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Doug Addison

Prophetic Word: Strategy for the Next 24 Months

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Prophetic Word: Strategy for the Next 24 Months
October 2015
Doug Addison

Last month, during the 10 days between September 13, Rosh Hashanah–the Jewish New Year and September 23–Yom Kippur, I experienced one of the most spiritually active times I can remember. I got very little sleep as there seemed to be something happening in the spiritual realm every day and night during that time.

The next 24 months to radical change

This year on Yom Kippur, September 23, 2015, God showed me an outline for the next 24 months. Starting on that day and going through the next two years, through September 2017, we are going to see dramatic breakthroughs and turnarounds. But, it will require different strategies for five different groups.

“Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.” Psalm 24:7 NIV

God is moving quickly and opening up some “gates and ancient doors” which are spiritual gifts, callings and lost assignments. This will usher in God’s presence in unprecedented ways.

These are the 5 things God showed me that He is doing in the next two years. All of them are based on the number 24, which symbolizes new leadership and authority. He highlighted 24 hours, 24 days, 24 weeks, 24 months and those who are 24 years old.

1. 24-hour promotions

We are going to have dramatic overnight accelerations with sudden promotion, blessing or advancement. This is similar to when Joseph had a radical turnaround in his life when in one day he went from obscurity to being second in command of the entire region of Egypt, Genesis 41. Joseph had been prepared for a number of years to fulfill his dreams, but his advancement came within 24 hours.

Most of the people who are being promoted in the 24-hour time frame have already suffered losses and rejection for a number of years. They have been placed on the backside of the desert because their time had not yet come. But over the next two years, we are going to see many of these sudden accelerated promotions of people who were previously unknown.

2. 24 days to advancement

God spoke to me that there would be promotions that would start for many people within 24 days of Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur ended on September 23, 2015. Expect something significant to have happened or shifted into place for you on or after October 17, 2015.

3. 24 weeks to radical change

Many people are going to see a major change in their lives 24 weeks after Yom Kippur, which is March 9, 2016. Interestingly, God spoke to me earlier that when we, in the U.S., set the clocks forward in the spring, things will begin to spring forward in the spiritual realm. This date is March 13, 2016. Watch for the first two weeks of March to bring some radical changes.

I saw these two groups within this 24-week time period:

The first group were those who have been preparing and God has already taken them through a time of pruning and purging within their lives. This group will gain an extraordinary amount of revelation over the next 24 weeks that will position them to advance suddenly in March 2016.

The second group are those who have been on the frontlines of ministry and have taken a beating. God is calling this group to take a break, rest and regroup over the next 24 weeks. Many who do not do this will be at danger of being taken out (not necessarily dying). As they take time to rest and heal, God is going to re-fire them into an upgraded level that they have never seen before.

This does not mean you have to take the entire 24 weeks off. God has already spoken to these leaders that they will need to take times of rest in order to move into the next phase of their lives and ministries.

4. 24 months of amazement

The entire timetable that I was shown was from September 23, 2015, going for 24 months, which ends September 23, 2017. During this two-year period we are going to see things move at an accelerated pace. Many people who have thought they had missed God’s greater calling on their lives will be strategically realigned for accelerated advancement.

What would have taken many people a lifetime to achieve will be accomplished in less than two years. Also those who did not take time to pull back and rest will go through a time of suffering as they need to be prepared to operate in the new season at hand.

5. 24 year olds encountering God

God showed me that He is moving on people who are 24 years old in 2015 and 2016. They were born in 1991–1992. Many of these young people feel like there is something greater for them to do but they are not sure yet what it is. Over the next 24 months, through September 2017, God will be speaking to this group and over the next two years they will have encounters with the Lord and sudden advancement.

I also shared this word last week in my October Spirit Connection webcast—watch that here. I received a lot more revelation that I am not able to fit into this one article.

Also, my new upcoming book, 2016 Prophetic Forecast, contains the details to the prophetic words God has spoken to me for the coming year. Overall it is going to be a good year for many people who have been waiting on the Lord.



Doug Addison

Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast, and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerfully, positively funny style of teaching and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries.

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49 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: Strategy for the Next 24 Months

  1. Lyn says:

    I have a daughter and two sons-in-law that are all 24 so my spirit was singing with this word! Thank you for sharing God’s heart with us.

  2. jessie galia says:

    Thank you very much for this article and am looking forward to receiving your daily prophetic word! This will be a big help as i desire to hear from Him more clearly.

  3. Kelli Pharo says:

    Doug, I really believe you are a prophet for our time. And often The Lord confirms what you’re hearing, in my own waking and dream life.

    Back in July I was getting 24 in a big way. And recently 7 was being shown. On Oct. 6th I was researching the number 7 and learned that according to Jewish tradition, October 7, 3761, is the date that God created Adam (the first day of Tishri, which is the 7th month on the Hebrew calendar.) If you subtract 3761 from 5776 (the year we are in now), you get 2015. The same math works every year.

    When I recorded what I learned in my journal, for some reason I drew an egg next to it and labeled it Golden Egg.

    On the morning of Oct. 7th, just before I awoke, I dreamt I was standing in heaven in front of Bob Jones. He was in a garden, tending it I suppose (I don’t know if he was a gardener on earth). And he gave me a word. It was only one audible line, which I do not recall. But the last word he said went from audible to visual. I could see the letters CCLOT, just like that, in all caps. Then I saw the date January 2012, and I awoke.

    I went into my prayer room looked up the word Bob delivered in January 2012. It’s about being on a glory train. On the train a conductor handed him a time capsule that contained the beginning and end of time. It was shaped like an egg.

    The next night I dreamt I had a tool bag that contained a peacock feather and a broken egg. The peacock feather meaning seer, and The Lord showed me that the egg represents not only something new released, but the countdown to the end of life for what is released.

    Yesterday I looked up CCLOT, and my search returned an Amazon site for cell phone cases, and the one that came up in my search had Romans 5:8 on it. And when I researched the phone it took me to the site of the designer. I’m not plugging the site, I just thought it was so cool that the site is called Good Things 24.

    I believe the world needs the message of Romans 5:8 now. And good things are being released in 24.

    • Denise Paknik says:

      Kelli…what an awesome insight. God has been speaking to me about a glory train as well. I hear the phrase “this train is departing” often. He showed me the Tram of the Atlanta airport. This is a fast moving transportation system there. This is how fast the glory will move. We who are on this train will be shifted quickly. I have also been seeing golden glory falling from heaven.

  4. Clara Wright says:

    This word is for me. Thank
    You. I’m 24 years old and have suffered great loss and pain the last two years (broken engagement). I feel like the Lord has promised to restore all things and to use me in a powerful way. Before everything happened, I said yes to pruning and suffering in order to have Him. After the years of pain and loss, while I’ve been walking with Him, I have wrestled with disappointment. I am confident, however that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. It’s His promise.

    • Natalia says:

      Clara!! I, too, have endured the extremely difficult pain of a broken engagement at the age of 24.
      The pruning and suffering that followed was the most difficult, painful season I’ve ever endured and come out of.

      I, too, have faith that God is going to use our stories, and that He is preparing us for a marriage that will be stronger and healthier. I cling on to that verse you posted…

      Would love to connect with you (somehow) and chat more!

  5. Deb Dressler says:

    My husband and I are pastors of a very small church in our home. We need this breakthrough. We’ve had so many prophecies that I am still looking for and waiting to come to pass. I too have seen the blessing is coming along side of devastation for years to this land simultaneously. It will be lots of suddenlies like dominoes falling all at the same time. Those who have been faithful will receive the blessings promised by God but destruction to those who haven’t. Side by side. One will be destroyed and the other blessed and protected. We will set again the things like Ananias and Saphirah. There will be those dropping dead even in the pupits. Time to get off the fence. The Lord is about to turn the power source on and its an electronic fence. No more games. Does this bare witness with you brother?

  6. Kimberly says:

    I love hearing what the Body of Christ is birthing…an amazing word by Kelli P,amazing God. Thank you also Doug for your humblenes and truth. I still don’t understand all that I see and hear..but this helps me sooo much.

  7. Carter says:

    Doug, I have never hid that I honor and love you my friend! God confirms, reveals and affirms so much through you for me and my family! I pray for your continued health and strength my friend. Wow; What a Word is this?! Peace and Blessings

  8. Songbird says:

    This word is of great encouragement to me as I have suffered many losses, rejection and physical attack over the past18 years: multiple job layoffs starting with my first job out of grad school (yet I was always told I was a great employee), an emotionally abusive marriage (which I left because he refused counseling), the sudden death of my father, a poisonous snake bite and severe allergies that have caused me not to be able to sing for the passed two years.

    Since November of 2014 I have been under the care of an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor and the Lord told me He was going to heal me. I went through individual counseling to help me regain my self-esteem from the abuse in my marriage. I reunited with a soul artist I used to sing background for and he’s been flying me back to the DC metro area to work on new music since April ( I moved to Atlanta in 2012 after my marriage for a fresh start and to go higher in my music career). In spite of my current vocal challenges, we are working on releasing my debut single the beginning of 2016. The song is about overcoming abusive relationships.

    I believe the Lord is speaking to me in this prophetic word. Throughout this long suffering period, my faith has increased tremendously. I have been preparing to step into my calling for many years. My voice is my purpose and I understand that this is the reason my voice has been under attack for the past two years. WOW there’s that 24! I hosted a show on Internet radio for a year and I’ve done some voice over work. I’ve been pursuing more stable radio opportunities and trying to get agency representation as a voice artist.

    I’m expecting great things, to include complete restoration of my voice, in this next season. I look forward to seeing the seeds I have planted come to fruition as the Lord promotes, brings increase and acceleration over the next 24 months. Blessings everyone!

  9. Myra Walker says:

    For months I keep seeing the numbers 2:22 on our clocks. Sometimes it is 2:22 am if I get up to go to the bathroom, but most of the time it is 2:22 pm when I see it. Just random times when I look to see what time it is.

    I have no idea what the Holy Spirit is telling me about this time and these numbers but know it is spiritual and seems urgent.

  10. Russ Fochler says:

    Thank you Doug. On Thursday Oct 1st I was folding and putting clean clothes away. Out of the blue, the Bob Dylan song “The Times They Are A-Changing” starting playing in my mind. And I thought: “Hmmm! It sounds like a time of great shifts and transitions is here.”

  11. Savanna says:

    I was prayed over at a Cleansing Stream conference this year in CA and two prophetic words pertain to the 24 month cycle. In 2 years, I will receive complete inner healing! As stated in your article, “What would have taken many people a lifetime to achieve will be accomplished in less than two years.” Hallelujah! At the same conference I received confirmation to pursue a master’s degree (a 2 year commitment) in social work.

  12. Sandi says:

    Thank you, Doug for your sincere and powerful words. I too have been going through stolen time and finances the past two years. But Papa brought me through 2 brain aneurysms(I’ve had 3 close relatives die from brain aneurysms) and lost commissions in my real estate business. I’m excited about what Papa has promised fir the next 24 months. He commissioned me about 4 years ago to write a book, which is almost done except for the photos. He removed me from a church which was home for 11 years to another church where he had me rest for 4 years to give me time to mature and grow in Him. I’m excited about what He has in store for me in the coming months. I’ve been learning about the spiritual realm and want to learn even more. God’s Commanded Blessing be with you, Doug!

  13. Brenda Payton says:

    Thank you Doug! I love the 24 months. I thought I had missed it but God has confirmed He is getting ready to change & shift me. Your word is so right on for many of us. I am grateful God has allowed us to have you!

  14. Erica says:

    My husband and I have been married for 24 years. My daughter and her boyfriend will turn 24 in this time frame. So much resonated with the things I have been hearing from the Lord about rest over the next couple of months. .

  15. Kathy ammon says:

    Good word and encouraging- ive been sidelined due to my daughter debilitating Lyme disease that was recently diagnosed last year- I’m her main caregiver now- and treatment is not helping so far- she’s now in wheelchair-
    Doug can you tell me if you’ve received healing from Lyme in Germany? And what treatments helped-? We are desperate for assurance from god that IV antibiotics will help her- our next option here in US/ Thank you

  16. Elize says:

    Dear Pastor Doug im just so in awe right now…i had a dresm of the number 24,cant remember the rest of the dream…and then the following night about me waiting in room 4..

    Sjoe im excited what God is going to do….God bless..

  17. Last night i had a very vivid dream. A lion was loose in the streets. We all ran unto a place with scafolding. We all got on different levels. I got up to the highest part to get as far away as i could from the lion and held on for dear life, as the lion somehow found us.

    I looked around for my husband and he was down in the floor, sitting in a chair!
    Fearfully, i called out, “Honey, why are you down there? Come up here.” But there he sat. I was saying to my hubby , ” You are in danger…and if that lion attacks you , ill jump on him…”

    Suddenly i saw the lion distracted and ran down the scaffolding to my husband. We both headed for the door. No one followed. Then we ran in a pharmacy across the street. I told hubby, ” i left my purse in there.” When i came back, the people were still in there , scared. I yelled to them through the crack in the door to pass me down my flowered purse and they did. They put it on a table where all the other purses were. I reached in and grabbed it- right by front door.

    Since the lion still sat there calmly i told them , make a run for it everyone, and somebody please call the humane society, cause this lion is just hungry, if you feed him he wont bite you!
    They all started walking out calmly, but quickly.

    Now…these are some of my thoughts on the dream: Why my husband just sat there , i can only guess. It could mean one or all of 3 things. 1. That he couldnt see a the lion, or 2. that he did see a lion, and was brave and fearless and gave up his place for others, ( which he does al the time in real life). Or 3. that he didnt see or was aware that he was in danger.

    Wives can have an edge for their husbands. Its that strong gift of intuition…as of- in warning them. We also have it built in for our children. And then theres prayer and support too.

    What a powerful dream of how fear debilitates and courageous faith frees us! To even get my purse back-representing our resource is kept intact…which is God , who owns a cattle on a thousand hills Jehovah Jireh. !! Hah hah
    Doug…Do you have any other thoughts on the interpretation. One thing you should know…my husband is looking for work and its imperative that he gets a job soon. 🙂 thanks dear one.
    Your sis in Christ.

  18. Patricia Overton says:

    The last 10 years have been the hardest I have ever endured. I have lost so much, in fact I have lost pretty much everything I had. I thank God that he is faithful. I know he has his timing and I am waiting, asking and hoping for all his promises. I never want to stop growing. I will never give up, and I will never stop fighting for what He has for me.

  19. lombe malama says:

    Woow…Praise the Lord…this prophetic word is mine…i clsim it…especially the 24hour turnaround snd the 24 day turnaround….i decree that i will testify….been weary and so over pressured for long….Glory to God….we thank Him for using yoi in such mighty ways…..Amen!!!

  20. Karie F. says:

    WOW!! Soooo good!! A friend just sent this link to me because I told him how 24 has been a huge number in our life right now. For 3 years God has been teaching me and showing me visions. We are in the middle of our “test” for our testimony. It’s a legal battle against several Inc. 500 companies and all the BIG legal days over the last 6 months have fallen on the 24th of each month. God is showing me I’m on the ascended path to my calling from Him and it will be brought out into the light in early 2016. I’m in awe right now, He is prepared to do great things through me and I’m honored to be partnering with Him to bring glory to His Kingdom. Thank you for your wisdom and prophetic insight! God Bless

  21. Denise Paknik says:

    My birthday is tomorrow October 17th. I will be 48.
    I am expecting my advancement and heavenly promotion and gifts from Jesus! I know He has a new place, position and provision for me. Also, Genesis 41. Yesterday, I just gave a whole tithe of $41 to set something in motion in the glory realm…so I am also claiming my 24 hour turnaround like Joseph. I know that the Father is up to a big thing! I receive!

  22. Freda Fischer says:

    I’m excited about what God is preparing to do. My Pastor and our congregation are waiting. We are a small home ministry,but powerful in the spirit. We don’t mind waiting. You never go wrong waiting on GOD.

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  24. Lily says:

    Praise the Lord!
    I was born in 1992 and I’m turning 24 in 2016. These days I frequently see my birthday on the clock of my mobile phone. I just pick up my phone and want to check what time it is, and it always show my birthday coincidentally. I wondered why as I didn’t check the time intentionally.

    I shared it with one of my friends who was also born in 1992 and she said that she has the same experience.

  25. Glory says:

    What a time for me to get connected to what God is doing now.I just Thank The Almighty God for your life Doug and for divinely connecting me to your ministry.l am excited expecting my 24 weeks turn around after a life tmel of suffering all kinds of abuse, rejection,low selfesteem,abject lack ,pain of disappointments,shame,insults and much more.Thank God for change hear on earth..Glory to God..

  26. Moses Silas Ekiring says:

    I am indeed blessed. The prophetic word is for me. I believe the prophecy, it will come to pass it my life. GOD BLESS THE PROPHET MAN OF GOD. 2CHRO. 20:20

  27. Deborah Perry says:

    I am so thankful for your encouraging words. I just watched a video from “Chart Your Course” with Joan Hunter. You spoke about the word God gave you on the number 24. This was answered prayer for me and I receive this word over my 24 yr old son. I also receive the word given on the forgotten ones over myself, my girls, and grandchildren. God Bless You!

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  29. I don’t really like livejournal or xanga. I already have both of those. I was going to try deadjournal because I read on here that it was really good, but I don’t want to have to pay for it and you have to have an invite code to get in free. Does anybody have an invite code they could give me, or a suggestion on another free blogging website I could try? Any information would be helpful..

  30. Debra Wintersteen says:

    Awesome and timely word for us! The 24 hour word really spoke volumes and confirmed volumes. It also confirmed another prophetic word we received in Nov 2014 about a breakthrough that would happen in 24 hours and that we believe is at hand as we feel we are in a kairos season in our lives. Interesting that 24 hours ago I accidentally typed in Ps 24:7 as a login for a website–have no clue as to why my mind go to this– and felt that the Holy Spirit was speaking about this. I knew THAT He was speaking but I did not know WHAT He was speaking about so far as an application for my life. So I looked up the scripture and it was the one you just used–24 hours ago this happened! The pruning word really spoke to my husband in that the Holy Spirit has had him in John 15 for a couple of weeks off and on. Plus, I had a dream 25 years ago where I saw a huge, ancient Oak Tree-larger than any I have ever seen-(represented my life) but every single branch was pruned and only about 1 inch was left. Every place where a branch was pruned was covered with an amber, gooey honey like substance. I know from working in landscaping that a tree would be killed to prune every branch at once to that degree. I felt it represented the intense pruning I would be going through at a mature age. Well, I am here and I have no branches left!!!! And, volumes of beliefs and doctrines have indeed been replaced by Kingdom understanding and Kingdom life. I gladly helped throw them into the fire!!! Thanks again for your tremendous and timely word.

    • Debra Wintersteen says:

      This is another testimony post. On March 9th (prophesied as the 24 wk after Yom Kippur signifying a major change in your life) I was offered at job that was a job change to a different type of job after being laid off at another company. This job was awarded 18 minutes shy of EXACTLY 24 HOURS after my interview at 24 DOLLARS PER HOUR. —lots of confirmation. The same day on March 9th, a door of opportunity opened for something I have been waiting years for–this is still pending but looks like will happen for me. Thanks so much for your labor in encouraging the Body and helping us to not give up. 2 Chronicals 20:20 “Believe His prophets so shall ye prosper”

  31. Celine Bennett says:

    I wondered how was 24 going to fit in my life when you gave the word! The Lord just showed me that 24 years of marriage on April the 24th, 2016 is significant, Wow! I am going through what appear to be a divorce, Andrew left on October 3rd, 2013 and he is leaving in adultery without any remorse. I have a purple heart, and it’s been really hard on me and my 3 children, I won’t belittle the pain, it’s unbearable at times, thoughts of suicide, almost died in a car vs logging truck accident,….twilight zone BUT GOD! I can see the light, deliverance, restoration and healing. Thank you for your ministry!

  32. Storm says:

    I just turned 25 now in September ,but born 1991..
    This makes me cry because I’ve been waiting for God to do something.All I feel is that there’s something more for me , that I should be doing something else and feels like I am just there waiting and been praying for him to use me.
    So I am supper stocked at this prophetic word
    There Is few thing that the lord telling me to do, and I think it in preparation for this word and now I understand why and will get onto it..
    Thank you for being such a faithful serve and giving this word out.
    I give all the honer and gorly to the lord..
    Thank you lord for all your promise and giving us eternal life…

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