Spirit Connection Webcast - May 2017 | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Spirit Connection Webcast – May 2017

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“Come out of the wilderness and into your purpose!”

Doug shared a prophetic word he got in January that May will be like Psalm 20:1–5—each one of the verses begins with “May” and God is going to answer your unanswered prayers and desires of your heart. The Wind of Change is still blowing this month so don’t worry. Revelation is flowing since Passover and Doug shared a powerful word from one of his recent daily heavenly encounters about people who are stuck in a wilderness place: the Meadow of Hope Deferred, where millions of people have lost hope and have become heartsick. The Lord said, “It’s Now Time” and showed Doug why people got stuck there and how to help people “Come out of the wilderness and into their purpose!” Doug released powerful prayers to activate the revelation this month followed by Q&A and announcements.

Links in this episode:

– Hearing the Voice of God 365 Online Prophetic Activation School
Start your 14-Day Free Test Drive here: HearingGod365.com
– Order Doug’s new book, Discovering the Supernatural: Interacting with the Angelic & Heavenly Realms in Your Daily Life
Upcoming Live Webinar on May 20: Flipping Church: It’s Time for a Renovation, Regular registration opens May 5th.

Bible Verses (NIV):

Psalm 20:1–5, Romans 5:5, Proverbs 13:12, Psalm 34, Psalm 139:24, Jeremiah 11:18




8 thoughts on “Spirit Connection Webcast – May 2017

  1. Tammy says:

    Omg thats me im the hope deferred from $ to mate mate and family im 58 never married and God primusef me in 1993 to b married. So over 30 years because iv always wantd to b married withxhildren and all ny close fam and friends have died, mom,dad, bestest friend. So i seen the whole sceen u said of people in the (hope deferred) land..im up and running to my door!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thank you for sharing Tammy. I pray for you to stay encouraged and keep the hopes up! God loves you so much and always has the best for you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

    • Admin Nikki says:

      When it is live it is a video, and when it’s not live it us audio.

      Thanks for tuning in!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  2. Maria says:

    Hi Doug,
    I have been feeling “stuck” and unease feeling
    Lately. My dreams are weird at times and
    Can not remember them at time. Need prayer
    For revelation and for God to open doors for my

  3. Ursula says:

    I really enjoyed this! This is what I’ve been enduring. My boss has been menatlly abusive to me. I went to college and received 2 Bachelors and nothing has panned out. I have been through a financial situation though I give generously to different ministries with a good heart. I will keep my focus on God and not loose hope! My families coming out of the wilderness and into our purpose I decree and declare!

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