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Doug Addison Gives Prophetic Insight About John Paul Jackson

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Doug Addison Gives Prophetic Insight About John Paul Jackson



John Paul Jackson went to Heaven on February 18, 2015. I have gotten a lot of inquiries about my insight on his death. I decided to record an audio to help answer some questions and to celebrate John Paul’s life and ministry.

We mourn with and pray for John Paul’s wife Diane, their sons Micah and Aaron and the Streams Ministries family. God is doing something new on the earth right now. I want to assure people that you can trust what God is saying.


Special audio of Doug Addison giving insight about John Paul Jackson:




Doug Addison

Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

100 thoughts on “Doug Addison Gives Prophetic Insight About John Paul Jackson

  1. Donna Smith says:

    Thank you for this post, Doug. I’m going to share it for those friends of mine who are also grieving, as we all are, but you’re right. I can’t begrudge him where he is. I almost became a Streams teacher, but for various reasons, did not. But thank you for the post. I loved your stories and perspective.

  2. Tim says:

    I was just recently introduced to Streams Ministry about a month ago by a friend who said John was an amazing and truly anointed prophet. I discovered several answers to questions about dreams and visions I was having. I am Grateful for the love he poured into his ministry, and I am saddened by the loss of a great man of God. I pray for peace and comfort to the Jones family. Be Blessed

    • Bob Hunter says:

      I have been reading the many messages that have been written about Mr. Jackson. One thing I do know is that there I never heard on Mr. Jackson broadcast a (Altar Call). I am a Pastor of a small Full Gospel Church, you always give watcher a chance to come to the Lord if they do not know HIM. One thing my Co-Pastor said also is this, it was a chance for Mr. Jackson to repent. The ministry is for salvation, and not (dreams), it seemed like that what
      Mister. Jackson was focusing on and leading others in the area of instead of salvation. As God told Me, He was leading his follower in the wrong direction and God told Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Jackson would not follow the voice of God. God as well said to me, HE saved Mr. Jackson from (hell) and now the follower can get their lives and call re-focused on God Will not
      Mister. Jackson’s. will. I as a Pastor I am happy Mr. Jackson is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but God also told me HE would have gave Mr. Jackson ministry more time here in the world, if Mr. Jackson would have repented and turn from his will, and focus on God’s. Rev. 22

      • There are all kinds of teachings by the Apostle Paul and others in scripture where he was speaking to believers and saints only and he did not have an “alter call”.
        Suggesting that God killed JPJ because he didn’t have alter calls is pure legalism my friend.
        The shows JPJ did were fully glorifying God and the material itself bore witness to Jesus. Receiving Jesus as one’s saviour and Lord is more than just simply saying a prayer – It’s a heart condition. There are those in the bible who, as they followed the disciples/apostles just ‘became’ believers. Bless God and may this Word be living & active and divide between soul and spirit. amen

        • Brenda says:

          “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds” – John 12:24

          On February 18, 2015, the night before the day JPJ went on to glory, I dreamt of a birds nest that had fallen to the ground. Outside of the nest were two eggs, one of the eggs was withered and had died, but inside the nest were many eggs. I saw a hand reach into the nest and pull forth a beautiful amber necklace; it sparkled in brilliance with rich oranges, reds, yellows, burnt umbers and bronze palettes. Next, the hand reached in again and pulled forth a beautiful pearl necklace, except each pearl comprised of different shapes and sizes. What is interesting about the morning I awakened from my dream is when I came downstairs A bird was trapped inside the walls in a rather conspicuous area. After successfully freeing it from it’s confines, we released the bird into the air. There is no doubt that Papa was giving witness to the above scripture through signs and wonders in the heavenly realms as well as this natural physical world. JPJ fulfilled His eleventh hour ministry, now it is time for the called to take up their assignments and go forth. Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

      • I do not believe you were hearing from the Lord. If you were hearing something and this post is not a fabrication, then it came from the enemy or from your soul. I know prophetic men and women whom God showed that JPJ led a fully pleasing life.
        Also, the night of the 18th of Feb, Papa gave me a dream showing me that JPJ was taken as seed which will only increase and spread as God is about to raise up 10,000 others who will walk in his same type of anointing but with more authority.
        “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds” – John 12:24

        As an 11th hour ministry his death is a signpost for this final generation who will carry forth in great revelatory anointing. The enemy hates revelation because it is a powerful deterrent against his lies and exposes the darkness for what it is.
        JPJ was approved by God and now He is using his death to bring exponential growth to this generation who will be given the opportunity to walk as HUIOS sons of God! \o/

        • liz48 says:

          The Lord G-d of Israel does not permit sickness on anyone unless they have sin in their life. Read Dueteronomy 28. It does not matter that all the great ministry names endorses someone, it is the Truth of the Father’s Word that matters.

          When people left the earth in the Lord they knew before hand they would leave – some gave conferences like Moses, others left with Joy in the Lord like Enoch.

          The Moshiach (Messiah Jesus) was not a christian, and did not teach christianity. He taught the fulfillment of the Torah Promises regarding Himself and His Mission. We are One with Father through Him and live as He does today – 1John 4:17. That is who we are and we can change predetermined reality by being in Father.

          I find many preachers who are preaching the doctrines of christianity without hearing from the Lord and His Heart are leaving the earth…Many doctrines of christianity are rooted in roman catholicism and you cannot touch the unclean thing – 2Corinthians 6.

          I did not watch JPJ often. I watched him once on Joni’s show and did not have a resonance in my spirit. That is all I can say.

          What I humbly say, is that we should seek the Lord and be wiling to throw out all that we know and believe as He shows us. See Matthew 23:8-10. He is His Word and His Word is the ONLY way we will be strong in Him – John 1:1, Matthew 4:4.

          Spiritual experiences can be from the dark side and can imitate Holiness. It can be dangerous. I am a convert from being in pagan spiritualism and can tell you that the “miracles” they can do and their accurate “prophecies” would put the church to shame… This is why the Lord told us to test the spirits and those of Him would have His character – Matthew 7, 1John 4:1.

          • Edith Farkas says:

            Prophet Elisha was sick and he died of it.The Bible tells us.So you say he was a sinner??

          • Cynthia Lea says:

            Liz–In response to your statement about we have to have sin to be sick. Everyone dies of one sickness or another, no one gets out alive, except a few chosen, or unless raptured.

          • Glory says:

            ”I watched him once on Joni’s show and did not have a resonance in my spirit.” SO WHAT?

            Spiritual experiences can be from the dark side… the “miracles” they can do and their accurate “prophecies” would put the church to shame… This is why the Lord told US to test the spirits.”
            AND JOHN PAUL JACKSON COULDN’T GET HOLD OF YOU TO TEACH HIM,THE POOR THING! Handpicked before he was born to do exactly what he did but hey, God should have consulted you and appoint you as John Paul’s ”holy-spirit” and he would still be alive today.
            Talk about being deceived!!!!!

        • Julie says:

          i like that carolyn you are a true revalator
          As an 11th hour ministry his death is a signpost for this final generation who will carry forth in great revelatory anointing. The enemy hates revelation because it is a powerful deterrent against his lies and exposes the darkness for what it is. Very true

      • Mary ONeill says:

        Bob- I was going to pass on your comment but I felt I should stop to gently point out that what you are saying is not scriptural.
        Be blessed my brother. I will be praying for your soul to prosper and that you be in good health.

      • Ingrid Willard says:

        It is impossible not to fall in love with John Paul Jackson’s teachings, he is so smart spiritually smart, gifted, talented, always so composed with most of the answers ready for us, it is impossible to say a negative comment about him, because since I hear his teachings he always have put the glory of God and his passion for Jesus Christ first! how can we deny the beautiful light that he brough to us, to re direct our path to God, his passion for God and Jesus, his constant walk with the Holy Spirit, dragged me to him like a magnet, and I wouldn’t want to let go and I will never let go abput his teachings so very fundamented in the Word of God, I am sad we will not see another prophet as him, so in balance, so under control, so passionate with patience and love for others, no matter what the time was he had to dedicate to one person, how can we say God wanted to punish him after an entire life of love for God? I am thankful for John Paul, and I will treasure his love for Jesus Christ in my heart with passion. I hope he can read this because thankfulness is not enough, thank you father God for such a present you gave us with John Paul

        • Edith Parks says:

          I loved, and respected John Paul Jackson’s Ministry. I just hate I did not see, and hear more of him until after his death. I bought one of his ad’s interpretation of dreams, but I did not really listen to it entirely until after I heard of his death. And now I can’t get enough of listening to everything he prophesied on youtube, and because some of his dreams, and experiences are identical to what God has also showed me through the years. And I’m also listening to many other prophet’s God has given the same exact dreams God has given to me as well. And this is fascinating to me to know that God has been showing many of His Christians the same exact dreams, and Visions. Even younger people in these days some who their parents never even took them to church, and just like God personally tutored me God is still raising up young prophets today. I’m excited about this.

      • Danny says:

        So your some pastor of a small church. Ok you gave all this away. Well as we read what you posted its about I I I I me me me..its about you.

        You never saw, “The ministry is for salvation, and not (dreams),”. Truth is.. YOUR Ministry is for salvation. YOUR not doing enough altar calls. Its called take the beam out of your eye so then you can take the SPECK out of your brothers.

        Yet what hurts is this man is gone home and you post write about YOU how YOU new.

        So you post things that bring no glory to God. This does not help the family. This is not how you want to be treated. If it was of God and what you say is true then He would have told you before to go face to face to this man. Not after the fact.

        “no alter, ministry for salvation not dreams”. Thats all YOU not God. Its after all this you say..GOD TOLD ME

        So why hide the truth here? Write the family call them better yet show up face to face tell them why GOD took him home. Thats what I thought.

        Next time you have GOD on the phone.. ask Him about why things are not working in your life your ministry not others.

        • Glory says:

          ”pastor of a small church” says it ALL:
          Envy! Jealous! Envy! Jealous! Envy! Jealous!
          Yes, THE WORLD is crying the loss of John Paul Jackson and so am I, deal with it ”mr nobody-knows-me”. You and your co-pastor need to go back and check WHO is speaking to both of you, mr religious!

        • Sylvia. Dont you know that…THE GOOD ARE TAKEN AWAY FROM THE EVIL TO COME. That is what the Lord
          told me one day, when a young child had a bad
          accident and died. God told me he was too good
          for this World. I told the family, they were so blessed
          at the revelation the Lord gave me. Praise God

      • Sam says:

        You av writn al this without altercaling uv sind n u goin to die…kidn. Bibilical apostlz died wors deaths than our precious johny were thy n sin…hw did joseph the eathly dad of Christ die? quite prematuary, was it sin. Kep some of the revaltns 2 yoslf thy smel jelousy n hatred. THANKYOU JESUS FOR ALLOWN US TO BENEFIT FRO JPJ anointn.

      • Kelly Leith says:

        Wow, many came to know the Lord, not through an alter call but through some of John Paul Jacksons teachings and the Love and Purity of his heart for God! Many people are and were so sad to know he passed, but he was a strong prayer warrior and knew Jesus so intimately that I’m kind of shocked to hear what the pastor said. I know from personal experience that people have heard him and listened and he has prayed for people that have not yet received Jesus as their personal Savior to do so as he was praying. So he may not have been in a church doing alter calls, but traveled the world doing evangelism and yes interpreting dreams and visions and teaching on that but if you listen and watch his interviews and YouTube videos and streams ministries you will find that his evangelism lead many to come to Christ!!! I for one, came to have a much deeper prayer life because of the Holy Spirit using John Paul Jackson in so many different dimensions. But also use scripture and knew the word of God and had a great strong personal relationship with Jesus ! It’s about unity in the churches and not judging others, but coming along side them and standing in prayer for their ministry as well as your own, which is what I will do for the Pastor that said he did no alter calls. I pray and stand in the gap for you as well that many come to know Jesus as their personal Savior through your teachings and your alter calls. God bless you and I pray for you and love your Ministry also Doug Addison. You have prayed over me two times and given me words that have come to pass. So thank you for your love and support for John Paul and for your Love and evangelism, and ministry! God bless us all and bring revival and unity to the body so we may function as one. Just as Jesus has taught us to!! Blessing to all.

      • Mahder says:

        Please read Isaiah 57:1-2 the righteous perish and no one ponders it in his heart. Devout men are taken away and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk up rightly enter into peace : they find rest as they lie in death. Also the Lord gave the gift of dream interpretation
        To Joseph. Please read Joel 2: 28- 32. The Holy Spirit gives different gifts to believer, but the same God works all of them. 1 Chorontians 12:4 . My brother don’t judge Prohet Paul Jackso. We all stand before the throne of God to be judged. Instead let research
        Our way befor the Lord our savior, and walk with him in love.

      • Larry Velasco says:

        just wondering if you ever met the man in person or heard him speak? perhaps we should let the fruit inspectors do their job. Inspecting fruit
        belongs to the department of agriculture and let it go at that..anyone can talk smack about someone who is dead and unable to to defend his ministry. so i guess if someone gave me a bag of stones to throw I would probably use them in my garden..and not on the internet…but that is just me….

      • Jeremy says:

        Member of a Bridge church formerly under John Paul, Here. There was always “leave sin, accept Jesus and become like Him” preached when John Paul visited us. This is a FALSE accusation. “altar calls” were simply not published in his materials as they were private moments at the churches, and the message was already in his sermons (unless it was a class teaching believers).

  3. Mary Collins says:

    Hello Doug
    I met you in Dudley UK in 2008 when you came into the cafe where I was preparing coffee, (I was alone) and you said `you must be the lady who has had 2 dreams that need interpreting!`
    WEll you interpreted them and as a result of that I went to Streams internship, in NH, where John Paul taught us and I learned all the things youve shared about in your audio.
    I wanted to say Thank you so much for your message. So many people right now are grieving the loss of their Spiritual Father, and they dont understand and are depressed. I know in my heart that John Paul is very happy to be with the lord, so Im very happy for him. Others I know are very down. so I know your word will be a very great encouragement to them.
    thank you again so much

  4. Melanie says:

    Thank you for this word of encouragement. I attended The Bridge Metrowest in Natick, MA, which was planted by John Paul and I also took The Art of Hearing God in the 90’s with John Paul, so I really feel sad about losing him. I appreciate your word of encouragement.
    Thank you.

  5. Sherry Munroe says:

    Thank you Doug, for your sincere, loving tribute to John Paul. It’s hard to let him go, though we have no choice but… his legacy lives on in all the lives he touched – to the glory of God.

  6. Dawn says:

    What I am actually hearing in people is where they sowed themselves into and how they sowed their faith. And the outcry is did they believe wrong? Did they miss it? Did they miss God? This is a typical pitfall in the prophetic in where did we instill our hope. What did they place their hope? That is being shakened right now and for good reason. Our God is merciful. We seek prophecy but we dont keep a guard on our perspectives of prophecy. Brings us back to faith, hope and love these three work together.

  7. Cynthia C. Spigner says:

    My heart was so very saddened when I learned of John Paul Jackson’s death. He was and had a gift from the Lord! I know GOD used this man to empower us to NOT be afraid of our giftings but to run TOWARDS them! I’m ready to run!!! Thanks so much for sharing Doug – I’m all the more inspired and encouraged!

  8. Yemi says:

    Thank you Doug. We celebrate the life and anointing of God on John Paul Jackson. Thanks for reminding us that we have a cloud of witnesses interceding for us. May the Lord bless John Paul Jackson’s family and yours as well in Jesus Mighty name AMEN.

  9. Melissa Sayre says:

    Thank you Doug. Your thoughts & stories were very comforting. John Paul is where we all long to be & I rejoice with him. Yet I cant help but see his death as a sign…knowing John Paul was given an 11th hour ministry, since that ministry has been brought to a close, it seems to confirm that we are entering the “midnight hour. ” it is sobering reminder of what is yet to come. Stay in Peace – Melissa

  10. Cynthia bebon says:

    Thank you for encouraging us who loved this precious servant of God. I have not taken any of his courses but now I want to. Be blessed.

  11. Gloria Miller-Stauffer says:

    this means so much to to us. Thank you! I’ve had many prophetic dreams thru the years. Some take YEARS to manifest….
    I’m in my 7th decade, and wonder if I too may see some things happen from the other side.
    God Bless!
    ( I now live in Canada)

  12. robyn elliott says:

    Wow! How true are your words Doug. When God gives a word in season or a vision, it is often for the future or for us to pray about it and bring it to pass through prayer. Thank you for these lovely words of your experience with John Paul Jackson and may your prayer for a further annointing of the prophetic fall on all who hear your story.

  13. christine says:

    Thank you Doug for demonstrating such love and honor for John Paul Jackson. I sense such a love in your heart for God’s people too as you bring such a comforting word. From Birmingham, Alabama …. thank you and we love you !

  14. The Lord gave me a dream the night of Feb 18th after JPJ’s death telling me that HE is about to raise up many many many JPJ’s who will teach & instruct others how to understand revelation & dreams/visions. They will walk in greater authority & a more powerful mantle. The Lord gave me John 12:24 about the seed dying in order to multiply and later reminded me of the mantle of Elijah doubling when transferred to Elisha. It’s going to happen. For Christians who are interested in learning to interpret dreams as well as help interpret, we have a forum here:

  15. Jen says:

    Doug, Thank you so much for these words and thoughts. I am so encouraged.
    I remember from an episode of Dreams and Mysteries that John Paul talked about how great God is and how darkness is never any match for Him. I remembered this when I heard John Paul had passed away. I was shocked, but remembered that God is so much greater than the enemy. There is no way that God was surprised. As a matter of fact this was somehow God’s timing. God’s heart is good and He will reveal His goodness as time goes by.

  16. Stefanie says:

    Thank you so much for posting your perspective on this, it is greatly appreciated; I now have a sense of peace and closure that had been strangely missing. His ministry had impacted my life in a major way, for which I am grateful. I would also like to express my gratitude for the work you do, too! Blessings!

  17. Staci Campbell says:

    I like so many others was saddened by losing John Paul Jackson. I rejoice for him because now he is in Gods glory. But I mourn for the loss that we as the body of Christ are experiencing. He truly was an anointed prophet of God. I know that God will continue to use his ministry to reach others. I have peace in knowing that God is in control. Thank you for this encouraging word ! God bless

  18. Tara says:

    Even though I didn’t know John Paul I sense a Godly love and a connection, I too had a dream about and he was driving me around and his Fathers Blessed me in a supernatural amazing way. Thank you for sharing it blessed me. God Bless you…any friend of John Paul’s is a fiend of

  19. Tara says:

    Even though I didn’t know John Paul personally nor did I ever meet him I sensed a Godly love and a connection, I too had a dream about him and he was driving me around as well and his Father Blessing blessed me in a supernatural amazing way. Thank you for sharing it blessed me. God Bless you…any friend of John Paul’s is a friend of mine..

    • Trudy says:

      That is true! When you truly repent and let God be God in your life. God is the Healer! He has healed me completely and made me whole!

  20. John Evans says:


    • hi John Evans,
      Yes God uses sickness to take His kids home – He used sickness to bring Elisha home to glory
      Check out 2 Kings 13:14 (kjv)
      “Now Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness whereof he died. And Joash the king of Israel came down unto him, and wept over his face, and said, O my father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof.”

  21. Lynn Scott says:

    Doug, Love love your wisdom. Thanks for sharing this. Your voice re-framed my loss. You are right, a single seed will produce a harvest of fruit.
    So may 2015, be the year of the abundant harvesters. Can you teach more on the character lining up our gifts? That sounded rich!
    Blessings to you and your household as you mourn your loss too. You are amazing Doug! – Lynn Scott

  22. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much Doug for giving us your prophetic insights on John Paul Jackson. He was a great man and will be missed by many. We should not cry for him though – he is where he wants to be now. The same place we all want to be! I celebrate his life with you, and I pray for peace and comfort for his family. May God’s grace carry them through this time is sadness.

  23. Alfred Perez says:

    Through a series of lessons by John Paul Jackson I was helped very much in understanding the dreams God gives me I will forever be grateful for his ministry the dream teacher is having an eternal dream that will never end being in Gods presence that he desired so much.

  24. Teresa/Alaska says:

    Thank you for posting about your friend and spiritual father, John Paul. I, too, experienced a similar spiritual closeness with a group of women from a small town in Alaska. We had no one to teach us of the things of the Spirit. God showed us in prayer as we met each week together after fasting to petition our community before the Lord. We would ‘see,’ dream, hear, and travel into the realm of the Holy Spirit together. Years passed and the Lord moved some of us out of town. We thought that all prayer groups were like ours. Imagine our surprise and deep disappointment that this was not so. I tell this short story to say that I understand what it is like to be close to others in the realm of the Spirit. It is an intimate journey spent with the Lord. What you and John Paul shared was unique, but like you stated, available to all of us. While I was saddened by John Paul’s passing, I rejoiced at his going Home. This man was a spiritual father to me, as well, even though we are the same age. I learned much from him and have passed this on to others. I have read or watched or sat under most of what he released; my favorite remains, “The 365 Names of God.” You just can’t beat that. Thank You, Papa, for John Paul – Holy Spirit, be a blanket of comfort to his wife and family at this time of grieving. Bless Doug, Papa, as he mourns the passing of his friend and teacher – and, bless him with a double portion of you-know-what.
    Blessings, Doug. the best is yet to come. Watch for it. It’s on the way.

  25. marianne says:

    Toda!!! thank you very much, your words make sense, and enlight us to see things in a more heavenly perspective and we appreciate that God loves him so much and he is with the Lord now in peace, and from the deep of our hearts thank God for that precious gift to the earth, he was and will still be…shalom shalom shalom!!! Amen

  26. Tina Robbins says:

    Thanks for being sensitive to the many who are grieving the loss of such an awesome prophet of God. I didn’t know him personally, but have been impacted by his ministry. I too wondered about how it seemed to be early for him to leave the earth and your encouraging words were right on time. I met you at a prophetic conference in Maryland last year and you are truly being used by God for these end times. Thank you for caring enough to share your experiences, which I know have comforted many. Bless you.

  27. Susan says:

    I appreciate your message. Thank you for acknowledging John Paul Jackson and the beautiful gift that he so generously shared with you and others. I pray that you and your ministry grows stronger in Wisdom,
    Strength and Knowledge. Susan ~ Arizona

  28. Cynthia Angelucci says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I along with all in the small group I attend have been very saddened by John Paul’s passing. Each week we gather and have been doing Living the Spiritual Life and did the Art of Hearing God together. We learn and have gleaned so much.
    Met him 28 years ago while attendeding a Vineyard Church at a Conference in San Jose California. His heart for people and his Love and humility have always remained. Thank you again for sharing this.

  29. Linda says:

    Although knowing God is soverign and that there are things we will not get to understand on this side of heaven, I was still having a difficult time with John Paul’s passing. Your message has quieted my soul. Thank you for realizing there are many of us out here who would need the comfort of your words to help us through the grieving process…

  30. Ngizi Mozie says:

    What a great and obedient servant of God John Paul Jackson was. I live in Nigeria and series on Dreams nd Mysteries has impacted my life a whole lot. I thank God he is now the bossom of the Almighty. May God’s peace remain with his family. Thank you Doug!

  31. Jennifer says:

    Randomly thought about watching a video from John Paul Jackson this morning.. went online and read the news of his passing. I didn’t know him personally, but I feel very sad at his passing. His teachings were a beacon to me during a period where God was showing me much about life I hadn’t noticed before. I do wonder why God decided to take him now. I wish his family peace and comfort.

  32. Trevor Haug says:

    Doug, I remember you whispering to me when JP was praying for everyone in the room, “Hey let’s pray for people right after John Paul – you get the wash of the anointing.” Ha, it was true! That’s just one thing you taught me at Streams.
    Bless you, man!

  33. Dianna says:

    Doug, thank you for your thoughts on John Paul Jackson’s Passing on to heaven. I was having a hard time processing his sudden passing, your words both soothed & encouraged me. Thank you for thinking of the ones he left behind and are out in the trenches gaining as much insight as we can on this new flow of the Holy Spirit…. Blessings

  34. Tina says:

    Doug, thank you so much for addressing the questions that so many of us have on our hearts, and offering clarity in the midst of this hour we are living in. These are exciting times, but all the changes can be a bit disconcerting.

    I always feel so encouraged and blessed after listening to you and your timely revelations from our Daddy!

    Blessings to you & your family. May the Comforter continue to be a warm blanket while you & Linda process this temporary separation from your friend & mentor!

  35. Celine Bennett says:

    May the Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always! Thank you for this message, very comforting and helping with closure, encouraging. A cup of water, thank you and Be Blessed 😀

  36. George Kaplanis says:

    I was shocked at the passing away of GOD’S holy prophet. I considered John Paul Jackson my earthly spiritual mentor. The sense of loss that I feel is so overwhelming that I am having a hard time functioning back into my daily life. I never personally met John Paul Jackson. Although I always wanted to go up to him and give him a great big huge. He has helped changed my spiritual life and taught me how to have closer relationship with the Holy Trinity. My prays go out to the family and all of the people at Streams Ministry International and also to those who loved him like I did. In the CD Maximizing Heavens Help he prophesied 32 to 35 minutes into it , me, George would leave my church because they did not believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and I was not growing there spiritually. I grew by GOD’S Holy Spirit Teaching John Paul Jackson Deep spiritual truth’s and then him mentoring me and so many others like me hungry and thirsty for the deep things of GOD, in order for GOD to have a Holy Temple in us to live and abide in. Then GOD’S SPIRIT moves and ministers HIS GIFT’S to change other people’s hearts and lives.Glory to GOD we have been set free in JESUS name. ttt

  37. VC says:

    the 11th hour has passed away
    we have entered the 12th hour
    it will get darker and darker,
    as we approach the midnight hour
    God does not make mistakes
    the word of the Lord will become scarce

  38. George Kaplanis says:

    I was shocked at the passing away of GOD’S holy prophet. I considered John Paul Jackson my earthly spiritual mentor. The sense of loss that I feel is so overwhelming that I am having a hard time functioning back into my daily life. I never personally met John Paul Jackson. Although I always wanted to go up to him and give him a great big huge. He has helped changed my spiritual life and taught me how to have closer relationship with the Holy Trinity. My prays go out to the family and all of the people at Streams Ministry International and also to those who loved him like I did. In the CD Maximizing Heavens Help he prophesied 32 to 35 minutes into it , me, George would leave my church because they did not believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and I was not growing there spiritually. I grew by GOD’S Holy Spirit Teaching John Paul Jackson Deep spiritual truth’s and then him mentoring me and so many others like me hungry and thirsty for the deep things of GOD, in order for GOD to have a Holy Temple in us to live and abide in. Then GOD’S SPIRIT moves and ministers HIS GIFT’S to change other people’s hearts and lives. Glory to GOD we have been set free in JESUS name. ttt

  39. Marysia Grant says:

    Thank-you so much for your insightful message about JPJ ..It brought comfort to my soul, which had been grieving his passing. I got a word-picture from the Lord It was of a firework going up into the sky…a single bright beam, that seems to die before exploding into hundreds of lights, and lighting up the heavens! So the ministry carries on…..

  40. Kelly Ueber says:

    What an encouraging word. John Paul was a gift to the body and an example of hearing the Lord accurately. I believe to provoke us to desire the same.

  41. Erica says:

    Thank you for sharing your gift, as well. I hope to meet John Paul Jackson in heaven when my time comes.


  42. Vivian Sullivan says:

    Thank you Doug for sharing your heart, love and honoring John Paul. It is comforting to hear the experiences, you shared with him. He was a wonderful teacher, mentor and man of God. He had a big impact on my life.

  43. funmi oluduro says:

    I was so shocked to hear of John Paul’s death days after the event. I got to know him through the Daystar TV and immediately connected with his person, he seemed to radiate an aura of kingly authority and gentleness, I was hoping to meet him in person one day. I believe his passing happened for God’s purpose to be further propagated. Heartfelt commiseration to his friends and family.

  44. daniel crockett says:

    thanks for sharing. He will be greatly missed. I felt the presence of God so strongly as you were speaking. Shalom.

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  46. steve garner says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I struggled with the “why” of John Paul’s passing and you’ve really put it to rest for me. I miss him, I’ve even seen him in a dream and listened to him, lol, crazy I know but it was a very comforting and vivid dream, very vivid and left a strong feeling in me. Again, thank you Doug!!! God bless you bro !!!

  47. Edith Farkas says:

    Thank you very much Dougg for alll the beautiful words of remembering of our brother John Paul Jackson.We will miss him,but one day we will all meet him when we will be with the Lord in heaven.God bless you.

  48. Danny says:

    I have been watching for a few days his videos and some teachings. Just found out today April 8th 2015 he went home.

    Not here to say why he went home nor do I believe the Father told some minister why when all they do is post it on some site or youtube. Being a preacher does not some how give you the right to know.

    Sickness is not of God. Its far easier to believe for others then your self. This mans heart God did not show you nor will He tell you to post to make you look good.

    John Paul was a man of God was for Christ not against. Talk about this man as you would want others to talk about you. He is home now so its easy to say things for you know he cant respond. So be careful how you talk. The same word will come to you.

  49. Debbie Simmonds says:

    Just letting you know that Doug’s last name is spelt wrong under his signature on his home page. Just thought you would want to know.

  50. Sharon says:

    “22When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” Deut 18:22 The scripture sets the standard for judging prophetic statements made “in the name of the LORD.” JPJ prophecied a stock market collapse in 1988. Never happened. JPJ prophecied that he would be alive in the last hour the 7 year tribulation. Well JPJ is dead. Are we now in the tribulation? Hard to say. But JPJ is dead. Sorry. JPJ had more false prophecies,JPJ endorsed Benny Hinn, and Benny Hinn’s list of false prophecies is off the chart. “Do not participate in another man’s sin. Keep thyself pure.” “The ax is laid at the root of the tree.” I notice that the prophet Daniel was skilled in interpreting dreams, but he did not need a course. He just trusted God. Isn’t that the gospel, trusting God alone, and trusting his revealed will in His written word? JPJ and other false prophets like Benny Hinn do NOT want to be tested by the word.

    • Edith lubega says:

      Do not judge a man lest you find thyself in the very situation he is or was in,you dont know about someone’s personal relationship with God so you judging him is really not good,have you tried praying for the very people you call false? mi doubted it,cause you cannot pray and judge . walk in love,i bet pagan show their folks more love that we christians,you never see them calling themselves out on the internet false…but christians are so willing to do that.. If you dont believe in a man’s minsitry,let it be,thats not your job to judge it,just pray to God to show you direction .THE SAD bit is you find pastors calling out others on their pulpits like thats their message,mind yo own gifts and business ,,alot of schism in the body of christ cause we fail to celebrate the gifts on other people .

  51. carol A. says:

    I very recently saw JPJ for the first time on Sid Roth’s program and I believe Day Star and found him to be saintly, intelligent and extremely appealing as a Christian prophet. But I did hear him say that God told him he would be alive at the end time or when Jesus returns…not sure of his exact words..but I wonder when these appealing and believable saintly prophets are wrong in their prophecies…does this mean that we should not put too much trust in any human…and call them FATHER figures? Doesn’t the Bible say not to call anyone Father except our Heavenly Father? Let us remember who to put our trust in. I too felt extremely sad to hear of the death of JPJ because he was such a lovely man…but there is danger in putting so much trust in humans…even saintly ones.

    • Edith lubega says:

      dear carol,you have a biological father i suppose and u address him as father ,same thing spiritual fathers have always been there since the old testament,saul was one to david,paul was one to timothy etc… when you hold someone dear to you as a father ,you start to actually receieve from them spiritually ,its like you are under a covering ,they are supposed to help guide you into having a better realtionship with God ,its an untouched subject in many churches and gatherings as many people hate the responsibilities of submission but your spiritual father is more like your mentor,and when you meet the right one with the guide of the Holy spirit ,you just know it and you will defend that person and their ministry cause you believe in them and the message God has laid upon their heart..Of course they help to guide you grow into your own ministry ,receieve your own manadate and message from God,again all those come from relationship with God

      • Connie Renia Bennett says:

        I was truly saddened to hear of OUR loss of a wonderful teacher & prophet from this Earthly realm, Mister John Paul Jackson. To the full gospel pastor named Bob who stated that “God told you” that Mister Jackson was not following the “Will of God” by teaching us about interpretation of visions and dreams, is ludicrous. But we all make mistakes. I met JPJ and took the dreams & visions courses that he taught. A person was not allowed to jump in and skip straight to the visions and dreams info. This series is a wonderful set of teachings full of insight regarding spiritual gifts & tools afforded us thru God’s Word by the Power of the blood of resurrected Jesus Christ who now sits at the right hand of the Father, endorsing us with His power and authority!!! Hallelujah!!! First, I’d like to say that John Paul Jackson started with teaching “The Art of Hearing God” before moving further in the areas of dream interpretation. Knowing our Father’s voice is an imperative factor period. The Holy Spirit was QUITE EVER PRESENT during my experience of learning under JPJ’s teachings thru Streams Ministries. I believe the classes are done in a certain order so that the individual learns to identify the voice of our Father, therby enriching that personal relationship. It is my understanding that without that relationship with the Father, guidance of Holy Spirit, Adequate & correct interpretation of dreams & / or visions would be impossible. Understanding of these things comes only from enlightenment by God the Father thru His Holy Spirit. I cherish the time spent and the furtherment of my spiritual relationship with God that came from participating in the Streams Ministries classes by John Paul Jackson. I recommend these wonderful teachings to all. And to Bob, the full gospel pastor that felt the need to share his opinion publicly that JPJ was on a wrong path in the Streams Ministries teachings, that JPJ was not listening to God, and further that God took JPJ out for this reason….. Might I suggest that you begin, if you have not already, your own study starting with “The Art of Hearing God”. I know that your personal relationship with God will be enriched and your abilities as a pastor mightily increased! May God bless you & increase you, my brother in Christ, as a usable minister of the FULL GOSPEL! Be blessed and peace out!

  52. James Grinols says:

    My concern is that JP Jackson saw a time of storm approaching. The perfect storm he called it. His website has been scrubbed of such an outlook.
    I do not know if he will be correct or not. My point is that the current owner of the site (His wife?) is not apparently in tune with that perspective?

    • Admin Pam says:

      Hi James,

      I am not sure what you are trying to say. Doug was a close friend and spiritual son to JPJ so Doug writes from that viewpoint. I know that the streams ministry is carrying on JPJ’s legacy and moving forward with the teaching and training of people in the prophetic. I am sure that they would write you back if you emailed in and asked your question to the ministry.

      Blessing your heart 🙂 Pam

  53. willie says:

    Pastor Bob, The Bible clearly commands us to judge not that we not be judged. Just listening to this man’s teaching speaks for itself as a testament to the fact that we all need God in our lives. I don’t recall Jesus giving an altar call at the end of any of His sermons. I don’t believe the voice you claim to have heard came from God, just as some of Jp’s so called prophesies did not come from Him. Only God knows why He takes the best and brightest some times and allows the worst of us like Hitler, for example to live longer.

  54. Jamie Malcolm says:

    Thank you for taking the time to leave this message. Time passes and I still get so much encouragement from JP you tubes.

    • Coleen johnson says:

      King David knew not to speak against Gods anointed. John Paul Jackson walked in a anointing that I wonder if anyone else has. Maybe MOSES. God showed Him things ? Took Him places we will only see in Heaven. The revelation God gave Him, can only be received by THE FAITH GOD GIVES US TO BELIEVE. I personally feel that God took Him for assignments in the SPIRIT. The glory of GOD was so great on JPJ that He could hardly contain it. MAY THE SPIrit OF THE FEAR OF GOD BE UPON YOU. I weep when I listen to his teachings, because I miss the revelation and the love it’s given in. The messages He gave could not be fakes, ONLY BY THE HOLY SPIRIT.I thank God most every day for these teachings. Oh, how do you know He didn’t have altar calls. Just watch some of the videos on YouTube. He was the example of WALKING WITH GOD 😂❤

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