My wallet was open and the lady who had tried to steal from me was still standing there. I said, “You tried to steal it didn’t you? But God protected me!” God revealed to me that the gas trouble for my vehicle (delay with my job through old boss) is what actually safeguarded me from getting my identity and provision stolen! God has directed me to wait for that alignment and I now realize instead of being frustrated, I should be thankful I haven’t ended up with a different destiny and out of the will of God!

    • Jason
    • January 7, 2010

    Hi Doug,
    Thanks for this, I’ve been blogging on Identity for the past month or so, do you mind if I post this on my site too? It’s a great confirmation,


    • Reply

      You can post it on your website, just reference my website when you do. Blessings to you.

    • Jean Toledo
    • January 3, 2010

    Thank you Doug as always you give to all what God gives to you….you are so generous….thank you for always sharing…

    • Kim A.
    • January 3, 2010

    Thanks so much Doug. This was a right on time word, exhortation and encouragement! Blessings!

    • Jan Anderson
    • December 31, 2009

    Thanks, Doug. The enemy twists and distorts, sometimes ever so slightly to get us off course. Our Father loves and accepts us, the devil lies and lies and lies.

    • Gabriel Gaona
    • December 30, 2009

    Hi Doug, I couldn’t agree more with this key revelation you are sharing. I was pleased to get confirmation as I read this on a dream I had involving identity theft. In the dream I was sitting on a couch(rest/dominion) with a remote control(authority) that changed the design(environment) of the room I was in. I was distracted by a lovely young woman(seduction) to distract me with flattery and gain my trust to get my identity. I found a cell phone that apparently belonged to her and had my information with the subject “identity theft” in it. This young lady turned into a gross creature. I got fed up with this and threatened to call the police(God). This scared this creature and it left me.

    • Marcia
    • December 30, 2009

    So true! Thank you. 😀

    • Brian (Dayton)
    • December 30, 2009

    This is truly a GREAT word. So much of what Satan does to trick us, involves coming so close to the intention/purposes of scripture that it makes sense to our carnal minds. This is why the transformation of our minds is so important! without passion we have no capacity for vision, without vision we perish! Good word Doug!!

    • Dolores
    • December 29, 2009

    This is just awesome Doug confermation thank you so much for sharing!
    God BLESS

    • Pam P
    • December 29, 2009

    thanks Doug. Good dream & timely interpretation. I needed to hear this. 🙂

    • Paula Lois Porche' Mintz
    • December 29, 2009

    Hello Doug, very good article that you have shared…I am in agreement with you…I too have a ministry in my home and ask for no funding…and God blesses me so…in sending people right to my door…even over the last year and a half…when I could barely get up, having been told I had breast cancer, and told 13 years ago that my liver was failing…long story short…around a month ago I was rushed to the hospital…and told that I would only have a few days to live…I never took any treatments for my dieases…and believed the test and doctors…well my friend, here I am…after two days and my friends had been to contact my family…I was told by the doctors they could find no cancer at all…they were very confused…however, I was not…two years ago our Father shared with me,”my daughter you are healed, because you have much faith…and sure enough in His perfect timing I was healed…and I had no fear of death…in that I truly believe every word that God has spoken…in all ways that He speaks…in my weakness He made my strong, and there are many witnesses to all of this…and most are my children that go to LSU…when I say children, my meaning is, my chosen children…and they will just come to visit or to discuss personal problems…and all of the God has done for me and continues too…I just love Him more each day…however, in reference there are too many that truly do not know God in that they do not read the Word, and thank that to prosper mean money only…my goodness we need to understand Isa.58, which my ministry has been based on…and continues…Praise God…its good to be facebook friends…this facebook is very knew to me!! Hope you send more of your messages…and may God continue to bless you and your family!!!

    Paula Lois

    • Vibeke Gylden
    • December 29, 2009

    Thanks for sharing this dream with us!
    I know a lot about spiritual identity theft! For most of my life, 63 years, I was bound by fear, inferiority complex, rejection, depression. These things became my identity, until this spring 2009 when God finally revealed to me that I had been created in His image where these things don’t exist, and that the person I thought I was, was a false identity. I really believed the devils lies and deception for so long. Now I am really discovering my true identity in Christ … HALLELUJA!!!It’s never too late, no matter how old you get! Love & blessings & a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! Vibeke ;O)

  3. Reply

    Thank you for such an encouraging word, Doug. Thank you for receiving and sharing for others’ benefit. Blessings to you and all that you do!-Merry

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