Finding New Fruit in Your Family Tree

Orange treeFinding New Fruit in Your Family Tree

Doug Addison

One important part of my 2015 prophetic word highlights the importance of family. Did you know your greatest destiny is your children? And if you don’t have biological children, this absolutely applies to your spiritual children and the people you’ve touched.

Family blessings front and center
Your generational gifting and calling will become clearer this year. God is revealing positive, hidden blessings and callings in your family tree.

What fruit?
The fruit I am talking about is spiritual gifts, qualities and positive things that God has given you. Often the enemy attacks you in the areas of your strengths, so it might not be easy to recognize them at first.

Fruit and blessings can come when you are given the chance to peek beneath the surface of someone’s life when they’ve shared a deep concern, reached out in vulnerability, or felt safe enough to be free with you.

How do you find out your generational blessings?
1. Ask God to show you the hidden blessings and callings in your family line.
2. If you discover negative destructive patterns then look to the opposite of what that might be. Learn to flip the negative into a positive outcome.
3. Be open to hear from God in many ways for your answer (dream, vision, small impression, Bible, other people, nature, modern parables like movies, etc.).
4. When you find a positive blessing then nurture it.

Encourage good fruit when you find it
The generational blessing could be anything from a warm pat on the back after a heated moment (generational gift of reconciliation) to simply letting someone in the door first on a rainy day (generational gift of preferring someone else over yourself). Watch for the smallest expression of good fruit and blessing.

“But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!” Galatians 5:22–23 (NLV)

No fruit?
You might be thinking you cannot find a single blessing in your family. But sometimes the best fruit is found way out on a limb, requiring risk, prayer and searching.

This year you will no longer be worried about generational curses, because generational blessings will come to the forefront.

My story
In my family generational line, some of us have struggled with learning disabilities. Even though I have gotten lots of healing in my life, I still struggle with dyslexia. As a boy, reading was tough for me, never mind writing. I failed a grade and was put in special learning classes. Although I couldn’t read well, now I consider it a blessing. Why? Because:

• I can totally relate to the many thousands of people who also struggle with reading, writing and public speaking. My story brings hope and sets people free.
• What was hard made me stronger because I had to overcome it through God’s strength and power. God gave me a way to compensate so that I could be successful. Persistence, determination and lots of encouraging people along the way helped.
• Being different than others brought a lot of rejection. God has healed me and I now help others do the same.

What may look like a disadvantage may be the key to blessing, even impacting many generations for God. In spite of dyslexia I have come a very long way and I am now a professional speaker and writer. I still struggle and have to memorize a lot and find workarounds, but I have written seven books and now teach people how to write their own books.

Keep searching
God is raising up wounded warriors and there are many great things in store for you. It is God’s joy to give you more blessings in your family tree. And you have the privilege to search for them. It is exciting to find fruit!






Doug Addison

Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

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    • Davinia
    • February 21, 2015

    Thank you, your website is a blessing to me. I just had a dream about my my mother telling me to catch fish From a small drain near my childhood house. I have problems with my eyes, so I was reluctant to do so, thinking I could not catch such big fish.

    I feel I have a calling from God to spend his message but I’m finding it hard as I’m not a Christian. I’m finding it hard to accept Jesus as God, I believe he was the son of God sent as a messenger to help earth and was very powerful. I’m stuck do I still spread the message of God until he works it out. Your website has been very helpful thank you again

    • Elizabeth
    • February 21, 2015

    This is my first post. Was very bless by you sharing something personal and how you stating things can turn to blessings. I bought your book a month back and download your free book. It’s so nice that you bless others with a piece of what’s been poured into you by the Lord. Trying to explore more on your site. My mom, dad ,aunt, daughter and son as myself are dreamers. I prayed immediately #1. I never had thought of that. Hi from P.R. originally from NYC (Big Apple). God bless you and Family/ Ministry.

    • Julia Andrews
    • February 18, 2015

    I love what you say about flipping the generational weaknesses into strengths. Fear turns to hope, selfishness turns to service, meanness turns to kindness, restlessness turns to peace, sorrow turns to joy, hopelessness turns to faith.

  2. Reply

    My grandfather had a Midas touch in that everything he touched turned to gold at a young age and he received the recognition of distinguished people way before others who were much older than he.

    My mother was a physically beautiful woman who had an air of distinction about her in addition to beauty. She was a prophet, and everything she said came to pass–all negative. LOL.

    I have inherited none of these qualities although all my life people have said I had a touch of class about me. I still hold on to see what God has in stored for my life at 66 years of age. I know that He is my portion and my inheritance…

    • Elize
    • February 14, 2015

    Pastor Doug,I had a dream a wk ago,about hug fruit on a trees…the one tree had different fruit on it,but it was hug nd the colours were breath taking,nd it looked so delicious…it seems that I was the only one to see it,so I showed my husband as well….God bless you..

    • Gina Smith Kirkling
    • February 14, 2015

    Awesome!! I needed to see and read this.

    • jerome
    • February 12, 2015

    #amazing. .. Love this!!! ..generational blessings…. thank God.. my family line is going to full.. ( let me get my basket.. it’s harvest time y’all)

    Yay us!!!
    Thx Bro. ya

    • debbie
    • February 12, 2015

    Thanks for the encouraging words.. I believe.God allows these things so we can be a blessing to this world….

    • Celine Bennett
    • February 12, 2015

    May the Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ Be with you always, I was so blessed by your article, Thank you! I did get to watch “guilt trip” with Barbara Streisand and Seth Ryan. Wow! I did do seers exercise on Jim Driscoll website “Stir the water website”. I still own his book about dreams interpretation But I thought it was so complicated at the time. I was so busy too, not so much now, Praise God! I don’t think I like to read as much as webinar or dvd and, i will take more notes. Thank you and Favour of God overflowing to you.

    • Deborah Gittens
    • February 12, 2015

    Even today it was just what i needed to hear thanks Doug.

    • Deborah Gittens
    • February 12, 2015

    Dear Doug i find your readings are very accurate & right on time.many of your readings have been a blessing for me.may God continue to use you.bless & guide you.ĺol.Deborah.

    • Margaret Farrell
    • February 12, 2015

    My friend had a dream last night. She saw Jesus milking a cow. The cow had 4 utters. She saw the number 4444,
    When she turned on her computer 4444 was on the screen.

      • Allie
      • February 13, 2015

      go to Jonny Enlow’s FB page scroll down to the posts about numbers. 111, 222, 333, 444

    • Denise
    • February 12, 2015

    Thanks for the insight Doug. I have been ministering for quite some time now and it really does seem that the real gift someone has is the opposite of their struggle. Amazing isn`t it? Wonderful blog Doug! Blessings!

    • Debbie
    • February 12, 2015

    very encouraging words. Thank you

    • Ed Kimmel
    • February 12, 2015

    I have a book inside of me, I have been healed of cancer 2X, and want to be a blessing to others who have it or are helping a friend go thru this ordeal. I want to be a blessing! Help in writing this and other books . Your daily words are very insightful to me at this time too, Family is everything, Thanks , Ed

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