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New Creative Ideas

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New Creative ideas
Doug Addison
April 8, 2012

April marks the start of new creative ideas being released from Heaven. You will begin to get this new revelation through dreams and divinely inspired thoughts and prayers. So get ready to take notes and track the creative flow that is coming right now. We are experiencing an early spring in the spiritual realm. Notice new and fast growth as thoughts and ideas begin to take root. The spiritual atmosphere is ripe for new things right now.


There is a spiritual landslide happening and April is the time to start new things.
Blessings that were delayed and held back are now being released in a deluge. There have been angels that are assigned to you to bring about a new season for release into the latest and greatest plan of God for your life.

You may feel or sense them or you may not. Regardless, they have been positioned to point you in the right direction for your good. This will not happen automatically though; you will need to take some practical steps to start it in motion.


Passover is significant this year
The Jewish celebration of Passover starts at sundown April 6 and goes through April 13. This commemorates the biblical story of Exodus, in which Jewish slaves threw off the controlling rule of the Egyptians who had kept them in brutal captivity. Passover is a powerful prophetic metaphor of moving from slavery to freedom and ultimately into all that God has promised for you. This year is the start of people moving out of their seasons of captivity and into the fullness of God’s freedom, justice, and provision.


Divine connections
Watch for divine coincidence where you will be in the right place at the right time and meet the right person that will connect you into something new. There are angels being released right now that are for the sole function of Kingdom connections. They are speaking your name to the right people and divinely intervening in situations on your behalf.


The doorways of opportunity unlocked
There are doors of opportunity in front of you right now. You may have tried to go through some of these doors in the past but they were either locked or did not lead to anything. This time is different. The doorways of opportunity are being unlocked. You will have to take a step of action to open the door. I am experiencing this in my life right now. I have been shocked at how many doors I have tried to go through in the past to accomplish what God is calling me to and now they are opening. I have accomplished more in 90 days than I have in years.


March was a turning point
We are now crossing into the start of something radically new. March was a time of small beginnings and on March 19, there was a spiritual turning point that took place for many people. On the surface it may not have looked like much, but the tables have turned. We are now starting to see the results from changes that have happened in Heaven but have taken time to fully play out on earth. God is revealing the things that the enemy has not wanted you to see. Covert plans and “under the radar attacks” that have been against your finances, relationships, and health are being revealed right now. As this happens take positive action and look for almost immediate change. Just last week I discovered something that was causing a drain in my energy and a slow decline in my health. I made a plan to turn it around!


40 year olds in 2012
Those turning 40 this year will begin to experience significant changes. You were born in 1972, the year that abortion was made legal in the United States. Bob Jones refers to people born after 1972 as “The Deliverers.” You will deliver prophetic messages and begin to move in a level of wisdom and revelation like never before. This is your year to come out of being hidden. Don’t let age discourage you … young or old. The spiritual gift of wisdom and revelation is being given to you at the level of what most people develop in their 50s.


Justice is crying in the streets
In my prophetic word for 2012 that I released last January I wrote: “A backlog of promotions, repayment, and blessings is now being released from Heaven. In some cases it will start slow and increase steadily. In others, it will be like a deluge of blessings.” This is happening right now but there are issues that will hold things up: specifically judgments against others.


Racism, prejudice, and pride
You will not be able to operate in this new time we are in if you tear down or speak against others in order to build yourself up. God is dealing with pride and exposing those who knowingly or unknowingly have spoken against other people. It is so important that we stop accusing and judging others just because they might be different from us. We are called to love people. Sometimes racism, prejudice, and pride can come in the form of being too dogmatic about our religious or political beliefs.


Unity is the key

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1


We need to love each other and celebrate our differences and not use them as ammunition to cut one another down. Variety is good as long as it comes from the right Spirit of love.


In John 13:35 Jesus said,,”By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


Something significant in Niagara
This month I keep feeling that there is a something significant that is going to be centered right around the Niagara Falls area. I think it is both literal and symbolic. According to Wikipedia, the word Niagara means “point of land cut in two”. Niagara is also one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. God is releasing something new and powerful that will be prove to be a dividing point for many who do not understand how God’s power works.


This is a time to keep praying for the least likely places to have a spiritual awakening. Pray for San Francisco, Hollywood and Las Vegas to start. Something is about to be released in the spiritual realm that is going to impact media and entertainment. There will be an east and west coast connection.


I pray, …“that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.” Ephesians 1:17


Doug Addison

7 thoughts on “New Creative Ideas

  1. Victoria Lapsley says:

    Thank you, Doug! I so appreciate how the Spirit is speaking through you and your commitment to sharing what you are learning. May God continue to bless you richly! Fun stuff is on the way!!!

  2. Angel WillSon says:

    Read your word on Sanfrancisco, Hollywood and Las Vegas. Was just in SanFrancisco with Meri Crowley. We were in an open heavens concerning this word with Richard Gyzosky, Paul Cain and Timothy Snodgrass.

  3. Doug we heard you speak when we were at the Key’s LA! What a great time we had lots of divine appointments. Just read your word and are very excited as we are having our marketplace conference in Canada in Niagara Falls April 26-29…we are expecting great things to happen so if you are in the area we would love if you would come and join us !

  4. Pastor Ernest Matsolo says:

    Thank you Doug!I thank the lord for using you to speak propheticaly to me and the body of christ at large.I am so appreciative of the fact that you are yielding to the Holy Spirit.


    Ernest Matsolo

  5. Otha Davis says:

    Hallelujah,to God be the glory!!! this is confirmation to my prayer this morning. And even my thoughts today.God is snatching the covers off and exposing the enemy.. We must go forth in Jesus name,follow the path he has already prepared the way.. God Bless You!

  6. esther says:

    Yay!!!! I turned 40 this year! I knew it was something special!!! Yay. Yes I have felt old and worn out like I lost my chance to serve God and find that “destiny” thing. Do you interpret submitted dreams? I have a very important one but I don’t know what it means! My birthday is special also because the day is 27 and the year is 72!

  7. Amy loyd says:

    Last week I had a sudden thought concerning Niagra Fall’s. Now I have never been and I’m not really sure where it is located:) wonderful to receive conformation. Last night I had a dream of a major disaster. People were to evacuating & running out of gas and abandoning cars. Homes were being abandoned too. In the last part of the dream I was in a abandoned home in the U.S. but a middle eastern families. I’m asking father to draw close to guide me to the meaning.

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